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This essay will consider the most important opportunities and challenges for

contemporary museums.

The essay is built around three main points the following discussion attempts to give

information about , arts and business , toward cultural interdependence and Corporate

Philanthropy in Turkey: Building on Tradition, Adapting to Change respectively.

When we examine the one of the significant topic which are arts and business . Arts and

business could be big opportunity for contemporary museums. Sponsorships are source of

money. On the other hand , It is possible to see them as a risk. Shall we examine arts and

business world in the U.K?


UK's biggest arts and business professional networking service

Sponsorship and Fundraising Guidelines

Raising money from the private sector can be a challenge. But with the proper focus and a

little persistence it can certainly pay dividends. Last year over 1,100 cultural organisations in

the UK raised more than £171m from the business sector in donations, sponsorship,

membership and in-kind support.


At the centre of any sponsorship effort are the company's objectives - what will the business

achieve for itself. Typical outcomes could include the opportunity to entertain clients, the

option to promote the company's name, brands or services or the chance to engage staff and

develop their creative thinking skills.

Approaching Business

A common misconception is that a business will give money to a cultural organisation so that

it can put on an exhibition or production. Not true! They will give money so that they may

benefit from being associated with an exhibition, production or arts organisation to achieve

their corporate objectives. Therefore, your approach to a business should focus on their

needs, not yours. Also remember, a business is an astonishing resource of skills and

expertise. They may well offer you support in ways other than cash that are also of great

value to you.

Maintaining the relationship

If a business decides to enter into a partnership with you, make sure you set reasonable

expectations and deliver all the benefits that you promised. Keep in mind the bottom line for

both parties is a positive return on investment.

Local Relationships

Due to their high profile and broad scope, large cultural organisations can command higher

prices for sponsorship in comparison to smaller organisations. However, one of the great

success stories is the way that small to mid-scale arts organisations in the UK have developed

strong and profitable relationships with small, local businesses. Don't approach the big

nationals just because they have supported another arts organisation. Instead focus on those

local companies who will genuinely be able to benefit from a partnership with you.

Next Steps

Fundraising takes time, so start fundraising for a project about twelve to eighteen months

before the project is due to start. You may still be able to raise money in less time, but you

will not be able to properly undertake the necessary research and cultivation and this may well

have consequences on the amount you raise (fundraising from trusts/foundations or

individuals is likely to take at least six months).

The other significant subject is Toward Cultural Interdependence . What happenned from the

past until today ( The realization of cultural interdependence) in the U.S.A?

Toward Cultural Interdependence

7,000 organizations; large and small, urban and rural brings live performances to 6

million audience each week with $5 billion revenue annually. These organisations are

both a cultural force and an industry.

These organisations constitute a relatively new field, which has emerged only over the past

four decades; predominantly operate on a not-for-profit basis; function successfully on many

different models (e.g., small budget, large budget, “hosted,” free-standing ) and contribute

significantly to urban, suburban, and rural communities alike.

These organisations, offer audiences the benefits of a global outlook, by presenting artists and

works from a multitude of cultures; and increasingly engage in creating works, as well as

in disseminating them.

Toward Cultural Interdependence

Going beyond its survey of presenting organizations, Arts Presenters has convened a

series of forums throughout the United States, in which it has polled the performing arts

community as a whole.

Participants in the forums represented not only presenting organizations but also touring

artists, artists’ managers, producers, and funders.

These professionals identified critical changes within the categories of diversity, Globalism,

leadership, sustainability, infrastructure, audience development.

In the past, artists producers, managers were viewed as suppliers of a product.

Presenting organizations were the buyers.

Today: The realization of cultural interdependence

Creativity begins with the insights and inspirations of artists. Spreads through all dimensions

of the performing arts network (managers, producers, presenters, educators…)

Cultural inderdependence is not only an opportunity for the actors of the sector but also a


Today’s field of performing arts presenters took shape primarily from these emerging

community-arts groups and from the newly built, nationwide circuit of campus and civic arts

centers. Some of the chief characteristics of performing arts presenters: not-for-profit

organization , sense of public purpose, commitment to diversity (in culture, subject matter,

and artistic form), multiplicity of function, non-hierarchical, networking relationship to other

organizations in the field.

The third subject is Philanthropy in Turkey: Building on Tradition, Adapting to Change .

We can give examples from Legal and Fiscal Frameworks in Turkey .TUSEV is working

about “Philanthropy” actively.It supports relationships between private sector donors and

NGOs.This is a big opportunity for private contemporary museums and galleries in Turkey .

Legal and Fiscal Frameworks

The Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TÜSEV) is very active in advocating for more

enabling legal and fiscal regulations with the Ministry of Finance and other regulatory bodies.

TÜSEV is focusing on developing and strengthening, at the sectoral level, the very

mechanisms (legal, fiscal and operational) which support relationships between private sector

donors and NGOs. The goal is to:

Develop and deliver awareness building and donor education programs.

Develop the capacity of existing and potential donors (private sector


Help identify and implement best practices for managing philanthropic activity (e.g.

giving programs for companies, grantmaking practices of foundations, etc.).

Advocate for enabling legal and fiscal frameworks.


This essay raises a number of other important questions at the end of this discussion

we are left considering .For instance, Performing Arts can be a kind of challenge or

opportunity for contemporary museums.Society will choise to go to contemporary museums

rather than involved in performing art. On the other hand, It is possible to think other side of


What are the most significant opportunities and challenges for contemporary

museums ? Discuss using examples.

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