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OB-0834 Use Me

Sheri Van Dyke


Everybody in the room was naked. There were men, women, and even girls, if
anyone wanted to insist that twenty-one was still the age at which legal or social
maturity began. A full-bodied young redhead performed a wildly erotic dance in the
middle of the floor of the huge living room in the Long Island mansion. A majority of
the group seemed to be quite wrapped up in her performance. Yet, there were a few
couples and trios who were too preoccupied with their own forms of more personal

"I feel dizzy," Terri Foster said, but she tried desperately to keep her eyes focused
on the dancing redhead.

"Leave the whiskey alone for a while, Doris Tarleton suggested, nakedly embracing
the beautiful young blonde and licking her nipples. "Here ... let's pinch clits while we
watch Myrna dance. I think I'm going to . . ."

"Good evening, fair ladies!" Tommy Stafford, the top-rated TV talk show host, eased
his bulky, but not fat, body at the side of the younger, more charming and sexually
notorious Terri Foster. "There's nothing that makes my cock rise faster than to see
you two beauties together. Go ahead, Doris. Keep sucking her tit. Ill suck this one
over here."
"It feels good. You both feel good," the voluptuous young Terri admitted with a sigh.
"I wish I could have five naked bodies working on me while I watch Myrna dance.
Oh, look at the way she tortures herself! Both hands tearing her desperate cunt right
apart! She must be mad for relief. Oh ... it make me dizzy. I feel funny. I ... I feel like
something's going to happen tonight. I'm afraid, scared. I know it sounds foolish, but
the tension. Doris? Will it happen now ... or will I have to wait all night for it to
suddenly spring at me?"

"Lay off the grass, baby," Tommy suggested, snatching the roach from her hand and
grinding it out in an ash tray. "The pace you live at should make you dizzy. But take it
easy now. Let's watch Myrna sex herself some more. Then ... if Doris doesn't mind, I
have a big, hard prick in my hand that would like to go into that hot hole with all the
gooey juice in it. I don't mind seconds, baby. How many cocks have you had tonight?
Two? Three?"

"She's too bemused by Myrna's sex dance, I think," the dykish but attractive Doris
told Tommy, reaching across the lap of her favorite femme to grasp the famous TV
personality's penis and massage it gently. "And I've invited two delightfully sexy
International airline stewardesses to join us as soon as they get off their flight. One's
a delicious German girl. Terri will be pretty well occupied, I'm afraid."

"Yeah?" Tommy Stafford was quite a braggart, and he could never resign himself to
the idea that any female would turn down his lovemaking in preference to the
company of another female. He delighted in threesomes with two girls, and was
fascinated when he observed two women making love. But he could never
understand why any sexy female would turn down his lovemaking.

Terri, the outstandingly beautiful and successful young "sex-look" fashion designer,
was in another world. She was deeply troubled, but, nevertheless, responded with
sighs and soft moans to the handling of her body by Tommy and Doris. Her eyes left
the gyrating, sexually hysterical Myrna for a moment. They shifted around the room,
still in focus enough to make out the faces of a few friends, and fellow orgy lovers, in
the dimly lighted surroundings. There were Jack and Carole, switched with another
couple. Don Glenn, another very well-known tr personality, was going down on a
teenage swimwear model instead of watching the dance.

A bizarre smile crossed Terri's face as she observed the actor's mouth slavishly
licking away at the open pussy of the highly sexed young girl. Terri had been with
both of them, but not at the same time. She wondered if Don had tied her up and
beaten her yet ... and, if the teenager had scratched her fingernails over his buttocks
until blood was drawn, kicked his sides and stomach and made him cry.

There were other familiar faces in the crowd, of course, and Terri had already been
with two of the men and one of the women, in addition to Doris. With those memories
going through her dreamy mind, Terri concentrated her look upon Myrna, still
engaged in her frantic, corybantic sex dance. It was especially stimulating to watch
the girl because less than a half hour before, Terri had been doing just about
everything possible that two woman could do, and her partner had been Myrna.

The sexually potent redhead in the middle of the floor had been clawing wildly at her
own cunt, in a strangely weird tempo that synchronized with the rhythm of the jungle-
type music pouring from a set of stereo speakers surrounding the walls of the room.
Myrna called out in wild screams, "Ah-ah! Oh-Oh! Fuck me! I have to have it! Eat me!
Suck Me! Rape me! Ah-ah! Argh-gha!"

And then her despairing voice would give way to incoherent shrieks and mumbles.
Saliva would drool from her mouth, occasionally splatting on the tempestuous hands
that probed at her splendidly, red-haired pussy. The ringers of both hands were
stuffed into her secreting vulva, and it was clear that they were each working at
some sensitive spot of her inner flesh.

Myrna was a fantastically erotic woman, even when fully dressed and in quite
"proper" surroundings. She was twenty-five years old, married to a British film
director, who featured her in many of his movies for the American market, and was a
totally sexual being both physically and in personality.

The tempting redhead was about five-foot-four and weighed 133 pounds, but every
inch of it was firm and smooth. Her measurements, as Terri and almost all of the
group knew, were 38D-25-38. Her huge breasts were built close to her body and the
swollen nipples (which she kept in a constant state of excitement by pinching them,
even through her brassiere and in fairly public places) were an inflamed red that
almost matched the color of her long red hair that she flipped over her shoulder, then
back to cover a breast during her wild dance.

"Tommy!" Terri begged breathlessly to the handsome, curly headed blonde TV

personality at her left. "Tommy ... put your hand in my cunt, too. I want to feel as
crazy as Myrna does. That ... that's it. Pull and scratch from that side, like Doris is
doing from the right. Oh! Oh, that's good, Tommy. I'll let you ... eat me later."

"You better," he whispered, still able to maintain his professional sense of humor,
"I've saved you for dessert."

"Ya! Ya ha! Yow! Fuck!" the erotically tortured nympho Myrna screamed, slapping
loudly each of her big rounded buttocks and making them jiggle wildly to the delight
of the impassioned spectators. "The rope! The rope! Get the rope, Ward!"

Her husband, a slim and hairy man wearing a giant erection and nothing more,
produced a coil of very heavy hemp rope from a closet and nudged his way through
to the inside of the circle of viewers. He looked past Myrna and spotted Don Glenn,
who acknowledged his gesture. Ward then tossed one end of the two inch thick rope
to him.
"Eat me now, Tommy," Terri whispered, moving both his and Doris' hands from her
cunt. "Eat me hard, Tommy ... like you're chewing a piece of tough liver. Eat my lips
... the ones inside. ... "

In the middle of the floor, Myrna had straddled the rope that was now held taut by
her husband and Don. It bit into her open pussy and the lips actually closed around
the rough, hemp, docking rope. The two men began to pull back and forth with all
their might, torturously rubbing the rope through her open and raw sex parts at least
two feet at a time!

"I'm afraid I couldn't take that," Terri commented, looking down to see the TV host
slavishly licking her pussy dry of its copious secretions and holding Doris' head to
her breast. "Tommy ... you can nibble on my clit a little harder though. You're nice
and gentle ... too nice and gentle."

"Bitch!" Doris mumbled loudly, then sucked Tern's nipple between her teeth and bore
down until the younger girl screamed. "I'm going to have you all alone again, and
very soon, Terri. I want you too badly for myself."

"You seem to enjoy yourself at the parties," Terri remarked after the pain in her
nipple had eased. "After all, these two sexy young stewardesses have been your
lovers too. And so many others."

"But I like to have a few little private sessions with you, darling."

Terri almost ignored Doris as she was rapidly building up to another orgasm from
Tommy's expert sucking and licking of her pussy. She looked down at his husky
body sprawled on the floor so uncomfortably, just so that he could be in the best
position to suck and eat her. What was it, Terri tried to recall, that Doris had once
said about Tommy? Among the more sophisticated and swinging sex groups, he was
known as the best and most eager "eater" there was. He was not necessarily
homosexual, but he sucked some of the men's pricks when the women ganged up
against him and refused him, just so they could watch him do a man.

And then, Terri remembered what Doris had said, "I think Tommy could have an
orgasm from licking and sucking on doorknobs, if he'd ever try it." And perhaps he
could, but it would be a lucky doorknob, Terri mused. Then she closed her thighs
rather cruelly, holding his head vise-like and pushing it farther into her insatiable

Terri was becoming delirious with passion, demanding more and more orgasms until
she would hit the "peak" climax that was still never quite enough. In thinking over her
former statement, she told herself that she was wrong. Terri could easily enjoy the
strong, rough, thick hemp rope being dragged back and forth with upward pressure
between her legs.
Her eyes were still highly stimulated by viewing Myrna as the rope kept biting
through her crotch. The redheaded nympho then grasped the rope just in front of her
pussy, and leaned backwards. Her big breasts moved and jiggled, but with such a
quality of shimmering firmness that Terri gasped with the desire to be able to suck
them and fondle them at that very moment. As Tommy's tongue continued its
ceaseless licking inside her vulva, his head trapped, a new idea occurred to Terri.

"Doris ... Doris!" she panted to the woman who was sucking her right tit so
enthusiastically. "Suck Tommy's cock, Doris! Look ... the poor boy's going to jack
himself off unless you do."

"Yes," Doris replied, letting Terri's swollen nipple fall from her sensual lips, as she
looked up into the girl's face with a knowing smile. "Yes, darling. I'll suck it off. And I
know you want to watch too, Terri."

"And you know what else I want, Doris," Terri said with a sigh as she watched
Myrna's latest maneuver.

"Yes ... I'll do that, too," Doris assured her, then licked her way down Terri's and
Tommy's bodies until she could turn his hips sideways and take the throbbing cock in
her mouth.

After Myrna had grasped the rope in front of her with one hand, she reached back to
separate completely the two huge globes of her ass, which had a shimmy motion not
unlike that of her fleshy breasts. She then put both hands on the rope in front of her,
but did not disturb it's movement, using the slack of her arms to let it continue its
back and forth trip through her crotch.

But she also leaned backward now so that the rope was rubbing painfully across her
ass crease and her puff-lipped anus, which Terri had previously discovered to be
one of the most erogenous areas of her exciting body. Myrna tensed and screamed
at the new sensations, which produced a complementary desire in Terri.

"Tommy! My ass-hole! My ass!" the young fashion designer cried out, adding, "Doris!
Move up closer ... over toward me. I want your ass!'

like a virtual slave, Tommy immediately brought his right hand under Terri's churning
buttocks. Using his thumb and fingers, he pried the firm cheeks apart and searched
out the little rimmed hole with his index finger. Perspiration provided all the
lubrication needed for him to slip one (and then two) fingers deeply into Terri's anus.

The simultaneous cry of joy from Terri and the sensation of Doris' liquid lips closing
over his throbbing cock and taking it suckingly into her mouth, was almost enough to
make him explode in orgasm. But the husky TV star slowed his movements and
thought intensely about the sad day that he attended his maternal grandmother's
funeral, and he managed to keep from "blowing it."
Terri looked at Doris' taut and sleekly rounded buttocks that pushed toward her hips
at her right side. The globes were smaller than Myrna's or those of many other
females she had known sexually, but their shape had a certain intimate preciousness
of its own. As she watched Myrna continue and saw the rope glisten with the
secretions from her super-stimulated crotch, Terri smoothed her hands across Doris'
buttocks and reveled in the incessant licking of her clit and inner lips by the insatiable

She wanted to reach a zenith of excitement tonight, to literally drive out the ominous
feelings that had been so illogically haunting her. And, Terri realized, Jack was right
when he told her that she paced her life too fast, drinking and using marijuana, LSD,
hashish. If she could cease the craving for the high of escape that drugs and liquor
gave her, life would be so much more enjoyable, she thought. Sexual experiences?
Terri could never give up her excessive sexual behavior. But without the drugs, the
liquor ... would the sought-after orgasms be as intense? Would they be more intense
and satisfying? Or, as a psychologist lover she once had told her, did she really need
the drugs and liquor to let herself go?

It seemed almost like the question of "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?"
And Terri fought to keep the disturbing thoughts out of her mind and to concentrate
on the thrills of the flesh that were, in truth, affecting all of her senses. The sense of
touch was the most important, of course, with her clit and inner lips being expertly
tongued and lipped by Tommy as she dug her fingers down between the cheeks of
Doris' ass and titillated the woman's juicy slit, then penetrated her tight anus again.

The sense of seeing was also adequately taken care of by her being able to watch
Tommy and Doris, particularly the wild sucking of the hefty man's cock. Then too, the
unfinished madness of Myrna's nymphomaniac demonstration as she screamed and
cried in orgasm with the rope digging into her cunt and ass-hole, was an experience
in itself ... just to be able to see it.

The sense of hearing provided a more subtle, but necessary complement to

everything else. The loud sucking noises that Doris insisted upon when eating a
cock, the equally sensual "slurps" of Tommy's tongue in her crotch, the orgasmic
gasps and hedonistic sighs all around the spinning room-these too added to the
zenith of stimulation that Terri craved.

For the moment, the sense of taste was only a savory memory, but there was that
lingering essence on Terri's tongue, and the promise of more crotches, both male
and female that she would taste before the night was over. Male ejaculate tasted
wonderful to Terri. But the promise of sucking the cunts of two lovely and young
airline stewardesses, psyched her idea of the taste. Terri did like to suck out the
female secretions of a sexually healthy girl or woman and welcome it like nectar of
the gods.
Smell? That is the fifth sense, and all Terri needed do was to inhale deeply. The
smell, the stimulatingly erotic odor of the crotches, mouths and other secreting and
perspiring erogenous zones of everyone around her aroused her nostrils! She
inhaled deeply and tried to imagine the act that went along with each odor. There
was the pungent aroma of unwashed and overused pussy. There was the slightly
salty fume of male ejaculate that teased her to want to taste and swallow. Terri was
in the process of achieving total fulfillment! But, as with Myrna, who still screamed
and cried as the hemp rope gouged into her most sensitive sex parts, was it

"Ah-ah! Ag-ha!" Myrna screamed so loudly that her voice almost silenced the room
immediately. She was suddenly helping the men by thrusting the big rope faster and
faster through her tortured cunt. Terri and the others gasped, one young girl
screamed. There was blood on the rope! "Com ... ing! Ya-ah! Oh, fuck! I'm ...
coming! Thank God. At last! No ... don't stop ... just a few more ... rubs...."

The masochistically exhibitionistic climax of the redheaded nymphomaniac sent

shudders through most of the crowd. Although many would never dream of actually
craving such punishment themselves or, conversely, hurting someone else, they
could receive a detached thrill from watching it. They could equate with Myrna and
Ward or Don to a certain degree and receive an emphatic sensation that, along with
their own activities of the moment, forced them to orgasm.

These were not normal people in the sense of their sexual desires and performances
being socially acceptable. Their demands were far more excessive, variant, and
even highly perverted, than those of the average. They had come to this gathering-
as they had gone to many more, and would continue to attend others in the future-
because they were the new breed of swingers-orgiasts, bisexuals, homosexuals, and
oral and anal erotics, nymphomaniacs and satyrs. Their erotic excesses, in many
instances, were their very raison d'etre!

As Myrna's screeching orgasm still echoed around the big room, Terri pressed her
hips tightly to Doris', then used her right hand to squash her lovely ass-cheeks
together until the cleavage looked almost like two ripe melons in some giant vise that
was tightening them together. But quickly, she slipped her fingers between that
cleavage, as the release of her hand caused the orbs to suddenly reshape
themselves into round fullness, and sought out Doris' sensitive clit.

In addition to just the tip of her finger, Terri used her long nail to scratch and claw at
the vital dot, thus creating such an orgasm within the oversexed Doris that she
sucked faster and more vigorously on Tommy's pulsing cock, as the man
concentrated his stiffened tongue tip's incessant friction against Terri's tough little
clit. At the same time, he received a great deal of lasting relief and pleasure by the
way Doris kept her mouth on his cock as he let go vigorously with his heavy load of
come. She ceased her back and forth movements, merely sucking and letting her
mouth fill with the gooey cream until the young man's cock was literally swimming in
its own juices.

Terri pushed her pelvis farther down and surrounded his head with her thighs once
more, and managed a very sensual up and down movement of her ass. Her fingers
remained in Doris' slot, deep beneath the crease of her buttocks, until she could
sense that Tommy had drained his balls in the woman's mouth. Then she brought
her hand upward, letting her fingers play along the slot of Doris' cunt, across the
short bit of flesh underneath, and then probed the throbbing ass-hole of her impatient
Lesbian lover.

"Now, darling!" Terri sang out as the prolonged orgasm continued to send waves of
thrills throughout her sex-hungry body. "I want it now, Doris! I want it from you!"

The older woman was more than ready to move away from the exciting, but
temporary, pleasures of cock-sucking. She let it slide from her lips, but kept her
mouth tightly closed. She twisted her body around until her face was next to Terri's,
her cheeks puffed from the dammed flow of liquid male juices she had just received.

"Give it all to me, darling," Terri requested in a husky, panting, breathy voice. "Don't
you dare take a drop."

With that, Terri fastened her liquid lips to Doris' and began to suck the delicious fluids
from her mouth, still keeping Tommy's face and his licking tongue trapped in her
crotch. And when she had swallowed the bulk of her "sexual nectar," Terri invaded
Doris' willing mouth with her long, almost serpentine tongue, and began to vigorously
lick and explore every surface, straining away the last remnants of male fluids, and
continuing until the distinctive taste of Doris' saliva dominated.

But they did not stop their kiss. Oh, no. It was far too delightful a sensation for both
of them. The slightly older Doris pushed Terri's tongue into her own mouth and
performed her invasion. She let her tongue slide between Terri's teeth and lips, then
delved farther inside to probe the roof of her mucous mouth and the area beneath
the tongue. Soon, both of their mouths were open, and they languorously "lolled"
their tongues around each others', experiencing very subtle spasms of mini-orgasms.
Tommy still licked Terri's insatiable crotch. Terri fondled and pinched at Doris'
slippery clit.


As almost everyone had reached a very strong orgasm within a few minutes of the
climactic finale of Myrna's public display of intense and nymphomaniac performance,
there was a line at all three available bathrooms. Some showered together in groups
of two and three, others preferred privacy.
"Oh, you beautiful bitch!" Doris exclaimed. She was admiring Terri, who had just
emerged fresh and clean and with a new touch of lipstick from one of the bathrooms.
"I don't know why you insisted on bathing alone. I would certainly have preferred you
as a partner in the soap bubbles to Tommy. But ... there is that feeling, you know,
the realization that I'm in there sudsing up that big hunk of body, that I've sucked the
prick, that I'm sexing it up with a man I can look at on TV every day as such a

"Yes, but with the nature of your 'friendship,' " Terri commented, throwing back her
long blonde hair and wearing the perpetually sensual look on her face, "you can
hardly go about namedropping. I can just see you at one of your very straight
afternoon teas saying, 'Oh, I sucked off Tommy Stafford's cock last night! Don't you
think he's just marvelous on his TV show?' "

"Kiss me, darling," the woman asked, tilting her face toward Terri. "And get that
depressed look off your face."

The slim, small-breasted Doris pressed her moist lips to Terri's. Their mouths moved
together, and then their bodies joined in. Doris skillfully pushed her pelvis into Terri's,
protruding her organs against those of the girl, until her mound of Venus probed up
and down the open slit of the young fashion designer, the pubic hair rubbing roughly
over her clit.

Four men gathered around to watch, one so aroused that he began to play with his
limp penis. But as women joined in to see too, there were more delicate hands and
even a few lips at the men's organs. There was, however, a complete lack of the
frenzy, the fiercely intense fucking and sucking that accompanied Myrna's display of
pure nymphomania. The sexual activities were leisurely and relaxed, aimed at subtle
titillation rather than urgently demanding orgasms.

