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Marketing research is the function which links the

consumer, customer and public to the marketers
information used to identify and define marketing,
opportunities and problems, generates refine
marketing action; monitor marketing performance;
and improve understanding of marketing as a

Stop Manually...........!!
Give it to the Rounder

Technical Details
List of Product
Other Machinery
ShriSahajanand Industries
User Friendly
Hassle Free
Works on 220/110 volt A.C. 50/60 Hz Single Phase Power Supply
Small and compact size 80cm (L) x 50cm (B) x 130cm (H)
In built all electrical
Complete S.S. 304 body enclosed from all sides
Machine require filter & regulated air supply.
Size of round ball from 10 gm. to 65 gm.
Variable A.C. Drive (Optional)
It is the rounder machine, it can round nearly all materials as :
Endless list of products........
Low working operating cost
One labour can operate machine
2500 to 3000 pieces per hour (According to material)
Compact in size with enclosed body from all side
Castor mounted
Easy to open parts for water cleaning
Food grade contact parts
Easy to operate by non technical personal
Nearly no maintenance or lubrication requires
Value addition to your product and brand
Innovativeness of your product
Twin roll Rounder Machine Tray Arranger Machine Penda Pressing Machine
Double size 10 gm. to
65 gm. of Ladoo
Press Ladoo and Make
Penda Automatically
Arranges Ladoo evenly
in tray automatically
176, G.I.D.C. Estate, Phase-ll, B/h. Servo Petrol Pump,
Wadhwan, Surendranagar - 363 035, Gujarat (India)
Web : E-mail
Ph : +91 2752 243978, 243979, Mo. : 098252 36980, 093757 67788
Atta Ladoo
Channa Dal ladoo
Dink Ladoo
Gum Ladoo
Keshar Penda
Khoa Penda
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Rasgulla Balls Making Machine

Rasgulla Quality is better than Hand Made
• It is tested in top Rasgulla
Rasgulla Balls manufacturing Companies
Making Machine • 100% hygienic process and is
Horizontal Pillow untouched by hand
Pack (Family We have fully developed Rounding
Pack ) Machine Rasgulla Balls Making Machines which can
round the rasgullasbetter than made by
H.P.P(FP)M.150f hands. The machine is very user friendly
Horizontal Pillow and can be operated very easily. It
Pack Machine produces 40-100 pieces per minute. This
Model : H.P.P.M- rasgulla making machine has a very low
operating cost, it is compact in size and
does not cover much space. It has a fully
covered body from all the sides. It has a
Horizontal Pillow castor which is mounted, is easy to
Pack Machine operate. It has a very high speed (2500-
Model : H.P.P.M- 6000) pcs per hours.

Horizontal Pillow Machine Features:

Pack Machine • It is an automatic machine used for
Model : H.P.P.M- making Rasgulla Balls- Cutting,
Dividing & Rounding
One Edge Pillow • All operations are controlled by
Pack Packing PLC- Programmable Logic
• All contact parts are made of
:NI/HOM/100 Stainless Steel/ Food Grade
On Edge Pillow materials
Pack Packing • The Machine structure is of
Machine (Double Aluminium Alloy sections
Feeder ) Model:
NI/HOM/100D • Imported PU food grade belts are
used for Conveyor
Horizontal Pillow
Pack Packing • We have state of the art Digital MMI
Machine Fully Interface
Automatic (PLC • No change parts are required for
Based) Model : making different sizes of Rasgulla
Automatic Balls
Vertical Form Fill Technical Specifications

Machine with Model RS 120

Auger Filling
Power Consumption 2 hp, 1.5 Kw

Machine Power 230v, 1Phz.

Supply 50Hz/60Hz

Output of Machine 100 to 130

Rasgulla Balls
per minute

Machine Dimensions L 2100 * W 830 *

H 1580

Machine Weight 300 Kgs

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Ajit Sharma

135-A, Begumpur, Malviya Nagar

New Delhi



91 - 9810061607


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Rounder Arranger Pressing Baking & Mixing

Machine Machine Machine Machine

1. Rounder Machine:
It is rounder machine. It can round almost
every item’s. It can round nearly all
material’s like motichurladdu, penda,
kachori, vada, rasgulla, gulabjamun,
chamcham, rasmalai, food ball, bliss ball,
rice ball, various types of ladoo, & various
Download Brochure types of item’s which you want to round.
Machine is user friendly, even an
unskilled worker can operate it. Just put
material into hoper and it will do the rest
of job. The special features of machine are
small and compact in size, inbuilt all
electrical, stainless steel body, enclosed
from all sides, size of round ball from 10
gm to 75 gm,variable frequency drive for
controlling speed of the machine. Machine
give various advantage as low operating
cost, easy to operate, compact in size,
castor mounted, easy to clean, no
maintenance, hygienic food grade contact
parts and more important it will be value
addition to your products and brand.

Particular Model No. AFM-RM01

Supply Voltage 1Ph 220v Ac 50Hz
Rated Power 0.800 KW
App. Dimension 80cm (L) 50cm (W) 130cm (H)
Air Pressure 60 PSI
Speed 2500 Pieces ( approx.)
Size 10gm to 75gm
App. Weight 200 Kg

2. Arranger Machine:
It is attached to the rounder machine to
arrange ladoo in tray automatically. In built
to and fro mechanism. Inbuilt all
electricals, hardchrome shaft supports. No
labour requires maintenance free.
There are two Models of arranger model

Particular Model no. AFM- Model no. AFM-AM02
Supply Voltage 1Ph 220Ac 50Hz 1Ph 220 Ac 50Hz
Rated Power 0.050 KW 0.010 KW
Air pressure - 80 PSI
App. Dimension 75cm (L) 40cm (W) 70cm (L) 40cm (W) 25cm (H)
30cm (H)
App. Weight 50 Kg. 25 Kg.

3. Pressing Machine:
It is attached to rounder machine when to
make a penda from ladoo. Penda pressing
machine is suitable for pressing / depressing
penda which comes out from the rounder
machine. It is automatically synchronized with
rounder machine. Machine is completely made
up of stainless steel body. In built all
electrical. Operator can adjust
thickness/depression of penda easily. No
maintenance, compact in size, user friendly,
hygienic products.


Particular Model No. AFM-PM01

Supply voltage 1 Ph 220 Ac 50Hz
Rated Power 0.030 KW
App. Dimension 55cm (L) 46cm (W) 50cm (H)
Air Pressure 60 PSI
App. Weight 25.00 Kg