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ADL-10-Marketing Research-AM1

Assignment - A

Discuss the relevance of Marketing Research in total marketing effort. In which areas of
marketing, Marketing Research can be usefully carried out?

Question 1. Is it possible to assess the market demand from marketing research? What
methods you would use for conducting such a research? Discuss limitations of the

Question 2. Secondary market research is usually done first. Give your reasons for the
same as also your approach to secondary research.

Question 3. What are the qualitative techniques of Marketing Research? What type of
date can be collected from it and what are its uses?

Question 4. How do your collect data directly from the users? Discuss the method in

Assignment - B

Question 1. Discuss the role of Market Research in advertising management. When can
you conduct Market Research and for what objective?

Question 2. Market Research analysis gives you a insight to customer's mindset. Discuss.

Question 3. Can you use Market Research report for formulating marketing strategies?
What should the market research contain to be of use to you in marketing decisions?

Case Study


(An imaginary national airline in private sector in India)

FG was formed in the wake of open sky policy of the government of India. In started
operations in 1989. By 1994, FGs 13% flights were to neighboring countries. In the next
six years, FG planned for 6% increase in annual growth. The growth is expected to come
from acquiring sick airlines and second from strategic alliances with international
airlines. Most airports in the FGs destinations are overcrowded. FG has two options, one
to start using satellite airports, away from the main airports, lying neglected which can be
rejuvenated at a cost. The other options is to build new airports designed for short takeoff
and landing facility. This will need government approval as also large sums of money.
FG could recover part of the money by loaning the airport to other airlines. For short
distances up to four hundred kilometers, the fast and modern trains are also competing
with the airlines. With even faster trains the competition is going to become even more
severe, as the air charges are high as compared to train fares. To maintain its market share
and increase it, FG has to innovate in both ground and air service, including the
•Easy ticketing
•Airport transfers
•Special lounges for business passengers with bar and snacks facilities
•Easy check-ins
•Fast and easy luggage retrievals
•Better connections to more destinations
•In-flight entertainment
•Better liaison with tour operators and travel agencies
•Relationship marketing for the consumers

Student can find more areas of importance and arrange for marketing research.
Please do the following:
1. Define the management objectives and objectives for MR.
2. Decide the type of research you would like to conduct. How would you select the
sample and its size?
3. Build a questionnaire for the research.
4. You could also define the market segment for the airlines

Assignment - C

Note :- Answers to the questions are in the nature of Yes / No, True / False or are by
selecting the best alternative from multiple choices given.

1. Market Research data cannot be used for marketing decisions.

2. Product demand can be predicted by market research.

3. Market Research can be used for Tax Management.

4. Secondary data should not be trusted as it comes from unreliable sources.

5. Market Research objectives can not be clearly defined and hence are not achievable.

6. In primary survey, people generally give vague replies. Close-ended questions can help
in getting focused answers.

7. Market Research has done in proper market segment gives better results.

8. Sample size has little influence on the result of market research.

9. Market Research is a fact finding exercise, the facts are all known to marketers.
10. A new product can be launched with the help of appropriate technology. Information
has no role to play in this game.

11. Open ended questions help in getting free and frank opinions, time permitting.

12. Market Research is carried out only as an excuse for delaying decisions.

13. Observation method can not be used for gathering primary information.

14. Exploratory research is conducted to develop themes and ideas.

15. Secondary data is what the research finds of less importance

16. Market demand does not include which of the following:

• Firms market share •Competitor market share
•Market growth •Supply shortage

17. Market Research can not to be done fir which one of the following :
•Product acceptance •Price
•Sales tax •Promotional plans

18. Market Research can not can not to be done understand which of these:
•What factors influence demand •How customers bur the product
•Where the purchase action takes •Manufacturing process place

19. Market segmentation is done to:

•Put all age groups together •Locate the government controls
•Find the niche market •To get a new supplier for components

20. Which is not a research framework:

•Descriptive research •Casual research
•Top of the mind recall •Exploratory research

21. Secondary data can be obtained from:

•Motion pictures •Interviews
•Observations •Trade publications

22. Primary data is so called because:

•Primary schools provide it •Data is direct from customers
•Trading is in primary centers •Only confined to basic research

23. Primary data can not be obtained from:

•Questionnaires •Observations
•Magazines •Panel contracts
24. Questionnaire method can be used for:
•Data collection •Correcting mistakes of employees
•Secondary data •None of the above

25. Which is not a form of Advertising Research:

•Pre-testing •During campaign research
•Preparation of art work •Post campaign

26. Pre-testing of copy is

•Asking copy writers opinion •Showing copy to a select small group for their opinion
•View of agency personnel •Advertisers comments

27. Sample selections is not done on

•Random basis •Convenience
•Stratified random •Entire universe

28. Contact with customers in primary research cannot be made:

•Personally •By observation method
•By mail questionnaire •From records

29. Market Research is still not popular with marketing team because:
•Delay in reports •Researchers caliber
•Personal bias in reports •All of above

30. Research reports should not contain:

•Personal opinions •Recommendations
•Methodology •Findings

31. Market Research goes wrong if:

•Objectives of research are defined •Questionnaire method is used
•Random sampling is done •Segment of market is not defined

32. Exploratory research is conducted for:

•For getting basic information •As a trail work
•For limiting expenses •When objectives have to be fully defined

33. In questionnaire method open ended questions are kept for:

•Getting respondents views •Extending the question answer time
•For getting short answers •For saving time

34. In questionnaire method closed ended questions are asked for:

•Time bound questioning •Getting the answers you want
•Helping the respondents arrive at a •Not tolerating long speeches consensus
35. While tabulating data, the following should be done:
•Dissimilar responses be together •Data should be categorized
•Categories chosen should be having •Tables should be filled up similar items

36. MR report should not contain:

•Title page •Introduction
•Objectives •Research views

37. MR report should surely contain:

•Past sales records •Brand names
•Research findings •Firms bio-data

38. Secondary data may have the following shortcoming:

•It was collected by some one else •Its methodology is different
•Its purpose was different •It may be out-dated

39. In secondary data the following is not important:

•Pertinence •Recency
•Closeness with the author •Careful work

40. While editing data which one is not edited

•Data contradictions •Incorrect answers
•Complete answers •Fictitious Interviews

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