Doris let her hands roam all over the big, white orbs of Terri's firm, young ass, then
pulled them apart. Her fingers began to probe, seeking the sensitive little hole. But it
was soon joined by an eager, wet tongue that belonged to Myrna's husband, Ward.
He was kneeling behind the beautiful Terri and had preceded his lingual invasion
with a thorough licking of her back thighs from the knee up, as well as wetting down
the two globes until they glistened with his saliva.

Terri experienced two mini-orgasms, then grasped Doris' hand and broke away from
their kiss. "Let's go over and sit down for a while. I'm feeling funny again."

"You've had two drinks and another cigarette since the last time you felt 'funny,' "
Doris said scoldingly, settling next to her on a couch and continuing to hold her hand
tightly. "Just what is the matter with you tonight? You've lived it up this way before
and it never affected you like this."
"It's ... like fear, like mental telepathy," Terri tried to explain, gesturing hopelessly
with her hand. "It's as if someone was trying to contact me to tell me something I
won't want to hear, someone very close to me in a way, yet also quite distant. It's ...
very hard to explain. But I'm afraid, Doris. I think that it may be...."

Terri abruptly ceased her attempted explanation when she felt Doris' hand withdraw
quickly as the woman stood up. "Oh, I'm sure it's nothing, really. Forget about it, and
have fun. Here come our two sexy, sexy stewardesses!" Doris announced. And Terri
had the distinct impression that Doris had been paying her no attention to begin with,
but had let her talk to herself. For a wealthy woman obsessed with young girls
sexually, their personal problems seemed of little concern to Doris. And this was
particularly true when she was anxiously awaiting the arrival of two twenty-year-old
stewardesses to double her pleasure.

Doris rushed over to kiss them both, then steered them into the room of debauchees.
The sight of a roomful of naked men and women had much less effect on the two
pretty girls than their own appearance had on their viewers. They had been told what
kind of party to expect and, although neither had attended a genuine orgy such as
this, they were bisexual and quite libertine. They had indeed looked forward to Doris'
invitation with sensual anticipation.

Laura Bradford was a California girl, a striking brunette of tall and statuesque
proportions and just enough curves to make her interesting. Her slim body was
highlighted by a wispy eighteen inch waistline. Her face showed desire, her big
brown eyes gazing with intrigue and fascination as if trying to decide which body she
would like most to be with.

Lori Heilbronn was a German girl from Frankfurt, who worked as a team with Laura
on the New York-Frankfurt runs regularly. Her hair had a sheen which set off its
reddish-brown coloring that framed her healthy face and sloe eyes with a meaningful
expression of sensuality. Her body was more full and firm than Laura's, probably
measuring close to 36-25-37. And, while Laura's eyes scanned the crowd, Lori (for
Hannalore) delighted in clinging to Doris, letting her hand roam the naked ass freely.

"You know, Ward," Don was saying to Myrna's husband, "there's something about
those miniskirted stewardesses' uniforms that makes them look sexier than the
naked dolls around here."

"Wait until they start to strip," Tommy joined in the observation, boasting, "I make
about half the stewardesses I try. Watching them strip is a hang-up, man. I like the
German girl. That Teutonic cunt tastes better than the French ... and they were the
ones who were supposed to have started eating sex."

After Doris introduced the two girls to everyone, she fixed a drink for them at the bar
and they sat on stools side by side and let the crowd admire their sleekly panty-
hosed legs far beyond mid-thigh. They wore identical uniforms, the short blue skirts,
white shirts and yellow jackets, fitted boldly to their firm young bodies. And, of
course, they each had on little caps with the flight insignia of their airline toward the

Lori, in fact, had just put her hand up to remove the cap when Tommy cried out,
"Stop!" He walked over and scooted his hulky frame between the two girls and
surrounded them with his arms. His penis was beginning to show new signs of life as
he said, "I hereby declare that Lori and Laura will not be allowed to remove their cute
little caps under any conditions tonight! Everything else goes! But the caps stay on!
Does everyone agree?"

"Yes," was chorused from throughout the crowd.

"And having won a unanimous decision on that," Tommy stated, removing his arm
from Laura's neck and facing Lori, "I will be the first guest to have the pleasure of
eating a nice young pussy, just flown over from Europe!"

"Oh ... no!" Lori cried out with a big laugh, yet intuitively spread her thighs and pulled
up her skirt as she sat on the stool before him. "I still do not take off my pantyhose
yet! You can wait two seconds, can you not?"

"Too long, schazi," Tommy declared, kneeling between the full, firm, shapely thighs,
and pleased to find that she wore no additional panties. "I'm going to show you
something I learned by watching one of your ... your girl friends eat a pussy once.
Um-mmm, what a nice smell! Natural cunt!"

Without wasting any more time on words, Tommy began to liquidly lick the sleek
nylon of the pantyhose along her mid-thigh. He worked very slowly, tonguing all the
way down to her right knee, then crossing over to the left thigh and working up. As
he approached her crotch, licking along her inner thigh, the young German girl
suddenly gasped and reached out to grasp the raised edge of the bar at either side.
Her knuckles turned white and her head began to go limp and loll around with an
ecstatic expression.

"Oh, liebchin ... saugst du mir furzi!" she cried out, begging him to "suck."

Tommy eased himself to his knees and put the girl's thighs over his shoulder so as to
gain more comfortable access to her crotch. Doris, Laura, and a few other
voyeuristic souls, closed in to observe as much as they could. Terri and Myrna were
there too, squeezing each others' breasts, sliding fingers between wet pussy lips.

As the easily aroused girl continued to babble passionately in both German and
English, Tommy had literally saturated the crotch of her sheer, thin pantyhose with a
delightful mixture of his saliva and her abundant feminine secretions. As he sucked
hard and long, expelling his hot breath into her cunt after each suck, the sound sent
shivers through those watching. The sucking through the nylon material sounded like
one sipping the last bits of a drink with crushed ice through a straw. Yet there was a
more bass quality, an intimate eroticism that made it differ.

Tommy reached under to grasp each buttock of her firm and full ass, digging his
fingers through the material of her pantyhose and making her sigh and pant with
even more intense feeling. With each of his cheeks, he nudged the pantyhose
deeper into her crotch until the soaked nylon clung with revealing contours of Lori's
swollen cunt lips and the beginning of her inside flesh, plus the rounded mound just
above her sexual opening.

As Tommy continued to lick, the girl's small bud of a clit was outlined, and the
sensation of being sucked and licked through sleek, sheer nylon was a completely
new and exceptionally wonderful experience for Lori, who loved to have her pussy
eaten far more than to have it fucked. But she soon discovered that, while the
sensations were making her passions more and more acute, while she gripped the
bar edge and moved her hips, pushing and moving her pussy up and down over the
rapacious tongue, she could not quite reach orgasm!

"Take off the pantyhose!" she cried critically, gritting her teeth and jerking her head
around deliriously. "Tear that off! Bite them off with your teeth ... I don't care if it hurts
too. ... "

"I've never seen anyone get the better of you, schazi," her colleague Laura said, her
eyes blazing with passion as she felt Doris' juicy clit and rubbed it with her finger.
"You were never so mad for an orgasm even when Doris and I both worked you over
for two hours that night in Frankfurt last month...."

"Shut up!" Lori screeched at her angrily as she continued to move her hips and let
the drooling fluids excite her even more as they crept down the length of the
pantyhose to her knees! "If ... .if you had this man to your pussy ... and he don't do it
without pantyhose on, you, oh, shit, you be crazy too. Please! Tommeee! Suck my
cunt raw! I could kill you for this!"

Terri shifted her eyes to the statuesque Laura, with an idea brewing fast in her erotic
mind, her ringers still frigging Myrna's insatiable pussy. But Laura saw the gleam,
and looked at Doris, who was telegraphing the same idea with her eyes.
Immediately, she disengaged from her clutch with Doris, pulled the miniskirt of her
uniform to her hips, and peeled down her pantyhose and removed them. Tossing the
wispy garment aside, she looked at Doris and the others who had been observing
her exposure of a thickly constructed triangle of jet-black pubic hair that parted at the
bottom to reveal two liquidly shining cunt lips.

Doris knelt and immediately glued her lips to Laura's pussy, sucking and licking in
the effective way that only a Lesbian can understand. And while Laura's hands
gripped the bar edge at her sides, Ward came up and began to remove her clothing
as Terri did precisely the same service for the more firmly built German stewardess.
Glancing at each other with a smile, Don and Terri decided they would perform each
move in unison. At first, Don had tried to unzip the miniskirt at the side of Laura and
figure out how to get it off without bothering Doris's eager sucking of the sighing girl's
vulva. Terri shook her head at him and reached for the front buttons of Lori's jacket.

Don followed suit with Laura and both stewardesses briefly let go of the bar edge as
their jackets were removed and folded neatly over a chair. More understanding of
Terri's strategy now, it was Don whose fingers went immediately to the buttons of
Laura's moderately filled blouse, and Terri was only a second behind in unbuttoning
the tighter and more bulging blouse of the German girl.

Previous comments by Tommy and others about the greater sexiness of the
stewardesses in uniforms or partly dressed, when compared with the girls and
women who had been running around for the last hour or more totally naked, were
obviously sound. Small sighs, gasps, and breathily whispered comments emerged
from the group as the blouses were removed in the same slow and cooperative
manner as the jackets.

It was at that point that the two girls ceased to be uniformly attired. The statuesque
Laura wore no bra at all! Her titties were small, but very firm and pertly up-tilted at
the nipples. "About between the size of average lemons and average oranges," Don
commented to a passionate young blonde at his side.

"Darling," she responded to him with flashing eyes, "there's nothing average about
that girl. Um-mmm, that tall, willowy body! The long legs! And what a wonderful tit-
size! We could open our mouths real wide and suck each one all the way inside ...
and suck and suck ... just like sucking cock...."

"We ... we'll have to wait until Terri and Ward finish the stripping," Don said, excited
to discover the young blonde was bisexual, as he stood behind her and rubbed his
half-hard cock in the crease of her firm and projecting ass.

Lori, whose breasts were among the largest of any of the female guests there, wore
a very erotic French bra that covered all of each breast but the nipples, which
protruded from the tight cups as if they were being squeezed out! Un-like the small
and inverted nipples and minute areolas of Laura's tits, Lori's were huge and red!
And as soon as Terri had removed the blouse, Lori put both hands to her mouth,
sucked and lubricated both index fingers, then applied one to each nipple in a
circular rubbing motion. Her face showed insatiable passion! Her nipples swelled
hard! She began to undulate her impassioned body more and more, thinking her
auto-arousal of the nipples might bring on the orgasm she so desperately craved!

Since Laura wore no bra, Tommy immediately hatched an idea of what he would do
to compensate for the action of Terri's removal of Lori's. As the young American girl
untied the bow between the cups of the German girl's bra and let them drop away
from the protruding mounds of delicious flesh that seemed to long for their freedom,
Tommy licked his index fingers, just as Lori had done, and then applied them to the
tiny inverted nipples of Laura in a subtle, circular massage.

In the meantime, Don's cock was growing harder by the second. He moved back
from the buxom blonde and let the organ move up into its angle of erection. When he
squashed his body to the girl's rear again, his balls rested in the cleavage of her
buttocks, while the penis slipped upward into the slight indentation that began at the
small of her back. What with the perspiration of their moving bodies, it slid sensually
up and down, and Don brought his arms around her hips so that his fingers roamed
through the hairy forest of her pubic mound, then began to titillate the moist
fleshiness of her eager cunt lips.

"I like a girl who goes both ways," he whispered into her ear, then licked her lobe and
down to the nape of her neck before continuing. "You ... are serious about our taking
over her tits when Tommy gets that damned skirt off ... aren't you?"

"Oh ... ummm," the girl sighed, pressing her back closer and moving up and down
against Don's rigid penis, "you bet your cock and balls I'm serious, darling. I only
wish I had Doris' place right now. Oh! I bet that pussy tastes good."

"What about a cock?" Don inquired with a frown, just as Terri and Ward unzipped the
skirts at the stewardesses' sides and pulled them up over their heads, with the
cooperation of the girls who raised their arms aloft momentarily. "You go for cock
too, don't you?"

"Yes ... and I love a mixed fruit salad," the blonde said as they rushed over by Laura.
"I'd like to suck on both of you while you're fucking a sweet girl like Laura here. And
... when I'm in the mood ... I like to beat a man's cock!"

"Say ... you sound like you're my kind of broad!" Don said enthusiastically. "I'd like to
tie you down on the bed and tease you for about an hour too ... really give you

"I know you would," she said with an erotic smile as she leaned down next to Laura
and pushed aside a very disappointed Tommy. "I've heard about your spanking
'trade-off' sessions with Terri. I think I'd like that. . .

Both Don and the blonde lowered their heads and started to suck on Laura's small
nipples. The tall and sensuous airline hostess, who had already screamed out from a
climax that Doris had sucked from her moments before, screeched in ecstasy and
gripped the edge of the bar tensely with both hands. She looked down in wonder at
the three people who were sending sexual thrills all through her passionate body.

The blonde girl already had sucked Laura's entire left breast into her mouth and was
pushing it around with her tongue. But when Don, who had merely been teasingly
licking her right nipple, suddenly swallowed the breast whole, Laura tensed her slim
legs about Doris' head, felt the talented tongue slither fast over her vagina, and
screamed again.

"Oh ... oh, I'm coming!" she panted helplessly, ecstatically. "Oh, God! It's so
wonderful to just look at all three of you do me like this! Suck ... keep sucking me ...

That was all the cue the orally obsessed trio needed to suck more and more, employ
tongue techniques and lip movements that would bring Laura to her third orgasm.
But while Doris was fingering her own clit for satisfaction, Don reached over across
Laura's taut belly and finger-fondled the dripping cunt of the blonde. She
reciprocated by handling his cock expertly and waiting for the telltale throbs of
impending orgasm, at which time she fully intended to lunge downward and suck off
his entire load.

Only a few feet away on the next stool, Lori was panting and muttering erotic
phrases in English and German again. With the gusto of an obsession, Terri was
sucking hard, tonguing and nibbling the girl's right nipple and surrounding areola.
With her left hand, Terri reached all the way around her back and jiggled the other
melon, squeezed the nipple mercilessly between her ringers and moaned
passionately. Lori threw back her head and cried out, begging the insistent Tommy
to take off her pantyhose. like a nymphomaniac or "hard-comer," the poor girl was
going through agonized despair ... so wildly aroused, but unable to come.

"Oh, look sweetie, meine schazi," she whispered pleadingly in Terri's ear. "You got to
help me! Make him go away ... kick his god damn balls maybe. Honey ... I got to
have your tongue in my pussy. I got to! And ... tear off them god damn pantyhose!
Don't mess with time to take them off. In my flight bag, I got two more pair ... oh, do
it, please, liebchin!"

Slowly, Terri let the big tit drop from her grip. She continued to fondle and squeeze
them both as she looked down at Tommy, who was still licking and sucking Lori's
pussy through the pantyhose. Briefly, Terry glanced over to see Doris working on the
tall girl's naked crotch, her whole face almost buried in it. Chills ran up and down
Terri's fiery body. She smoothed her hands over the full and shapely thighs of the
German girl, the sheerness of the nylon causing a subtly different sensation.

Terri slid down on the floor by Tommy and kissed him on the back of the neck. With
her wet tongue constantly in motion, she worked around and across his broad
shoulder, up into his armpit and over to his left nipple. She tongued and sucked it a
few moments in the awkward I position, then licked her way liquidly back to his left
ear. I She could tell that the effect of her ministrations had already made him suck
harder on Lori's pantyhosed cunt, I made his body move around more.
"I'm going to suck your cock, darling," she whispered breathlessly in his ear, feeling
that would be the easiest way to cool him off and make him lose interest in sucking I
Lori enough so he could easily be persuaded to turn the j girl over to Terri, perhaps
with a request to suck her j pussy.

Tommy grunted a definite "go ahead," and Terri lay I sideways under his belly after
he raised his lower body. I The two movements were hardly coordinated, only I
causing Terri's mouth to be farther from his manhandled, hard cock. Quickly, she sat
down on the floor and leaned j back a little, supporting herself at the right height with
her I hands. She was thus on the floor, legs stretched out between Tommy's heavy
thighs, and could tilt her head backward just a little and receive the cock after it
brushed across her hair.

Terri did not want to prolong her activity with Tommy, because she knew Lori was
desperate to be eaten raw, rather than through the panty material, which was
Tommy's current kick. However, Terri also enjoyed cocksucking so she was
determined to get some pleasure from Tommy, too.

The head of his cock grazed over her soft cheeks as she moved her neck around.
Then she let it go up over her forehead and into her hair, feeling the pulse of it on the
sensitive flesh of her scalp. Terri liked Tommy's cock. It was a very "shapely" penis
and quite clean and free of blemishes and veins. She continued to move her head
around so that the cock and balls grazed over her chin, rested in her eye recesses
over closed lids, brushed her lips, and even squashed over her nose.

After a few moments of this extreme titillation of the sexually enflamed man, Terri
started to lick the furry softness of the head of Tommy's cock. She gathered much
saliva on her tongue and saw to it that his penis was coated with it all over the head,
around and under the ridge, and at the beginning of the shaft. Tommy grunted and
moaned as he continued to lap and suck at the crotch of the German girl's
pantyhose, desperate for Terri to take all his cock in her mouth.

It was a slightly different feeling, Terri realized with intrigue, for her to suck a cock
without the use of her hands for manipulation. She raised her head slightly and let it
go forward again, the head of the prick moving along the roof of her mouth until it
was finally forced past her palate and tilted down into her throat. She was quite
proud of the fact that she hardly ever gagged or felt any discomfort while eating a
man. Tommy's prick slid in so deeply, in fact, that her lips could feel the pubic hair
above and the scrotum below.

And then she began to suck, reveling in the fullness sensation of his fat cock,
wanting it to last as long as possible. Terri knew she was very selfish, thinking only
of her own pleasures, wanting to drag out each erotic act to its limit, knowing others
were waiting to possess her in various physical ways.
Terri gulped and felt her throat muscles close over the head of Tommy's penis. And
then she began to move her head back and forth slowly, treasuring each moment
that her mouth and throat could enjoy the fulfilling pleasure of his throbbing rod.

And then suddenly, she felt the mighty male muscle constrict and begin to spasm.
She knew that he was on the verge of coming, and she too felt the need to taste him,
swallow him ... right that moment! She sucked harder, moved it in and out of her
mouth faster, the timing instinctive or by luck, allowing his generous flow of ejaculate
to pour over her tongue as she was moving her mouth backward.

So incensed and titillated was she that Terri pushed her cunt up and down his leg
sideways and managed to squeeze out an orgasm of her own as she gulped
deliciously at the sperm that flowed and then oozed out into her mouth.

"Whee-yow!" Tommy exclaimed boisterously as he voluntarily removed his aching

mouth from the crotch of Lori's pantyhose. "God damn, Terri ... you suck cock better
than a fifteen-year-old queer!"

Terri paid the TV celebrity the scantest of attention. She took his place, moving in
between the German girl's thighs and ripping open the crotch of her pantyhose
before burying her face in the slick flesh and lapping out with vigor at the outer and
inner lips, the clit, and all the delightfully meaty insides of the young and oversexed

Jack Morgan came over and tugged the torn garment down each leg, in two pieces,
until Lori was finally as naked as everyone else, though she still wore the "cute" little
stewardess' cap pinned to her flowingly pretty reddish-blonde hair. Jack stood up
and began kissing the German girl on the mouth and breasts as she fondled his prick
and balls, both of them moaning sensually from time to time.

