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--Lrrmpfuan I I - Specffkosi leknis Kololog Barangl&oleriol--

Bedkut odoloh Spesifikosi Teknis dori Borong/Moleriol perusohoon komi fqworkon untuk
digunokon dolom peloksonqqn pekedqon " PERlAllGt{ alAP coNrRoL RooM AIEA NPx
FUS|O PAtRtX 7" :


Spesifikosi Teknis

MerMype SIKA
Monufoclur/Produsen USA

2, Bdrong/Moleriql GROUIING
Spesifikosi Tekn'rs Doto Sheei Tertompk

Me*/Iype GROUT 2]5

Mqnufociur/Produsen usA


Spesinkosi Ieknis Doto Sheel leiompir

Me*nype FOSROC

rx. (A1|AR. Ht l
Edlion '!,2003

02 05 01 fi o2a 0 000001

Sfia0€ro- Condru.liod

Sikaflex'- Gonstruction
Joint Sealing Compound
P€tn nenlly daslic on€{ompoEot ioint s€5lng @npdnd o polylr.tBn€ b6€,

Utli@el joittl @tiig MttpdNl lv btdding @ns,rkloi, e,g:

Fol Mmn loinsb:

I Pre.asl c.ncrele cdl6ttucli

. Whdo{'s $sn€6 ard door

Ona, .@dy ld !*

Good adh€.iotr lo nany elbslral€s
Good wEInding - dd 4iig Fopqli€
€icarl€nt uorlabdity, ea61, lo !s€

(E4tFion - conlra.lion)
Mst she€r p€tr6dblo nlovdent 20% olioint Ridlh

Jo!{ Oisla@ (h) -2.0 2-3.5 3.S5 t6,5 6.5A

Mn- loh! dim€rlsbn al 0rne of $alant sppf,c€tio.r:
Jdn{widlh (ttn) 10 '15 20 25 30
Johtdeplh(mn) 8 10 12 15 15

b) Fd olhs cdnM appli€ltc:

SElanl-bed ddds (Jdnt la.lor)
Widb O€dh !plo
r l0Miintwidt ; ll
llroc than 10 mm loint si.lth 2I (mh. (l€pllr I mfi)
i/frn J.nn witlh fd win&s @ulldng : l0 mn

r'fin ioid d.olh to, €ps.sion joinb 0 nh

lnslruclion for ljse

Iaita@ and olhd podly
d6t b€ Bnoved by s.i.dno. Clea. idnl vlih coFlBsed air,

sorl, ed or rbl pdyelhrene 9rorirE,

Fo. 016 sd€clior of suitau€ prim€r, 9le€s d3ult Sit+Pdmer tiablc o. our
r Poiect ioi.n fianrs kith nasldng tape,
. IrE€rl ba.t - up profle, apdy Fiod and o!66w watring tire,
. Aldy ioinr s€3la wnh hand - or ar p.sre suo, avdding .ir edrapmdt.
tsd s@lant with $osd concave frnishing,
r Wh€.€ n6€56ary, has startcd to drre
r Oen t6ls imm€dkrtdy 6i€r ce eiih Colm O6an€r_ Hardaed mardiat .an
only be m€da.i.aliy rehov€d.
! wllgl snEo{hing s€slanl, de€B€ otlerc rh.t no "slnoo0ii
topdd€G b€*r'€d slanr 4d irint fank
lo rnainlai. rnax. mdeEnl €p*lty, &r not owrcoal joim s€darll @mpersy,
or y the joinl 3id6 sndld
over@ted ro ma* r nm eidll. should ovs-
c.ahg be noce.sary, lnals f,u6t !6 .aried dl lo obs4e adhesbn and drying
lNfficiml vslil.lid (lac* ol moislue) slo/s Ming
Silicone lss€d prcducb can neg.'tvely 6 we 6
iniuse ddne bondng

Do rci a!!t 1o @Mde sbBrrate r.6Gd wi0r tr.n.psnt @atiig (ota€d).

