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Dear Church,

What an exciting start to generously on behalf of

2011 we are having at those in need at home and
Sunset Coast Church as God globally.
continues to Love and Lead
Ps Jack will captivate, ignite
us into all the blessings He
and motivate us all to
has already planned for us to
give as he communicates
extend to others.
with absolute passion and
We are delighted and conviction, God’s heart for
privileged to be hosting Missions.
Pastor Jack Hanes from
Let us all continue to
ImagineNations Church in
journey and pray together,
Penrith NSW on Friday 11th
be involved and committed
and Sunday 13th March.
and get inviting to include
Ps Jack has served as others and Thank God for
Missions Director for ACC everything He is doing and
Churches National Executive going to do.
for Ps Brian Houston and
Best Wishes,
today still continues to
inspire the Australian Ps Sue Keehan
Church to “rise and respond”
Contact Service Times
Office Hours
9am-5pm Monday to Friday
10 Winton Road,
Street Address Joondalup
10 Winton Road, Joondalup (opposite Retravision)

Mailing Address Friday 7pm

PO Box 973 Sunday 9am & 11am
Joondalup BC WA 6919
Pre-service Prayer Meetings
Phone Friday 6.15pm
+61 8 9301 0733 Sunday 8.10am

+61 8 9301 0766 South
Murdoch University
Email Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre South St, Murdoch
Sunday 5pm
Web Pre-service Prayer Meetings
Sunday 4.20pm
Friday 4th March 7pm struggle, forgiveness and restoration.
10 Winton Rd, Joondalup Every testimony is true, as told by the
The Restore Tour: Child Soldier No More
is a tale of the tragedy and the triumph
of the child soldier and the greater com-
Upon seeing this production, it is our hope
that you would partner with us on the leadership
munity of northern Uganda, who have
endured some of the worst atrocities
journey to restore northern Uganda and
her people. e d g e
Night school
known to man. As we meet the people Concert not suitable for children under
and hear the true stories of many, we 12yrs. There will be a special children’s
hear one single story - a story of conflict, programme available
6 week course Begins 23rd March
Wednesdays 7pm – 9pm Cost: $100
God is able to Heal

3 Lincoln Lane, Joondalup

on the following Wednesdays @ 10.00 am: Dynamic teaching that will challenge and equip
you for your future!
23rd March . 18th May . 15th June
God is able to Heal Hear it : Understand It : Apply It
Combining the spiritual and practical aspects of
We invite you to join us for Prayer for healing your life in God.
@ Sunset Coast Christian Life Centre in The Venue We have gifted teachers who will help you
3 Lincoln Lane, Joondalup understand the Word of God and provide you with
tools on how to apply the Word of God to your life.
Ps Jack Hanes
Special Guest
Ps Jack Hanes
Friday 11th March
7pm Joondalup

Sunday 13th March

9am & 11am Joondalup
5pm Murdoch University Easter
Well known for his ability to release to see that our purpose is to win Good Friday 22nd April
finances for world harvest and stir a people for Jesus.
passion in Christians for the lost, Ps
7pm 10 Winton Road, Joondalup
Jack Hanes is the Senior Pastor of As former President of World
ImagineNations Church, in Penrith Missions for the Australian Christian
NSW and former President of the Churches, Ps Jack’s vision resulted Easter Sunday 24th April
Australian Christian Churches World in extensive implementation of 9am & 11am 10 Winton Road, Joondalup
Missions. strategies to affect the whole world 5pm Murdoch University South St, Murdoch
for Christ – from sending 100’s of

You’ll love it!!