Terri was overwhelmed with Lori's well-formed pussy, delighting in the way the clit
was almost pointed in shape when it became intensely excited. She moved her
hands up around the huge, firm, sleek balls of Lori's naked ass cheeks, then brought
her hands back down to the backs of the girl's thighs, squeezing the creamy flesh
until the stool finally came in her way and she had to press her hands, force them
under the weight of the girl's upper body.

Although the pressure on her hands was tremendous, Terri managed to get her
fingers to the ass crease of the sexually agonized German girl. While sucking and
gently licking over the clit and gulping the delicious feminine juices that Tommy had
helped to create, Terri brought both hands from beneath Lori's ass at the back. Of
course! Terri seemed stupid at not having thought to approach from the back in the
first place.

"Oh! Oh!" Lori cried out in her husky German accent. "That Terri ... she gon' make
me come! Ah! Ah! Saugst du mir! Und mein esel! Fuck my ass-hole, Terri ... put your
finger in all way ... Oh! Ah! Scheiss, alles so gut! So schon ... make me crazy!
Please, Terri ... don' stop. I keep more coming. I make you have crazy feeling later ...
eat your ass-hole ... eat. Oh, suck ... suck my tit, Jack ... bite me!"

As Lori went into what appeared to be a lengthy fit of deeply felt and strong orgasms,
Terri became so excited that she sucked the delicious young cunt faster and faster,
and smoothed a hand down her own stomach and began to finger her throbbing clit.
As she was positioned there in front of Lori, supported on her parted knees, she
heard the voice of Myrna, very close by.

"May I eat you too, darling?" Myrna asked plaintively.

Immediately, Terri grunted in the affirmative and spread her knees a little farther
apart. She recalled that she had left poor Myrna high and dry to come over and strip
Lori. If her mouth had not been buried between the sweet juncture of the airline
hostess' thighs, she would have apologized, although in this crowd, apologies were
never necessary if one decided to link with someone else. And Terri also knew how
very much Myrna loved to suck her pussy. Letting her would be ample

The nymphomaniac redhead scooted between Terri's thighs until her face was
straddled by them and she felt a drop of the girl's secretions fall on her lips. Avidly
licking it into her mouth, and spreading her own thighs to accommodate a prick
whose owner she could not even see, Myrna reached up to grasp the two creamy
balls of Terri's buttocks and pulled her down until her crotch was right in her face.

Terri was extremely aroused, experiencing an orgasm as soon as Myrna's lips and
tongue began their special brand of oral lovemaking on her pussy. And Myrna was
so fascinated and delighted by the taste of her favorite cunt that she really didn't care
who was fucking her at the same time. It might even have been her husband for all
she knew. Not that such a situation would be unusual or unpleasant. All Myrna could
think about was enjoying the potent sensuality of group sex, multiple connections,
wet pussies, erupting cocks, soft feminine asses and anuses.

In fact, just as she probed between the cheeks of Terri's lovely young ass (and
unknown to her, Terri was doing the same to Lori), the slim, blonde stewardess,
Laura, began to scream and cry out in ecstatic throes of orgasm. Her long, slim legs
rose up from the floor. She beat on the bar behind her with both hands, then
wrapped her arms around the necks of Don and the blonde who were sucking her
whole titties while Doris continued to lick and lick at her clit.

Terri only heard the screams and cries of Laura's orgasm, but it added to her sexual
enjoyment just the same, knowing that Doris had fucked the tall girl's pussy to
climax. She tried to grunt and gesture to everyone interested to come over to her
and Lori and Myrna and squeeze every bit of sexual thrill that was left in them!
As Terri continued deliciously to suck Lori's pussy, and experience the strong
titillation of Myrna's lips and tongue draining her own vulva, she felt her left breast
fondled and sucked by Doris! The statuesque brunette began to handle and
massage and squeeze her right breast! Terri wished she had a succession of cocks
to suck because she could then swallow all of the delicious sperm. But she remained
content in her present condition of having almost every sensitive zone of her body
attended to. There was even a tongue at her pulsing and sensitive ass-hole, and she
could only assume that Tommy was eating her rear. Why? Because she knew the
way he delighted in hardening the tip of his tongue and jamming it past the anal
muscles into her rectum!

While a completely simultaneous orgasm was impossible of attainment, Terri's

turbulent, undulations, grunts and incoherently muffled squeals of climax resulted in
a demonstration of the "domino theory" as it applies to group sex. Myrna pumped her
legs and ass up and down, forcing her unseen fucker's prick to dig deeply and his
body to pound at her clit! The blonde, Doris and Lori and Laura all began to cry out
as they ground their pelvises against a thigh, pushed a cunt to a tongue, or found
other physical means of bringing themselves to the crest of orgasmic joy.

Don, meanwhile, had seen to it that he, Jack, Tommy, and one other man, were in
the position of sucking and licking the German girl's titties, navel, belly or face, as
they all handled their own gorged cocks. One after another, they shot their cream all
over Terri's face, breasts, even in her hair.

And as the gushes of precious semen flooded over her while she was still climaxing
and enjoying the feel of Lori's soaked crotch with her lips and tongue, Terri felt yet
another orgasm coming, and another. She was like a fanatic wild woman, obsessed
with sudden nymphomania as the explosions of orgasm kept triggering off in her
obsessed body!

"Aw-oh! Oh, God, I can't stand it! It's too wonderful...." Terri screamed and panted.
She broke away from Laura and twisted and writhed around on the smooth carpet.
At the same time, she used both hands to smear the globs of come all over her big
breasts. She licked as much as she could from around her mouth and chin, then
began to lick her hands and fingers. She attempted to scoop up more from her body,
but the coating was thin and drying.

"Quick," Myrna whispered to Doris urgently, "go in and fill the bathtub with cold water
... all cold water. I know how she feels. It's the only way to shock it out of her."

"Look at my body! Look at my cunt!" Terri cried out deliriously as she rolled from side
to side on the rug, one hand trying to scoop secretions from her pussy, the other
squeezing her nipples and breasts. "Sex! Sex! There's nothing better. I want sex!
Fuck it! Suck it! Bite it! Oh ... oh-oh...!"
"I love to watch a girl suffer like that," Don whispered to his blonde girl friend as he
pinched both her nipples and looked at Terri's scene with a ghoulish expression.

Jack and Doris hurried from the bathroom and asked Myrna how to handle the
situation. Myrna immediately joined in and they lifted her, one person at each flailing
arm and leg (Lori helped too). They carried the screaming girl into the bathroom and
literally dumped her in the tub of overflowing cold water!

Terri's head went under too, the long blonde hair flowing in the ripples of water
behind her head. Myrna brought her face out of the water and looked into a pair of
terrified eyes. "You're okay now, honey," she assured with a smile. "You must have
had a fifth of whiskey and four roaches tonight. When you're oversexed to start with,
that's what can happen. You better lay off too much of the stuff."

Twenty minutes later, a very clean and fully dressed Terri was sitting at the dining
table surrounded by other fully dressed people, drinking coffee. She felt terribly
embarrassed, but realized the fear that had so strangely tried to dominate her
thoughts during this session, had forced her to overdo things. And the fear was still

"I don't know how to thank all of you for helping me tonight. . . this morning, I mean."
Terri tried to drive the fear away by talking, starting a conversation to liven up the last
moments, while half the guests were still present "You were really wonderful ...

"Forget it, doll," Tommy suggested cheerily, rubbing his hands together. "The
sensations were great, I'll bet Well ... it's almost three in the morning. Can I give you
a ride home, Terri?"

"We'll take her!" Doris snapped jealously, settling the question immediately.

Doris tried to persuade Terri to come spend the night with her and the two young
stewardesses, but she declined. Terri felt drawn to her own apartment tonight, as if
by some mysteriously magnetic force. She was tired, exhausted. But that had not
stopped her from joining in with a sex threesome or foursome after a party before.
Her mind was all garbled. The experience had been traumatic for her. She had fears
that she might soon become as continually nymphomaniac as Myrna.

"You're sure that you're all right now, darling?" Doris questioned as they stopped in
front of Terri's apartment building. "One of us can see you upstairs, if you like."

"No, I'm all right now." Terri gave out with the best smile of which she was capable
and French kissed Lori, Laura and Doris very briefly before getting out of the car. "I
hope you'll be able to stop by for a few days again sometime. I know Doris will make
your visit this time a wonderful experience."
"It's already been that!" Laura exclaimed, smiling delightedly. "But it's nice to have
more of the same to look forward to. New York is our turn-around usually. We hardly
ever get more than twenty-four hours here."

Terri did not go into the apartment building immediately, but watched the car drive
away. She was jealous, knowing Doris would have Lori and Laura for herself.
Strange, she thought, how passionate she was beginning to feel again, passionate
for the love of a woman. With just Doris along, Lori and Laura could possibly present
her with a challenge. But a conquest was what she wanted.

Terri realized this as she nodded a "good morning" to two very attractive young
women who came out of the apartment building and hailed a cab. They were
probably professional prostitutes, the expensive call girl types, she realized, admiring
their legs. Terri was about to make some remark to them, boldly ask them up for a
cup of coffee. But the cab pulled away too quickly.

The very idea lifted Terri's spirits somewhat, and by the rime she was fitting the key
into the front door of her apartment, she felt much, much better. She was even able
to start enjoying a fantasy, wondering which men or women the two girls had been
having sex with, what acts they did, were they both gay? There was even the hint of
a smile on her face as she opened the door and turned on the tight in the front room.

"No! Oh, no!" Terri cried out after she had closed the door and saw the all too
familiar person sitting quietly in the big overstuffed chair, her eyes staring through
her very brain with what Terri felt was some sort of "X-ray" vision. "When ... why did
you come here? What. . . ?"

"Sit down, Terri," the person said sternly, pointing to the couch across from her. "We
have a lot to talk about."

"But ... it's no good!" Terri insisted, dropping her purse at her side as she obediently
sat down on the couch, her trembling lips indicating the terror of this moment, the
fear that she had felt all evening. "You can't. . . ."

"Don't tell me what I can't do, Terri?" the person cut her off, and then stood up and
walked over to the couch menacingly as the terrified expression on Terri's face grew
more fearful by the second.


Broad daylight hit her like a bolt of lightning! She looked around the bedroom. She
looked down at her naked body, looked over to the rumpled other half of the bed.
She realized that she must have been tossing and turning, having a fitful dream, a
terrifying nightmare. But there was one thing that puzzled the young girl more than
anything else. She screamed it aloud as she suddenly sat bolt upright in the bed.
"Who am I?"

She began to tremble as she looked around the room, straining her mind to try to
recognize something, anything. Jumping up from the bed, she put on the robe that
was placed neatly over the top of a chair. It was a perfect, almost tailored fit. It must
be hers, she thought.

Gripped with fear, she walked over to the dresser to look at herself in the mirror. She
breathed a little, but only a little, more easily. She was a pretty girl, so pretty, in fact,
that the anxiety and fear hardly showed on her face. She looked to be about twenty-
three with golden blonde hair falling down to the level of her breasts. She opened the
robe to observe her mirrored figure.

A smile crossed her lips. She was absolutely fascinated by the full, firm breasts and
the reddened, swollen nipples, the slim waist, rounded buttocks and tapering shapely
legs. She felt a small tingle between those legs, somewhere below the patch of light
colored pubic hair and the lips of her vulva. Yet the question, the overriding question,
still terrified her: "Who am I?"

But then she smiled again. Whoever she was, she was suffering from amnesia.
Soon, she would collect her thoughts, have her memory jogged by meeting someone
she knew, and it would all be over. She could laugh about it then.

Her eyes suddenly zeroed in on a purse. It was on the couch in the living room, and
it bore the initials "T.F." She felt very relieved for the moment and walked over to
pick it up. The bag was light and stylish, very expensive. Snapping it open, she
realized that her question might be answered.

"Who am I?"

The terror began to ease. It was like a game, a jigsaw puzzle. It actually intrigued
her. She found that she wanted to prolong the suspense. She leisurely opened the
handbag and probed through its contents. There was a car key, a door key, lipstick,
and also a very slim diary. And there was a small photo in the diary, a photo of a
young girl, a photo of the very same girl she had just seen in the mirror!

Her head was hurting, she suddenly realized, and there was a small, sore lump near
the back. But it didn't seem important. Not nearly so important as the purse and its
contents might prove to be.

"Well ... it has to be my purse," she said to herself, feeling that as soon as she saw
her own name on something that her memory would return. "Yes! Here it is on the
first page! 'Terri Foster 2-242 Central Park West-Tel 773-4902.'"

Terri waited for the "jog," the "click" that would bring her memory back into focus, but
nothing happened. The situation ceased to be amusing for her now. A new panic
began to build up inside her. Wouldn't it only be a matter of time, she wondered.
Surely, she would get her memory back in a few minutes, maybe an hour ... a day ...
two days?

But she could not accept the evidence so far.

The contents of the bag meant nothing to her; the name and address in the diary
provoked not the slightest hint of remembrance. Even her reflection in the mirror was
like looking at a complete stranger!

Terri let her hands fall into her lap and shivered. She felt like a ghost, a thing without
substance or identity. Perhaps this wasn't a simple case of amnesia, after all. Maybe
she had gone insane! Perhaps this room was really a padded cell in a mental
hospital, and her perception had become so deranged that she could no longer
distinguish between reality and fantasy.

Terri sat motionless in the chair. Her eyes traveled slowly about the room, moving
from the spacious, net-curtained windows to the low mahogany shelf, pausing there
to examine a collection of figurines which were artistically arranged at precise
intervals. Several of them were highly erotic, cunningly carved nudes of both sexes,
their voluptuous bodies grossly exaggerated in size and shapeliness.

A deep pile carpet covered the entire floor. Since the room contained very little
furniture, it lent an air of expansiveness to the compact living room. Three paintings
hung on the walls: complementing the carved figures with their unabashed emphasis
on nudity and increasing the atmosphere of mild titillation which pervaded the room.

Occasionally, the revving of a car engine or the faint blast of a horn disturbed the
silence-but most of the time Terri could hear nothing but her own heartbeats and the
quiet ticking of her wristwatch. She felt herself becoming slowly mesmerized by
lethargy; not wanting to move from the relaxing comfort of the couch. And it required
a determined effort before the girl could bring herself up to a standing position and
move to the window.

The view was astoundingly beautiful! Across the street, torn left to right, as far as the
eye could see, was a lovely forested park with huge meadows of green grassy areas
breaking up the tree scape occasionally. On the other side of the park were very tall
buildings. Most of them apparently very large apartment buildings. Looking directly
down to the street below, it appeared the apartment she was in must be two or three
stories from the ground.

But there was nothing at all familiar about the scene to Terri, so she turned away. If
this was her apartment, the name of the street "Central Park West," seemed to make
sense. However, the view from the window was altogether strange to her, although
she must have looked out the same window a hundred times or more. New York?
Even New York was strange to her. Of course, she had been there on a visit ... she
thought, and she had seen many pictures of various parts of the huge metropolis.
But? Terri decided to take a bath and get dressed. Maybe that would help.

The sudden peal of chimes at the front door greeted Terri as soon as she was
dressed. They chimed loudly, running up and down the scale, making Terri freeze
and cast her eyes anxiously around the room, feeling that she was a burglar who
had been caught red-handed.

She moved away from the window nervously, wondering if she could pluck up
enough courage to open the door. Then a thought struck her. Of course! The visitor
would be bound to know who she was! He would at least reassure her that she was
Terri Foster, and he might even nudge her mind into a full realization of her past.

Bravely, she pulled open the front door after using the 48 full-length mirror in the
foyer to make a brief adjustment to her dress and hair.

"Hello, darling. I hope you didn't mind my dropping in like this?" A smartly dressed
woman, beaming and smelling strongly of expensive perfume, gushed into the hall,
pecking Terri's cheek and hugging the startled girl warmly.

"As a matter of fact, I didn't think you'd be up so early-not after last night!" She
smiled knowingly, holding Terri's arms and squeezing them with a confidential
pressure. "And you look so lovable, darling! How on earth do you manage it?"

Before Terri could reply, the woman turned and shut the front door. Linking her arm
in Terri's, she started into the living room. Obviously, they were good friends, Terri
thought. The newcomer, although she was several years older, probably in her
middle thirties, treated her as if they were long-standing acquaintances. And the
warmth of her voice and gestures indicated that their relationship must have been
quite an intimate one.

But Terri simply couldn't put a name to the woman. She was a total stranger to the
girl, despite her easy-going familiarity. When they reached the lounge, Terri cleared
her throat-ready to confess her loss of memory and admit that she couldn't even be
sure of her own name-let alone the name of her friend. But before she spoke, Terri
studied the woman carefully; giving her memory one last chance, hoping that she
might save herself embarrassment.

The woman was removing her hat and coat, giving Terri time to appraise her without
the woman being aware of the scrutiny. She was a rather slender person; her figure
willowy and boyish, her face wearing only a hint of makeup. Beneath the hat, her hair
had been cropped into a stylish pixie cut, and now that she was bareheaded she
looked much younger.

There was an undeniable air of sophistication about her, too. Her gestures were
affected, her eyes cool and detached despite the apparent warmth of her personality.
Terri felt instinctively that she had nothing in common with the woman, some deep-
rooted intuition telling her that their characters were poles apart, even if they did
know each other quite well. But she had indicated that there had been a party last
night ... a late-night party, judging from her remark about not expecting Terri to be up
so early. Perhaps, after all, she was mistaken. Perhaps Terri Foster did belong to the
flippant, cynical circles that this woman obviously moved in. Maybe she was the
same type, cold and materialistic, a veneer of brittle, fun-loving sophistication hiding
an empty, lonely shell.

"Tell me," she asked hesitantly, when her visitor had thrown her hat and coat
casually over the arm of a chair and was seated in the armchair opposite. "Did I drink
an awful lot last night? I can't seem to remember anything . . ." She laughed
nervously. "Not even my own name!"

The visitor smiled knowingly. She crossed her legs, making the short hem of her
dress slide halfway up her thighs, leaning back in her chair until the black, satin-
textured miniskirt was revealing the tops of her stockings. She made no attempt to
tug it down.

"Quite amusing, darling!" she drawled. "But, really, it's a bit early in the morning for
jokes, isn't it? Last night, I might have found it rather amusing."

Then she peered closer at Terri, looking up at the girl who was standing a few feet
away, her face worried and drawn.

"You are kidding, aren't you, Terri?" she inquired, "You don't really mean ... ?"

Terri nodded miserably. "Honestly, I'm not joking," she insisted. "A few minutes ago, I
found myself standing in this room. I didn't know where I was, I couldn't remember
my name, I ... I don't remember anything at all!"

For a moment or two, the woman regarded her suspiciously. Then, as Terri twisted
her hands together and seemed to be genuinely upset, she rose to her feet and
approached the girl.

"You probably had too much whiskey," she said kindly. "Or maybe you were mixing
your drinks. It's only a bad hangover, darling. Don't worry! In a moment you'll
remember everything. I'll help you, if I tell you your name and ... "

"I know my name!" Terri broke in. "That's what makes it so horrible! I found my diary,
but it didn't help at all! I still can't remember anything-not really remember! I still feel
like a ghost, like someone who doesn't really exist!"

"There, there!" The girl was becoming almost hysterical, her voice breaking and her
eyes filling with tears. Gently, the woman led her to the couch and sat her down,
moving beside her and slipping an arm comfortingly around her shoulders.
"Listen to me, darling," she soothed. "My name is Doris ... Doris Tarketon. Does that
mean anything to you?"

Terri began to sob. "No!" she cried. "Oh, I'm so frightened. I think I'm going crazy! I
can't remember! It's all blank inside!"