Coior may be by srqosur€ lo w€athodng (chmieb, high

Technlcal Data
Cddet. Gr6y, Whhe, Blad

4 - 6 hows (ar + 23!C/ 50% lh)

12 hdlhs frqn dale ol prcducl it slo€d in @l (ar + 109C lo 2dC) a.d dry

20 X 6m d saEqes pq €rron
Safety lnst uction
ro avold Erc allrgic rea.lios, we r..onn6d t'e u* of rubbd glo€-
Cba.qs soled eo.k .tolhes and wash hsi(|s belo.e b.d6 d ai€. nnbhlm wo .
Oo rol 16l uncu€d 3€ g.t mlo s€'i,s, sal€r and eir,
Complelely e,nplied .anrnbEs and uripaG are not d.ssifi€d .s lspeciat' rc{Be
and may !€ dispos€d of togelher {ilt
tF6ehdd galbage ErplEd mat€dal in
original conbinss as we ss odly panialy 6mply codaineF n6l be diispos€d ol as
Leg.' roE5
p6dd, :E sive n ed ralh bs.d d sir. d6r hsrede. rd er!6he d ide;s wb
er4'ry domd hrnhd rn arerr.d ue rcnd .eiri6 4 8:dn''ie"diii s*.t

d ot dr r.{t €LtrdD ftb4s. o be rk €dE rm trftt dm.rd d tm

tur 16r h'ywfid
p!,F s*:n**4rd bd
D'rdrd.. Ibpqd4,t'r or hd Gqbd siid b e

Nitoeoteo EN9O{ A.
High chemical rosktant pnotactive lirling

2l-6 houF @ 35'C
Nilocole EN9O1 is an Epoxy Novorac rining d€signed ti, pro-
<16 ho'lts @ 23"c
vide p.oteclion lo oonc.ele and steel siructur€s in aggressive
<10 horls @ 35'C
chemical condilions. The matetul is padic.ulady suiiable in
waslel/fal€r lr€alm€nl planls, desalination planls. tood pro- :7d€ys@23'C
cessing plarns, pump End pap€r mills, elecltic powe. plants, s dsys@ 35'C
chemical manufactuing d6nls, lerlili.€r and irEsct_icid€ planls
and petroleu.n refi nedes.
Nitocole EN901 may bo us€d with or wilhoul Fosrcc Anli"slip
gEins as 6 heavyiuly lbor coalang in applbalions such as
ch€mical p.ocessing and drum storsg€ srees. loading docks Comprcssive slrenqth : 95N/mm,
and mmp6. ll may also be used in coni'rnction wilh glass libre
: E5a5 Shore O
clolh to increase the lhickness ol th€ system or !o reinforce
structures subiecled to aggressave chemicals.
Advantrgos (1 kq. H-22 Wheels)

I 100% solids, no solv€nls : <60"C

t Erc€llent cnemical r€slslance ln pH ranging frcm 1-14 al

25'C wel tilm lhickness/coal : 2@-250 lr$crons
. E(cell€nt adh€sion !o prcpedy pepared concrele, mild
Ory lilm rhictnsss/coat : 200-250 microns
sl€ol. and olher sub€lralos
Chcnric.l rcaisbnc.
r Exc6llent abrasion rcsistance
The tully cu.ed coaling is re3blant lo lhs splash/spillage of
Descriltio. lhe following ch€micab
Nitocole ENg01 is a solvenl tBe, highly cro€slink€d, high b!{ld AcelbAcid 25% Hydrod oric acid 35%
epoxy-novolac-based coaiing. NitocoE EN901 is a rwo-part Ammonium Hydroxide ' Hydroflurnr acid 25%
material and can b€ applisd by brush. rcller or Eidess spray.
Nitocole ENgOI is grey in colour, ll is formulaled lo be atr
plied in one or Mo coals lo achbve a minimum totalirrnh Elhylene glycol monoelhyl elher
lhickness of500 microns- Hignor hickness c€n be specifed. Bl€ach (Sodium
Lacli. acid 2trl6
Cnembrl .nd .br.stor l.slslrnt llnLg Braks Fluid Melhyl isob'4y' kelone
The chemicaland abGsiof, rssislant cGting 6hall be Ni, Adne 10% Min€ralspint
tocole EN90'1, a high build, two-pact epoxy-novolac system C oil
specially designed to provide 6 lough atd impemeable high Nildc acid 30%
chemical esislant flm Caslor Oil
Phosphorac acid 85%
Dieseltusl Potassium hyclroxide '
:100% Di€lhanolamine 88%
E$ylene glycol
: Gloss Hydrogen percxide 20% Skydro Fany acids Sodium

: 1.35
Sulphudc acid 9E% '
Sufanalic acld 1%
20 man. @ 35'C
Nitoeote@ EN9Oi

onc€ mt€d, Nirr.ote EN901 should b€ imni€dialdy applied lo
the pr€par€d sudace eNunng a conlinuols corling ot unilorm
Hydlaoine 35%
$ickness b oblained.

