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NAHA Lunch Menu


Tartare of Hawaiian Yellowfin Tuna and Cured Tasmanian Ocean Trout and Door County
Golden Whitefish Caviar with a Mosaic of Nicoise Garnishes, Aigrelette Sauce and Toasted

A Simple Salad of Beautiful Green City Market Farm Greens, Kohlrabi,Nichol's Farm
Radishes and Saba Balsamic Syrup

Gulf of Maine Scallops with Ruby Red Grapefruit, Serrano Ham and Mache, Vanilla Bean,
Basil and Lime

Today's Soup

Naha "Mezze" of Hummos, Babaganoush, Warm Pita Bread,"Tel Baneer" Armenian String
Cheese, "Yalanchi" Grape Leaves,Kalamata Olives, Mediterranean "Greek" Salad, Feta
Cheese Turnovers and Spiced Beef

Organic Carnaroli Risotto with Wild Morels, Caramelized Broccoli and Confit Green Garlic,
Parmesan Reggiano and Umbrian Olive Oil

A Salad of Kinnikinnick Farm Arugula, Peaches and Shaved Fennel with Sofia "Hand
Crafted" Goat's Milk Cheese, Plum Seed Oil and Honey Vinaigrette

Kurobuta "Fresh Bacon", Roasted Beets, Fava Beans and Anson Mills Soft Corn Polenta

"Pata Negra" Spanish Iberico Ham with a Salad of Italian Frisee, Sweet Nectarines,
Montelerraina Cheese and Flat Leaf Parsley

NAHA Angus Beef Burger with Your Choice of Cheese on a Housemade Sea Salt "Crusted"
Ciabatta Bun with Stone Ground Mustard, Glazed Onions and Hand-Cut Crisp
"Housemade" Idaho Potato Fries

Wild Alaskan Halibut crusted in Brioche with a Salad of Belgian Endive, Sugar Snap Peas
and McVethy Farm "Hoop House" tomatoes "Freshly Squeezed" Carrot Broth scented with
Cardamom, Ginger and Fragrant Herbs

Our Famous "Southern Fried" Chicken Salad, Roasted Sweet Corn, Candied Pecans, Shaved
Red Onions, Torn Flat Leaf Parsley and Housemade Buttermilk "Ranch" Dressing

Organic Farm Egg Omelet with "Otter Creek" Raw Milk Cheddar, Glazed Cipollini Onions,
Red Thumb Potatoes, Wild Boar Bacon and Arugula

"Great Lakes" Whitefish and "Peeky Toe" Crab with Yellow French Beans, King Trumpet
Mushrooms, Jerusalem Artichoke "Remoulade" and Lobster Red Wine Sauce

"Rillette" of Duck Leg Confit and Crispy Skin with Klug Farm Cherries and Caramelized
Fennel, "Shagbark" Hickory Nuts and Port

"Twisted" Gigli Pasta, Broccoli Rabe, Sweet Red Peppers, Roasted Eggplant, Yellow
Summer Squash and Spinach, Sweet Garlic Cream and Toasted Focaccia

Navarin of Curried New Zealand "Young" Lamb with Chick Peas, Middle Eastern Apricots,
Toasted Cashews and Baby Carrots, Lemon, Mint and Coriander

Roast Quail, La Quercia "Berkshire" Proscuitto and "Coddled" Quail Eggs "Benedict" with
New Potatoes, Swiss Chard and Tarragon

Wood-Grilled Painted Hills Natural Beef Ribeye with Spring and tropea Onions, "Cavolo
Nero" Italian Greens, Oven Cured Tomatoes, Beluga Lentils and Thyme

Please advise server of any food allergies. Naha is a smoke free establishment.An eighteen
percent gratuity will be addedto parties of six or more. Visit our Website at www.naha- for more restaurant information.NAHA proudly supports our local organic
farmers and Chicago’s Green City Market!