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Professional Career- 5 Ways to Achieve Professional Triumphs

21st century has its own challenge for every employer and employee in their field. Rapidly grown
technological development creates more complex challenges that demands workers who always update
their knowledge. Without it, the workers will not able to solve the problems created by this new era of life
and technology. This article will explore ways that is possible for updating the knowledge to keep abreast
with this technological development.

1. Get a Graduate Degrees

Graduates programs offer mastery in focus area. With the rapid grown of development in every subfield of
disciplines, then focusing in one area gives the deep knowledge that will help and can be used for
worker’s professional careers. The basic knowledge, they usually get, in undergraduate program may not
be enough for this rapidly grown technology, but it will help workers to gain mastery in their focus area.
With the mastery in focus area, for every worker, comprehensive and in-depth knowledge that needed for
solving the complex challenges will be obtained.

2. Attending Conferences And Seminars

Conferences provide various technical explanation of research conducted in different areas and the
experts who make presentation about their current research. These will help workers to get some
knowledge about current research and development in the field. What workers should do is choosing the
right conference theme that related to their work field, and pay attention for the material given.

3. Get a Tutorial Program

Tutorial program makes the workers understand about the topic (new technologies) in only a short time.
These tutorials usually provided by expert in their field. These tutorials can be found in the internet, or
sometimes provided in typical conferences and seminars.

4. Get a Short Courses

Different with tutorial, short courses gives the workers more detail information, and able to interact with
the trainer directly. A short course usually takes for few hours or days. The trainers are usually
professional from university, private vendors, and professional expertise.

5. Take Online Educational Presentation

Online educational presentation or usually known as webinars gives the workers to get the opportunity
learn directly from the front of their computer. These online educational presentations usually provided by
the universities, private vendors, and some research society. Even though this is a one-line
communication type, but the information provided by it usually cover material on current development and

These 5 various method can be implemented to achieve the goal for updating knowledge that will be
needed to solve problem in the work field. By keeping the knowledge updated, will help the workers
achieving professional career triumph.

Author : Yos Cornel Tarigan