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WHAT IS !"#$ "%&#TING

³Cloud computing In ne ed compu ng, whereby shared

resources, sofware, and nforma on are prov ded o compuers and
oher dev ces on demand.

Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption, and delivery

model for IT services based on the Internet
The concep beh nd coud compu ng s very s mpe:  es you run your bus ness
compuer app ca ons over he Inerne, w hou hav ng o buy, nsa or manage
your own servers. You can run your company¶s IT opera ons w h noh ng more
han a browser and an Inerne connec on. App ca ons, opera ng sysems, servers
and nework sw ches a are ava abe from w h n he ³coud´.

The benefits of adapting Cloud Computing for any business are great. Here
are some of them.

u? uu ck urnaround or depoymen  me o be up and runn ng

u? Increased ava ab  y of h gh-performance app ca ons o sma med um-
s ed bus nesses ± App ca ons  ke ER&, R% or ecommerce app ca ons
wh ch were ou of reach for Sma and %ed um bus nesses are now
ava abe a a frac on of a cos.
u? Reduced mpemena on and ma nenance coss s nce you pay as you go !
u? Increased Sorage on demand Fex be and scaabe nfrasrucures
u? ³Green ng´ of he daa cener Reduced Energy coss
u? H ghy Auomaed - No onger do IT personne need o worry abou
keep ng sofware up o dae.
u? Greaer %ob  y o your Workforce - Empoyees can access nforma on
wherever hey are, whenever hey wan.
u? Aows Bus nesses o Focus on he r core compeency
u? "p mum &erformance - The coud aduss o your company¶s performance
needs, dynam cay ass gn ng capac y whenever and wherever you need
hem, and auoma cay adus ng o sp kes n your bus ness.
u? Secur y ± For many compan es, he eve of secur y and ava ab  y,
d saser recovery and back-up prov ded by a sofware-as-a-serv ce prov der
far exceeds ha wh ch hey can prov de hemseves.
Today for organizations ² big and small ² it is the easiest means to save on
costs, as well as leverage on advantages such as security, reliability and
scalability. For example, when broadcasting major Star India opted to
implement private cloud architecture, availability of resources on the fly and
low-cost were the motives behind the move.

oud compu ng serv ces, as we know, s a genera erm for any mode ha
nvoves de ver ng hosed serv ces over he Inerne. These serv ces are d v ded
no Infrasrucure-as-a-Serv ce (IaaS), &aform-as-a-Serv ce (&aaS) and Sofware-
as-a-Serv ce (SaaS) ha are made ava abe over he Inerne
oud compu ng s a beer way o run our bus ness. Insead of runn ng our apps
oursef, hey run on a shared daa cener. When you use any app ha runs n he
coud, you us og n, cusom e , and sar us ng . Tha¶s he power of coud
compu ng.

Bus nesses are runn ng a k nds of apps n he coud hese days,  ke R%, HR,
accoun ng, and cusom-bu  apps. oud-based apps can be up and runn ng n a
few days, wh ch s unheard of w h rad  ona bus ness sofware. They cos ess,
because we don¶ need o pay for a he peope, producs, and fac   es o run
hem. And,  urns ou hey¶re more scaabe, more secure, and more re abe han
mos apps. &us, upgrades are aken care of for you, so your apps ge secur y and
performance enhancemens and new feaures²auoma cay.

The way we pay for coud-based apps s aso d fferen. Forge abou buy ng servers
and sofware. When your apps run n he coud, you don¶ buy anyh ng. I¶s a
roed up no a pred cabe monhy subscr p on, so you ony pay for wha you
acuay use.

F nay, coud apps don¶ ea up our vauabe IT resources. Th s es we focus on
depoy ng more apps, new proecs, and nnova on.
The boom  ne: oud compu ng s a s mpe dea, bu  can have a huge mpac
on our bus ness.
_____________________________________________ ___
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1. oud has srong vaue propos  on for ex s ng bus ness users of IT.
2. oud enabes prov ders o access en rey new markes
3. oud s a gned w h broader echnoogy rends and demand
4. oud echnoogy s rea.

