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COE Colleagues are invited to attend any and all of the following demonstrations and/or hands-on workshops

using a variety of technologies. Come learn best practices and ask questions of other COE faculty members. For Quick Tips
more information and to RSVP, please email Looking to download a Youtube video into a
file format that can be used without an internet
APRIL WORKSHOPS FOR FACULTY connection? Try– an online
tool, or download the free version of ImToo
GUIDE: Online Tools Whiteboard Web 2.0 Software (, a conversion tool.

To sign up for April workshops, please use our online registration tool. Go to:
Document Camera– ELMO UDL: Cognitive Neuroscience Wrap Up
Tuesday, April 12th 11:30-12:30 pm
HH 110 - Jillian Neville On Thursday, March
Come and try out the ELMO and see how you can share student 3rd, Dean Lorion
documents and text as well as integrate other resources easily into introduced Todd Rose
your instruction. of CAST and Harvard
Graduate School to an
Using ActivInspire Software audience of over 200
Wednesday, April 13th 12:30-1:30 pm participants including
HH 110 - Erin Crisp teachers, parents,
Participants will see a demonstration of the basic features available higher ed. faculty,
to flipchart creators followed by facilitated practice time. pre-service educators,
Tech. Lunches administrators,
curriculum specialists
Thursday, April 7th 11:30 -12:30 pm from MSDE and two
Thursday, April 21st 11:30– 12:30 pm members of the
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin education ministry of
Informal, hands-on sessions on a variety of web 2.0 tools, Black- Thailand. Participants
board, interactive whiteboards, etc. RSVP to find out the week's
were engaged in an
planned topic or request one!
interactive lecture experience focused on working
Using Wimba Pronto memory and recognition networks, while workshop attendees
Tuesday, April 26th 11:00-12:00 pm the following day enjoyed the opportunity to think beyond
HH 110 - Amy Chase Martin the initial lecture and delve into methods for modeling UDL
Blackboard features an online chat tool that allows users to speak principles in their own classes.
with one another using audio or text. Learn how to set up your “Todd has made me consider my own teaching. I really want to reframe
account and train your students. some of the more archaic thinking of instructional strategies and
Using Google Docs and More “retrofit” them with the UDL framework,” remarks one faculty
member. Participants indicated that Todd’s conversational
Monday, April 27th 11:30-12:30 pm presentation style and skillful application of research
HH 110 - Erin Crisp combined to produce a thoughtful, collaborative learning
Google Docs, Forms, and Spreadsheets provide an online
collaborative space for users. Come and explore potential uses. (Continued on page 2)

What’s going on in the Links of the Month

Education Innovation Lab? Discard old
electronics by recycling them FREE at Best
(right) Pre-service teachers receive Buy.
instruction in preparing lessons
using interactive whiteboards.
higher_ed.cfm A website with tools for
Contact COE110@ to students and faculty to encourage
hold a single class session in HH110. participation in critical thinking and the
Socratic method.
UDL: Cognitive Neuroscience April’s Faculty Innovator
Wrap Up Dr.. Linda Macaulay EDTL
(Continued from page 1) Teaching pre-service teachers in
courses such as ISTC 201 and ISTC
Another faculty attendee wrote, “Todd’s lecture 301, I am able to share my passion for
spoke to me on many levels… I also really loved how he stressed teaching with technology – both
that UDL should not be seen as “the next great thing,” but to focus on online and face-to-face. I am currently
its relevancy to mind brain education and as a living breathing working with Dr. Bill Sadera, Dr.
framework for “high performance learning.” Liyan Song, and Ms. Liz Berquist
piloting changes in ISTC 301:
For anyone interested in hearing Todd’s classroom lectures, Integrating Educational Technology. Our goal is to maintain
seeing materials or reading more about UDL, links to Todd the technology integration focus while incorporating the
Rose and UDL resources can be found on the COE wiki- tenets of Universal Design for Learning and TPACK Todd’s lecture (Technology, Pedagogy and Content Knowledge) to enhance
topics include “Disability vs. Variability,” “Learning Net- the application of good pedagogy and technology use. We are
works” and much more. You’ll also find a link to a very using many Web 2.0 tools (such as Wordle, Audacity,
helpful blog on Universal Design for Learning compiled by, Vocaroo, Prezi, and Delicious) to enhance content
Liz Berquist. Many thanks to Liz and the College of delivery and model multiple ways students can “show what
Education for organizing the event. they know.” We are also using Blackboard wikis and blogs for
asynchronous collaboration and WebEx web-conferencing
software for synchronous online classes.

Education Innovation Open Lab Hours Have an iPad?

for April Fill out a quick
Mondays 9-2 Tuesday 10-3 survey so that we can gather
Wednesdays 10-3 Thursday 12-4 resources on the uses of iPad
Friday 9-12 for learning and productivity in
Pearson Book Fair on April 4th, 10-2pm. higher ed.
Open Lab refers to times when walk-in support is available to faculty Finding helpful apps? Share them on our wiki. Visit
in HH 110. The lab may be unavailable during scheduled events. to share your
Faculty may also make appointments for assistance by contacting ideas and indicate your interest in learning more.

A round of applause for these faculty
members who are effectively integrating
technology into their instruction.
On Twitter?
Follow us at:
Rosemary Rappa for Edinnovationlab
integrating the Promethean Board
Kay Holman for integrating the Not on Twitter?
Promethean Board That’s OK! We’ll do the
Rebecca Shargel for using Blogs in the classroom footwork for you. Visit
Barb Shelton for integrating the SMART Board http://edportfolio.
Bess Altwerger for Wimba Pronto
Kathy Karstensen for Blackboard innovations and look for the twitter
Ellen Ballock for SMART responders news feed.
Allen Starkey for SMART responders
Liz Dicembre for Reading Clinic SMART Daily, we scan the best of
Board presentations Twitter’s educationally
related Tweets and share
Dan Rozmiarek for implementing PollEverywhere
them for everyone on our
to collect student feedback
wikispace. No logins or
Liz Berquist for organizing the Universal
downloads required.
Design for Learning event with Todd Rose
Don’t see your name? Drop by the lab and let us know what you
are using in your instruction.