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Fish liver oils, butter, cheese,
Needed for growth in babies, and for health of
Vitamin A ghee, milk, eggs, all green
moist tissues such as eyes and lungs.
vegetables, carrots
Wheat germ , Dried yeast, rice
Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) Nausea in pregnant women
polishing, whole cereals, pork
Liver, egg white, Legumes
Deficiency can cause poor vision, birth deformities,
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) (pulses) and lentils (dhals), leafy
eczema (a skin ailment) for the baby.
It is needed for proper utilisation of protein.
Vitamin B6 (Pyroxidine) Yeast, liver, cereals, pulses, milk
Shortage can cause fits in babies.
Folic acid is needed for making of blood.
Deficiency can cause anemia in expectant mothers,
miscarriage and early delivery and is associated
Folic Acid Leafy vegetables, liver, yeast
with neural tube defects (defects of the spine, brain,
or their coverings) and other birth defects like cleft
lip and congenital heart disease.
Citrus fruits (lemon, orange), Help to build a strong placenta and resist infections.
Vitamin C
gooseberry, guava A deficiency can cause viral infections, abortion
Sunlight on skin, fish liver oils
(cod , halibut, shark), oily fish Growth of skull, chest, limbs of the baby. The
Vitamin D
(sardine, salmon, Herring), diary deficiency of Vitamin D causes bone deformities.
Essential for normal reproduction. Effects the
Wheat germ oil, corn germ oil,
Vitamin E growth of muscles and the availability of oxygen to
vegetable oils, nuts, cereals
the baby.
Needed for normal clotting of blood. Inadequate
intake of vitamin K by the mother may cause
Vitamin K Curd, leafy vegetables, liver hemorrhagic disease of the new born. The
deficiency is rare but if it occurs, the result may be
severe bleeding.

Needed for the healthy development of your baby's
Calcium Milk, cheese, Yogurt
bones and teeth
Copper Liver Deficiency causes Anemia
Effects the working of the thyroid hormone, can
Iodine Iodized salt, sea fish
cause short
Iron is needed to fuel hemoglobin production for
Leafy vegetables, yeast, eggs, you and your baby. Iron also helps build bones and
liver teeth and the growth of brain and veins. A shortage
of iron can cause anemia.
Manganese Beans, cereals, nuts Growth in babies,
Deficiency can cause allergies, disease and
Potassium Fish, Dried fruits (such as dates)
weakness of the muscles and veins
Leafy vegetables, pulses, yeast, Effects reproductive ability of male babies, growth
cheese, shellfish of babies brain and eyes.
* Go for diet rich in potassium, calcium and vitamins and thriving on breakfast cereals for baby boy.