Doris cuddled her protectively and stroked Terri's shoulder; rubbing her hand firmly
into the girl's trembling upper arm, bringing her closer until Terri's tear-stained cheek
was resting lightly against her own.

"No need for you to get upset, darling," she whispered. "Just try to relax yourself,
take it easy . .."

Doris slipped her other hand around Terri's waist. She gently urged the girl into an
embrace, then moved her fingers softly up and down Terri's back turning her
sideways so that their bodies were touching. Gradually, under the soothing massage
of Doris' hand and the warm pressure of the woman's cheek against her own, Terri
began to quieten. She stopped crying and lifted her face a few inches away from

"If only there was something I could do!" she sighed. "Some little thing, like meeting
someone who could jog my memory. And yet ... I know you very well, don't I Doris?"

The woman smiled faintly. "We're very good friends, Terri," she confirmed. "I don't
think anyone has been quite so close to you as me! Lori and Laura took an early

"Why can't I remember you?" Terri sounded desperate now, her lips quivering as she
came up against that terrible blank wall, so impenetrable, so empty and yet so hard
to demolish. And who were Lori and Laura?

"You swear you're not kidding me?" Doris asked suddenly. "If this is just a practical
joke, Terri, I'll...." She stopped, realizing that the girl couldn't be acting this
realistically. A mischievous twinkle appeared briefly in her eyes, and then Doris
continued, lowering her voice to a murmur.

"There is one way to restore your memory, darling! The only trouble is, you might be
rather shocked by it ... in your present state of mind, that is!"

"No, Doris!" Terri gripped the older woman by her shoulders. "Please tell me! I don't
care what it is! I must get over this awful amnesia!"

"Well ... " Doris appeared to hesitate, then she looked directly into Terri's pleading
eyes. "I can't exactly tell you, darling-I'll have to show you!"
She brought her mouth suddenly against Terri's, kissing the girl warmly and
passionately on her lips! It was heated and urgent, and if Terri still imagined it to be
platonic, Doris' tongue, slithering wetly against her teeth, soon disillusioned her! At
first she was too startled to draw back. Doris moved her lips hungrily forward,
bearing down on Terri's mouth in an unmistakably sexual embrace; and she could do
nothing but gasp and provide the woman with the entrance she sought!

She thrust her tongue quickly between the girl's parted lips and Terri felt its wet,
quivering tip slide urgently against her own. A tingle of excitement passed through
her, and then she was pushing the woman away, tearing her mouth to one side so
that Doris' lips lost contact with hers.

"What ... what are you doing!" Terri exclaimed. Her face was burning with shock and
her heart beat frantically as she understood all too clearly what Doris had been

Doris took her hand firmly and put Terri's trembling fingers on her thigh. Through the
silk of her stocking, the flesh was warm and sleek: giving the girl a second brief thrill
before Terri snatched it away.

"Don't!" she protested. "Doris, I'm not like that.."

Terri stopped. She didn't know what she was like! She didn't know if her sexual urge
tended towards Lesbianism or not, whereas Doris apparently did know! And from the
way her visitor was regarding her, staring at Terri with a cool, understanding smile on
her face, she guessed that Doris had been trying to show her the truth. If it was the

The girl swallowed hard. She pressed herself into the cushioned back of the couch
and tried to control the revulsion and fear which Doris' advances had created in her.
For a long moment neither of them spoke or moved. And then Doris slipped her hand
behind Terri's neck and gently caressed the girl's hair.

"I'm sorry, darling," she whispered. "I thought that it might help to restore your
memory, jolt it back for you.

But I haven't succeeded, have I?" Doris sighed wistfully. "To think that we were so
close," she continued.

Her hand remained on Terri's head, softly stroking the fine blonde hair, her fingers
rubbing with the lightest possible touch against the girl's neck. "Only last night my
kisses drove you crazy. And now you can't remember me at all!"

But Terri was beginning to feel aroused by the woman's hand. The long, slender
fingers were soothing and restful; she couldn't help half closing her eyes and relaxing
under their pressure, the soft fondling at the nape of her neck inducing a tenderness
in the girl, a warm glow of affection. Perhaps, after all, she did enjoy the sexual
charms of another woman, Terri thought dreamily. And the notion wasn't quite so
disturbing to her now.

She could feel Doris' presence on the couch beside her even though her eyes were
closed. There was an electric magnetism passing between them, a current which
drew Vanessa slowly but inexorably closer and closer to the woman, until her lips
were once again brushing Doris'.

This time it was the older woman who resisted! Doris cupped Terri's face in both her
hands, staring earnestly into the pretty, half-closed eyes as she gently held the giri's
warm, blushing cheeks in her palms.

"I want you to be sure, darling," Doris said softly. "Really sure that you know what
you're doing ... don't let me embrace you unless you're quite certain, Terri!"

Terri's blush deepened but she opened her eyes and gazed soulfully up into Doris'

"I know that I want you!" Terri whispered. "There's something ... something about
you, Doris, something I can't explain. Please make love to me!"

She pressed her mouth hungrily forward, the rose-tinted moistness of her lips
merging with Doris' in a beautifully abandoned kiss. Terri pushed the top of her
tongue into the hot wetness of Doris' mouth, her breath becoming quick and sharp,
as if her own daring had excited her as much as the willingness with which the
woman was returning her kiss.

Their bodies came together, Doris leaning forward until she was lying full-length on
top of Terri, the girl's hands stealing around her back and pulling her down firmly.
Their dresses worked up around the tops of their thighs-and Terri could feel the hard,
exciting movement of Doris' garter fasteners as they pressed into her bare leg.

Exploring each other carefully, the girls gradually opened their mouths fully and let
their tongues dart m and out, wetly and thrillingly, making little moans of pleasure as
the titillation increased and they learned how to move their tongues in just the right

Terri could feel herself growing more and more aroused by the weight of Doris' body
on hers. The small but exciting mounds of the woman's breasts were squashing
down on her own, larger ones and she thrust herself up a little, then writhed her body
so that the contact was sharply heightened.

After a gloriously long kiss, Doris' mouth finally withdrew from hers. Terri was
trembling with desire. She turned her head to one side so that Doris could kiss her
neck; and while the woman's lips were busily sucking and mouthing just below her
ear, Terri stroked feverishly up and down Doris' back, letting her hands reach down
to the almost uncovered hillocks of her lover's buttocks. Impatiently, she tugged the
dress right over the lovely spheres, dragging the material up at the front as well as
the back of Doris' body.

"Obhh!" Terri couldn't hold back the exclamation of delight as her fingers traveled
over the lightly clad cheeks of Doris' beautiful ass. Beneath a thin, silky pair of
panties, the woman's cheeks jutted proudly, their sleek flesh incredibly soft under
Terri's exploring hands.

"Darling, your backside is so sweet ... so gorgeous!"

Terri sighed. She pinched up the flesh and released it so that the skin shimmied
plumply, shuddering deliciously and giving Terri a warm, moist sensation in the
region of her cunt. She could feel Doris' tongue stealing into her ear now, giving her
so intense a thrill that it was all she could do not to jerk her head away. The ecstasy
was so marvelous!

Beyond inhibition now, the girl slipped both her hands under the taut rim of Doris'
panties and fondled the woman's ass passionately. She pulled the tight white cheeks
open, holding the globes fully apart and trying to imagine what the action had
revealed; probably a sweet, pearl-shaped hole, only a half inch away from the red slit
of a darling pussy!

Wriggling her face round so that she could put her lips to Doris' ear, Terri whispered

"Could ... could I look at you, Doris? Could I examine you? Take your panties down
and see what you look like without anything on?"

The woman rubbed their cheeks together. "Of course you can, my darling!" she
replied softly. "On one condition, though!"

"Mmmm? What's that?"

Doris discreetly dipped her hand into the opening of Terri's dress and began to
fondle the hard-nippled breast which lolled there.

"We must do it together," she insisted. "You must let me explore you at the same
time, my precious. That's only fair, isn't it?"

The girl caught her breath sharply. The urge to see another woman's genitals in
unhindered close-up was tremendously powerful. But she wasn't sure that she was
ready to submit her own little pussy to such an intimate scrutiny. Not yet, at any rate.
Doris was doing something to her breast. Something rather delicious, yet at the
same time causing her a not-too-unpleasant pain.

"Oooh!" she squealed. "Doris! You're scratching me ... you're scratching my titty!"

Her hand thrust down the tight cup of Terri's bra. Doris continued to move her
fingernail back and forth across the girl's nipple; causing the bud to swell up and
stiffen to a hard, anxious ripeness.

The action weakened all of Terri's body. She could feel herself turning almost to jelly
under the determined, ceaseless scratching. Some instinct made her tighten her
thighs, squeeze her legs firmly shut and then contract the muscles in her cunt. And
almost immediately, Terri realized that she was secreting into her panties!

Terri closed her eyes and shuddered as a delicious orgasm racked her body. The
hot juice was soaking the crotch of her briefs, making her forget everything except
the urge which was flooding through her veins. And yet, somehow, her pleasure was
strangely incomplete.

But Terri had reckoned without the expert resourcefulness of her more experienced
partner. Doris quickly saw that the girl was in the throes of her first climax. She lost
no time in snatching up the hem of Terri's dress and burying her mouth in the
panting, throbbing heat of the girl's crotch!

Not bothering to remove the panties, Doris closed her lips around the prominent
bulge of her cunt lips and sucked greedily inwards. The plump folds of flesh quivered
as they were drawn into Doris' mouth, seeming to strain helplessly against the tight
grip of the silk and force their way through the confining tautness of the briefs.

Doris pushed the girl's thighs widely apart, rubbing one hand up and down the tender
flesh on the inside of Terri's leg, raising it at the knee so that she could apply her lips
more easily to the pulsing, still secreting cunt.

As Terri stopped gasping, as her frantically threshing body returned to a state of

comparative composure, Doris kissed the fatness of the girl's pubic mound and
quickly peeled the saturated panties down over Terri's thighs. Her unstockinged legs
were white and full-fleshed, their long shapeliness curving in beautiful symmetry to
the small, triangular tuft of hair which flowered around her cunt.

As the girl was still lying panting from her orgasm, Doris unbuttoned Terri's dress and
helped her out of it. It took but a moment for the Lesbian to remove the brassiere as
well, leaving Terri's young body shamelessly naked and erotically posed before
Doris' hot, swiftly appraising eyes.

Terri hardly realized that she was being disrobed, so smoothly and gently was the
operation conducted. She could feel Doris' light hands on her flesh, stroking and
exploring her thighs and her belly, but it wasn't until the woman's fingers actually
began to caress her pussy that she reacted to the treatment.

The girl opened her eyes to find herself staring directly into the blatantly exposed
area of Doris' crotch! Softly, Doris had straddled the girl so that her body was
lowered over Terri's chest and her face was only a few sexy inches from the
pungent-smelling crack. And with her own dress now removed, Doris' ass was
presented to Terri's mouth in an unmistakable invitation!

The small panties were stretched tightly into the crotch of Doris' cunt, giving Terri a
clear view of the ample bulge and also showing her the white cheeks of Doris'
buttocks as they strained and pouted against the inadequate nylon briefs.

Immediately Terri lifted her face up and brought her mouth against the firm lips. They
parted under the pressure of her tongue, allowing the girl's pursed lips to sink quite
deeply into the slit which they normally concealed. The contact was curious and
frightening at first. Terri couldn't help feeling that she was being perverted and "dirty"
to examine another woman's genitals so intimately.

The urge to continue what she had begun soon outweighed her inhibitions. And
Terri, holding tightly to Doris' boyish but fleshy ass cheeks, found that she was
getting quite a thrill out of licking up and down the soft flesh of the woman's cunt. Her
tongue slithered from the hard bone of Doris' pubic mound right under the woman's
cunt, then explored between the cheeks of her ass to poke at the tiny hole of her

It didn't take long for Doris' panties to grow wet and clinging. Terri's moist tongue had
lubricated the thin material until it was adhering more tightly than ever to the
woman's cunt and ass. In fact, Terri could now see the inflamed redness of the slit,
Doris' long gash showing clearly through the near-transparent nylon of her briefs.

This only inflamed Terri's senses. She was trembling from head to toe with desire
now, especially since she could feel Doris' tongue beginning to dip lusciously into her
open cunt, licking in a steady, unhurried rhythm up and down the naked and pulsing

Terri understood that her first orgasm, delightful though it had been, was only a
prelude to her real climax. Slowly but surely, she was being led to the true heights of
sexual pleasure-taken one step at a time under Doris' expert guidance.

The girl shivered uneasily. At any moment now, she knew Doris was going to stick
her tongue right inside the tight hole of her pussy! Already, the woman had tasted
her clitoris, closing her lips tightly around the agitated button and sucking it to
erection. And now ... now! Yes! With a cry of pleasure, Terri felt the insertion! Deeper
and deeper slid Doris' exploring tongue, her fingers carefully holding the puffy lips
well open so that it could penetrate as far as it would stretch.
Again, Terri felt that brief shock of fear as she realized that her most intimate sex
parts were fully displayed to the Lesbian. Doris' eyes were being feasted on her dear
little cunt. The woman could see everything, everything!

Doris' slick, wet tongue roved into every corner of her sex hole. It licked up one side,
retreated, then lazily slipped forward again, now treating the other wall to a long,
delicious titillation. The underside kept rubbing across Terri's clit, and the inflamed
piece of sex meat was so stiff as a result of this attention that Terri could almost
believe it was a miniature penis, throbbing and nearly ready to ejaculate!

For the past few minutes she had been too excited to devote much attention to
licking Doris' cunt. She had kept her mouth buried against the warmth and wetness
of the woman's crotch, but her lips were still and her tongue had withdrawn. But now,
Terri felt ready to stimulate Doris in turn, and she quickly got her fingertips into the
elasticated side of the woman's briefs and began to force the panties down.

Doris was too experienced not to realize what Terri was trying to do, and she
assisted the girl by closing her legs so that Terri could swiftly tear the cumbersome
underpants over her thighs and calves.

Panting, Terri thrust the woman's limbs wide again, feasting first her eyes, and then
her mouth, on the splendor of Doris' totally naked cunt and ass. She examined the
nude area between the woman's thighs closely and at length, taking one fold of the
cunt lips in her fingers and drawing it well away from its twin so that she could look
deep into Doris' gaping gash.

The sex organs fascinated the girl. She hadn't realized how many folds of pink,
rubbery flesh reposed inside the slit of a cunt. They yielded obediently to her
forefinger, the wet succulence of the vulva opening immediately as Terri prodded her
digit further and further into the special, tight-gripping hole which gave access to
Doris' interior.

Terri watched from a distance of mere inches as her digit sank completely out of
sight, the soft red skin closing possessively around her slender forefinger as it
penetrated to its hilt. A faint but steady throbbing came from the channel; urging the
girl to poke the finger slowly in and out of the crevice and frig Doris until she was

Although Doris was wiggling her buttocks and writhing pleasurably, it became clear
to Terri that the Lesbian wanted more than just a finger inside her. She was
increasing the rhythm of her licking, darting her tongue more and more quickly in and
out of Terri's pussy; and the thoroughness with which she was performing this action
indicated that she hoped Terri would imitate her!
Breathlessly, Terri withdrew her finger, seeing it glisten with sex juice as she brought
it free of Doris' clinging slit. To give herself some preliminary idea of what a cunt
actually tasted like, she raised the finger to her mouth and licked it, running her
tongue all over the wet digit and swallowing the deposit of secretions which Doris
had left on it.

Terri's eyes glazed as the enormity of what she was doing! And what she was about
to do overwhelmed her. There it was: Doris' wide open cunt, waiting for her mouth!

Tenderly, the girl placed her hands once more on the round flesh of Doris' ass. As
she came nearer and nearer to the exposed red flesh, she glimpsed the quivering
little bud of the woman's clitoris, hanging down from the upper region of her cunt and
looking for all the world like a ripe, tasty nipple!

She closed her eyes tightly. She stroked her hands down the slopes of Doris'
buttocks until they were caressing the outside of the woman's thighs. Doris had kept
her garter belt and stockings on, and Terri found that the rough, tingling sensation
she got from rubbing her fingers along the tops of her lover's nylons gave her
pleasure an extra dimension. It wasn't like touching her own stockinged thighs;
knowing that the legs belonged to another female, a woman who was busily licking
and sucking at her throbbing, excited cunt, Terri derived a strange thrill from feeling
the taut gripping stockings and letting her fingertips pass over the steel fastenings.

Terri took a deep breath, then abandoned herself to the task of kissing and orally
exploring Doris' cunt. Her lips fastened securely around the juicy perimeter of the
pussy, and then her tongue stole out and pushed a path into the hquid depths,
having to prod up and down the slit for a few moments before it found the snug

Once inside, Terri paused to catch her breath, then wiggled her tongue
experimentally. She found the sensation of having her mouth glued to another
female's crotch rather pleasant. It was really like kissing mouth-to-mouth, she
thought; a little more intimate, perhaps, but not essentially more perverse.

Had she really done this kind of thing before? Terri, as she reamed her tongue round
and round the hot, moist tunnel of Doris' cunt, felt it as an entirely new sensation, an
alien, yet strongly provocative pleasure which gave the girl a sharp, blissful glow in
her belly. She had quickly discovered how to push her lips right inside the musky slit
so that her tongue could rove about in the shaft of Doris' cunt and reach to a
surprising depth.

The feeling of Doris' thighs and buttocks contracting in a tense rhythm with her
licking made Terri aware of the power she held over the other woman. They were
both completely absorbed in their work now, the two tongues dipping insatiably in
and out of each other's pussies, while their hands fondled and caressed their
partner's thighs and buttocks.
Into both girls' bellies, hard and firm, pressed their lover's breasts, Doris' extremely
large nipples sticking into the softness of Vanessa's stomach like two red cherries,
ripe to the point of bursting. Terri shifted her face slightly, moving her nose so that it
pressed snugly against the rich, earthy hole of Doris' anus, which was now
completely laid bare by the spread of her buttocks.

Terri sniffed, sighed and wriggled her nostrils in pleasure as she savored the aroma
of the woman's crater. Her ass, too, was boldly open to Doris' view; since Doris had
by this time cupped Terri's buttocks and raised the girl's hips up off the couch.

Gradually, as they kissed and sucked each other's cunts and caressed the soft flesh
of their partner's thighs and buttocks, Terri felt her whole being focused utterly upon
Doris' pussy. She moved her lips from side to side, uttering strange little cries of
delight as the slit grew more and more wet under her mouth. A fierce itching had
begun in her own pussy; and almost unconsciously, Terri had started to writhe her
pelvis to relieve the tension.

But she could do nothing to keep the stimulation at bay! Forcibly, Doris held her
thighs wide apart and kept her succulent lips on Terri's pink slit. Harder and harder
she sucked, until the poor girl was thrashing wildly beneath her, overcome with
emotion as a terrible urge to come welled up in her.

Finally Terri could contain herself no longer. She stiffened and thrust her crotch high
off the couch, forcefully pressing the hairy openness of her snatch in Doris' face. She
throbbed all through her lusciously naked body, then gave herself up completely.

Deliriously, she felt the long, abundant secretions gulped down by her Lesbian lover.
Doris' mouth seemed to tighten around the lips of her cunt, pressing into the wet
skin, sucking urgently at her excited little cunt. Terri went crazy for a few moments;
she ravaged Doris' pussy with her sharp young teeth, nibbling cruelly on the sleek r

They lay there panting and sobbing ecstatically when it was over. Terri still licked up
and down the secreting cunt that she had so quickly grown to love and crave. Her
own crotch felt a little sore from the erotic actions of Doris' lips and tongue, but she
didn't mind it a bit Terri had found out one thing about herself. She longed for the
erotic stimulation of a Lesbian's tongue! Certainly, she thought, this would help her to
remember herself, who she was, and what she did, and who her friends were.

