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LEVEL: JUNIOR KIDS (5 – 8 years old)
SENIOR KIDS (9 – 12 years old)

1. Understand the meaning of gentleness
2. Learn some ways of how to gentle
3. Learn that God also wants us to be careful and gentle especially in what we say and do


“Be always humble, gentle and patient. Show your love by being tolerant with one another.” -
Ephesians 4:2

0:00 – 0:15 – Teaching of kids praise 0:50 – 1:20 – Activity (junior and senior kids)
0:15 – 0:20 – Opening prayer 1:20 – 1:25 – processing
0:20 – 0:40 – Game 1:25 – 1:30 – closing prayer and reciting the KFL
0:40 – 0:50 – Introduction and storytelling Habits

MATERIALS (venue):
CD and CD player
LCD projector
Lyrics of Kids Praise songs
Copy of KFL Habits

 Teaching of Kids Praise:
We want to see Jesus lifted high We wanna see, We wanna see,
A banner that flies across this land We wanna see, Jesus lifted high
That all men might see the truth and know
He is the way to heaven Step by step we’re moving forward
Little by little taking ground
Every prayer a powerful weapon
Strongholds come tumbling down and down

 Game (separate Junior and Senior Kids)

(NOTE: for these games, please do not tell the kids that the eggs that will be used were already
Boiled Quail egg (1 for each group)
3-5 chairs
1. Divide the kids’ into groups with equal number.
2. Give each kid a spoon and 1 boiled quail egg for the group.
3. Tell the kids that at your signal, each kid had to go around each chair carrying an egg on the
spoon using your left hand only and go back to the starting line. When they reached the
starting line, he/she has to transfer the egg to the other player and then do the same.
4. The goal of this game is to teach the kids to be careful and be gentle with the egg that they
are carrying.


Boiled egg (medium size)
Plastic bag (just enough size for the egg)

Put the boiled egg inside the plastic bag. But don’t tell the kids that the eggs were already boiled.

1. Ask the kids to get a partner. Give each pair an egg.
2. Tell them that they should face each other about 2 steps away from each other.
3. At your signal, one kid should pass the egg to the other kid without letting it fall. If the
other kid was able to catch the egg, he/she must take another 2 steps away from his/her
partner. However, if one of them fails to catch the egg, they’re out of the game.
4. The goal of this activity is for them to be able to throw and catch the egg without letting it

 Introduction – WHAT IS GENTLENESS?

- Kindly, amiable, mild not severe, rough or violent, honorable, respectable, polite, refined,
- Comes from a Greek word that is actually better translated meekness.
- Examples of being gentle:
1. If you don’t want your toy, instead of throwing it, stack your toys properly.
2. Saying please when you want something like asking for a glass of water or you
want rice.

 Storytelling (ask the heart champs do a role play)

Once there was a little girl who lived all alone in a big house with her mother and father.
She had dolls and games to play with, and a big tree in the yard to climb. But she sometimes
wished she had a brother or sister in the house, too.
One day this little girl’s mother told her that she would have a brother or sister soon.
The mother was going to have a baby! The little girl was very excited. Then her mother went to
the hospital and came back with a tiny bundle wrapped in a blanket. A baby sister! Somehow
the little girl wasn’t so excited anymore. All the baby seemed to do was cry. Her mother and
father paid lots of attention to the baby. She wanted to play with the baby – but the baby didn’t
know how to play.
One day, the little girl was holding the baby for her mother while the mother cooked
supper. The baby just lay there, asleep. The little girl watched for a while. Then she got bored.
She decided to bounce up and down in the chair. She bounced harder and harder. And all of a
sudden, on one hard bounce, she dropped the baby! The baby started to cry. Her mother ran in
from the kitchen. The little girl was in trouble.
Happily, the baby sister was not hurt. But the little girl’s parents decided to have a talk
with her. “What do you do if I gave you a china plate to carry into the dining room?” her mother
asked. “I would hold it very carefully,” said the little girl. “What would you do if a butterfly
landed on your arm out in the yard?” asked the father. “I would walk very slowly so that I could
show it to you before it flew away,” said the little girl. “You’re right,” said the father. “Being slow
and careful is the same as being gentle. You need to be gentle with some things.”
The mother got the baby and brought it into the room. “Sometimes babies – and bigger
people, too are like my china plates,” the mother explained. “They get hurt easily.” “Or they get
scared, like the butterfly.” Her father added. “You need to treat these people with gentleness –
because you love them.”
“I understand now,” said the little girl. “Can I hold my baby sister again? I’ll be gentle.”
The mother handed over the baby. And the little girl sang her a song. After the parents heard
the song, they knew that she really understands.

