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1.c 1 calorie equals to «..
a.c 4.2 joules c. 42 joules
b.c 0.42 joules d. 0.042 joules
2.c The effect of heat to change of temperature, except«.
a.c Mass of subtance c. specific heat of the substance
b.c Form subtance d. temperature rise
3.c Form substance consist of «., except
a.c Melting c. Solid
b.c Liquid d. Gas
4.c Factors which can accelerate evaporation are«. except
a.c Heating or adding heat energy
b.c Freezing energy
c.c Enlarging the area of the liquid¶s surface
d.c Blowing air an the surface of liquid substance
5.c Transformation of solid object to to gas and from gas to solid object is called«.
a.c freezing c. sublimation
b.c melting d. boiling
6.c The form of melting heat is «.
a.c Q = m . L c. Q = m/L
b.c Q = m . c. ǻT d. Q = m . U
7.c Blanket and thick febrics can make our body warm because they are isolators which prevent
heat transfer from our body, one example of «..
a.c conduction c. convection
b.c radiation d. freezing
8.c Several water droplets of water as products of condensation can be seen at the outer part of a
glass which contains ice. The droplets of water cam from «..
a.c melting ice c. evaporating ice
b.c boiled outside air d. condensed outside air
9.c If we sit near a bonfire, we will feel heat which come from the bonfire. The heat we
reicieved is transferred by way of «..
a.c induction c. radiation
b.c convection d. conduction
10.cClothes dried in spanned condition will dry faster than in rolled condition due to«..
c.c spanned clothes absorb sun ray faster c. wather are gathered in rolled clothes
d.c spanned clothes have larger surface area d. wather in rolled clothes
Œc cc  ccc
1.c Heat can be transferred by way of conduction, convection, and radiation. Explain!
2.c 4 kg of iron is heated from 200C until 700c. the specific heat of iron is 460 j/kg0C. the
energy required is«.
3.c Calculate the amount of heat required to heat 200 grams of ice of temperature -200C until
it becomes vapor of temperature 1000C. give that cice= 0.6 cal/g0c, cwater = 1 cal/g0c, Lwater
= 80 cal/g, and Lvapor =540 cal/g.
4.c Explain the application of heat transfer concept at thermos!

1.c What do you know about heat?
2.c Water which has boiled at temperature of 1000C is keep heated. Obviously water
temperature does not change. It shows that«.
3.c What is different of conductors and isolators!
4.c Why hot water on a plate more quickly cool is compared to the hot water in a glass,
besides its volume are similar?
5.c The amount of heat energy needed to raise the temperature of a substance 10c is called«
6.c Write down the equivalency of heat unit with energy unit!