Terri went off to sleep for a while. She was tired and needed the help that a nap
would give her. There was no nightmare during her slumber, and she had no way of
knowing that her true nightmare had only begun.

After the brief sleep, Terri opened her eyes and was about to say something, talk to
herself, when she heard another voice speak first.
"Our ... lovely lovemaking hasn't helped at all, has it?" Doris sat in the most
comfortable armchair in the bedroom. Her legs were drawn up beneath her, and she
puffed nervously on a long, thin, filter cigarette.

"Don't put it that way, Doris," Terri said, walking into the bathroom and continuing to
talk as she washed her face and made ready to shower. "It didn't provide an
immediate or instant 'cure' for my amnesia, but I've certainly learned a lot about
myself. And I'm ... glad you did help me out that much. Excuse me, while I jump in
the shower a minute."

Doris yawned very sleepily and lay back in the comfortable chair. She thought about
Lori and Laura and their hours of lovemaking, then the mad drive to get them out to
Kennedy for sign-in time for their flight back to Frankfurt. None of the trio had time for
a great deal of sleep, but it was certainly a sex-filled night and morning.

Lori and Laura, however, were only occasional "flings," Doris realized. Myrna, Sue
Ann, so many of her Lesbian friends, as well as a few men friends, were only
fleeting. She had no true attachment to them like she did Terri. She understood Terri
and was never seriously jealous of her other lovers. And Terri understood her too.

"Ah, you look so fresh, darling!" Doris exclaimed when she saw Terri coming out of
the bath-powder room, soothing down the front of her dress.

And Terri felt much fresher too. She no longer seemed so terrified by her amnesia,
although it was still something that had to be worked on with full deliberation. But the
puzzle of her identity had once again taken on somewhat of a fascination for Terri.
She was in the middle of a real-life "detective story." She felt more confident that she
would find out the truth about herself, if she could keep putting herself in situations
that were in keeping with her true character.

"I can accept parts of my personality now," she told the woman, sitting on the arm of
her chair. "I did a lot of thinking those few minutes in the bathroom. I want to accept
every part of my real personality. I hope you understand what I mean. It's difficult to
put in words."

A warm smile was on Doris' tips as she looked up to Terri and nodded her head,
indicating that she did understand. Terri realized more than ever from the expression
on the woman's face that Doris was almost in love with Terri Foster. Doris was
cynical, sophisticatedly oversexed. But that was only the raw surface of the woman.
It had been a blow to her that Terri had not remembered her after their lovemaking.
And she felt rather sorry for the pretty, affectionate and sensual woman.

"Well," Terri went on. "It seems to me that we could sit here for half an hour, you
could tell me everything you know about me-and I still wouldn't be sure of myself."
She laughed. "You must think I'm still crazy or I'm putting you on!"

Doris caught her arm and squeezed it protectively. "No, I don't think that, Terri. I'm
really very worried about you. Shouldn't you see a doctor, maybe go to a hospital?
After all," she pointed out. "Neither of us know why you're suffering from amnesia. If
you knocked your head there might be brain damage."

"Oh, I'm sure I didn't have an accident," Terri insisted. "Perhaps it was some kind of
shock, I don't know. But physically, I feel just fine! No, what I have to do is to find
something or someone who can bring everything back to me in a blinding flash. If I
can't fully accept what I'm told about myself, I might just as well be acting a part,
walking through life in a dream."

Doris sighed. She patted Terri's arm then let her hand drop into her lap.

"How I wish I could have been the one to give you that insight! Perhaps I'm wrong,
after all," she said seriously. "Maybe one of your boyfriends is better-equipped to
help you. And yet I thought ... "

Her voice trailed away, but Terri felt her hopes quicken at Doris' reference to her

"Perhaps you can still help me!" she said excitedly, "You mentioned before that you
know me better than anyone else, Doris?" The woman nodded. "Then you can tell
me who my boyfriends are, then, can't you?" Terri said triumphantly. "One of them is
bound to . .."

Doris started to giggle. "What's the matter?" Terri demanded. "What's so funny?"

"You've got so many boyfriends," Doris laughed. "I'm sure I know you better than
anyone else in New York, but even I couldn't keep track of your conquests, darting!"

The girl noted that the woman's voice had returned to its self-mocking, affected tone.
Doris was taking shelter behind her facade of gay, worldly wise sophistication once
more; trying to hide the hurt she was still feeling.

She rose to her feet and began to put on her coat. "I really don't think I can help you
any more, darling," Doris said coolly. "You've got your diary, haven't you? Why not
thumb through it and pay a few visits. I'm sure one of your many male friends can
bring your memory back. I have a beauty shop appointment at noon. I'll be late if I
don't hurry ... "

Terri was amazed at the sudden switch in Doris' personality. All the warmth, all the
charm had evaporated completely. And even though Terri realized that the woman
was merely trying to conceal her disappointment, she couldn't help feeling sorry by
the sudden indifference and lack of concern for her.
"Will I see you again?" she asked tentatively as Doris picked up her handbag and
pecked her cheek in a travesty of her earlier affection.

"You've got my telephone number in your little black book, darling! You know where
to find me ... if you ever want to!"

And with that, Doris swept out of the apartment, pulling the front door shut behind
her. Terri listened to the click of her high heels in the hall, then realized that she was
alone with the mystery of her identity.

Before the hopelessness and misery could return, Terri pulled herself sharply
together. She had a very important adventure to embark on, she told herself. And it
was absolutely no use at all to simply sit here and brood. There were people to see,
contacts to be renewed. She didn't even know what kind of work she did! Maybe an
office somewhere was waiting irritably for her to arrive at this very moment.

But from Doris' description of her, Terri Foster wasn't the kind of girl who worked at a
mundane, humdrum office job. Her vocation was something far more exciting.

Intrigued, Terri began to speculate on her possible means of support. Actress,

model, even a call girl wasn't entirely beyond the realm of possibility, considering
Doris' cynical remark about her "conquests."

The telephone rang, sharply cutting into her thoughts, and Terri hurried to pick up the
call, certain by now that she was well on the path towards a complete realization of
her identity.

For the moment, she decided not to reveal her amnesia to anyone else. Possibly,
Doris would quickly spread the gossip to her friends but for the time being, Terri
assumed, no one would know about her condition. On reflection, it seemed better
this way. If she told everyone right away that she had only a dim idea of who she
was, they might be tempted to take advantage of her ... as Doris had!

Therefore, Terri thought, if she pretended to be perfectly normal, they would

undoubtedly reveal in the course of their conversation details about her life which
she could then pick up and incorporate into her mental jigsaw puzzle.

"Hello?" she answered.

"What the hell are you doing at home?" a voice demanded. "For God's sake, Terri,
we've waiting over an hour for you. It's really not good enough, darling! I know you
had a heavy party last night, but ... "

"I'm sorry," Terri said demurely. "I'm afraid it went right out of my mind. Could you tell
me where I'm supposed to meet you?"
The young man at the other end of the line drew his breath sharply. For a moment,
Terri thought he was going to swear at her.

"Very well, darling. Have it your way," the man said with a touch of sarcasm and an
impatient sigh. "The building on the next corner, Suite 107. Turn left out of the front
door of your building. But don't play any more games, damn it! Carole and I have
been waiting for over an hour. She can't sit around waiting for you forever, and
neither can I."

"Yes ... yes, I'm sorry," Terri said, very uneasy about her ability to handle this
situation that had taken her so by surprise. "I'll be there in just a few minutes. Uh ...
your name ... it doesn't seem possible, but I can't quite recall...."

"Oh, you can't!" the man screamed, then settled down resignedly. "All right. I'll play
the little game with you, Terri. But I wish you wouldn't pull this and be so damned late
on the same day. This is Jack ... Jack Morgan, your old faithful fashion
photographer. And I'll give you five minutes to get here!"

Terri heard him bang down the phone angrily, but she broke into an amused grin.
She had no idea who he was, why he was calling, who Carole was, or what they
were supposed to be meeting for. She was determined however to get there,
wherever there was, in five minutes.


Terri gazed at herself In the bedroom mirror, retouched her makeup quickly, then
walked through the apartment and out the front door in a hallway she could not recall
ever seeing before. Or had she? Confusion rapped at her mind, but not so much that
she couldn't walk right around the corner to the two elevator doors and press the

Inside the elevator, she pressed the "!" button, noticing that the "3" button was lit. At
least that told her she was on the third floor. She briskly walked outside the building
and stood in the large doorway for a moment. The fresh air and sunshine invigorated
her. The verdant and almost endless park across the street sent its smell of nature
across the heavily trafficked street, neutralizing the exhaust of hundreds of cars.

Then she straightened up her shoulders and turned left as Jack had instructed. The
"corner" was barely half a block away, and Terri hoped she made the correct
assumption that the mysterious Jack Morgan meant the building on the other side of
the intersecting street. A closer look and she realized that he must have meant the
old, remodeled but gaudy apartment building that at one time must have been the
pride of Central Park West. Its old suites were two and three stories high and, unlike
the more recent buildings, never called their "suites" apartments.
After taking a deep breath, Terri pushed the button for "107," waited for the front
door buzzer to release the latch, then entered the ornate old hallway and walked
back until she found "107" on an oversized and formerly regal door.

After knocking, she was greeted by a young man, his mod, long hair flowing in an
untidy mane around his shoulders. He stood there with his hands on his hips and
glared at her chidingly for a moment, then spoke with a note of sarcasm again in his

"So glad you could make it, darling!" he greeted her. "Are you sure I'm not keeping
you from something more important?"

The girl smiled. "That depends," she told him. "What have you got to show me that
you think is so important?"

He flung his hands up in despair. "You're the end!" he exclaimed. "I thought I was the
one with all the artistic temperament. Come on!" He started back into the big suite
and began to climb the stairs. "Carole's bored, she'll need warming up again." Over
his shoulder, without turning to see if Terri was following, he called, "You'd better go
straight into the dressing room, darling. When you're both ready, let me know."

Curious, Terri shut the door and wended her way up the shabby bare boards of the
stairs. On the first landing, she was confronted by two half-open doors. The young
man disappeared through one of them and Terri caught a brief glimpse of what was
apparently a photographic studio; a glare of floodlights and a tripod-mounted camera
met her eyes. And then the door was closed, almost in her face.

She tried the second door, pushing it open all the way and feeling her pulse grow
faster as she contemplated what might be waiting for her inside.

But there was nothing more startling than a very ordinary-looking room, bare except
for an enormous full-length mirror, rows upon rows of built-in cupboards. And a
young girl, who glanced up quickly from a magazine as Terri walked in.

"Oh, Miss Foster!" she exclaimed. "I was just admiring your spring collection-you've
got some marvelous ideas this year!"

Terri smiled pleasantly. "You like them?" she enquired, a little uneasily. "I didn't quite
catch your name?"

"Why, I'm Carole-Carol Chambers," the girl said in a puzzled voice. "Surely you
remember me, Miss Foster." Then, before Terri could reply, she went on, "Oh, of
course! I suppose you meet so many people, it was stupid of me to think you'd
remember a girl who only models your outfits!"
There was a hint of pique in the girl's tone, but she seemed to think it only natural
that Terri couldn't recall her name. "Jack has been showing me your latest lingerie
designs," Carole continued. Her eyes were bright and mischievous. "They're very
sexy, aren't they?"

"Of course," Terri said. She was both surprised and pleased to learn that her work
apparently consisted of designing clothes. But, once again, the knowledge did
nothing to stir her memory. She couldn't remember having any particular interest in
fashion, let alone being a successful fashion designer! She took the magazine from
the girl's hand and flicked through the pages idly.

There was a 10-page supplement, devoted entirely to full-color reproductions of "her"

work. The accompanying prose was gushing and positively glowing with praise for a
collection of dresses, swimwear and lingerie which seemed more than just daring to
Terri's eyes. In fact, she thought, some of the outfits were very sexy ... revealing far
more than they were meant to conceal!

And the girls who were modeling the clothes! They were posed in such provocative,
erotic situations! Every one of them looked as if they were on the very brink of sexual

Intrigued Terri flicked the magazine pages until she came to the main body of the
text. It appeared to be designed cunningly to attract both sexes with its mixture of
pin-up photographs, love stories and review columns. Several times she noticed her
name given the kind of prominence which Terri thought was reserved for movie stars
and pop idols.

Jack tells me your latest designs are even more eye-catching," the girl murmured.
Terri looked at her more closely. She was in her late teens, a full-bodied young
creature with frank blue eyes and that mixture of guile and innocence which is
practically a trademark of the swinging female. She returned Terri's stare without
embarrassment, smiling and deftly flicking aside the long black hair which framed her

"Have you tried them on yet?" Terri asked.

"A few ... but Jack wanted to save the more daring outfits until you arrived. In case
you wanted to alter them in any way," the girl explained. "Not that you could make
them look sexier," she added with a grin. "They really are the limit, Miss Foster!"

Terri had been wondering why she had been asked to the photographic session.
Now she understood. They were going to experiment with her new designs, Carole
posing in them so that she could judge their effect more-accurately. Presumably she
and Jack had some kind of business relationship; he produced the pictures for the
"try-out" and sold the successful prints to magazines and fashion houses.
Terri decided that the only thing she could do was play the role by ear. She nodded
briskly. "Let's get started, shall we? Change into something, Carole and let me see
how it looks."

"Yes." The girl began to pull her short minidress off without a trace of
embarrassment. Her ample breasts shook slightly as she tugged the cotton material
over them, reminding Terri of her recent intimacy with Doris.

like most young girls, Carole wore flesh colored pantyhose instead of panties. She
rolled them down quickly, and Terri was surprised to find that she was gazing at
Carole's body with rather more than "professional" interest. Obviously Doris had
awakened an urge within her that could scarcely be controlled! She licked her lips as
she saw the firm white flesh of the girl's thighs coming into view-then caught her
breath as Carole unclipped her bra and let the perfectly shaped globes of her breasts
spill free.

Carole asked "What would you prefer me to wear first. Miss Foster? Probably the
pants, don't you think?"

Dry-throated, Terri didn't dare to trust her voice. She nodded again, hoping that her
eyes didn't reveal her emotions too blatantly. Carole turned to the wardrobe and
selected a diaphanous, flimsy pair of briefs, stretching them out in front of her tummy
and looking down at them with amusement. Then she raised her eyes coyly to Terri.

"They're sexy!" she murmured. "The next best thing to wearing nothing at all!" And
she seemed deliberately to take her time about fitting her legs into the filmy pants
and pulling them up over her hips. Almost as if she knew all about Terri's predilection
for young girls and was deliberately tantalizing her.

Of course Carole would know about her sexual tastes, Terri thought. Why, it was
probably common knowledge among the model girls! She flushed, rather taken
aback to realize that other people knew more about her private life than she did

After the newly designed panties were snug and tight around Carole's crotch, the girl
let her hands fall casually to her side and posed for Terri; turning around slowly so
that the other girl could view the effect from every angle.

They seemed a fairly ordinary-if very bold-pair of briefs. They fitted beautifully,
accentuating the curve of Carole's bottom and allowing a generous amount of the
girl's ass to be seen. From the front, the V of the crotch was sharply minimized,
letting the twin creases protrude naked and drawing the eye down to the faint but
provocative bulge of the cunt lips. Even from her three or four feet distance, Terri
could plainly see the dark curl of Carole's pubic hair, the growth flattened and tautly
gripped by the possessive tightness of the nylon.
A sexy grin appeared on Carole's face. She walked slowly across to a dressing stool
and lifted her foot, gradually raising one leg until, with an audible gasp, Terri realized
just how daring the design really was!

The material had been completely cut away at the crotch! Beneath the swelling of
Carole's pubic mound, extending under the girl's thighs right to the pink pearl of her
anus, the panties afforded no protection whatsoever!

Daringly, Carole parted her legs until the entire length of her sex slit was revealed.
The lips sighed languorously open, showing the startled Terri that the pussy was
totally uncovered.

"How-how do they feel?" she managed to stammer. "Not too tight, not too
uncomfortable, are they, Carole?"

"Only a little bit!" the girl returned, pouting and wriggling her hips. "They make me
feel rather itchy-and they cut in under my ... " At last, Carole fluttered her eyelashes
and blushed. "I suppose it's because I'm not used to them," she finished. "After all,
they are revolutionary, aren't they?"

"They certainly are!" Terri commented. She forced her eyes away from the tempting
red slit which gaped so invitingly in front of her. "I think we ought to let Jack take a
few shots and see how they come out. Let's go through, shall we?"

Terri found that the cool professionalism in her voice came quite naturally. It was as
if she had finally found one aspect of her personality which wasn't alien to her, and
she rejoiced in her newfound confidence as she led Carole into the adjoining room
where Jack was awaiting them.

Somewhere back in her mind-a warning voice told Terri that there was something a
little "odd" about designing clothes which were (if the pair of cutaway panties could
be taken as a guide) very erotic and hardly-likely to be worn for any but the most
"special" occasions. But she suppressed the slight tinge of fear, reminding herself
that most of the styles in the glossy magazine were outrageously daring-and that
she, Terri Foster, was probably helping to stretch sexual emancipation to its limits.

She pushed the door shut and took Carole's hand, thrilling to the warm, soft fingers
as they obediently curled around her own. At last, Terri felt, at last I'm beginning to
accept my real self.

"Lovely!" Jack observed. He got up from his chair beside the camera and came to
meet the girls. In his open-necked, flowered shirt and skin-tight slacks, the boy
looked magnetically attractive, Terri thought. His movements were cool and relaxed,
his body graceful as a greyhound; its slim, sinewy qualities making her feel weak at
the knees. In his eyes, too, there was a quality of magnetism, an expression which
told Terri that he knew far more about life than his age-probably twenty-one or so-
would have led her to believe. They were deep-set, almost hooded, the pupils
unusually large and black. Terri, as she came nearer, sniffed the air suspiciously.

Her suspicion, she realized, was quite correct. The room reeked of marijuana fumes!
And looking past Jack at the ash tray which lay on the floor by his chair, she could
see the unmistakable stubs of two or three home-made roaches.

That accounted for Jack's languor, his air of slow-motion. Terri wrinkled her nose.
The smell wasn't unpleasant, rather sickly sweet, but spicy and exotic, like incense
mixed with dried herbs. But ah the same, she retreated a little when Jack calmly
rolled a third cigarette-packing it tightly with the shredded marijuana leaves-and held
it out for her!

"You'll have to share it, Fm afraid," he said sadly. "My supplier let me down-I can't
get any more till tonight."

Terri took the uneven cigarette. She felt rather apprehensive about smoking it, even
though it was obvious from Jack's attitude that she was no stranger to the drug. But
Terri didn't want them to suspect that she wasn't quite herself today; she had a nasty
feeling that these young mods were capable of taking her for a ride if she told them
she had temporarily lost her memory

So Terri accepted a light and inhaled, swallowing the acrid smoke down and trying to
act as naturally as possible. Fortunately, Jack's eyes were fixed on Carole, and the
girl was too busy with her own emotions to concern herself with Terri. She was
consciously thrusting her bosom out, making the white globes lift and point their hard
nipples towards the boy, the sides of her mouth trembling as she felt his eyes travel
slowly and leisurely over her all-but-naked body.

After the first couple of puffs, Terri found the marijuana cigarette relaxing and
enjoyable. It had no staggering immediate effect; rather, the drug worked through her
system and induced sensations of euphoria and well-being almost without her being
aware of the change in her feelings. She got halfway through the cigarette, then
passed it to Carole, feeling a need to sit down and let the new kind of intoxication
flow gently through her mind.