%any anayss and IT ndusry expers are bu sh abou coud compu ng, and are
forecas ng robus, doube-d g  annua growh. The marke poen a for coud
compu ng s forecased o be $66B by 2012 for sofware, paform and I
nfrasrucure as a serv ce; add ng bus ness process as a serv ce and coud suppor
serv ces coud push he oa coud marke o we over $100B.
___________________________________________________________ ___
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To w n n he coud marke requ res an nnova ve bus ness sraegy and bus ness
mode. The sraeg es refec a reh nk ng of marke fundamenas and ruy env s on
new modes o beer serve cusomers.

We w  see a w de range of coud bus ness modes emerge over he nex few years,
and mos of hese w   key fa . "f he ones ha surv ve, he prof ab  y of he
bus ness modes w  vary greay. A few w nn ng bus ness modes w  ma na n
heahy prof  marg ns wh e ohers w  f nd hemseves reegaed o much smaer,
commod y-based prof  marg ns

There are three key components that define cloud business models:

CUSTOMER FUNCTION: oud $e vered Serv ces- wha a company se .e.
he r produc
CUSTOMER GROUP: Targe %arkes- o whom  woud be se .e. he r
TECHNOLOGY: "pera ons- how o creae and de ver wha one se

And o successfuy mpemena on of bus ness mode a good sraegy woud be

requ re. Sraegy of a coud vendors woud be o creae ong-erm vaue.
Ô  Ô
The f rs componen of a coud prov der sraegy s o ceary ou ne he serv ce ha
w  be offered. %os coud enabed sou ons w  have four ayers n he r
³solution stack´:

? onen
? &rocess and app ca ons
? Inegra on and m ddeware
? Infrasrucure and dev ces

oud prov der ma ny r es o ou ne compe  ve advanage for each ayer. These
ayers d v de he coud marke no foow ng sub marke:-

? Bus ness-&rocess as a Serv ce (B&aaS). $e ver an en re bus ness process
as a serv ce v a he Inerne. Exampes ncude payro, pr n ng and e-
commerce from prov ders.
? Sofware as a Serv ce (SaaS). $e ver a sandard ed app ca on runn ng on
a coud nfrasrucure, w h mu enancy, access be from var ous c en
dev ces hrough a h n c en nerface such as a Web browser (e.g., web-
based ema ). Targe cusomer woud be EN$ #SER

? &aform as a Serv ce (&aaS). Bu d and depoy new nernay deveoped

app ca ons ono coud nfrasrucure, expos ng serv ces needed o bu d an
effec ve app ca on ncud ng b  ng and s gn-on serv ces used by

? Infrasrucure as a Serv ce (IaaS). "ba n process ng, sorage neworks, and

oher fundamena compu ng resources as a serv ce where he consumer s
abe o depoy and run eemens of he sack, such as opera ng sysems, on
he nfrasrucure serv ce. %a ny for NETW"RK AR HITE TS

Since A single company does not have to be the owner or operator of all four
solution layers. Hence, a key part of developing a cloud strategy is to define
which component(s) you will provide and which components will be provided
by a business partner that¶s why partnership-based business models normally
seen in cloud market.

In add  on o d rec coud serv ces, here s a w de range of suppor coud serv ces
and componens yp cay offered by ous de prov ders, such as consu ng f rms,
bu aso de vered by coud serv ce prov ders hemseves. These serv ces ncude
ra n ng and consu ng For exampe, offers ra n ng and consu ng
o compemen s SaaS and &aaS offer ngs.

