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7Ps Marketing Pvt. Ltd.


Empowering businesses to follow the Success Path! Empowering
businesses to follow the Success Path!
The Creators of 7Ps Marketing Pvt. Ltd. facilitate all
the 7Ps to give a winning edge to your Marketing.
We assess the needs of habitats of a particular
Product geographical area keeping in mind their selective
preferences, customs & rituals and other various aspects
and help businesses to decide on the best product lines
that would give optimum level of satisfaction to the
consumers and would generate maximum revenue for the
business. Our immaculate rendering of the primary
survey and thereafter carving a niche strategy for product
promotions have helped businesses to earn rich
dividends without involving in unnecessary hassles.

Pricing is the most critical aspect of successful
Price marketing strategy. An in-depth analysis of consumer
preference, purchasing power parity (PPP), existence of
competitors and many more other factors form an
integral part of our price decision-making. We help you
in deciding a competitive price for your product, service
or technology so that you meet the break-even point
faster and your growth sustains for over periods
bringing prosperity. A product introduced in the
market with a proper pricing strategy takes business to
the hilt and of course we are quite pioneer into it.

In order to sustain in the market you need to
Place understand the importance of geographical
parameters that can make or break a business. We do
a complete pre-survey launch to assess the feasibility
of success of a product and service in that particular
geographical area. Also, our careful analysis and
assessment help you to locate the best business
premises from where you can rule the world. Take
any city/locality, our representative will get you to
the best place to do business, even if its Andman &
Nicobar where you wish to market Cell Phones to
Jarwas. You name the place; we will get one for you.
Our promotional campaigns inspired by creative, innovative &
Promotion imaginative ideas give you the desired limelight and a mass
acknowledgement. Our promotion strategy includes both
physical as well as online promotions. An unparalleled brand-
building approach to take your brand to the hearts of your target
consumers is our expertise that you would hardly find anywhere.
Our promotional campaigns bring credibility to your brand, create
brand loyalty amongst your consumer base and help generate
direct business as well. All these benefits you attain within your
specified budget limit. Best of creatives, best of media mix and
best of expert rendering of plans will help you to penetrate even
the remotest corner of the country and help you to increase your
customer base to manifold in a very short span.

The importance of talented manpower can never
People be ignored in writing the success chapter of any
sort of businesses. In the era of cutthroat business
practices, we churn out the best talent of your
domain who will help you to get a winning edge
over the competitors. We have a unique
mechanism of zeroing in on the most suitable
people destined to fulfill all your business needs. A
careful analysis of your business requirements and
the goals that you wish to achieve guide us to find
the manpower that is most beneficial to you and
whom you would gladly retain for lifetime. For all
industry verticals, we arrange the human resources
who are equipped with invincible skills.

Process A flawless business process is the primarily desired thing for

all the corporate houses. The process from production,
development to day-to-day work and effective customer
interaction can be your winning mantra. We develop
customized and easy to adapt ERP packages that can be your
success-oriented business tool. Our meticulously thought
Customer Relationship Management will not only help you to
retain your old customers but also help you penetrate a novel
customer base. Now is the time when a customer would like to
feel like a king. So, treat your customers with royal treatments.
Make them king and spread your own kingdom.
In the age of consumer awareness, your mere claim is hardly
Physical sufficient enough to win the favor of the customers. A well-
Evidence planned credibility building exercise powered by a presentation
mechanism is our forte. A campaign that details out every
minutest features of your products or services is helpful in
winning the favorable opinion of the conscious humans on this
planet. Our campaign not only appeases humans but it can
market your product and technology amongst aliens as well. No
wonder, you are going to have the most unique customer base.
So, mark your presence in the marketplace boldly and
convincingly and showcase each unique attribute of your
product and services in a real presentable manner.

What WE DO?

We help businesses to tackle the hurdles!

Run your business without any hassles. Don’t indulge
yourself in futile issues. Rather concentrate on your core
business. 7Ps is always there for your rescue. Come to us
with your problems and we will help you in overcoming
your roadblocks.

We take care of even your minutest problems!

Negligence sometimes makes businesses to suffer a lot. This
negligence arises due to an absence of a mechanism to deal
with minor issues. In the long run, they appear as huge
liabilities for businesses. When 7Ps is here, you need not to
think about minor issues pondering you and affecting your
profit. We have answer to all of your problems.
Bridging the gap between you and your business!
Taking your products & services to your target customers
is the privilege of 7Ps. We ensure a free-flow of
communication between you and your customers so that
you develop a synergy and bonding with them which is
the key to success for any business.

We devise invincible strategy for your business growth!

Establishing foot in the market place, overcoming strategies,
winning customer loyalty etc. are all depend upon a good
business strategy. 7Ps is the partner to your success, devising
strategies that can take your business to places with ensuring
your success and prosperity.

Setting an appropriate benchmark for your business!

With a penchant for appropriateness, 7Ps helps
businesses to set their specific business benchmarks that
become an integral part of their identity. We help
businesses to maintain quality and facilitate to serve
them to their clients with utmost satisfaction.

An eye for details facilitating your global presence!

The professionals at 7Ps have an eye for details that helps
you to monitor your competitors and also helps to assess
the business needs on the basis of ongoing developments
around the globe. We help businesses to garb the
opportunity at the right moment and set foot even across
the frontiers.
WE help you to set and reach your target!
Setting a feasible target and reaching there in a
planned manner needs expert guidance. 7Ps helps
you to set your business goals by analyzing various
factors and helps you to meet the target with a step-
to-step planning.

Your successful journey is just a phone call away!

Call us today,
and witness your business taking a quantum leap.

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