Terri realized now why Jack had been moving so slowly, so deliberately! Her feet felt
weighted down, as if her shoes were made of lead. And it took a considerable effort
for her to cross the room and take a chair which was placed just behind the camera.
She waited until Carole had smoked the roach down to its last half-inch, smiling up at
Jack as she inhaled and enjoying the boy's long, intimate appraisal of her body. And
then Jack swung round.

"Let's go!" he ordered curtly and walked more briskly to his tripod, focusing until he
had Carole's body in the viewfinder.
Terri crossed her legs and settled back in the chair, content to let Jack take over and
arrange the photographic session. The scene before her had gradually taken on a
heightened glow; a sharpening of focus and a concentration of her eyes had taken
place. Vanessa leaned back, staring with breathless expectation as Jack switched
on the spot and photofloods. Carole stood in front of the camera, her legs slightly
parted, her eyes narrowed to slits as the marijuana spiraled around the girl's brain.

The man adjusted the camera and took a couple of shots. Slowly and beautifully,
Carole's nipples rose into a ripe, rosy stiffness under the harsh light and the
impersonal stare of the lens. She sighed prettily, stretching herself and beginning to
grind her hips as the waves of sexual tension flowed through her body.

Jack was now unscrewing the camera from its tripod. He slung the strap around his
neck and came forward, studying Carole critically, walking around the girl and
examining her lovely curves from every possible angle. She gave no sign that she
was aware of his scrutiny; merely continuing to writhe herself gently but excitingly as
he circled her and ran the palm of his hand carelessly over the flat of her belly. Terri
could feel her breathing becoming labored! He was clearly going to take
considerable liberties with Carole, she realized. His fingers were almost touching the
girl's pubis, slipping down beneath the tight grip of the panties and rubbing
meaningfully over the hairy crotch!

"Arms up!" Jack ordered. And Carole obediently raised her arms over her head,
stretching herself up on tiptoe at the same time so that her breasts jutted up even
more prominently. Jack was standing behind her now, one hand thrust down the
front of her transparent pants, the other beginning to slip across the front of her
torso-dangerously close to the uptilted melons which trembled and swayed so

"Her nipples aren't hard enough," he told Terri. "We want the sexiest photos
possible-and if her tits aren't really stiff, the whole effect is spoiled!"

"Yes, of course," Terri murmured. She kept her legs tightly crossed, almost
unconsciously pressing her thighs so that the hot, moist lips of her own cunt were
being given an exciting friction.

Drawing Carole back against him, Jack moved his hand until the warmth of the girl's
breast was nestling softly in his palm, the white globe raised slightly and supported
by his fingers. Carefully, while Carole remained with her arms high over her head,
Jack took her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. The digits closed firmly
around the base of the bud, squeezing it gently but increasing the pressure until the
girl's rosy tit bulged out from between the vise.

He loosened his grip, then tightened it again-repeating the action in a slow rhythm so
that Carole's nipple grew to an amazingly full erection. Jack performed the same
service on her other breast; titillating the girl's naked bud until both nipples were
incredibly hard and stiff.

"Very good!" Jack stepped around the girl to admire his handiwork. Then he went
down on his haunches in front of her, raising the camera to his eye and tilting it so
that the viewfinder showed her body from the waist up. He clicked the shutter, then
sprawled out in front of her, stretching his legs out on either side of Carole's feet so
that the girl was standing between his thighs.

"Open a little!" he commanded-and Diana parted her legs, allowing Jack to look up
between her half-open thighs at the red line of her cunt; which was boldly exposed
by the slit in her panties.

Terri gasped involuntarily. Surely he wasn't going to ... ? But a moment later, as Jack
maneuvered himself further down and stuck his camera fully between Carole's
trembling white thighs, Terri saw that the photographer intended to take some
pictures which would inevitably reveal every detail! A full split beaver!

Carole leaned forward, relaxed the pressure of her thighs a little, slipped one hand
between her legs, and began to fondle her warm, agitated pussy, her fingers rubbing
and pressing hotly into the provoked lips.

Jack, meanwhile, was busily photographing from every possible angle. In between
shots, he whispered hurried instructions to the girl, telling her to make certain poses,
to move her limbs this way and that.

It became quite obvious to Terri that the photo session was developing into a blatant
sex orgy! She could guess that ninety per cent of Jack's shots would never be
published openly; not even in the kind of magazine she had looked through. No,
most of them were clearly designed for the porno trade, and Jack naturally assumed
that Terri knew all about this activity!

Terri felt more of a stranger to herself than ever before. Surely she wasn't this kind of
girl, she thought desperately. And yet her reaction to the proceedings were
ambiguous, to say the least. Intellectually, she felt rather ashamed and guilty at
watching Jack and Carole become more and more aroused. But emotionally, she
couldn't deny the evidence of her own wet crotch and the fast beat of her pulse.

Jack finally unslung his camera and cast it aside. "Time for a break!" he announced.
And as he stood up to face Terri once more, the girl could see plainly how excited he
had grown. His prick bulged out against the skin-tight fit of his slacks, thrusting out
so boldly that Terri observed the organ throbbing in a steady, even pulse.

"You're not going to stop now?" she heard herself asking. "I thought ... "
Jack grinned at her. "Let's say it's time to relieve the tension," he replied. "I can't go
on taking pictures in this state, now can I?"

He calmly rubbed the immensity of his cock, making the hard bulge swell outwards
even more clearly. There was a moment's pause. Then Carole half-fell into Jack's
arms, pressing her body up tightly and wrapping herself around him in an urgent

She stood up on tiptoes, her open mouth pleading to be kissed, and the
photographer lost no time in giving her satisfaction. He bent his lips down and
sucked greedily at Carole's warm, liquid mouth, thrusting his tongue between her
teeth and running it fiercely around the hot, sweet inside.

Oddly, though, Jack kept his hands at his side, making no attempt to fondle the girl
or even put his arms around her. Terri, presented with Carole's back, could see the
girl's buttocks clenching and unclenching as she squirmed against the man, rubbing
her hard little pubic mound against his pulsing length and caressing his neck and
back with fluttering, anxious movements of her fingers.

Still, even though he was returning her kiss with feeling, Jack made no response with
his hands! Carole was growing more and more agitated, panting into his mouth,
twisting her breasts so that they rubbed from side to side on his chest, the stiff
nipples hot and hard against Jack's flowered shirt.

Now, her fingers were at his fly. Squirming around slightly, Carole fastened her open
thighs around his upper leg and continued to fuck herself on it while her hand sought
the zipper. When she had pulled it down and unbuckled his belt, Carole sank slowly
to her knees in front of Jack. Reaching up, she peeled his tight-clinging slacks down
and helped him to get rid of them. The shorts came next, Carole lifting the waistband
away from his rigid shaft and allowing the massive penis to pop crudely into view, its
red-veined length straining stiffly against Jack's naked belly.

After the garment was free of his ankles, Carole surveyed his nakedness for a
gloating moment. Her eyes stared up, fascinated, at the strong and potent-looking
penis which reared up in front of her, and slowly but surely her hands strayed up the
inside of Jack's legs, inching nearer and nearer to the powerful prick.

Jack stood quite passively, his hands loosely on his hips, watching the girl's fingers
creep up his thighs and approach his cock. Only when Carole actually took his tool in
her hands and started to massage it in both palms did Jack show any reaction.

He shifted his legs more widely apart and put his hands on Carole's head, going
down gradually to a sitting position on the floor and forcing the girl to come with him.

She was soon kneeling between Jack's thighs, her face only inches away from the
cock which her fingers were caressing. She seemed to be staring in fascination at
the way she could make the foreskin slide up and down over the glans; and she kept
stretching the delicate, thin skin to its limit, making the raw underneath of the prick
grow more inflamed.

Jack was now lying on his back, stretched out with both hands interlocked
comfortably around the back of his head. His eyes had closed and he was moving
his hips in a tense up an down rhythm, evidently content to let Carole take the
initiative for the time being.

Silently, Terri slipped from her chair and approached the couple. She sat
inconspicuously on the floor at their side, no more than a few feet away, and
watched excitedly as Carole manipulated the raging penis.

The girl was experimenting with the various poses it could be forced to adopt. She
pressed it squarely into his nude belly, pushing down with the palm of her hand.
Then, abruptly releasing the pressure, Carole made the cock spring back into
position, excitement reverberating all down its length. Next, she gripped it firmly and
twisted the stem so that it pointed downwards towards Jack's feet, the unnatural
position making him grimace with pain.

By now, all three of them were completely under the influence of the marijuana.
Inhibitions were completely shed, their minds opened up to innumerable sexual

From the corner of her eye, Carole noticed that Terri had drawn nearer. She glanced
at the other ghi and indicated with her eyes that Terri should now join her in playing
with Jack's prick. But first of all, Terri decided that she should undress herself! It
wouldn't do for her to be the only one who looked "respectable," she thought. And
she quickly unbuttoned her dress and removed it, then took off her bra and allowed
her breasts to be admired by both Jack and Carole!

Terri was about to continue undressing-her fingers about to unfasten the clasps of
her garter, when Carole stopped her.

"Keep your stockings on, darling," the girl advised. "Jack's really wild about garter
belts and stockings! I know he'd like one of us to be wearing them!"

However, she indicated approval when Terri started to wriggle out of her panties,
staring without a trace of embarrassment or guilt, her eyes peering inquisitively into
the tangle of pubic hair, trying to make out the half-hidden lips of Terri's cunt as the
girl lifted her legs and peeled the briefs down.

Carole was still holding Jack's prick in its rather uncomfortable position, forcing it
almost between the boy's thighs and out of sight. A wicked, impish smile appeared
on the girl's mouth. "Open your legs, Jack," she told him. "That cock of yours
shouldn't be sticking out like that, you naughty boy!"
His eyes again closed, Jack seemed to give himself up entirely to the wishes of the
girls. He let his legs slip apart, yielding to their demands and letting his arms sprawl
out on the floor at his side.

Carole's eyes now gleamed with mischief. As if Jack were no longer in the room, she
said to Terri, "Do you remember the last time we played this little game with him,

Terri could recall nothing of the kind, but she nodded quickly-eager to see what
Carole was going to propose.

"I've been looking forward so much to doing it again, haven't you?"

Again, Terri nodded her agreement.

"It's so sexy, somehow to pretend that he hasn't got one!" Carole was purring with
pleasure, her face flushed as she aroused herself to even greater heights of desire
by talking about what she was going to do.

And Terri, now that she dimly understood what the "little game" meant, found herself
responding eagerly to Carole's hotly whispered instructions.

The two girls, Terri wearing only her black garter belt and sheer stockings, Carole in
nothing but her daring cutaway panties, knelt beside Jack. She tucked the boy's
penis firmly between his thighs and then shut them, making the hard cock disappear
from view!

Terri, meanwhile, had unbuttoned Jack's shirt and opened it so that his chest was
exposed to her hands. She caressed the smooth, hairless flesh, noting the rather
large nipples which responded just like a girl's when her fingers teased them.

"There!" Carole breathed. "You're just like us, aren't you, darling?" She gazed
proudly on her handiwork. Only a plump fold of skin could be seen between Jack's
tightly shut thighs now. Because, with one hand, Carole was holding his prick hard,
making it throb helplessly against his own anus!

She bent her mouth down and began to kiss lovingly all around the hairy crotch, her
lips parting so that her tongue could also enjoy the sensation of coming into contact
with the boy's apparently prick-less genital region.

While she couldn't quite understand it, Terri had to admit that she was deriving a
considerable thrill from the emasculation of Jack. Playing with his nipples and
sucking on them, she could almost deceive herself into thinking that she was again
caressing Doris, especially since the woman's breasts were so small and boyish.
Ignoring the occasional moan which escaped his lips, Terri and Carole proceeded
with their sexy torment. No matter how much Jack strove to assert himself, they
forced him to bend to their will. He could do nothing! Although his cook must have
ached and yearned violently to assume its virile posture, Jack himself evidently got a
kick out of this reversal of the sexes. He could no longer keep his body entirely still;
several times he writhed and twisted, as if to plead silently with the two females for

Firmly holding his cock underneath his crotch, Carole kissed and petted the flatness
of his loins, murmuring sweet endearments to him while Terri teased his nipples and
ran her wet lips all over his chest.

Finally, Carole slid herself upwards until she was reclining at full length on top of
Jack's body, Terri making way for her rather reluctantly. The girl kissed Jack's mouth
tenderly, shifting her breasts provocatively and rubbing her hard pubic down on the
boy's still-prickless mound.

Slowly, the couple turned onto their sides-giving Terri a splendid opportunity to
wriggle down and view the enormity of Jack's cock as it stuck out of his tightly closed

Carole was gripping the prick halfway down its length, the girl's fingers clasped
tightly around the imprisoned rod. Gently, Terri disengaged Carole's hand, replacing
it with her own. And while Carole cuddled and kissed the boy, running her fingers up
and down his back, Terri licked her lips in preparation for the treat that was in store
for them.

She positioned herself so that her mouth could reach Jack's prick comfortably, then
closed her fingers firmly around the red rod which bulged so ominously and
unnaturally at the rear of the boy's thighs. His balls were squeezed through his legs,
too, and the sight of the sex organs displaced in this way gave Terri a violently erotic

Terri started by kissing Jack's buttocks, her lips softly and wetly rubbing against the
small round things while her fingers excited his prick to a fierce, slippery throbbing.
She gradually moved her mouth nearer and nearer to his cock, finally stretching her
lips as wide as possible and lowering them over the red crest.

Hot and pulsing, the male organ slid deeper into Terri's mouth. The girl bore her face
down so that she could swallow it as much as she was able, feeling the foreskin
slipping back along the shaft as her lips tightened around the stem.

At once, a violent trembling seized the rod and Terri knew that only its bent position
was preventing Jack from losing his load there and then. A deep groan came from
him, but Carole made it obvious that she had no intention of allowing him a respite!
"There, there!" she cooed. "What's the matter, darling? Is your cunt all itchy, then?"

He squirmed against her, but with Terri's mouth securely wrapped around his prick
and Carole's arms holding him strongly against her body, he could do very little to
stop the teasing ... .

And now Terri had a rather clever idea. She slipped one hand under Jack's crotch
and, using her palm to keep his balls and prick wedged between his thighs, began to
finger her way into Carole's cunt!

Feeling the wet, sticky lips yield instantly to her probing, Terri realized that the other
girl was incredibly excited by what she was doing to Jack. In fact, it was hard to tell
which of the pair was enjoying the perverse game the most! Quite apart from the
unusual sex pleasure, there was the marijuana to be taken into account; Terri knew
that she herself was greatly intoxicated by what she had smoked. And Jack and
Carole were certainly high on the drug.

It was a delicious sensation for Terri to frig her fingers into Carole's warm, tight pussy
and, at the same time, suck deeply on a male prick! The girl felt as if the experience
was lasting forever. Time had ceased to exist and she was floating on clouds of
buoyant hedonism.

But all good things must come to an end and despite Terri's silent protest, Carole
eventually decided that the fantasy must end, that it was time for Jack to reassert his

"What have you got here?" she cried in assumed amazement, groping between his
legs and closing her fingers around the portion of cock which wasn't imbedded in
Terri's mouth. "Why, darling! I do believe ... !"

She forced Terri to stop sucking, then drew the saliva-coated cock around to its
proper place. "Mmmm!" she gasped. "This feels lovely!" Her fingers worked up and
down the shaft, exploring it with an experienced touch, the pads of her digits gliding
softly and caressingly up and over the glans, then pulling the cock against the
softness of her belly.

Fury seemed to erupt in Jack. He seized Carole by her shoulders, turning the girl
over onto her back. Helpless to interfere, Terri's fingers slid out of the cunt which she
had been enjoying so much, leaving her a miserable onlooker at the couple's lust.

With her knees up, Carole received the full brunt of Jack's cock inside her pussy as
he penetrated her with one quick, savage thrust. His prick drove wildly on, cramming
through the sticky, yielding passageway until every inch of its potent thickness was
devoured by the gaping red flesh.
Tensely, they started to fuck. Jack's naked belly slapping against Carole's briefs, his
dick plunging again and again into the raw slit which was left naked by the design of
the girl's panties.

Terri had no intention of being left out in the cold for too long. She wanted the
satisfaction of being fucked by Jack as well as Carole, and she rolled nearer to them,
deciding that her best bet would be to give Jack a display of her charms and
encourage him to change partners!

Terri wriggled forward and knelt down over Carole's face. Then, slowly, she let
herself go backwards, supporting herself with her hands, until her cunt was stretched
open and her buttocks were brushing Carole's nose and mouth.

The first reaction, as it happened, came from Carole herself! The girl was quick to
seize the golden opportunity which was being presented to her, and she none too
gently pulled Terri's ass cheeks well open, extending her tongue as far as possible
so that she was able to lick upwards into the warm divide and search for the opening
of Terri's anus!

Although this wasn't quite the response which Terri had hoped to inspire, she found
the ticklish sensation of Carole's hot, wet tongue rather exciting, especially when the
girl curled it over and began to press it right up into her rear hole.

Moments later, her dream came true! Jack, whose hands had been squeezing and
fondling at Carole's breasts, now alighted upon her open thighs. His fingers caressed
the inside of her stockinged legs, lingering for ages on the particular area where her
stockings joined her garters-and then she felt his urgent hands on her belly as his
thumbs stretched downwards to find the beginning of her cunt lips.

Time stood still for Terri. Her pulse increased and her heart thumped frighteningly as
Jack deliberately delayed the moment when his thumbs would begin to peel her cunt
apart. At first, they merely caressed the outer lips, rubbing softly up and down the
intimate folds, but not yet fingering them open.

When she felt her sex parts finally exposed utterly to his wandering fingers, a
wonderful sensation of pleasure streamed through her entire body. She quivered in
every ounce of her being, glorying in the exquisite perversity of being cunt and ass
felt at one and the same time!

But what was happening to her now? Ah yes, Terri realized! Carole had generously
stretched both her hands up and was cupping her breasts, revolving and twisting the
globes with her tender young fingers, paying particular attention to the cherries of her
nipples and making them as hard and swollen as her own!
Jack had frigged both his thumbs well into her cunt by this time. The boy's thick digits
were opening the gash to its widest extent, pushing into the slit and giving her clitoris
a long and delicious inspection.

While her present position wasn't particularly comfortable, Terri wouldn't have
changed it for a feather bed at the moment! Her sexual regions were being bathed in
the sweetest possible affection, and yet she knew that Jack and Carol were still
fucking each other as strongly and as urgently as before. This knowledge merely
added to Terri's feeling of warmth towards the couple. They could still find time to
insure her satisfaction, she thought blissfully. And even if it turned out that, on this
occasion, she wasn't actually fucked by Jack, Terri was convinced that there would
be many other opportunities for them to get-together.

Jack's mouth was pressed against her belly now and he seemed to be most
interested in kissing the taut elastic of her garter belt. His lips moved hungrily along
the webbing, his tongue licking the intimate garment and breath coming hot and fast
against the girl's navel.

He tired of this pleasure, much to Terri's delight, and very soon she could feel his
mouth going further and further towards the pungent smelling hole of her pussy!

Slowly, his thumbs moved away from the slit, making room for the much more
pleasurable contact of his lips. Jack kissed the hard little pearl of her clit, petting it
deliriously before his lips came tightly together around the sensitive button and
sucked lingeringly on it.

Reducing the girl to hysteria by this fantastically exciting treatment, Jack pushed his
tongue out and waggled it from side to side, making the lips of Terri's cunt tingle with
a new kind of thrill.

