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The aim of pile design is to provide a footing which will safely JOINTS ACP BRAND `STANDARD’ PRECAST REINFORCED CONCRETE SQUARE PILES - GRADE OF CONCRETE 45MPa
support the superstructure over its design life. The footing In lengthening of piles the mild steel and plates are butt (blunt
shall be durable, and of adequate strength and the footing point), jointed centerally and axially and subjected to field full PILE NOMINAL DIMENSIONS AND REINFORCEMENT DETAILS
performance shall be compatible with the superstructure so that it penetration butt welding. Cast iron shoes are usually required
Nominal Main Longitudinal Mild Steel Lateral Reinforcement (Links)
remains serviceable and can perform its intended function. only when driven into rocks, coarse gravel and othersoils liable S1 P S2 Q S3 R
size Reinforcement Wire Size
to damage the concrete at the tip of the pile. (fig 1) No. Dia.(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
Piles are considered of displacement type and they shall be (mmxmm) (mm)
designed for both structural and geotechnical strength LIFTING AND STORAGE ARRANGEMENTS
requirements. As geotechnical design involves pile - soil Units shall be lifted at designated lifting points provided along 150x150 4 8 4 57 450 57-72 450 72 4200
interaction the capacity then shall be usually assessed vide the pile and preferably by means of a spreader beam to avoid 175x175 4 9 4 52 525 52-85 525 85 3900
static pile load testing. Once the piles are driven to their final and undue stresses. All units shall be stored on an unyielding
position the stresses caused by foundation loading are likely to 200x200 4 10 5 50 600 50-100 600 100 6600
ground and stacked with timber.
be much lower than those caused by handling and driving. 225x225 4 12 5 45 675 45-112.5 675 112.5 6300
The reinforcement requirements are predominantly catered Small blemishes caused by entrapped air or water may be 250x250 8 10 5 42 750 42-125 750 125 9000
for handing during manufacture, storage, transport and on expected but the surface shall be free from voids, honey 300x300 4 16 6 53 900 53-145 900 145 8400
site as appropriate. combing or other large blemishes. 350x350 4 20 6 46 1050 46-145 1050 145 7800
SPECIFICATION AND DESIGN MARKING 380x380 4 20 6 44 1145 44-125 1145 125 7420
Piles shall be designed to BS 8110 or CP 116 and to MS 1314 Each unit shall be clearly indentified and position for lifting as
in use shall be indicated by lifting hooks. 400x400 4 20 6 42 1200 42-125 1200 125 7200
(see table 1, 2 and 3). Any special design criteria or to other
relevant codes, specifications and requirements can be Note 1 :
fulfilled if required. DIMENSION • R - refer to recommended maximum length at middle transition section of pile.
The maximum permissible derivations from the manufacturing • Mild Steel joint plate shall be in accordance with Table 2 for different application as approciate, other details remain unchanged
The ultimate bearing capacity for a pile shall be calculated vide mean dimension shall not exceed BS 8110:Pt 1:1985 requirements. as in Table 1.
empirical dynamic pile formula or by a static formula and
conclusively determined by test loading. TABLE 2 TABLE 3
Quality Assurance in the manufacture of the products is provided MILD STEEL JOINT PLATE THICKNESS (mm) PILE STRUCTURAL CAPACITY
APPLICATION vide established MS ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
Civil Engineering and building structures on land or immediate TYPE
Nominal Size ACP BRAND `STANDARD’ ACP BRAND `MS 1314’ Nominal Longitudinal Maximum Ulitimate
inshore locations intended for use as permanent structures. PILE DRIVING
(mmxmm) (mm) (mm) Size Reinforcement Area Axial Working Load* Axial Load**
MANUFACTURE Pile can be installed commonly by hammering, pushing, (mmxmm) (mm2) (Tonnes) (Tonnes)
jacking, screwing, vibrating or other means to force them into 150x150 4.5 6
Steel forms are employed to manufacture the piles in a
the ground so as to transmit loads to the soil or rock. These 150x150 201 31 47
factory-controlled environment. After the concrete has 175x175 4.5 6
been placed, vibrated by internal vibrators and cured the piles can be easily extended by splicing additional length of 175x175 254 42 64
piling. 200x200 5 9
products are stripped from the stationery steel forms and 200x200 314 55 83
the production cycle is then repeated. Pile preparation for testing shall generally involve all practical 225x225 6 9
steps to ensure that the hammer and pile are aligned to prevent 225x225 452 71 107
250x250 6 9
CONCRETE MATERIAL bending of the pile during the test blows, and that the hammer 250x250 628 88 134
300x300 8 9
AGGREGATE strikes a flush sound surface perpendicular to the pile axis. 300x300 804 125 190
Coarse aggregates shall comply with MS 29. The nominal 350x350 8 12
Test driving is recommended as it provides a clue to the strata, 350x350 1256 173 264
maximum size shall not exceed 20mm. load bearing capacity leading to valuable informations for 380x380 9 12
selection of the best pile driving plant and of the best pile type. 380x380 1256 200 303
ADMIXTURES 400x400 9 12
Admixtures when used shall comply with MS 922. Calcium As to stresses induced during installation they may be obtained 400x400 1256 219 331
choride or admixture based on calcium choride shall not be from a wave equation analysis or directly measured during pile Note 2:
used. driving, using dynamic pile testing equipment. As a rule of * Maximum Axial Working Load is in accordance with BS 8004/CP 116.
thumb and from lessons of experience also from successful ** Ultimate Axial Load2 is in accordance with BS 8110.
CONCRETE applications the maximum calculated stress in piles during Formula to determine maximum axial load working load* Formula to determine ultimate axial load**
The fully compacted concrete shall have a minimum cement driving shall not exceed 0.8fcu in compression and in tension
content of 350 kg/cu.m for normal and easy driving conditions Reference 1. BS 8004 : 1986 Clause Reference 1. BS 8004 : 1986 Clause
0.8sqrt(fcu) where fcu is the compressive strength of cube in
and the characteristic strength of concrete shall be 45 2. CP 116, Clause 321.b, equation 17 & table 8 2. BS 8110 : Pt 1 : 1985 clause 3.8.4, equation 38
MPa at the time of driving.
N/ However for hard and very hard driving condition
Po = Pcc Ac + PscAsc N = 0.4fcuAc + 0.75fyAsc
and in marine works a minimum cement content of 400 Kg/cu.m Experience shows that even during properly executed driving
is recommended to be used. of reinforced concrete piles, hair line cracks cannot always be Where Po = Permissible axial load as a short column Where N = Ultimate Axial load
avoided. They are unobjectionable as long as they do not Pcc = Permissible stress for the concrete in direct fcu = Characteristic strength of concrete at 28 days.
REINFORCEMENT exceed a certain number and a certain crack width. Relevant compression (0.27fcu) Ac = Cross sectional area of concrete excluding
Reinforcing steel shall comply to MS 146 for main longitudinal global industry standards permit cracks up to a width of Ac = Cross sectional area of concrete excluding accessories and reinforing steel.
bar and MS 144 for the lateral links. 0.15mm which has proven, according to the present knowldge accessories and reinforcing steel fy = Characteristic yield strength of longitudinal steel
to be harmless. Psc = Permissible compressive stress for longitudinal Asc = Cross sectional area of the longitudinal steel.
steel (0.55fy and > 175 N/mm2)
Asc = Cross sectional area of the longitudinal steel.
fy = Guaranteed yield or proof stress.

Note : Specification and details shown in brochure subject to change without prior notice due to product development, changing customer and industry requirements.