Ps Jack has a great vision to see Aussie youth to serve in Japan for
churches and pastors embracing one year to releasing key Australian
Jesus’ last command to “Go into all pastors and churches to lead, dream
the world and make disciples” Ps and develop missions activities in
Jack’s gifted communicative style specific regions of the world. For more details call 9301 0733 or visit
inspires and challenges people
1 2 3 4 5 6
God’s Girls global 7pm 9am,11am &
Equipped connect 5pm CHURCH

7 8 9 10 11 12 13
God’s Girls connect 7pm CHURCH
Ps Jack Hanes 10am Israel 9am,11am &
Seminar 5pm CHURCH
connect Ps Jack Hanes

14 15 16 17 18 19 20
God’s Girls global 7pm CHURCH 9am,11am &
Equipped connect 2011 Missions
connect Pledges 2011 Missions

21 22 23 24 25 26 27
God’s Girls 10am Healing 7pm CHURCH
9am,11am &
Equipped Service
connect global leadership
e d g e
connect Night school

28 29 30 31
God’s Girls connect
connect leadership
e d g e
Night school
Pre-Service Prayer Meeting 1 2 3
NORTH: Friday 6.15pm 7pm CHURCH 9am,11am &
Sunday 8.10am 5pm CHURCH
SOUTH: Sunday 4.15pm

4 5 6 7 8 9 10
God’s Girls global 9am,11am &
Equipped connect
connect leadership
e d g e
Night school

11 12 13 14 15 16 17
9am,11am &
S w a p

God’s Girls e d g e
Night school

18 19 20 21 22 23 24
God’s Girls connect 9am,11am &
youth 7pm CHURCH
Equipped 5pm CHURCH
connect leadership
CAMP Good Friday Easter Sunday
e d g e
Night school

25 26 27 28 29 30
Equipped global
e d g e
Night school


God’s Girls
An offering will be received at God’s Girls
every Tuesday at Sunset Coast (except school holidays)

(crèche is available for $2 per child)

10.00 am - 11.30 am
Special evening event Young F amilies
for all ladies 15yrs - 150yrs Aimed at helping people with young
children connect. We recognise the
to invite friends & family importance and value of building

PS wo sa hp relationships and support networks

with other parents.

Contact Sascha & Nancy on 0409 295 260

Hi Girls… S w a p pu se
What an exciting start we are having to Monday 11 April th
Beach, coffee, bbq, extreme sports...

G I R L S Mums group, Coffee connect & Bible study Available

our year… the gorgeous Watoto children
7.30pm whatever it is, you’re guaranteed to

are with us with the ’ Restore Tour’ 7pm connect with some great people and
on Friday 4th March it will be amazing … have a laugh along the way. For all
who will you invite? Sunset Coast Church those 25+ let’s live life and do it well
10 Winton Rd, Joondalup together!
Please pray for Ps Bobbie Houston as she very
Contact Gaz & Teresa on 0424 164 273
and her team host what will be another
fabulous Colour Conference in Sydney
Tickets $5

available at Sunset Coast

impacting women from all nations.
all proceeds go towards
Easter is on the doorstep. What an easy Esther Foundation If you’re 35+ and looking for a fun way

opportunity to invite folk to church for (a home restoring young women)

this special celebration! Remember girls, to enjoy all that Perth has to offer, and
a relaxed way to get to know more
we are strategic for the harvest!
a fun night for people, then URBAN is for you!
Join us for our special event Posh Swap all the ladies Contact Marcus & Anna on 0448 927 687
on Monday 11th April. This will replace the
regular Tuesday God’s Girls gathering on for sale Beautiful
Tuesday 12th April. Our last Tuesday God’s
pre-loved clothes Energize
Girls will be on Tuesday 19th April. yummy supper, For all those who have achieved the
G O D ’S

This will replace a fun catwalk, magnificent age of 50+. Energize is

Bless you girls as we enjoy the journey God’s Girls for Music & Raffle
together!! about encouraging you to live life,
Tue 12 April
have fun, further your faith and do it
Luv Ps Sue For more info with other people from around Perth.
please call 9301 0733 Contact Ps Jennie on 0403 977 917
Internet If you are
recently new