And when he finally got around to the task of cunt licking her thoroughly, Terri was
seething and melting with ecstasy. Her delicate pussy was ablaze with sensation. It
throbbed and itched with mad delight, her secretions oozed into Jack's waiting
mouth, her ass pumping up and down on poor Carole's face; although the girl
seemed to enjoy having her lips smeared with the male and female sex juices!

As she became carried helplessly nearer to her orgasm, Terri cried out loud with
passion, her sexual frenzy overcoming her completely and dissolving her senses in a
wild, subterranean lake which was warm and electric with pleasant tingling

A quickening of the bodies beneath her told Terri that Jack and Carole were also
approaching a mutual climax, their intermingled organs working frantically so as to
achieve the moment of orgasm in the same split second.
With a heartfelt roar, Jack shot his load into Carole's cunt, releasing the torrent of
creamy foam just as the girl raised her hips off the floor and shuddered to her own

But Terri's cunt wasn't forgotten, despite the intensity of Jack's orgasm. He valiantly
kept his mouth glued to the girl's pink and pouting pussy, drawing hard on the inner
lips until Terri had exhausted every bit of her love juice and strength in a violent,
sustained climax.

"I still can't believe it!" Jack exclaimed. "You mean, you really don't know who you
are? You're not kidding-you've lost your memory completely?"

Terri nodded uncomfortably. They were over the effects of the marijuana and the sex
now, all three of them sitting cross-legged on the floor drinking black coffee. She and
Carole were still in a state of nearly complete undress, but Jack had buttoned his
shirt and drawn his trousers on again. After their intimacy, Terri hadn't been able to
keep her secret any longer. Anyway, she consoled herself, did it really matter if Jack
and Carole knew about her amnesia?

They didn't seem to be the kind of people who would take advantage of her as she
had feared at first. They were both casual, friendly and really rather innocent, despite
the credo of free love which they both preached and practiced. And Terri had been
amused to find that their first reaction to her confession had been an immediate
assumption that she was kidding them, playing a practical joke for their amusement!
Exactly like Doris, she had thought.

And then Terri realized that she, too, would have reacted in precisely the same way
if somebody told her that they were suffering from amnesia. In this flippant, amoral
society, where sick jokes abounded and kidding about important things such as
mental illness was merely one way of keeping them at bay, you couldn't really expect
to be taken seriously. Not at first, anyway.

"What are you going to do about it?" Carole asked. She set her cup in its saucer and
cocked her head on one side. "I thought people who lost their memories were kept
under observation-in hospitals?"

"There doesn't seem to be anything the matter with me," Terri explained. "Apart from
the amnesia, I mean. Everything else is working just fine. It seems to me that what I
need is a good memory-jogger. You know, something to go snap in my mind and
bring the past back."

"And you thought we might do the trick?" Jack smiled. "But we didn't. Is that right?"

"Right." Terri sighed. "But it was very exciting finding out if you were the answer.
Very exciting indeed! If anything, I feel more confused than ever. I don't seem to be
the kind of person I feel I am at all! All this-all this sex," Terri giggled. "Tell me am I
really as wild as this? Since this morning, when the amnesia started, I've only met
three people. All of them, without exception, took it for granted that I ... well, that I
was oversexed and bisexual into the bargain!"

"There's only one answer to that," Jack said slowly. "Since you've responded to
these situations, yes, you must be free and easy with sex and drugs. You took it all
without a murmur of protest, didn't you?"

"But only to experiment," Terri protested. "I wanted to find out about my past, and the
only way to do that was by-by accepting any experiences that were offered."

"Oh yeah?" Jack's tone of voice was still friendly but there was an element of
mockery in it. "You know something, Terri? I think you're playing a game with
yourself!" He stared into her eyes and the intensity of his gaze made Terri feel
suddenly guilty, as if she knew what he was going to suggest and feared the truth of
his diagnosis.

"Maybe I'd better start by telling you a few home truths about yourself, baby! Then
you'll see what I'm driving at. First of all, you're a rich, talented bitch who is cornering
the market in sexy, way-out fashion design. Secondly, you know everyone of
importance in the mod movie and TV worlds. And if they ever wrote a book about
half of your sex affairs it would sell a million copies overnight!"

Jack was ticking the points off on his finger, enumerating them while he looked
directly at Terri, a curious mixture of admiration and revulsion in his eyes.

"That's the background, darling," he continued. "The details aren't important, you can
fill them in some other time. But the way you've been living lately it isn't surprising
you've suffered some kind of mental breakdown. Because, don't kid yourself, Terri,
that's what it is!

Amnesia is really a deliberate black-out, something your mind engineered because

you couldn't stand the pace any more! Listen, baby: you've been on psychedelics,
pot, speed-you name it, you've tried it! That's the drug scene. Now let's move on to
the sex scene.

"Don't take offense at what I'm going to say, will you, Terri? I'm not a moralist. I dig
sex as much as anyone else. But if you seriously think you're a sweet, naive little girl
who's being led astray, you really are crazy!

"Anyway, here it is; to my knowledge, you've done just about everything there is to
do with another human being! Girls, men, groups ... If there's any combination, any
variation you haven't tried, its only because they haven't been invented yet!"

Carole frowned at him. "You're going a bit too far, Jack," she rebuked. "Terri may be
a bit of a nympho, but she's always been honest about it."
"Sure!" Jack agreed with a smile. "Up to now, she has. But take a good look at her!
You're seeing the other side of Terri who's been kept in the background all this time,
the quiet, respectable side of her personality. She's been lying in wait all these years
... waiting for her other self to crack up so that she could take over!

"Well, it's finally happened. The wild, kick-loving Terri Foster took one LSD trip too
many! She went on one sex orgy for too long. Something like that," he shrugged. "It's
not important what caused the breakdown. What matters is that it did come along.

"And now you're split in two, darling! You're burying all memory of that other Terri
Foster, just as she buried the humdrum side of her character. The question is," he
concluded-and Terri was quite sure now that Jack was gloating over her-"The
question is: which side of your personality is going to win?"

"You're quite an amateur psychiatrist, aren't you?" Terri said coldly. "How well did
you know me, anyway?" she asked. "As far as I can see, you're both employed by
me. You take pictures of my designs and Carole models some of them. What gives
you the right to analyze my character?"

Jack laughed. "Oh sure!" he interrupted. "We just work for her, don't we, Carole?
How do we know what she's really like!"

"Your being a bit nasty," Terri told him icily. "And I'm getting rather annoyed with you,
Jack. If there's something you haven't told me, come straight out with it! Perhaps it's
the very thing that will bring back my memory.

"O.K. I'll lay it on the line for you, baby." Jack was suddenly serious, the mocking
element in his voice gone. "These panties for example." He patted Carole's crotch,
allowing his fingers to drop carefully onto the girl's wet pussy and draw attention to
the open crotch of the pants. "Things like this don't start out by being fashion
designs, do they, Carole?"

The girl shook her head. "Let me explain," she begged him. "You're being too
unpleasant about this, Jack." To Terri, she went on, "You see, about three years
ago, before you were well known, before you'd even thought about designing
clothes, the three of us used to ... well, we used to have a very close, a very intimate

"We grew up together, at least from the age of 12 or so. All three of us were orphans,
we were raised in the same home. And we used to play games-special games, sex
games, games that usually involved clothes-dressing up. Doesn't any of this mean
anything to you?"

Terri shook her head helplessly. "It's still a blank," she said quietly. "I don't remember
any of it."
"AH right," Carole continued. "Later, when we started work, Jack became a
photographer and I got a few jobs modeling. You had always designed the costumes
for our sex games and, naturally, you tried to break into the field of fashion. Without
success at first, until it suddenly occurred to all three of us that we could quite
probably make a fortune by selling erotic photos!

"You designed, I modeled, and Jack took the pictures. It wasn't long before we
realized that we could make a lot more money by going semi-erotic. If we toned
down the pornographic qualities of the photographs, but kept the fashion designs as
wild and daring as the law permitted ... well, needless to say, the whole thing was a
roaring success.

"Manufacturers wanted to reproduce the clothes you designed (that was the biggest,
most successful side of the operation, your designs) and we were made. Since then,
we've kept the really sexy, really outlandish clothes simply for our own private

"But why did you call me Miss Foster when I came this morning?" Terri asked in a
troubled voice. "I don't understand-your whole attitude indicated that we were

Carole smiled. "You really don't know?" she giggled. And when Terri insisted that
she had no idea, Carole explained. "Only yesterday, you suggested it yourself,
darling! We all felt that we were getting into a bit of a rut and that it might be a good
idea to spice things up. You know, pretend that we were strictly business
acquaintances. That's why I didn't think you were behaving oddly when you arrived."

"I think I'd better go and try to work things out," Terri said, rising and gathering her
clothes together. "None of this makes any kind of sense to me right now. I ... I'll give
you a ring this evening."

"Just as you like," Jack shrugged. "If you can't remember it, our telephone number is
in your diary!"

Jack and Carole exchanged a glance of mutual unconcern, an expression of not

caring very much if Terri kept in touch with them or not. And Terri, seeing their
attitude, suddenly wanted desperately to leave the room, to move away from their
knowledge of her.

She dressed hurriedly, feeling nothing but contempt for Jack and Carole now. They
had upset her with their alleged history of her past and present; and Terri fell
reasonably certain that her first hunch had been right. In some way, they were taking
advantage of her loss of memory. What Jack had told her didn't ring true. Terri was
convinced that such a story-especially since it involved her childhood-would have
jogged her mind at least a little bit. Some portion of her memory should have
returned to her upon hearing Jack's version of her life, if it had been accurate.

Terri felt aware of the real undercurrents of danger in her plight. The kind of people
she apparently knew could so easily twist everything around for their own purposes.
And, since her mind was a blank white page, they could write their own characters
and distortions of her life on it, without any fear that she would contradict them.

Terri said good-bye and left the studio as quickly as possible. As she closed the
door, a few seconds before it swung shut, she could hear a muffled, stifled laugh,
which was abruptly cut off, as if Jack or Carole had realized that it wasn't quite safe
to give vent to their feelings.

It made Terri feel even worse to think that they considered taking advantage of her
such a big joke. Could there possibly, she wondered, be any truth to what they told
her? Perhaps they had made up the whole story, thus hoping to benefit financially in
some way, possibly by taking over her business!

She was at the mercy of anyone, anyone at all, who knew she was suffering from
amnesia. They could tell her the absolute truth or an outright he. How would she
know the difference?

It was terrifying to think about.


Outside, Terri let the fresh air invigorate her as much as possible. The view of
Central Park to her left as she walked south, was a pleasant, cheerful sight. Even to
see the tall spires of buildings in the distance did not detract from the openness, the
unrestricted feeling of being outside.

Looking at the clock in a jeweler's window, Terri saw that it was almost three. It was
past time for lunch, but her jumpy stomach wasn't in the mood for food anyway. A
drink was something else! That was what she needed, Terri realized ... a good, stiff
drink to relax the jumpy, nervous feeling.

As she walked past Columbus Circle and headed down Broadway, Terri was again
reminded how curiously her mind could cope with the surface details of her life. She
found no difficulty at all, for instance, in finding her way around Manhattan. Without
hesitation, she could walk right up to any number of bars, restaurants and cocktail

And glancing toward Times Square, Terri was almost certain that she could recall
having gone into a small theater along there to see a sex-movie, something from
Sweden with Lesbians and men and girls doing almost everything. Had she really
seen such a movie in a public theater?

Terri stopped suddenly! She was standing in front of a small boutique. She seemed
to recall that she had been there before, bought a party dress there not too long ago.
She stared at the window display, trying to see if something there would jog her
memory further. Had she been with someone? Was the weather wet or dry, hot or
cold? Was there a special reason she bought the party dress that day ... if she
bought the dress? If ... .

Obstinately, tormentingly, the memories remained elusive, hovering, it seemed, on

the very edge of her consciousness, then floating down again before she could catch
hold and examine them.

A bar, Gillmore's, was only two doors away from the boutique, and Terri stepped
through the glass doors, moving into a smoky, noisy place which hummed and
crackled with half-heard conversation. She picked her way among the crowd and
managed to find an empty stool at the far side of the long bar, away from the dense
gathering but still hemmed in on both sides by beer and whiskey drinking customers.

The clientele were mostly young people in their early or late twenties. Their
conversation consisted mainly of arguments and discussions about the latest trends
in culture films, books, the theater-their opinions voiced stridently and with
confidence, but amusing Terri by their intensity and their obvious self-importance.

She ordered a Scotch and Soda but the drink tasted sickly and unpleasant to her
palate. Making a wry face, Terri pushed the glass to one side and lit a cigarette,
wondering if she usually drank Scotch or whether her conscious mind was failing her
as well.

"Hello, darling! This is a pleasant surprise!"

Terri turned her head. A very familiar face beamed down at her, tanned and
handsome, mature yet somehow irresistibly boyish; the sparkling blue eyes and
white teeth forcing a name to her lips before Terri was aware of the fact.

"Don Glenn!" she exclaimed. "You're-you're Don Glenn, the actor!"

He laughed and slipped his arm around her shoulders in an intimate gesture which
told Terri immediately that they were good friends; that she mingled in circles which
contained such big and important actors as Glenn. But although she knew his name,
knew how famous he was and could even recall several of his recent shows, Terri
was unable to go any further and summon up memories of a more personal
relationship with the star.
And, once again, she was confronted with an important decision. Should she tell Don
about her amnesia? Would he be understanding and sympathetic, or would he, in
some indefinable way, want to take advantage of her? Terri recalled what Jack had
said about her. " ... a rich, talented bitch ... !"

It suddenly occurred to Terri that if she was famous and wealthy, she must also have
many enemies. She knew that people who jumped to the top of the pile were hated
and feared, not only by smaller fry, but by their contemporaries. Jealousy and fear of
being outshone could make men and women act violently if they had the chance.
And she, Terri, was in a particularly vulnerable situation at the moment. If word got
around (and now there were three people, Doris, Jack and Carole who knew what
had happened to her), there might be a kind of conspiracy started to shoulder her out
of the way.

What motive would others have for wanting to harm her? And instantly came the
answer: revenge!

From nowhere, the word tore at Terri's mind. She felt cold fear at her spine, a
trembling in her legs as the word loomed large in her consciousness. REVENGE!

"What's troubling you, Terri?" Don's hand tightened on her shoulder, his face coming
closer and expressing concern in every feature. "You look as if somebody has just
given you a traumatic shock, darling."

"I ... I'm all right." Terri managed to say. And then she subsided into silence, her lip
trembling and her teeth chattering with fright. That had been the first breakthrough,
she thought. The first real piece of insight. She knew now that she definitely had
enemies, that she had done things, said things, which certain people would love to
repay to her. There was nobody she could trust any more, because she had no way
of knowing the ones whom she had hurt.

Don moved smoothly into the bar stool next to her which had just been vacated. His
tall, muscular physique, the scent of an expensive cologne, the air of reliable
masculinity which flowed from him, made Terri feel an urgent need to throw her head
onto his broad shoulders and cry her eyes out. But, instead, she reached out and
covered his hand with her own, murmuring, "I had a bit of a shock this morning, Don.
I'm ... not quite myself!"

He squeezed her fingers affectionately. "You need a good, stiff drink," Don advised.
"What's that? Looks like Scotch and that's not your usual drink is it, Terri? Come on,
I'll buy you." Then his expression changed, he became more confidential, and his
mouth whispered directly into her ear.

"No, I've got a better idea. Why don't you come over to my apartment. I'll mix you
one of my special cocktails, the ones you love so much, darling!"
Terri was still feeling slightly high on the marijuana and the atmosphere of the bar,
smoke-filled and ringing with loud voices, was giving her a headache.

"Could we?" she pleaded. "I'm sorry to be such a dud, Don. I think I really would like
to go somewhere quiet."

"Come on. We'll be there in no time." He paid the bill and held out his arm, making a
path through the congested lounge for them by using his broad shoulders. A moment
later they were side by side, squeezed into Don's Sting Ray, the engine racing
powerfully as he opened the throttle.

"Fasten your seat belt, darling!" he laughed. "Here we go!"

And the low-slung car shot suddenly up the ramp to the parkway. Wind buffeted off
the gleaming windshield and whipped her hair back, making the beautiful blonde
tresses fly out in a stream of honey-gold.

Don patted her bare knee. "Remember the last time I took you for a drive?" he
asked. He took time off from his driving to give Terri a quick, serious look. "I'll never
forget it, darling," he said sincerely. "I owe you a great deal, Terri. And I only hope I
can repay you one day."

Terri studied his perfect, almost too handsome profile. What did he mean by that?
What did he really mean? Was it an innocent remark, to be taken at its face value?
Or was there, as she strongly suspected, some underlying menace in the vague
promise (or threat?) that he "hoped he could repay her?"

At any rate, Terri felt that she would be wise not to reveal her loss of memory to Don
until she had an opportunity to judge him more carefully. It was quite possible that
they were good friends, even lovers; in which case he could probably help her a
great deal.

On the other hand, she was still puzzled, uneasy. Terri realized that this was going to
happen with everyone she met. Until her memory came back, she couldn't afford to
trust anyone, however friendly and well-disposed towards her they appeared on the
surface. It was an unpleasant, disconcerting situation to feel so naked and
suspicious. But for the time being, there seemed nothing else for her to do but go
along as if she was perfectly all right.

Sooner or later, she knew, somebody would be bound to ask her if she was still
suffering from amnesia. That was one thing she could count on. By this evening
pretty well everyone she knew would be in on the secret. And at that moment, as
Don braked sharply behind a slow moving truck, she realized that she had
deliberately engineered events so that she was given a kind of "time limit" in which to
regain her memory.
Eight more hours, at most! If she didn't know who she was and if all the aspects of
her personality weren't revealed to her by that time, she would be at the mercy of her
friends and her enemies!

Maybe this was the best way, Terri thought. She couldn't simply drift from day to day,
picking up a few scraps of information about herself here, a few more bits and pieces
there. She had to have a sense of urgency about the problem. And what better
reason for urgency could there be than to know how vulnerable and victimized she
would be if she didn't recover before everyone knew about her illness?

"Stupid bitch!" Don snarled. He put the car into gear again and blasted his horn at an
old woman who was creeping along at about 35. "One of these days I'm going to ... "

He controlled himself with an effort, glancing sideways at Terri and smiling with tight
lips that did little to conceal his anger.

"Shooting down slow drivers is pretty bad for my image, I suppose," he grinned. "But
they really make you feel like committing murder, don't they?"

Terri nodded absently. She was absorbed in studying the naked fury which had
appeared on Don's face. For a few seconds, he had looked really murderous! And
she wondered if his urbane outward appearance concealed an ugly, animal-like
temper that could easily explode on anyone who happened to brush him the wrong

And she thought again of his earlier words and wondered if he was in her debt for
something which might make him angry with her-if he ever thought he could get
away with it?

"Home at last!" Don brought the sporty car to a quick halt outside a smart apartment
block in the West 160's. The buildings overlooked Fort Washington Park, the George
Washington Bridge, the river, and (when the weather was clear) the New Jersey

Terri couldn't help revealing about one inch of naked thigh as she scooted out of the
seat, which Don noticed with some interest. He had rushed around to open the door
for her, then took her hand as they walked into the posh lobby of the tall apartment
building. The desk clerk glanced up and greeted them both by name! Terri was
obviously no stranger to Don's apartment. The man was even bold enough to give
Terri a knowing smile as Don looked the other way. Had she been intimate with the
desk clerk too?