'Any conc€nLalion in waler Slif nylon brush or short nap lt)ller is recommerded for such
apdicaton. F$t€r rdl€ of applicatbn is pdssible using sid€ss
Ths lotal Fosroc offce should be comuned for reislance lo
spray equipmsnl.
specilic chemicals and condilioos or wh€n long Em e)Qosuro
lnstructlons tor use To re-coal, il is imp€ratiw lhat lhe second coal b€ appli€d
u,fiin the sE€citred over-coalino time-
Pr.p.r.tlon ol conc.et3 tutftc.s
A[ sudaces, whbh ate !o teceiv€ lhe lining. musi bs at least 28
U!€ of glr$ trbre ?clr orcenent
days old ard have a nloistuto conlenl of loss than 5%. These Nilocote EN901 may be us€d in conjuncton will gta3s nbre
sud€ces shall De dry sound and ke€ fom debtis ard loose doth to increase lhe lhickn€ss ol the s!'slom o.. wherc n€ce6-
material. The substrate nn$t be tis€ from conlsminslion swh sary. brdge fne craclc in lhe €ubstr.b, The dolh should b€
3s oll, grcase. w6x, dart or any othsrforn offoreign mafierwhich laid dir.c{y on lhe filst cott whibt tr€t 3nd should b€ Pressed
might affscl adhesion. in and smoothed out wilh a split washer mllor. A second coat
6horld lher be applied wilhin the sp€cified ove.-€oalinq line.
All blow hol€s and inperbclions shouH be lill€d wiln Nilomorlar
FCn. U.. ot Fosroc Antl.sltg
Prop.rrtion ol stool $rlaccs Nitocote El.l€rol can be used in conjunclion wilh FosrocArnis[p
Gl€irE r to provide a heavyduly slip-.eislantflmdng sysiem.
All surfac€s should be gril blssted to meet lhe r€quir€m€nls of
854232, Fn$ Ouality. The fircIcoal will b€ applied as de3clibed above wi0l a mina-
mum tilm rhiclfless of $0 -250 microns- The bass coal should
The lining wolk stlould be prcgrammed so lhat nsivt cleaned
noll, be dressed wilh the cho€en FosmcAriislip 6rahs.
s1661 is coai€d as soon as possible before lhe fotmation ol rusl

The recommend€d prccedue is lo complelely blind lha h*e

Prlmlng coat i.a apdy exc€ss dr€€sing aggregate io completely oblil-

Nilocole ENgol is dosigned lo be used wilhoui pdn€r Ho{F

€ver, it the condilion of ti|e concrete substrats r€quires primlng, When lha bas€ coal ias rcaoh€d initial cure, tho €)(ce63
Nilopdma 25' can be us€d. Antislip Glains should be Ecuumdean€d fiom lhe slrhce.
The top coat can th€n b€ appli€rl. Care should be taken to
en3ljre lhat a conlinuous nlm b act|ie!€d and the 3u.face b
ll is imp€.aljve that lhe r€sin bs lholoughly mixed wilh the
hardene. in lhe el€cl ralios 10 ensure oplimum psrformanc€. Clo.ning
Ther€fo.s, lhe enlire conlenls ol the hatdetE. can should b€
Nltocoie EN901 shouH be r€moved tom tools and equipment
added 10 lh6 base coriaimr and mi€d until a unifom colour
!se. Cured malerial can
wilh Nitoflor Sor immsdiately afr6r
a.d consist€ncy is oblained, taking parucuiar care !o scraPe only be renoved mechanically.
lhe sides and botlom ol the cootainer. ll is rccomm€nd€d that
m€chani€al mixinq be omployed using a Jify mlxet on a sbw
speed el€cl.ic ddll. r Subsirale, ambieil and producl t€mp€rau,re must rdnain
sbove ls'C du ng application and cudng. Minimum
mal6.iavconhain€r iamporature ior spray appllc€ton is
zO'C. Avoid moisbrs co.{aminaton.
l{itocoteo EN9O{

