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TRANSMISSION saying the aircraft Try not to use them, real pilots never do. If you want to acknowledge about an ATC transmission (particularly one
callsing (to get the pilots that does not need read back), SIMPLY SAY YOUR CALLSING. Only controllers can say the word "roger", to
attention). acknowledge when a pilot has read back correctly a clearance.
airplane callsign (to indicate the When request a clearance, you must say your complete callsign, the destination airport and the flight level.
end of transmission). The only 3) WHAT YOU SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT READ BACK
exception is in the initial contact You do not need to read back word by word all that the controller says. Do not read back winds, but always altimeter
with a controller, where the settings and all and each clearances. Otherwise the controller will force you to, do that way. You can develop your
callsign is given at the begin. own style but mainly be concise and avoid unnecesary verbosity.
Controllers are not forced to say 4) WHEN YOU SHOULD SPEAK
their callsing to the pilot, although Try not to step other pilots. When a controller transmits a message to other pilot, keep attention until he answer.
saying it in the initial contact is the When read back an ATC transmission, do not wait more than 5 seconds to transmit. If you need more time to analize
most usual way (not each time the controller´s message, say "stand by".
they transmit).
Say messages CLEARLY, SLOWLY Always use your complete callsign. You ca abbreviate it only when the controller does it first place.
6) WHAT YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPORT (unless the controller requirement)
Avoid too many commands at the a) Position reports. b) Outer Marker, Gear down. c) Speeds. d) Field in sight.
same time, 2 or 3 are enough. For 7) WHAT YOU NEED TO REPORT
example: a) The altitude of the cloud layers. b) System failures. c) Altitude and heading changes. d) Icing. e) Wind effects. f )
"Iberia 2452, descend to 4000, left Braking failures. g) Missed Approach and Going around.
heading 345, reduce speed 220,
runway 36 right of Barajas airport,
1014" ACKNOWLEDGE Confirm if you have copied Case Example Transmitted as
and understood the message. Aircraft registration EC-PBO Eco Charlie Papa Delta Alpha
Tis message would be better said
in 2 transmission. Even, some data Altimeter settings 29.92 Two Niner Niner Two
AFFIRM Yes (is the abbreviation form Flight level FL45 Flight Level Four Five
would be ignored: of "afirmative"). Heading 080º Zero Eight Zero
"Iberia 2452, landing runway 36 Wind Direction/Speed 290º/19 Two Nine Zero, One Nine
right of Barajas arport, QNH 1014" NEGATIVE No, it is not correct or cleared
canceled. Transponder code Squawk 7436 Squawk Seven Four Three Six
If the pilot has the approach chart, Frecuencies 118.6 One One Eight Decimal Six
he knows the OBS and the CLEARED Cleared to proceed according
frecuency of the 36R.. If not, he will to the requested.
ask the controller the information ABBREVIATIONS
needed. CANCELED Cancelation of a certain AGL Above Ground Level
autorization. A alpha
B bravo Information Service
CALLSING ABBREVIATIONS CORRECT It is ok, is correct. C charlie ATC Air Traffic Control
The phonetic alphabet has been D delta CAV-OK Meteo better than espected
developed in order to avoid I SAY AGAIN I repit to reinforce or to E echo (AGL5000ft, vis>6nm)
confusion between the letters.. It clarify the message. F foxtrot ADF Automatic Direction Finder
G golf DME Distance Measurement Equipment
is worldwide used also. READ BACK Repit the message, or certain H hotel ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
When we communicate with part of it. I india IAS Indicated Air Speed
airplanes, it is not a must to say J juliet IFR Instrumental Flight Rules
the whole callsign always. It exists REPORT Inform about something K kilo ILS Instrument Landing System
2 ways of abbreviate: requested (position, etc. ) L lima IMC IFR Meteorological Conditions
M mike ISA International Standard Atmosphere
a) By the airplane registration, for REQUEST I want to know, to obtain. N november MET Meteorology / Meteorologic
example: O oscar MSL Mean Sea Level
P papa NDB Non Directional Beacon
EC-PBO > Eco Bravo Oscar WILCO I have understood the message Q quebec
L4567 > Lima Six Seven. R romeo
PAPI Precission Approach Path
and I will proceed. Indicator
This rule consists in saying the first S sierra QDM Magnetic heading to an ADF
letter of the country (E, L, etc.), TAXI TO Go to the indicated point of the T tango (without wind)
followed by the 2 last characters. airport and hold. U uniform QFE Altimeter setting to indicate
V victor altitude ASL
If there are two or more similar HOLD SHORT Maintain position until you are X x-ray
callsigns, for xample: EC-BCD and QNH Altímeter setting to indicate
cleared to enter the runway. Y yankee altitude MSL
EC-ACD, the three last characters Z zulu SID Standard Instrumental Deaparture
will be said in order to avoid CLIMB Ascend to a specific altitude or STAR Standard Terminal Arrival
confusion. flight level (FL) and maintain. TAS True Air Speed
b) By the name of the airline (not TCA Terminal Control Area
DESCEND Descend to a specific altitude OMISSIONS VASI Visual Approach Slope Indicator
very frequent in FS): or flight level (FL) and maintain. Surface VFR Visual Flight Rules
Each airline has its own callsing Degrees VMC VFR Meteorological Conditions
wich is not the same that the TURN Veer to specific heading. Knots VOR VHF Omnidirectional Range
flight number. For example, BAW Visibility VOLMET Meteorological Information
Cloudiness during flight
3456 is Speedbird 3456 (British INTERCEPT Configure heading to track Altitude
Airways is always Speedbird). UAL the specific course. Milibars
456 would be United 456 (United IN FLIGHT REPORTS
Airlines). It does not fit any rule CONTACT Make radio contact with... (*position report)
and some airlines has not (they already have your data).
normalized it neither. a) CALL:
AERODROME - ATC, Aircraft registration
KLM 555 is KLM 55 (said Key Ell MONITOR Keep attention to a specific PARKING b) MESSAGE (order):
Em, not Kilo Lima Mike) TAXIWAY - Aircraft tipe
HOLDING POINT - Registration*
As a general rule, commercial STAND BY Wait, I will call you back. RUNWAY - Destination
flights are NEVER abbreviated - Position and Heading*
with phonemes. For example IB CORRECTION There was an error in the - Altitude/Flight Level*
2452 (Iberia 2452), is not said India transmission. The correct is... - Altimeter Setting
Bravo 2452; QF 001 (Quantas 1), is RADIO CHECK - Flight Conditions
not said Quebec Foxtrot 1. CHECK Check a procedure or a 1 = Illegible - ETA/DME to the next point*
system. 2 = Ocassionally legible - Request
To name commercial flights 3 = Legible with difficulty
ALWAYS complete callsigns, NOT VERIFY Check and confirm. 4 = Legible c) READ BACK TO ATC:
like in aircraft registrations occurs. 5 = Perfectly legible - Message data, Aircraft reg.
For example BAW 3456 is not
Speedbird56, but Speedbird 3456.

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