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Practice Directions* 1, Clap and count the rhythm aloud. Find the position for both hands. Keep your eyes on the book while playing. . Play and say (or sing) the note names. 5. Play again and count the rhythm aloud. . Play again and sing the words 2 March On! Moderately 1 EB OF up the G G key - board, (continue naming notes) March back down with "fh D 2, arch on ease. e (‘continue naming notes ) tion, [Curve your fin- gers, please! - weeot “Rowebers He stuent is i tolleay simniae practice dirwetigns themuaghowt the bok Use her SEE-SAWS (pege 35). 7 C POSITION Slow Up i ‘Til we reach the . __mf Faster 7 7 Gradually slower Down the hill we Use alter RAIN, RAIN! page 29) || i | r LH. 5 4 Circus Day! Happily ff 2nd time ploy ONE OCTAVE i rotes) LOWER LH 7 Bears are dane - ing, pO - nies pranc- ing; Clowns are fun to see! 7 When the cir - cus comes 10 town, What = fun for you anid,