. Nitoflor EN9O1 should not b€ applied on lo surlaces known Precaution5

to, o.likstio suff srlrom. ising dampne$. pot€nlial o6fl osis rEanh .nd !.f.ty
problers or have a relalive humidily grealer lhan 75% as
measu.ed in acmrdaflce win BS 8203 Appendix A, or by Nilocote EN901 6nd Nilotlor Sol shotlld nol come h conlact with
a Them Hygmmeter skin snd eyes, or be sw8llowed. EDsurs adequate venliialron
and avoid hhalalion of vapour lf wo*ing in confned areas.
r applicalion should noi b€ undedrken if lhe t€mp€rature i5
then suilable lespiialory equipmant mrst bewoft. Sone p€oph
b€low 5"C. or is 5'C and fallng, nor when lh3 Pr€vailing
arc sensrtive to resiG and solvenls. Wear suitabls proleclive
r€laliv€ humid'ty ex€eeds 9O%.
cblli.E. glows arxl €y€/fae p@teclion Badier cre3lrE pmvid€
a Nilocote EN90'l may nol be colour slable wlren in conlacl addilbnal skin poteclbn. Should acddentalskn coniacl occur,
wilh some demicsLs orditecl sunlight. The colour chang€ rcmove immodiatsly wilh a rcsiFremoving cr€am, lblhwed by
will nor attecl the psdomanc€ ot lhe prot€clive system soap and $Bter. Do hol use solvent, ln case of contact wilh
eilh€r on mnc€l€ or steel. eyes, nnse immediat€ly with pleniy ol cl€an lydld and seek
T.chnlc.l suppo{ lnedic8l advce- r srallowed, s€€k msdical attenlion immedi-
atet - do nol induce vomitans.
Fosroc offers a comprehensive tecinical suppo.t se ice to
speciliers, end user.3 .nd conlractoE. ll 6 also able to offer
on-site technical asslslance, anAuloCAD taorlity and d€dic€ted Nitoflor Sol i! flammable. Keep away fron Eourcas of ignilion.
spedfcation assistance it locatjons all over lhe wotld. No smokjng. ln the of rne, edinguBh witn CO, or foam.
Do not use E wale.j€l-
Flash potnts
Nitoorimszs : 1 & 4lilrc oacks
Nitotoflor Sol 5 and 20 litre .ans For funher infom6lion. leGr lo lhe P'odocl Mat€nal Safety
Oata Sheet.

Nitopdme 25 : 5.5 - 6.5 m?per ftre

Nore: Ths coverage figure is lh€oreti€l- du€ !o waslage h+

tors and the vadely snd mtute of subslr6les, pt€ctical
coverago fgurgs may be subgantiaiy reduc€d.
Shelf Lll

When stored in dry air condilioned slores at t€mp€raiures be-

lween 1 t30"C, in the origidal, unopened containeF Nilocote
EN901 will have a shelf life ol 12 monlhs.

r stor€d al lemp€ralures lhe shell lite will be .educed. Air

cordilioned stolage al high ambient lerperatur€€ is .ecom"

Nitocote@ EN9OI

Addition.l lnlormation

Fosrcc mafttacturcs . wide r€nge of complemonltry products Fosoc addlfonaly otfers a compreirensive padcge of goducrs
specifc€lly deligned for lhe epair and relurbighmenl of dam-
ag€d concr€le Fosmcs SysionalE AppEach' to concrele
. {,atelprooling ftembranes & walelslops €pan fealures the followjng :

. joint saalants & fller boards ! han+phcsd ropan morlars

r cementitious & epoxy groub r sF{Ey grade r€pair n6dal3

I specialis€d flooring mabnab r flsil micro-conc.etes

. ch€mically resblant epoxy mo.lats

r adi-ca6o.alion/anli-chloridepotectrv€coalings

I chemical ard abrasion re6i€tanl coalings

For turrher inlormation on any ot lhe above, prease corEult t our

local Fosroc office - as below.

\!J Fdrcc producls ars guaranteed ag.insl def€cliv€ matedals and mandacb.e srd sle sold
subjecl lo ib standad lems and corditions of sal€, copios ol wt ch may b€ obtain€d on

r€queEi. !ryhiisi Fosroc endeavours lo an6ue lhat any advice, recommendation specif6lion
or informalion it may give b accurals and coffecl il canf,ol, b€c€usa il has no direct or
conlinuous conlrol over where or how lls prcducts sre appli€d, scc€pl srv liability silh€r
Fosroc Chemicals directly or indir€cty arisinq from fio uss of ils prcducls wh€lher or nol in accodance wilh
any advace, spec!fication, llcomFlendalion or inlomalion given by it
(lndia) Pvt. Ltd.
S.plhdqid Pal*", No.3a,
++91 aG.42521900 ancsiryitrdi5{
CBI Ro.d, Ga.Odagd Nonh.