There are many poen a arge markes for coud adop on %os curren coud
prov ders narrow down he r respec ve markes o some comb na on of he
foow ng segmens:

Industry or Functional Verticals among Large Enterprises

Wh e curreny focused more on nerna coud enabemen some arge enerpr ses
w  m grae oward adop ng shared coud ver cas ha reduce cos or r sk n areas
ha are mporan o he bus ness, bu are no key sources of d fferen a on, such as
back off ce func ons or reguaory comp ance. For exampe, pharmaceu ca
compan es coud o n forces v a an ndusry ver ca coud focused on reguaory
comp ance o dr ve cos sav ngs and eff c ency.
%any workoads offer he eas pa n and mos s gn f can ga n for he S%B
segmen. oud prov ders are arge ng smaer cusomers who can benef  from
coud¶s compe ng econom es of scae, and who are ess h ndered by arge, ex s ng
IT capab   es. F nanc a serv ces compan es have srong rea onsh ps w h he r
cusomers, and coud use h s de very mode for bus ness serv ces

Emerging Markets
W h  m ed resources, cusomers n deveop ng markes w  respond o he ower
up-fron nvesmen coss and ab  y o scae serv ce consump on n  mes of
growh. For exampe, auomo ve manufacurers coud use coud o reach
deaersh ps n d san markes.

Other Cloud Providers

oud serv ces serve as bu d ng bocks, where a prov der ses one coud serv ce o
anoher coud prov der o consruc a arger serv ce offer ng. IaaS prov ders ofen
a gn w h SaaS prov ders o o ny de ver a more comprehens ve coud serv ces.
Such as Red Hat sell their platform to Microsoft.

%ob e dev ces, on ne ema  and oher consumer serv ces benef  from numerous
new app ca ons made ava abe hrough coud de very modes.
The anoher cho ce for coud prov der ha wheher esab sh he r marke for a
pub c coud or prov de a pr vae coud.
We demand s r s ng for pub c coud serv ces around HR benef s procuremen, e-
commerce, daa warehous ng and arch v ng.
------------------- ?

The opera ons componen of a coud bus ness mode ncudes he deveopmen of
key eemens needed o de ver bus ness serv ces v a he coud. Th s ncudes
bus ness opera ons and f nanc a repor ng des gned o be more ag e by more
qu cky engag ng cusomers, a or ng serv ces o f  cusomer needs pr c ng for
smaer un s of a serv ce, and esab sh ng a v abe f nanc a mode.

The opera ng mode of he bus ness sraegy def nes he sourc ng mode,
parnersh p sraegy, and depoymen pan for he deveopmen of hese capab   es.
%any prov ders are pursu ng sraeg c parnersh ps o round ou he r capab   es
and ach eve he opera ona requ remens assoc aed w h rap d serv ce de very.
A ances and parnersh ps are ofen keys o success n he coud ecosysem.
£ ?
Serv ce prov der sraeg es focus owards address pr c ng modes, go-o-marke
approaches, bus ness nen and vaue propos  ons, n add  on o def n ng serv ces
and cusomers.

urren coud prov ders are cap a ng on f rs-mover advanage. They are
de ver ng serv ces, earn ng from he r m sakes, and capur ng marke share aong
he way. Some of he r success has been a he expense of rad  ona payers who
have no venured no he coud markepace.

"ne of he def n ng aspecs of coud compu ng s pay-per-use pricing models.

However, var a ons are poss be w h n h s bas c ene of coud. For exampe,
some prov ders pr ced base on he r brand and repua on raher han purey based
on houry usage raes.

The challenge s deerm n ng how o measure h s vaue and how o capure ha
vaue hrough pr c ng.

Some coud prov ders are offer ng coud-based serv ces d recy o cusomers.
"hers are ac ng as enabers and negraors by prov d ng he r producs and
serv ces as bu d ng bocks for oher coud serv ce prov ders o hen se o he r own

Anoher cons dera on for go o marke sraegy s arge ng he r gh dec s on
maker for he par cuar ype of serv ce de vered. &rov ders have a or he r
offer ngs and vaue propos  on based on he arge buyer. oud prov ders are
depoy new serv ces o he r cusomers n days .
We ma n focus s o d fferen ae he r produc.

!e us cons der coud offer ng of few vendors o undersand how d fferen coud
vendor d fferen ae he r produc and argeed o whom, and wha are he r
sraeg es o susa n n marke for ong run and he r compe  on.