 Activity (both junior and senior kids) – GENTLE HEATING

(This is a group activity which consists of 5 kids and 1 heart champ for each group)
Used Crayons candle
Teaspoon of salt match sticks
Llanera Popsicle stick or any wooden stick
Tongs or pot holder

1. Divide the kids into groups with five (5) members each. Assign a heart champ for each group.
2. Put some crayons in one llanera and the salt into the other.
3. Heat both llanera with crayons and salt. Ask the heart champ to do this.
4. While waiting the crayons to melt, ask the kids to watch it and see if there have been any
changes in the substances.
5. As the substances cool, read the verses of the bible:
 Zechariah 7:11-12 - “But the people stubbornly refused to listen. They closed their
minds and made their hearts as hard as rock. Because they would not listen to the
teaching which I sent through the prophets who lived long ago, I became very angry.”
 Hebrews 3:7-10 - “So then, as the Holy spirit says, “if you hear god’s voice today, do not
be stubborn as your ancestors were when they rebelled against God, as they were that
day in desert when they put him to the test. There they put me to the test and tried me,
says God, although they had seen what I did for forty years. And so I was angry with
those people and said, ‘they are always disloyal and refuse to obey my commands.’ ”
 Luke 6:45 - “a good person brings good out of the treasure of good things in his heart; a
bad person brings bad out of his treasure of bad things. For the mouth speaks what the
heart is full of.”

 Processing
Today we learned many things on how to be gentle. In the story, we learned that being gentle
means being careful in our actions or behaviour. We were able to experience being gentle by being
careful on our actions just like what we did in our game. In our activity, we saw what happened
when crayons and salt were heated together. Sometimes when we refuse to allow God to soften our
hearts and put His love in them, we are like the salt that was not changed by God's Holy Spirit
(represented by the candle). But when we listen to God's directions in the Bible and allow Him to
put His love in our hearts, we are like the crayons. God softens our hearts with His love, and we are
kind and gentle with our words and actions. And no matter what situation comes up we are
supposed to be gentle. That doesn't mean we shouldn't stick up for ourselves, if someone is doing
something you know is wrong you should still tell an adult or tell them to stop. Just do it in a gentle
way like Jesus would do it.

 Closing prayer
“Dear God, thank you for all the things that we learned today on how to be a gentle kid. May you
continue to give us a humble and gentle heart, that we may be slow to anger, and easy to mercy and
forgiveness. Give us a wise and constant heart that we may never get mad easily. Lord, let us ever be
courteous; let us never fall into a bad-tempered or doubtful heart, but follow peace with all people
and be able to forgive them. Do not let us to be angry or ungentle and discontented, or unthankful
and uneasy to people around us; but in all things make us like unto the holy Jesus. Amen.”

 Recitation of Heart Habits

1. I will imitate Jesus.
a. I will pray to God every day.
b. I will make Jesus as my role model.
c. I will read the Bible
2. I will be a good family member.
a. I will be a good son/daughter to my parents.
b. I will be a good sister/brother to my siblings by loving and respecting them.
3. I will be a good student
a. I will do my homework, school work diligently
b. I will be a good student by respecting my teacher, class officers and school authority
c. I will obey the rules and regulations of the classroom and the school
d. I will be an active member of the Church through CFC-KFL.
4. I will serve in our Parish Church
a. I will be an active member of the Church through CFC-KFL.
b. I will always attend and participate in all the CFC-KFL activities
c. I will share my time, talents and treasures to others especially my brothers and sisters in CFC-KFL.
d. I will love, respect and be loyal to my CFC-KFL family
5. I will tell others about Jesus
a. I will love my brothers and sisters, relatives, and friends by doing good deeds everyday that will reflect
God's love
b. I will love the poor by sharing what I have to them
c. I will take care of the environment by throwing my trash properly and by learning ways to protect God's