Chennai Mumbai Noida Kolkala

No 26lord m.33),lsr Fl@r, 140!/1402,1a$ F16.,
1sl sl@t Po.t.l colsy A"winqTh€ Gel Eedm Suomlf Dist Grlrah BldlE l'lag€r,
s€6rd-15, cgD, Aebplr Ph:0335531l:l1a8
Navi Mumbai 2(l{) 614 rJP 201 30'l
Pn: 022-43406800{4
Fd: 0120-1270622


Sikacrout'-2ls is E pumpable dual-shrinkaF com- . €asy to mix .nd apply
pensat€d,self-levellin& prebaff€d cementitioustrcut . Good flow charaderinics
with extend€d working time to sllit local ambient tem- ' Rapid strength development
peratunes. . High ulthate strengths
. lmpact resistant
. Non-toxlc
Si|(acrout'-215 is suitable for repairs to the folbwihg . chlorlde free
concrde structures: . Dense and non-shrink (2-step erpansion - caseoug
' Machine folndations erpansion in plastlc stage & Crystalline expansion in
. Columns in precast construction harden€d nage)
. concrete ahchors
. Bridge bearings
' Extended working time
. Good pumpina propenies
'Cavities . Tested for compatlbility urith drinking water, PSB re-
. Gaps po.t 57s()30976S1E-2

. Railbeds
. Honeycombs (pre-packed grosting)
Sikacrout'-2ls is suitable for g.outing work wlth
clearances as low as 5 mm.

Peck glnS 25 ks bag
Appearafiee/ Coloor Grev powder

shelt Llte 6 months trom the date ofprodudion

Siot:agc Co&diuons Store properly in oridnal, unopened and lndamaSed seal€d packaging in
dry condltlons at temp€ratures between +5 'C and +35 "C. Protect trom dir-
ect sunlight, raln and water.
Dcr6lty "2,2 k&/l (depending on consisteocl and temperature)
Mrlltnum Graln Stre 1.2 nm
Comprescive Strersth {asrM c 10e)
l day >51{/mm, >30 N/mm,
7 days - N5 N/mml >50 N/mm'
28 days >fJ()N/mmr >65 t'llmm'

T.naile Strenlth in Flenne Flowable Pourable {EN 19G11

7 @ys -?nr't/mn -7.5 N/mm'
28 days -7.5 N/mm'. -8.0 N/mm'l

Erpansior 0.5-1.5 % (AtM C 940) at 24 hou6

Mhlhg Rarlo Conrlstcncy Watet {L} Dc.25 kr ofrrout
Pourable 3,6-4.0
stiff 3-0-3.4 (for sp€cial appllcatlons
such as of start€r barsl

Yllld Fldrabla conslstancy

1.84|e 25 kg 74r 25 kC bags
0.31t- 4.2 L 3og t-
Volumemortar 1l 13.6 r i;-
Por|rrble conr&i€ncf
1.90 G 25 kg 76x 25 kg bags
0.3 t 4t 303 r-
1t 13.2L i;"-
layer Thidoress 5 mm min. /50mm ma'( per pour
FloYf.dbility Poutable (AfiM C 230 nhdi-
-za0 mm -25o mm fiedl

Ambient Air lempcraqre +10 'C min. / +rl0'C max.

substrete Tempereture +1O "C min. / +40'C max.