Type of oud: &ub c oud

Type of Serv ce:IaaS
Key "ffer ngs:E 2 , S3, S mpe $B and %ap Reduce

c ? ? c ? ? 

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 ?? ? ?
c ?c
? ?

Amzaon s he und spued w nner, w hou any much compe  on   now. We may
ca  an eary-b rd advanage.


Type of Cloud: &r vae oud,&ub c

Type of Service: SaaS,&aaS and IaaS
Key Offering: "n ne Serv ce, W ndows Azure &aform and W ndows Server
Hyper-V,"ff ce W ndow apps.

Specializes in PaaS. I offers Azure, a W ndows-as-a-serv ce paform cons s ng

of he opera ng sysem and deveoper serv ces ha can be used o bu d and
enhance Web-hosed app ca ons. Azure s ava abe for VS 2008 v a Web
Platform Installer. Visual Studio 20D0 Bea 2 has a he feaures we need o
code, debug, and depoy our coud serv ce.

Microsoft strategy has he r gh porfo o and ar cuaes he r gh sory o a he
en  es n he ecosysem.? Microsoft has always dominated is the operating
system. It started on the desktop, moved to the server, and now it is moving
into the cloud

% crosof made a maor eap w h he reease of "ff ce Web Apps, a coud-based
vers on of s "ff ce sofware. Web Apps es users o upoad documens from he r
compuer o % crosof¶s coud-based $, and aows access b  y from any
mach ne or dev ce. Here he documens w  aso be sored n remoe server nsead
of be ng sored ony n persona compuers, apops or company server. Excep for
he secur y facor of shar ng mporan f es on he web,  w  prove o be a good


 2 #        



Type of Cloud: &ub c oud

Type of Service: Saas and &aaS
Key Offerings: Googe Apps and Googe App Eng ne

Spec a zes n PaaS & SaaS. As SaaS  offers Google Apps: a web-based
commun ca on, coabora on & secur y apps wh ch ncudes, Gma , Googe
aendar, Googe Tak, Googe $ocs & Googe S es. 15 Sep 2009, Googe
announced ha  w  prov de GovCloud, wh ch w  hos Googe Apps n a
separae daa env ronmen w h enhanced encryp on for mee ng sae and
governmen secur y sandards.

As &aaS  offers Googe App Engine: a paform for deveop ng and hos ng web
app ca ons n Googe-managed daa ceners. urreny, he suppored
programm ng anguages are Pythonava (by exens on oher JV% anguages
are aso suppored).

You bu d your app ca on us ng Googe¶s &aaS and Googe handes depoy ng
code o a cuser, mon or ng, fa over, and aunch ng app ca on nsances as
necessary. Good news, Googe App Eng ne s  bu ony up o a cera n eve of
used resources.

Google¶s strategy s o pu s presence n as many couds as poss be. Hence he
company¶s aunch of producs such as ! v ng Sor es proec n he news med a,
promo on of Googe Apps n he enerpr se marke and receny he aunch of
Googe Groups, a produc ha s negraed w h he ex s ng Googe Apps such as
Googe $ocs, Googe aendar, Gma , Googe S es and Googe V deo.

As par of s coud sraegy Googe wans o use Googe Groups o make he
produc more arac ve o he enerpr se secor s nce one of he produc¶s ma n
feaures s proec coabora on among empoyees ocaed n d verse s es. Th s
repor aso ooks a Googe Trends and Ins ghs and how hey are  ed o Googe¶s
sraegy n bu d ng an esab shed presence on he Inerne coud. I aso anayzes
Googe¶s fuure on ne sraegy and demonsraes s rea on o he coud.

---------------------------------------------- --------------------- ?
2  $

  %  2  &   '!"!     
)  ( 2           2   (  
             &  '!"!* 
               , (           
         #        *         

    -    .   2 *    
------------------------------------------------------------------- ?
While all the competition is giving you either a specific suite of applications (Google
Apps, or component blocks (Amazon EC2), Microsoft Azure is at the
heart a platform.


