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Page 2 – Vision Mission

Page 3 and 4 – Products

Page 4 – Services

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Vision / Mission

“One window, power protection solution.”

We believe that that only after detailed understanding of the problems faced and /
or customer requirements, can we provide our customers with efficient yet cost
effective solution.

We address all the factors considered important by international standards. Our

approach to addressing your power problems is comprehensive and we understand
that addressing one or two factors would not solve the problem, (the problem may
go away for some time but it will come back).

We take provide up 99% protection level from power problems.

Page 3 and 4

Required: Picture of House/ Telecom tower

Already Collected: Picture of Dynasphere, Picture of Conventional Rod

Products and Services

1. Grounding

i. Grounding is an indispensable part for the protection of your

personnel, equipment and building, and, for reduction of
electrical noise. A proper grounding thus becomes a necessity
for protection of sensitive equipment and data safety.
Additionally, without grounding no lightening protection or surge
protection equipment can perform optimally.

b. Permanent Maintenance free earth pits.

i. Our solution is designed to work in all types of soil with no water

requirements, be it rocky Mountains tops or sandy plans. Use of
GEM, a permanent grounding material allows us to have
maintenance free earth pits which perform equally well in
extremely hot weather conditions or below freezing
temperatures. Our solution has exothermic welded connection,
providing a strong, non corrosive junction points.

c. Equipotential bonding of the complete site

i. We provide equipotential bonding and equipotential clamps – all

ground pits bonded together and all the equipment bonded to
the common ground. Again, our solution has exothermic welded
connection, providing a strong, non corrosive junction points.

2. Surge Protection

i. Surge protection is the protection against transient fault

currents caused by indirect lightning strikes, switching between
different types of loads and bad power connections etc. The
reason for surges varies from region to region – the north is
more prone to surges due to indirect lightening strikes, while the
south suffers from bad and illegal connection to the power grid.
The impact is the same – damage to your equipment.

ii. International standards recommend a three layered surge

protection strategy based on lightening protection zones (i.e.
Lightning Protection Zone 1 (LPZ 1), area with a possibility of
indirect lightning strike currents (e.g. service entry points). LPZ
2, area with up to 40 kA fault currents (e.g. sub distribution box)
and LPZ 3, area with up to 10 kA fault currents (equipment

b. Basic level protection

i. Our Basic level surge protection is designed for low lightening

/low surge prone area (less than 0.5 strikes per square kilometer
per year) and / or a low/normal importance site.

c. Advanced level protection

i. Our Advanced level surge protection is designed for medium

lightening /medium surge prone area (0.5 to 2 strikes per square
kilometer per year) and normal and / or high importance site.

d. Supreme level protection

i. Our Supreme level surge protection is designed for high

lightening / high surge prone area (more than 2 strikes per
square kilometer per year) and / or high importance sites.

3. Lightning Protection

i. The purpose of lightning protection is to capture the lightening,

convey the energy safely to the grounding system so it can be
dissipated. Pakistan has some of the most lightening prone
areas in the world. An improperly designed and / or improperly
installed lightning protection system has the same effect as
having no protection. We pride in being able to design and
implement lightning protection with up to 99% protection level.

b. Basic level protection

i. Our basic level protection consists of Conventional lightning rod

or Franklin rod and a bare copper down conductor – designed for
low lightning and low importance sites.

c. Advanced level protection

i. Our advanced level protection consists of Conventional or

Franklin Rod with an isolated down conductor – designed for
medium lightning and normal importance sites.
d. Supreme level protection

i. Our supreme level protection consists of Dynasphere and Ericore

down conductor – designed for high lightning or high importance


4. Voltage Regulation

a. We offer a unique IGBT controlled, PWM based AVR, designed for use in
developing countries. This AVR has a 20 ms complete cycle correction
time; the fastest correction time in the industry.

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Pulse Width Modulation Based and IGBT
Fastest Correction Time in the Industry
Largest Operating Voltage range in the Industry
(150 – 315 V)
No Moving Parts and Modular Design
Compact Size and Weight
Level 2 Surge Protection
Rugged and Maintenance free
Page 4

Required: Consultant, Engineer and Trainer – Google and see what you like

5. Consultancy

a. Blanket consultancy

b. Designed to give access to consultants for new rollout projects as well

as for operations and maintenance, Blanket Consultancy provides
customers with an ideal solution to incorporate top of the line power
protection in the new / upcoming rollouts and simultaneously improve
existing power protection infrastructure.

i. Provide design and Project Management for:

1. Establish / improve data collection method (to insure that

data related to power protection failure is collected

2. Data analysis and trend analysis

3. Recommendation for improving power protection.

4. Specifications for tenders and tender management

5. Detailed plans for reducing power protection failures.

6. Two free trainings.

7. Subsidized rates for subsequent trainings

8. Subsidized rates for sites visits and

9. Visits for an annual fee

c. Project Consultancy

i. For customers with limited needs, we provide project-based

design consultancy and Project management services for one off
projects. Project based consultancy is designed to provide a
flexible option to customers while managing risk and
incorporating power protection within the project.

6. Training

Our Power protection training programs are designed for the Engineers and
technicians who install and / or maintain sensitive equipment.
We focus to provide the knowledge, and skills to make and maintain sites
with a high degree of protection to the sensitive equipment.

We understand that it is very important that the Technicians and engineers to

know the what why and how of power protection as well as best practices in
the field.

a. Technician / Riggers Training Program

Technicians / Riggers are the actual hands working on the site;

this one week program is designed to provide:

Phase 1: power protection concepts, with special reference to the

relevant international standards.

Phase 2: Practical training in the workshop.

Phase 3: Site visits with actual on Job training.

b. Engineers Training Program

Engineers design, install and maintain sites; this one week

program is designed to provide:

Phase 1: power protection concepts, with special reference to

the relevant international standards.

Phase 2: Site visits with actual on Job training.

c. Specialized training program

Additional specialized training programs can be crafted as per your

Page 5

Required: completion of write up for Consultancy and Training


1. Products and services

i. We follow international best practices in implementation

of any project, starting with project scoping through site
surveys to completely understanding your needs.

ii. Business Case

iii. The Business Case stage is designed to understand and

quantify your needs and to create an optimized solution.
The focus is on designing the project to create real value
for the client.

iv. Design Review

v. We include design review stage, to manage risk before

project implementation and to create stakeholder buy in.
All aspects of the project and technology are discussed
with the client and stakeholders and any changes in
design are incorporated at this stage to minimize risk
before investments are made.

vi. Project Implementation

vii. The Project Implementation stage follows an iterative

process of information gathering and status analysis to
deliver the best quality in a timely fashion.

viii. Life Cycle Management

ix. After installation, testing and commissioning of equipment

we stay close to the customer through our life cycle
management program of corrective and preventative
care. Additionally we train of your staff so that you have
complete understand of how to optimize operations to
deliver best value of your investment.