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Ministry Report VOL.


Above all PRAY! Prayer Walk 2011

As the Prayer Coordinator for the P.C.B.A, it is very exciting to see Christians come
together for the common goal of prayer for our community. The Prayer Walk that
was held in January 2011 was an over whelming success. Several area churches
participated along with Camp Agape staff and volunteers. I would like to extend a
special thank you to Brother Chris Stewart for approaching me with this tremendous
idea and also for hosting, and coordinating the event. We will be looking to make this
an annual event in the month of January as there is no better way to begin a new
year than with fervent prayer. We also hope that your churches will plan to be in
• Summer Missionaries as attendance with we can continue to blanket Polk County with prayer.
they are preparing to serve In Christ,
Dr. Richard L. Mason
• Summer Volunteers
Crossroads Baptist Church
• Training for Summer
Missionaries and summer
• Groups who have committed Camp Updates
If you would like to keep up-to-date on the goings on around Camp Agape, we would
will send deposits as soon as
like to encourage you to check out our blog at If you would like
to received an e-mail when there are new postings, please contact the Camp Agape
office at or 338-4153. If you do not have e-mail or
internet access and would like to keep up with what is going on, please contact the
Camp office and we will try to make arrangements to get the information to you.

Your help is needed!

If you have ever questioned what goes on at Camp Agape, we would love to give you
Camp Agape staff and the opportunity to come and see first-hand. We would love to have you as an active
volunteers have prayer every member of our Ministry Team.
Monday @ 1:30 in the
Welcome Center. We welcome We have a few large groups scheduled this summer who have reserved the entire
anyone who would care to join Camp. Thank you, Father, for your provisions!! If you are interested in helping to
us. If you have a special prepare the Camp, or helping during the summer, please call the Camp office at 338-
4153 and we will give you more details. We will do what we can to match your skills,
prayer request, we would be
talents, and preferences with what needs to be done. We are building a list of
glad to bring it to the LORD as specific days and tasks. There is a good possibility that you will come in contact with
well. campers; we would like to provide training when interacting with individuals and
groups and would be glad to have you train alongside our summer missionaries. Last
Camp Agape year we started a policy where we complete a background check on staff and
355 Camp Agape Road volunteers. There is no cost to you for the background check; but we do ask for a
Benton, TN 37307 commitment from you since we will be paying for the background check.
Specific areas we could use your help include: housekeeping, food service (serve and clean-up), landscaping, mowing, general maintenance and Children’s Camp. Please
let us know if you are interested in helping with any of the mission teams at ministry
sites (Angel Wings, Boys/Girls Club, Copper Basin Crisis Center, Food Bank, etc.).

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