Types of Cloud: &r vae oud

Type of Service: SaaS and &aaS
Key Offering: !ous ! ve and IB% Web Sphere oud Burs App ance
The Big Blue has announced Blue Cloud compu ng paform way back n he year
2007. IB%Smart Business Development and Tes on he IB% oud s des gned
o augmen and enhance sofware deveopmen and de very capab   es,
par cuary n arge enerpr ses. "n 16 Nov 2009, IB% announced he word¶s
arges pr vae coud compu ng env ronmen.The coud w  aunch n  ay w h
more han a peabye of daa, he equ vaen of more han r!!    #2
ransac ons.

Strategy :- Hav ng a srong parnersh p mode.

Type of Cloud: &ub c oud

Type of Service: SaaS and &aaS
Key offering: R% and
!eader n SaaS. "ffers Salesforce R% (Saes oud 2, Serv ce oud 2)
& &aform ( usom oud 2, $eveopmen &aform).Targe ng S%E
marke,  has n che and un que offer ng.


Type of Cloud: &r vae oud

Type of Service: IaaS
Key Offerings: V oud

I offers vCloud: Run, secure and manage app ca ons n he pr vae coud or have
hem federaed on-demand o parner-hosed pub c couds. vCloud s g v ng a
ough compe  on o more esab shed Amazon¶s AWS.

I was receny n he news for parnersh p w h sco & E% , o offer equ pmen
caed Vblocksand suppor a new o n venure caed Acad a ha w  hep
bus ness cusomers and serv ce prov ders bu d ou couds based on he Vbock
gear packages
We,hav ng pos  oned  as a srong V rua za on paform vendor , hey become
he naura cho ce of &r vae oud.


"ffers Cloud Ware: arch ecure o prov de an open framework o aow he
deveopmen of a coud compu ng env ronmen ha¶s open enough o work on any
web enerpr se app ca on. !ack of coud compu ng sandards has ead o
a  ( where every coud vendor has propr eary coud. Wha f we wan o
share our app ca on among d fferen vendors couds? urreny we can¶.

Cloud Ware s a b g sep owards  

    and crea ng sandards
wh ch w  ead o open env ronmen for couds. Hope, soon consumers w  be
abe o move around w h he r app ca on and daa, ha w  span mu pe couds.
8. NetSuite

Spec a zes n SaaS. I offers Suit Cloud &aform: a comprehens ve offer ng of

on-demand producs, deveopmen oos and serv ces des gned o hep cusomers
and sofware deveopers ake advanage of he s gn f can benef s of coud
compu ng. Aso a ead ng prov der of web-based )   +   +  for
R%, ER& oos and Accoun ng.

Above companies are out of the best player in the world.

Cloud offering by Indian Vendor

9.Zenith InfoTech

u? Base Location: %umba , Ind a

u? Cloud Offering: &R"#$
u? Cloud Type: IaaS

I s an IT produc deveopmen and nnova on company. W h an nvesmen of

INR 175-crore, h s s cons dered as Ind a¶s one of he mos amb  ous R&$ effors
n IT. The company s expec ng 2,000 - 3,000 c ens of Proud n nex 2 years.

D0.Wolf Frameworks

u? Base Location: Bangauru, Ind a

u? Cloud Offering: Wof &aaS
u? Cloud Type: &aaS

Founded n 2006,  prov des affordabe coud serv ce w h 99.97% Serv ce !eve
Assurance. Wof s a browser based "n $emand &aform-as-a-Serv ce (&aaS) for
rap dy des gn ng and de ver ng daabase dr ven mu -enan Sofware-as-a-
Serv ce (SaaS) app ca ons. "ne can ge sared w hou wr  ng any p ece of code
whasoever. od ng ony comes n when you need cusom empaes or spec f c
negra on Bus ness Rue ac ons.

