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Main religions of the World:

 Hinduism
 Sikhism
 Islam
 Christianity
 Buddhism
 Judaism


करक ड नत आध तर
Rituals Ethics/moral conduct Spirituality
• Rituals : A disciplined routine leading to devotion. They
provide structure, predictability and character to the
community/Religion to which the individuals feel they

– May or may not be with knowledge

– May not lead to questioning as to its performance – can lead to
darkness//alternatively can strengthen faith.
Seva pooja – tends to become a ritual without the understanding
and w/o understanding devotion and love will not develop.
It leads to strengthening of rituals. As we know, in many houses,
Swaroop Saheb is being prayed to but not studied (not even
Ethics/Moral Conduct
• Ethics : Is the principles of behaviour.
– Provides dignity, self respect
– Helps in proper functioning of a human life, hence
household, society and nation.
Hindrances to Moral conduct –
> Materialism
> Selfishness
> Ego etc.
i.e. in short - Self preservation*
* This happens because there is no understanding of spirituality.
• Spirituality –
– It is the relation of the spirit//soul with that of
the Super Soul//Lord or as we say आतर -
परर तर क सम नध.
Worli Sea Face, Mumbai!! Or
Something Else?
Action of Ocean
• One Ocean – Crashes against the wall –
Result – Millions of drops scattered across
– some return back to the ocean there and
then, others eventually.
Something Else!!


• Ocean – Chetna – Ek dili ka sagar –
• Crashes against the wall of maya –
• Millions of drops formation – जद जद भष,
जद जद भ ष ओ र त खर ग च न .
• Property of water –
– Liquid
– Expansive, takes the shape of the vessel its
poured into.
– Wet
– Thirst quenching
– H2O; to point a few.

Sat Chid Anand

Shri Rajji and Shyamaji
Sat Ang – Akshar Brahm

Kewal Brahm –

Sablik Brahm –

Avyakrit Brahm –

Adi Narayn –
Ekoham, Bhushyamah
Anand Ang - Shyamaji


आनद -
श रज

Sakhiyan Sakhiyan
सतख " सतख "
• Attributes of Universe –
– Akshar Brahm’s Ego –
– Akshar Brahm’s Enactment of play

Indirectly, emanating from Shri Rajji because

He is a part of Purna Brahma
सरझन क त%ए
• अकर बह स– त+स र हआ
• अदद– न र ण स त+स र हआ
• एक ज + भ उस स गर क1 2"द ह4न क1 +जह स त+स र
करन क1 क4त55 कर ह6 ( परर+ र, द4स , व+स आदद
र) परन अलपज क क रण भ2% ज ह6 क1 +ह इस कड़
क आखर तहसस ह6 तजसक दक क + तपस 2"द स स गर
नन ह6.
• र % , उस अपन +ज2द खतर करन पड़ग अगर स गर
नन ह6.
• इस सम नध क4 सरझन , उस पर च%न और ऐस ह4 ज न
ह अध तर ह6.
Coming Back to Religion
• Hence, Every religion is divided into the
three parts as mentioned before – namely
– Rituals/Dogmas
– Ethics/Moral Conducts
– Spirituality
• Every religion differs some way or the other on
the first to aspects i.e. 1. Rituals & 2. Ethics.
• The third aspect is actually the same for all -
i.e. Spirituality. i.e. becoming the ocean.
• Now Shri Prannathji says,
– क% र अल% हद स, स स पर ण +द.
ऐ स सख %+ र4तरन, हक रसन क भद.
– स ज तर% एक ठAर, क4ई न कह धन रर और.
प क त रह स तनर% दक , प छ अखड सख स D क4 ददए.
God and Religion
• Religion is not God but a path to reach
• So God is neither a Hindu, nor a Muslim,
nor a Christian, Nor a Buddhist or does not
belong to any other religion.
• Attributes of God – Sat – Chid – Anand or
in plain English Truth, Consciousness and
Pranami – Who are we?
Before we proceed to others, we need to understand
ourselves and our relationship with Shri Rajji.
In Paramdham, Shyamaji is the attribute of Anand.
Bliss/Anand is not possible without love. So in fact, it’s
Shri Rajji’s attribute of Anand/Love which has been given
a separate identity in term of form. Eg. Sun and its rays.
Now, Sakhiyaan in Paramdham are an extension of
Shyamaji –
+णन कर ड़ रह क1, रह इन अग क न2र.
अ+ ह अरस र + हद , स4 स इनक ज़हर.
This also points out that the oneness amongst the
Roohein/Sakhiyaan is basically because of Shyamaji.
Now like the property of the water is the property of the
drop, on similar lines, attributes of Shyamaji will be
visible in the eternal souls. So if Shyamaji is the
attribute of love, so will the eternal souls be, as they are
only an extension of Shyamaji.
Hence, this is aspect has two main findings:
1. That even in this world we are inseparable – and that if
we are responsible for hurting any of our sundersath,
we will feel the pain ourselves
2. The living of Gopis in Krishna leela has to be our living
otherwise there is no way we can unite back with Him,
our Lord, our Love.
So in short, love is the only way back to jagani. An
interesting aspect again surfaces here -
Divine Love
• What is the religion of love?
• We can now safely say that love is a
religion unto its own. And this is the
common attribute that binds all people and
all religions. And this love for Rajji is what
a Pranami stands for.
Taking Divine Love Further
• Where can a Pranami be found –
– Amongst Sundersath.
– Anywhere else?
• What is the relationship of a Sufi with
– A sufi considers Himself a Lover of Allah. He
is the aashiq and Allah is the Mashooq.
– Will He be a Pranami?
There is a place where words are born of
A place where the whispers of the heart
There is a place where voices sing your
A place where every breath
carves your image
in my soul.
• Bible, in the book of Canticle of Canticles,
it mentions “ The Love of Bride and
Bridegroom is the symbol of love between
God and His chosen people”.
• A few saints who have followed this path
of love, would they be considered as
• In Geetanjali, Rabindranath Tagore spoke
about Lord as his beloved. Will we
consider that the path is like that of a
• Before we proceed, we need to ask
ourselves these questions.
• In all the above aspects, we can say that
Divine love lacked clarification, but none-
the-less that is the path of a Gopi. What
now needs to be provided is to let them
love with clarity and direction and this can
only happen if we unerstand it ourselves &
dwell and live the question that Shri Raj
had asked the Roohein in Khilwatkhana –
Alasto be rabb kum, and their answer
was Kalubalaa.
Worship of Fire Water Stone
आग प–न पतHर प2ज4ग What does it really mean –
What is obvious is the Idol and elemental worship.
But a look beneath says –
Body, Ego… How? The Body is made up of the
five elements of Ether, Fire, Air, Water and
Earth. The body sustains because of the Ego.
The aspect of Self Preservation. An aspect
which is a hurdle to surrender, hence to love.
Shri Prannath Ji Says -
• खद ए च +ज2द तहज , रह मह र 6ठ द .
प छ फ़न क फ़ द स , दA% खद क प ओ ज .

• क च ह स4 फ़न ह4ए, त न फ़न क न प + क4ए.
छ4ड़4 न च ज़ ज4 कर र, H फ़न ह4ऊ क पर

• So to be able to love, one needs to surrender,

and to surrender, one needs to let go of the ego.