High School - 23yrs

youth Banking
  To help those using internet
to the Faith
or have just
renewed your
banking for tithes and offerings, our relationship
many Nations, many Lives Westpac accounts are as follows: with God then
Impacting the One, for One GOD Equipped is for
Tithes Sunset Coast CLC
Check out the website for more info BSB: 036 231 Acct: 129 164 you!
The Equipped Missions Sunset Coast CLC
Missions course teaches
BSB: 036 231 Acct: 130 368 the basic foundations of
Mar 2nd GLobal Mar 23rd Global

what it means to be a
Fire Blazers
(5min of fire)
The Go Gospel
Mar 30th GI
CAMP Building Sunset Coast CLC
Building Fund true follower of Christ.
Apr 20th-22nd BSB: 036 231 Acct: 213 745 You will learn about who
March 9th GI Apr 6th Global
Earn Halliday God is, what He is like
Mar 16th Global Apr 13th Global
Recreation and how you can live a
hand in hand Countdown camp Hillaries successful Christian life.
(relationships night)
to camp It will excite and inspire
you to grow in your new
10 Winton Road faith.
6.30pm-8.30pm Main event in Auditorium
Every Tuesday, 7pm
in the Global Kidz
Learn more about God in safe Room.
friendly environments over multiple For further details
locations. If not contacted call
Ps Ely for where to go! contact Bec on
9308 0813
For more info please call Ps Ely on 9308 0822
God’s word continually encourages us that in order to flourish in life, we need to be

passionate believers... We invite you to get connected at Sunset Coast. Spencer & Leah
connected to God’s people. We aren’t meant to be doing life alone, but together with other

We have an exciting new range of groups that you can be a part of in 2011.
You can choose from a range of groups that are focused on the following areas...

Groups that will enable you to connect Groups that will help you to grow & develop Groups that are geared towards community
socially and are suitable to invite friends to, as a person, such as courses, workshops and action and social impact through hands on
such as Sports and Leisure groups, hobby / interactive studies. initiatives within our community.
activity groups.

You can browse through our exciting range of groups and register online at
pick up a Connect Brochure at the Info Desk or contact Mari Moore on 0432 714 106
courses A series of interactive courses that
will show you how applying simple
Pure Living: Support for men & women
wanting to live free from substance abuse.
Open Arms: For men & women wanting
to live free from destructive self-harming
Biblical truths to your life will enable thoughts & actions.
you to live free from life controlling Door of HopE: Recovery course for
issues & addictions. women who have suffered sexual abuse. Mobilise: For men struggling with
Men of Integrity: Support for men unhealthy eating habits and wanting
wanting to live free from sexual impurity. to experience weight loss or weight
Courses include: stabilisation.
Made in His Image: For women Renew: For women struggling
Captivating: Journey into the deep struggling with any food related issue such with unhealthy eating habits and wanting
mysteries of the feminine soul in order to as constant dieting, fear of scales, calorie
recapture the heart of a woman… Your counting... to experience weight loss or weight
heart! stabilisation.
Search for Life: A program that Wild at Heart: This Course invites men
Purity’s Power: For women of all ages identifies the cause of issues such as low
who long for greater intimacy with Jesus self-esteem, inadequacy, emptiness and to discover their masculine heart, defined in
and desire to embrace God’s healing and insecurity and introduces participants to the image of a passionate God.
restoring love. the healing power of God’s truth.
Collect a Connect Brochure today at the info desk
or register online at

.. Connect Basketball

Come and meet with other business

people. Be inspired through testimonies, a
thought for the day, prayer and a time to
.. Connect Cycle
Connect Dance
Connectlive are activity
based groups that meet on .. Connect Golf
Connect Motorcycle
Open to all people in business, a regular basis around the
. Connect Indoor Soccer (guys)

management or those aspiring to be... city. Connect Indoor Cricket
Meeting fortnightly at 6am across our city. For more details or to sign
For more info please contact Dev Naidu up visit the Info Desk or call
on 0407 663 012. Kaylee on 0433 154 675
our vision
Matt 22:36-39
To build a large impacting, multicultural church that is fresh
and creative and touches every level of the community. We see a
soul winning church full of visionary people who absolutely love
God and absolutely love life.

our message our aim

Joel 2:25-27 2 Cor 5:17 Eph 2:10, Jer 29:11
Put simply that Jesus Christ loves you and died for you so that To see every person reach their unlimited potential and fulfill
you might be FREE. Wherever you come from in life - there is their God-given purpose and destiny.
hope! God is an awesome restorer! He makes all things new!

our goal
2 Tim 3:16-17
Through training and teaching to release the various
generations into God’s call for their lives. This will be achieved by
input from our own team as well as national and international
proven ministries from around the world.