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Societies of Criminology

 Asian Criminological Society:

 Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology (ANZSOC):

 Australian Institute of Criminology:

 British Society of Criminology (BSC):

 Chinese Society of Criminology:

 Criminological and Victimological Society of South Africa:

 Dutch Society of Criminology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor


 European Society of Criminology (ESC): http://www.esc-

 French Society of Criminology (Association française de

criminologie, AFC):
 [German, Austrian and Swiss] Society of Criminology
(Kriminologische Gesellschaft, KrimG):

 [German] Society for Interdisciplinary Scientific criminology

(Gesellschaft für interdisziplinäre wissenschaftliche Kriminologie,

 Hong Kong Society of Criminology:

 Hungarian Society of Criminology (Magyar Kriminológiai


 International Association of French Speaking Criminologists

(Association internationale des criminologues de langue française,

 International Society for Criminology (ISC): http://pagesperso- (French)
m (English)

 Italian Society of Criminology (Società Italiana di Criminologia):

 Mexican Society of Criminology of the State of Nuevo Leon

(Sociedad Mexicana de Criminología Capítulo Nuevo León): (Spanish) (English)
 Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention:

 Pakistan Society of Criminology:

 Portuguese Society of Criminology (Sociedade Portuguesa de


 Quebec's Society of Criminology (Société de criminologie du


 San Marino's Society of Criminology (Società Sammarinese di


 South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology (SASCV):

 Spanish Society of Criminological Research (Sociedad Española

de Investigación Criminológica, SEIC):

 Swiss Group of Criminology;

 The American Society of Criminology (ASC):
 The Canadian Society of Criminology:

 [United States] Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences:

 [United States] Western Society of Criminology:

 Venezuelan Forum of Criminology (Foro Venezolano de