u? Base Location: henna , Ind a

u? Cloud Offering: "rangeScape oud
u? Cloud Type: &aaS

The exper ence of bu d ng bus ness app ca ons of vary ng compex y across
ndusr es has made "rangeScape he mos comprehens ve &aaS (&aform as a
Serv ce) offer ng n he marke. You can ransform your dea no a SaaS
app ca on and can showcase hem o your nvesors, parners and poen a
cusomers. I has an mpress ve  s of cusomers v z. Ford, &f zer, Geo , S fy ec.


u? Base Location: Ind a

u? Cloud Offering: ITaaS
u? Cloud Type: IaaS+SaaS

ITaaS s a w  n sofware. ITaaS framework s a one-sop shop for oa end-o-

end IT and hardware sou ons. I ncudes hardware, nework, bandw dh &
bus ness sofware. urreny ITaaS s ava abe for 5 secors: %anufacur ng,
Rea , Heahcare, Educa on and &rofess ona Serv ces.

13.Cynapse India

u? Base Location: %umba , Ind a

u? Cloud Offering: yn. n
u? Cloud Type: IaaS on $emand SaaS

yn. n on demand s a coud hosed serv ce and s he qu ckes way o ge your
own cyn. n server, w hou he hasses of hav ng o se  up. W h a yn. n on-
demand sysem, you ge a ded caed v rua server runn ng a yn. n app ance ha
s ma na ned & updaed by ynapse and hosed by Amazon, ensur ng an
nfrasrucure-free and worry-free yn. n exper ence.

14.Wipro Technologies
u? Base Location: Ind a
u? Cloud Offering: W pro w-SaaS
u? Cloud Type: SaaS
W pro has bu  w-SaaS, a paform for rap d SaaS enabemen and depoymen on
coud, us ng some of he commony acceped rends n sofware eng neer ng and
open sandards. W pro chose "race ("race $aabase, "race Web!og c
App ca on Server and "race V%) as he depoymen paform for w-SaaS
enabed app ca ons. The sofware vendor can depoy he same app ca on on-
prem se or on he coud us ng w-SaaS and "race.

15.Netmagic Solutions

u? Base Location: %umba , Ind a

u? Cloud Offering: oudne, oudserve, &r vae oud
u? Type: IaaS

Nemag c ooks  ke a ded caed coud prov der n Ind an marke w h a poen a o
become a b g payer n near fuure.

D6.Reliance Data Center (a division of Reliance Communications)

u? Base Location: Ind a

u? Cloud Offering: Reliance Cloud Computing Services
u? Cloud Type: IaaS+SaaS+&aaS

A hosed nfrasrucure serv ce based on he Microsoft paform for Enerpr ses
and S%Bs - geared o de ver India¶s largest cloud infrastructure.

17.Infosys Technologies
u? Base Location: Bangaore, Ind a.
u? Cloud Offering: oud based Sou on for Auo Secor.
u? Cloud Type: SaaS

Infosys¶ oud ompu ng onsu ng and Serv ce offer ngs enabe organ za ons
o adop he oud ompu ng paform seec vey and effec vey. Bu brand
Infosys, he mos recogn zed IT brand from Ind a has o pu s gn f can effors o
cach up w h oher coud prov ders.

D .Synage

u? Base Location: %umba , Ind a.

u? Cloud Offering: $eskAway
u? Cloud Type: SaaS
A Web company de ver ng sofware as a serv ce (SaaS) over he Inerne o he
goba aud ence.DeskAway s he fagsh p produc of Synage, based on a monhy
or yeary subscr p on mode, requ r ng zero- nsaa on, and powered by a cu ng-
edge user nerface, I¶s he fuure of proec & eam coabora on sofware.

Though he compan es  sed here have a ong way o go before hey can be
compared w h he bes n he word ye hey have he poen a o grow b g w h
he grow ng Ind an economy.


? ? ?  
? ? ?    ?
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 ? ? ? ??
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? ? ?   ?  ?  ?  
 ?   ?  ?
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???? ?
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? )?
??????????????????????????????????????? ?