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ENG 105: Advanced Composition

Section – 12

Argumentative Essay
Prepared For

Dr. Deena P. Forkan

Chairman, Department of English
North South University

Prepared By

Rafat Anwar ID# 071 279 030

10th October, 2010

Does Cohabiting Lead to Divorce??

To live together as couples is to share the day-to-day routine with one another, to be in
each other’s ups and downs, to discover things about each other that one won’t necessarily find
from dating or just being in a relationship. Living together, if not more, helps one to decide
whether the person he/she is living with is the one to spend the rest of the life with or not. Every
couple should live together at six months before they decide to marry one another.

Living together or ‘cohabiting’, a concept very much similar to marriage only where the
difference in marriage is it is a contractual relationship recognized by the law and religion. To
some people marriage is not a big issue; it is merely an obligation to them to be there for each
other no matter what. Every relationship has complications and when they fail to deal with them,
divorce is the only solution for them. There are also people to whom marriage is of great
significance and statistics shows that these are the majority of people. They think of marriage as
the commitment to help each other and be there for each other in sickness and in health till the
end of life. When complications arise, some of them deal with that wisely and those who cannot,
they feel obligated to make the marriage work and compromise even though it is too difficult at
times. Living together is the solution for both kinds of people. By living together couples
discover every little detail about their partner. These details work as a stimulus to some and
detrimental to others in terms of deciding whether their partner is marriage material or not.
Whilst living together if things don’t work out between couples, they can easily decide to give it
a chance or not to be with each other anymore. They neither feel obligated at that time nor they
regret later which they would feel if they rushed into marriage.

Whilst some believe that living together is a newly adopted phenomenon that eventually
leads to break-ups, in reality it is exactly the opposite. Recent study shows that more than
seventy percent of couples who lived together before marriage made it to their tenth marriage
anniversary. Cohabiting can be seen as similar to those practice matches in sports. Before every
big match, there is a practice session for players where they build up their strengths and find their
weaknesses to work on them; they come up with strategies so that they can be successful in the
real match. Similar to that, couples keep on working on their relationships while cohabiting and
then decides to get married when the relationship is matured enough for a commitment. One
might argue that some couples break-up very easily while living together over a simple matter or
where there is a slight disagreement in each other’s opinion, while in marriage they would
overlook these simple matters as they would feel the bond of marriage. But the truth is, one must
know how to give up and overlook the simple disagreements in every relationship regardless of
whether the relationship is backed by a formal contract or not. And it is this people who do not
have that maturity and patience to work things out who ends up in a divorce at some point of

Not cohabiting before marriage is not the only reason for divorce, but it is one of them, in
fact a strong one. People who consider marriage as a sacred relationship between couples are
usually the people who are against the concept of cohabitation. Some of them are unhappy who
pretend to be happy compromising for their partner, some of them are unhappy and finds the
divorce as a solution, and there are some of them who are happy because luckily their partner
turned out to be perfectly compatible for them. We can always wish to be lucky and hope our
partner turns out to be the perfect one. Or we can be practical and find the perfect one ourselves.
The choice is ours.