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Ja*op-o $i -o F"-'no4if L B;otoffi - s Prr)

Fo"rn E'

l-(a) Paddy plant 1 (l mark)

l(b) (i) respiration 1

(ii) excretion I
(iii) defaecation l anytwo
(2 marks)

l(c) lo 000 Kj r0% 1000Kj 7Oo/o l00Kj

Producer Primary consumer Secondary consumer 1

rc/ 100 X l0 000 kI= 1000 kJ 1

ta/ 100 x 1000 kJL 100 kJ (2 marks)

r(dxi) Correct Shape-


Bird / frog 24 correct

Grasshopper / caterpilla r / bird I correct-0m
(2 marks)
Paddy plant

(dxii) l. Dari tapak ke atas bilangan organism semakin bertambah I

2. Saiz organism dari tapak ke atas semakin bertambah I

(2 marks)

l(e) 1. The interaction is: prey-predator interaction

2. When the number of frog increase, it will increase the number of snake
because the snake has a lot food to eat.

3. Then, whert the number of snake increase, the number of frog start to
decrease because the frog become the prey for snake.

4. When there is lack of food, the number of snake start to decrease.

(3 marks)
5. At the same time, the number of frog start to increase because of lack of
(0 Bacteria and fungi. a

They break down waste products and dead bodies of other organisms 1

into simpler substances to be used again by plants. I

(2 marks)

Total: 14

No Criteria Marks
(a) Able to state the substances injected into the blood of individual
P and individualQ.
Sample answer:
P : Dead or weakened bacteria I viruses / antigens// vaccine 1 2
Q : Serum containing antibodies // antiserum 1

(b) Able to explain the type of immunity obtained by individual P and

Sample answer:
P : Artificial active immunity 1
The body produces its own antibodies to fight against
infections by pathogens.
Q : Artificial passive immunity
The body receives antibodies produced from outside sources 1 2
to fight against infec{ions by pathogens.

(c) Able to describe how could save that boy.

Sample answer:
F1: Snake venom / toxin acts as antigen to our body
F2: lnjection of serum which contains instant antibodies / 1
antiserum / anti-toxin must be given to the patient. 1
F3: Antibody-antigen action occured very fast
F4: Antitoxin/ antibody reacts with toxin / snake venom/ antigen 4
and neutralizeit I he is saved. 1

Able to state the types of pathogen which cause the diseases
(dxi) Answer:
Virus I bacteria

Able to explain why there is a need for second and third doses
(ii) forthe immunisation
Samole answer: 1

F1: lmmunisation is given to prevent infection from pathogens

that caused diseases like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, Polio,
diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus. German measles ( sfafe af
least 2 example)
F2: New bom are injected with vaccines to get Artificially Active
lmmunity 1
F3: First dose are given to induce baby lymphocytes to produce
antibodies which are specific against the antigens / bactefia /
virus 1
F4:2N and 3'd dose are booster dose to increase the production
of antibodies at a faster rate. 1
F5: Achieved immunity level // antibodies remained in the blood
for a long time and provide permanent immunity / protect them
from the next infec{ion. 1 3
Any 3

Mark Scheme Biology Paper 2 (455112)-SBP TRIAL 2008 2

No Marking Criteria Marks
1(aXi) Able to name the part labeled P and S
Sample answer
P: Pulmonary vein 1

S: Septum 1

(ii) Able to shade the cavity of ventricle Q 1

(iii) Able to state the meaning of oxygenated blood.

Sample answer
It contains orygen which was picked up by the capillaries 1 4
surrounding the alveoli
(b) Able to explain the different thickness of Q and R.
F: blood flow
P: function
Sample answer
F: The Q pump blood out from heart to all round the body 1

P: To withstand the high pressure of blood flowing through them 1 2

(cXD Able to label the bicuspid valve with letter T. I

(ii) Able to explain the function of bicuspid valve.

Sample answer
F: to stop/prevent blood flowing from the ventricles back to the 1

P: (so that when the ventricles contract) the blood is pushed up 1

into the arteries not back into the atria.

(iii) Able to state the function of corda tendinae.

Sample answer
P: to stop the valve from going up too farfto hold the location of 1 4
valve (during ventricular systole)

455112 [Lihat sebelah

@ Hak cipta Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, 2008
Mark Scheme Biology Paper 2 (455112')-SBP TRTAL 2008

No Marking Criteria Marks

(d)xi) Able to state one activities of human which cause a clot
Sample answer
H i gh fat d ieU/smokin g//l ack of exercise/lstressfu I life//diet which 1

rich in saturated fat

(ii) Able to explain the result of a blockage

Sample answer
F: cardiac muscles run short of oxygen 1

P: so they cannot contract/stop beating/heart attack/cardiac 1 3



Scoring Criteria

light intensity and light high

T : transfer all points

Able to state the rate photosynthesis at 0.03% of carbon dioxide

4551t2 [Lihatsebelah
@ Hak cipta Sekolah Berasrama Penuh, 2008
t- a) €ioo -ot ,o\ node / 'S* oode
b) ?ye,agmghaltre*ic .
a) 6gmpvra+tTe4ic
d) arireoqtrne. (A n &s)

a' a) Atr,no6en
b) Ab'in ( a marle )
B- *) lef{ €ubctervi.=n ve-\q
b) vi6h{ eubctauan rrein. ( f navhx-)

1. a\ :rg.* lv ll totcl cuvface e(eq /rolu,ne. ( lne,fr-)

n' a) plaerrra prcteio ll atbuntn ll6lobutt(, lle*g,thm%k+ tt yla4etelf,.
la) plecrn< pro*ei', /l atbwr,lrto ll globulin tl *g+hn.BH // yLelele4<'
c) ptacna po*ain ll atL.,n;n ll globulin tt ."g*hniU , f*.lele/l. (?n^r,e)

C) o) aale-igrn I . - t{
. I tr"+v'' m''s*,
r,). wi* K, (r wv.tb-)