APPUCATTON t STRUCTIO|T|S whole bag of Slkacrout.-21s into it while contlnu-

ously mxing. Add the remainint water and cootinue
SUAS'NATE qUAUIY / Pf,E.NEAIMEI\TI mlxing untilthe desired consistehc] is obtained. Mir
for 2 to 3 minutes with a slow speed drill and paddle
The substlete should be preparcd by suitable mechan- (-sm rpm).
ir:al prepaEtion technlques such as high plessute wa- quantities mixi.g, tie use of a forced-actlon
ter, breakers, Srit blastin& scebblert etc. mlxer of rotatlhg pan, paddle or trough type is pre-
All absorbent suafaces must be well saturated with ferr€d. Free &ll mixers should not be used.
clean water, but free of any surface uater or puddles
prior to the application gf Sikacrout'-215. APPUCANO
Concrote, morfar End slone
Surfaces m|jst be soun4 clean, tree from trort, oils, Us€ Sikacrout'-215 for grouting only.
After mlxin& stir liShtly with a spatula for a few
Srease, standinS water and all loosely adherin8
particles and other Surface contaminaots. seconds to Glease any entrapped air, The gaout is then
poured immediately into the prepand formwork.
Matal aurlaacs llron and atccl)
Surfac$ should be clean, free fmm scale, rust, oil and When carrying out baseplate groutin& e-r|sure suffi-
greas€. ci€nt pressure head is maintained for unlnterrupted
mortar flow. For formwork repair, the prepared form-
Mtxl\tc work must be firmly in plac€ and kept watertight-
When placing Srout over a area, it is important to
Place about 7H0 % of the pnemeasured clean water maintain a confinuous f,ow thtoughout. Work se-
(dependlng on conslstency requlred - referto 4Mk Ra- qt ence must be properly organised to ensure an unin-
tio") into a dean.ontrin€r and Eradualtladdthe tenupted flo*. ln lar8e areas, sildrout -215 may be
pumped usin8 heaw duty diaphra8m pumps. sc.ew
feed end piston pumps may also be used.
All technical data stated in this produ.t Data Sheet .re
Sp..rfc Are.s ot Appficrtloo based on labolatory tests. Actual measured data rnay
. Grolning under bas€plat€ - pourable consistency \Ery due to circumstances beyond our contaol.
. Formwoak groutint {example deep honeycombs,
column reinfo.cements, elc. LOCAT RESTRICNONS
pouing method - floilable / pourable consistency
prep@ked nelhod - fr.IMtble consistency. Please note that as a resutt ofspeciffc local regula-
. Grouting anchor bohs - stiff consistencf tions the p€rformance of this product rnay yary from
. GroutinS large volumes - for sections thicker than 50 country to courtry. Please consuh tlie local Prodrct
mm, it is necelsary to fill sikacrout.-2ls with graded Oata Sheet for the exad descrlption of th€ application
10 mm silt free aggregates to mlnlmlse tEmp€ratore fields.
rl5e geherdted durlng the curlng stage. The quantity
of ag8regates should not exce€d 1 pen aggregat- to ECOLOGY, HEATTH AND SAFETY
1 part S,lkacrout.-215 by weight. For such mkes, a
convenlional concret€ mlrer and pump may be used. For info.matlon and advice on the safe handlin& stor-
To further ensure that air entrapped during rnirlng i5 age and dispoial of che''llcal products, us€rs shalt refer
allow€d to fully es6pe, h may be necessary to make to the most recent Safety t}3ta Sheet (SDS) contdininS
breather holes. Use steel rods or chains to assist the plrysicat, ecological, toxicological and other s:fety-re
fiow of the grout where necessary, lated data.

lf formurork tvp€ r€pair is us€4 leave the formwork in
The informatlon, an4 in particular, the recommenda-
place for at least 3 days. Upon removal of the forn-
tions relating to the application end end-us€ of Sika
worl! cure the exposed surfaces immediately with An- products, are Siven in good falth based on Sika's cur-
tisol.-E curing compound or use other approved cur-
rent knowledge and experience ol the products when
ing methods.
properlv stored, handled and applied under normal
cEAt{lItG of Toots conditions in accordame with Sil/s recommenda-
tions. ln practice, tfte difftr€nces in materials, sub-
Clean all tools and application equipment wlth water strates and adual site conditions are such that no waa-
lmmediately aftea use. Hardened and/or cur€d matef- tanty in respect of merchantablllw or of iltness for a
al can only be mechani€ally removed. particslar pu.pos€, nor any liability arising out of any
leSal reletionship whatsoever, can be infer.ed either
IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIOIiIS from this infoamation, or any udtten recom-
mendationt or ftDm any other advice offered. The
. At tempefttures below +204c, settlng time and user of tll€ product msst test the producfe ssltabi,ity
strength development will be slower for the intended application and purpose. SIka re-
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. Thisii conllrmed by a note in the ASTM C 1107 be supplied on request.
Standard Sp€ciffcallon for padaged dry hydrallic ce-
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