Don escorted her into the elevator, and Terri was impressed and confused both
when she saw him punch the button marked "Penthouse." They seemed to zoom up
to the top floor of the building. And once inside the fabulous penthouse, she was
even more impressed by the smell of money that it conveyed. But then Don Glenn
should have a lot of money, she realized.

In a matter of only two or three minutes, Don was serving her his special drink. Terri
took it with a smile and sipped slowly at the contents, holding the delicate stem
between her forefinger and thumb. The drink was very good and had a licorice taste
to it that gave off a distinctive and yet not quite definable aroma. It was the kind of
drink Terri could finish quickly and ask for more. It went down so easily that it hardly
tasted alcoholic.

"It's delicious!" she exclaimed, looking up at Don with a reciprocated smile of

intimacy. "How do you make it?"

"My own, special, secret recipe," he told her. "And I'll never reveal the secret either. I
learned it from an Algerian bartender in a very exclusive club in Paris when I was
doing some TV tapes there."

Terri giggled softly. In the actor's chic and well furnished apartment she felt more at
ease. Don had either got a keen sense of taste or he had employed a firm of high-
class interior decorators to transform the four walls of his living quarters into a virtual
paradise of modern luxury. Fluffy black rugs littered the parquet floor, stereo
equipment played a continual, soothing relay of background music, book shelves
and objects d'art were prominently displayed. And yet the room seemed lived-in-not
merely an artificial reconstruction of a Sunday color supplement. Don belonged here,
Terri felt. He blended perfectly with the decor and its accoutrements; a perfect
symbol of the age-virile, famous, a huge army of fans and yet part of life, not merely
a projection of it.

"Why did you decide to become an actor?" she asked him curiously. Don smiled
again. He sat on the arm of Terri's chair and began to stroke her long, blonde hair.

"I thought you knew, darling," he murmured. "I like to play with people's emotions.
Make them feel excited, give them something to brighten their drab little lives!"

As he spoke, his hand played leisurely with the nape of her neck, his long, artistic
fingers stroking gently, coaxingly across the girl's soft flesh. Terri shuddered with
pleasure. There was something special about his touch. It made her feel strangely
weak and helpless. And the fact that she realized he was deliberately putting on an
act with her only gave Terri's emotions a stronger thrill.

"It makes you excited, too, doesn't it?" she whispered. Her eyes felt hot and the
lashes closed almost involuntarily as the man's hand slipped around to her throat
and began to slide slowly and gently down the front of her dress. "You aren't just
acting when you play love scenes, are you, Don?"
His mouth came to her ear, his lips working carefully through the silky sheen of her
hair so that they could move sexily against the lobe.

"I have no secrets from you, Terri." His tongue slid forward, darting wetly into the
girl's ear and licking sensuously around the small, delicately shaped orifice. "When
I'm in front of the camera or on stage, it's for real ... the same way this is real!"

He turned her face towards him, kissing hungrily at her soft, pliant lips, urging them
apart so that his tongue could explore the girl's mouth. While they kissed, Don's
other hand closed around her breast. It fondled with an urgent need at the round
globe, his fingers pressing between her bra and the bare, creamy skin of her bosom.

Terri had thought that Jack was oversexed! Now, under the pressure of Don's mouth,
feeling the actor's hand caressing her breast and lovingly provoking her nipple, she
realized that this mature, skillful man was a hundred times more passionate and

He brought her slowly and exquisitely to an aroused state, delaying his own pleasure
so that the girl could enjoy the lingering movement of his fingers; working on the
erotic zones of her body like a true artist.

And Terri, perhaps due to the contents of the cocktail which he had prepared for her,
was only too eager to give herself completely to Don's desires. She allowed him to
take over, moving her limbs in strict obedience to his desire, letting him ease her
down off the chair and lay her gently on the soft-carpeted floor.

Terri's eyes closed in passive acquiescence, the girl felt cushions being placed
strategically under her. One supported her head, another tucked firmly beneath her
buttocks, raising them, lifting her dress so that the hem rode to the crotch of her

Don smiled as he unbuttoned his shirt and stripped to I'll his underpants. Beneath the
tight, monogrammed garment his prick rose in a powerful erection-throbbing steadily.

In a moment or two, Terri's mouth was covered once more, his lips pressing firmly
against her teeth and licking across them until she sighed and let him enter her
mouth again. This time, his tongue penetrated almost immediately to the back of her
throat, making Terri gasp as she received the wriggling, wet invader.

Her hands came up to his bare shoulders, thrusting at them, trying to make Don
move away a little and let her breathe. But he persisted; bearing down on her, his
body sliding over to cover hers, his full weight sprawling uncomfortably until Terri felt
choked and almost suffocated.
Fear started to pulse through her mind. Was his earlier gentleness only a mask? Did
he intend to possess her roughly, crudely? Forcing her to submit to his desire,
conscious only of his own pleasure now that he had her excited?

His cock was bulging between her naked thighs, hot and strong, its sharply outlined
length throbbing powerfully as it lay pointing sexily towards her panty-covered cunt.
Then, as Terri started to struggle in earnest, Don abruptly took his mouth away from
hers and whispered: .

"Don't you want to do it this way?"

She shook her head. "Not so rough, darling!" she pleaded. "I'd like you to be soft and
tender with me-please?"

Don's white teeth flashed in an understanding smile. At once, the weight of his body
eased as he rested on his elbows and kissed the corner of Terri's mouth, his lips
sucking the soft skin inwards and his tongue licking daintily on the flesh.

His hands traveled down over her breasts, pausing to shape and mold the tingling,
excited nipples and then busy themselves with the buttons of her dress. Terri relaxed
again. She kept her fingers on the muscular, bronze shoulders; stroking the powerful
flesh in a dreamy, loving caress.

Don helped her slip out of the sleeves of her dress. He I lay on his side now,
studying the curves of her body, his hand on her bare midriff. Gradually and without
betraying the least excitement himself, the actor stroked up the side of her waist until
his fingers touched the red swelling of Terri's nipple, which was sticking upwards
beneath the white cup of her brassiere.

Don closed his forefinger and thumb around the stem, pinching slowly but tighdy,
producing a murmur of pleasure from the relaxed, trembling girl.

His other hand slipped smoothly beneath her body and worked expertly with the
clasp, releasing the bra straps and allowing his fingers complete access to the
wonderful, voluptuous flesh of her breast.

Instead of caressing the globe, Don drew his hand away for a moment. When Terri
opened her eyes in protest at this interruption, he kissed them shut again.

"Just a moment, darling," he begged. "I've got a little surprise for you."

Puzzled, Terri shut her eyes and waited. She could hear a strange, indistinct sound,
like the slap of rubber gloves being drawn on. And when, seconds later, she felt a
curious sensation on her belly Terri then understood that this was precisely what
Don had been doing!
A pair of slick, tight-fitting surgical gloves had been pulled onto his hands, stretching
snugly to the fingers, transparent and oddly exciting as they began to move gently
over her bare flesh.

Terri wriggled sinuously, unable to repress a shudder of delight as he started to

massage her nude breasts. The texture of the rubber gloves made the nipples perk
up outstandingly, causing her crotch to ache with itchy tension. She trembled
constantly, her entire body responding to the strange feeling of having her nipples
titillated by so bizarre a caress.

When one of Don's hands began to move down again towards her cunt, the girl had
to fight hard to stop herself from squirming away. Delicately, Don unrolled her
panties until the taut waistband was stretched across Terri's sex lips. The blonde
pubic hair sprouted in a neat triangle, letting the red slit peep through them, puffy
and already moist with sex dew.

Gently, the man pushed his forefinger up and down the ridge of her cunt, pushing the
lips apart. Terri cried aloud with pleasure as the slick texture of the rubber entered
her pussy. It slid slowly, very slowly up into the hole, probing in every direction,
giving her vulva a thorough, searching examination.

And while he gently frigged the wet orifice, Don's free hand felt behind Terri's back,
aided by the cushion which was supporting the girl's body. He got his fingers over
the supple orbs of her ass; kneading and massaging the lovely spheres of flesh and
gradually opening them so that he could touch and fondle the fluted intimacy of her

As he caressed her with his hands, Don bent his mouth to Terri's right breast. Taking
the nipple between his lips, he sucked long and deep on the ripe red morsel,
extending it as fully as possible, making the lovely cherry grow stiff and hard under
his tongue.

Terri's anus and cunt were afire with passion now, as Don's fingers plunged deeper
and deeper into the twin hearts of her body. The rubber gloves gave his fondling an
air of superficial clinicism; but although he wore a doctor's thin finger-shield, his
exploration of her ass and cunt was far from medical.

Lubricated by the girl's juices, the man's fingers frigged in and out of Terri's holes,
worming around and around, exciting the tender young meat until it pulsed erotically.

She shivered with desire, her vulnerable spots teased and tormented by the
generous and painstaking caress.

But when she seemed about to explode with her orgasm, Don stopped. He brought
her skillfully to the very point of climax, rubbing the walls of her cunt and anus until
he felt the girl shuddering throughout her body with tension. And then the actor
carefully slowed the rhythm of his fingers ... not quite ceasing the manipulation of
Terri's sex organs, but decreasing the tension so that she maintained her excitement
without passing its zenith.

Again, he lowered his almost naked body on top of hers; drawing back the waistband
of his shorts so that the length of his prick soared out from its encasement. Terri was
still wearing her own panties, but they were now in such a state of disorder that she
might have been completely naked for all the use they were to her.

Don quickly stripped them down the girl's legs, using his foot to thrust the skimpy
bundle of silk over her ankles. Blissfully, she let him do whatever he wished;
spreading her beautifully white thighs so that her open cunt was fully exposed to the
man's cock.

He fondled her legs, taking his time over the caress so that every inch of Terri's
supple limbs was given a massage by his expert hands. She linked her arms around
his neck and drew his face against her own, the sweetness of her breath blowing in
Don's mouth as she parted her soft lips and pushed the pinkness of her tongue
forward in willing intimacy.

By this time, Don's hands were beneath her buttocks, pressing the voluptuous
cheeks, opening and closing them so that the sleek flesh tightened around Terri's
cunt lips; thrusting the pursed slit out in a bulgy, tempting display of gorgeous sex

Still wearing the rubber gloves, he pushed one finger into the tight little anus,
leisurely turning the digit around and around until-finally-it began to disappear into
the snugness of Terri's ass-hole.

She winced with pain, her body stiffening slightly as the pressure built up in her
anus; feeling hot and unnaturally crammed with a foreign invader, uncomfortably full
of Don's masculine finger. But after a while, after he applied his tongue to her mouth
and began to kiss her into submission, Terri learned to accept the ass-frigging he
was giving her. She even started to wiggle her hips, squirming her taut buttocks
around so that his digit penetrated more securely.

Don's prick was stuck at an angle alongside her raw, deep-red cunt; thrusting
upwards so that the underside of its length was rubbing firmly against the moist
exposure of her sex hole. But although she could feel it so temptingly close to her
pussy, Terri longed for the thick, rigid flesh to slide right into the hole itself; she
realized that her clitoris was growing more and more provoked, the little button
stiffening up!

Her juices were flowing, too, but although Don kept pushing his prick up and down,
the friction making her dizzy with desire, he seemed to be in no hurry at all to
complete their intercourse.
Their bodies were getting wet and slippery. The heat of their bellies as they rubbed
and pressed together made rivulets of moisture drip down onto the man's cock,
soothing the fiery redness as it fucked up and down on Terri's hard pubic mound.

"Fuck me, darling!" she whispered at last. "Please ... oh Don, I want it so much!"

He licked around the inside of her mouth with the point of his tongue. "Not yet,
darling. Surely you don't want to spoil everything just yet?"

Spoil everything! Terri's head started to whirl with frustration. The finger which was
playing so intimately with the inner region of her ass-hole showed no sign of
relenting, and Don's tongue was doing everything possible to keep her at a fever
pitch of excitement. And yet he wanted to deny her the greatest pleasure of ah!

Disappointment built up in Terri's mind like a tidal wave of despair. She could feel it
breaking on the beach of her consciousness, the booming surf of her frustration both
maddening and unbearable!

Suddenly, she reacted to Don's deliberate teasing!

Releasing his neck, she fought both her hands down between their bodies and
grabbed his prick tightly! Wriggling her ass, Terri struggled to fit the raging, throbbing
stick into her cunt, aided by the cushions which were still supporting her buttocks.

To her horror, the man tensed himself and pulled his body away from hers!

Terri cried aloud with anguish, an animal moan drawn from the depths of her being
as she felt the hot cock snatched from her anxious fingers.

"Wait!" he ordered sternly. And a change had come over Don's features now, his
face had undergone a rather frightening transformation, changing from the
concerned, friendly smile of a lover to something which Terri couldn't quite
understand. It was like a mask now, a horrible, tight-lipped mask which stared down
at her mockingly. She shivered, wondering what was going on behind the man's
rather cold blue eyes.

"You're not in control of yourself today, Terri," Don told the girl. Swiftly, he pinned her
wrists tightly and held them in a surprisingly strong grip so that she couldn't move her
hands or arms so much as an inch.

"Don't!" she begged, staring up into his wide merciless eyes. "Don't spoil everything,
darling!" And then she realized that she had used Don's very words. He thought that
she was upsetting their intimacy, and she thought that he was spoiling their pleasure!
It also occurred to the girl that-in Don's eyes-she must be behaving very oddly. She
supposed that there was more to their sex relations than straight-forward inter-'
course; and she waited fearfully to discover what he in-l tended to do.

As soon as he felt the girl relax beneath his body, Don; eased the pressure of his
grip. He remained on top of her-and she could still feel the pulse of his prick as it
beat steadily on the mound of her hairy pubis-but Don made no attempt to fuck his
way into her cunt.

Reaching beyond her into a cupboard beneath the bookshelves, he brought out a
coil of silk-spun rope and proceeded to bind her wrists very securely behind her

Terri moistened her lips and submitted to the ordeal. H she protested too violently,
she told herself, he would grow suspicious. He might even guess that she wasn't in
command of herself, that she was suffering some kind of: mental disorder.

Now, he probably thought that her protestations were simply part of the act! She
tested her bonds, wriggling her arms and tried to find out if she could struggle free of
her own accord.

They held, refusing to give an inch! To all intents and purposes, Terri was utterly at
the mercy of her supposed lover!

He sat back and admired his handiwork for a moment or two. Then Don grinned.

"You had me worried for a moment, darling!" he exclaimed. "I'm supposed to be the
actor-not you!" Then, like a chameleon, his expression changed once more, this time
becoming sly and gloating; his eyes traveling so slowly and hotly over Vanessa's
utterly exposed body that the girl could feel goose pimples breaking out on her flesh!

She still didn't quite understand what was going to happen, even though Don's
manner indicated that he wanted to have her in a position where she couldn't object
to anything he might try to do.

But when he gathered up two further coils of the white, silky rope and proceeded to
tie both her ankles to the legs of a wide, Victorian-styled armchair, Terri grew really
afraid. For all she knew, she might be in the hands of a homicidal maniac, she
thought wildly! Cliff could do anything to her, anything at all!

I He had stood up after completing the task of rendering Terri helpless. He now
peeled down his shorts and tossed them aside, placing both legs astride over the
girl's chest I and fondling his prick thoughtfully.

Terri looked exceedingly beautiful, he mused, her long, shapely legs stretched out in
a wide, abandoned attitude, her wrists firmly bound at her back. And a brief tremor of
affection passed through him as he thought how kind Terri was to play his little
games so willingly, without any ! fuss, without any recrimination!

But the moment quickly passed, the desire to dominate springing foremost to his
mind as Don surveyed the attractive, helpless female who awaited his attentions,
who would submit to every whim that might occur to him, who would allow herself to
be humiliated and mastered until he had exhausted his bizarre urges.

Don fingered and mauled her charms without pausing for a second, either to
consider her own feelings or to gather his breath. He pinched her nipples cruelly; he
sucked and bit them until they were almost bleeding from the sharpness of his teeth;
he fondled her cunt-still wearing the skin-tight rubber gloves-making her writhe and
twist in a frantic effort to stop the awful tickling.

Throughout the ordeal, he kept up a constant stream of verbal abuse, belittling her
charms, coldly criticizing the shape of her breasts, the size of her cunt; sneering and
laughing at the most intimate zones of her body until Terri was very close to tears.

When the first phase of his passion abated, the handsome actor forced her to suck
his limp cock back to erection, holding her ears and twisting them roughly while he
rammed his prick forcibly into her mouth and drove it in and out between the wide
stretch of her pretty pink lips.

She was his slave, he told her, a humble, worthless menial who must obey his every
command, or die! And terrible though the experience was, Terri realized only too well
that he might-he just might!-be capable of carrying out his threat!

She kept herself from screaming, stifled the anguish which kept bubbling to her lips,
and cooperated fully with every one of the man's strange desires.

Don finally knelt beside her, leaning forward so that his incredibly thick and vibrating
prick was lying on the soft top of Terri's thigh, and stroked his hand down the hairy
mound which topped her cunt. With the girl's legs parted, her fine young slit was
peeled open almost completely. Although he could have inserted his fingers into the
gash with ease, Don chose to toy with the girl's pussy for a while, merely rubbing his
index finger slowly up and down the sweet, faintly pulsing slit without actually
penetrating it.

This tantalizing caress drove Terri hysterical! The brutality, the roughness of his
fondling she had been able to withstand; this was altogether different!

Starting with a high-pitched bout of giggling, the girl gradually accelerated into a
terrible, out-of-control scream, a scream that was evidently the signal Don had been
waiting for.
He swiftly positioned himself between her open thighs and stuck his cock deep into
the well-provoked, sweaty hole of Terri's cunt. Lunging forward with all his might, he
fucked her, laying his head on her right breast and moaning uncontrollably as his
prick thrust in and out, in and out.

How she longed to embrace him! Her arms straining harder than ever at her bonds,
to no avail! But there was nothing to keep her from raising her hips and joining with
him in a long, sustained fucking; their passions finally erupting as Terri felt his sperm
shooting hot and powerfully into her vagina.

After coming, he lost no time in releasing Terri from her bondage and cuddling the
trembling girl warmly to his exhausted body. She quivered in his arms like a
frightened baby bird, scarcely able to believe that this wasn't some terrible
nightmare, thinking that she would, surely, awake and find she had been dreaming.

"Oh, you were marvelous, Terri!" he sighed. "You're so understanding, so

wonderful!" He kissed her, a grateful, thankful kiss on her cheek, but she struggled
free of his embrace almost at once, recoiling from her contact with him.

"You filthy pig!" she shrilled. "You're not a man! You're not even a good lover! All you
think about is your own pleasure! You don't give a damn about me!"

In a rush, Terri's frustration returned. Stronger than ever before, her desire provoked
beyond endurance by the lack of fulfillment she had received, the girl snatched up
her clothes and dressed blindly, tears of anger and outrage blurring her vision.

He stared at her, complete disbelief written all over his face.

"What ... what are you talking about?" Don protested. He raised himself up on one
elbow, his handsome forehead creased in a genuinely perplexed frown. "This is what
you like, darling! It's what we always do!" He held out his arms pleadingly. "Soon,
after we've rested awhile, it'll be your turn, your turn to treat me as your slave!

"Look!. " His hands began to shake as he saw-uncomprehendingly-that Terri was

serious, that this wasn't an act she was putting on to add spice to their pleasure.
"Look, I'll start now if you like, darling."

And the idol of a million teenagers scrabbled pitifully at Terri's feet, his lips and his
tongue kissing at the girl's shoe.

With an oath, Terri drew her foot back and kicked him sharply, the toe of her slim
high-heeled shoe connecting with his jaw. He fell back in amazement, more shocked
than actually hurt, certain that he had gone insane! This wasn't the Terri Foster he
knew so well, Don thought wildly. She didn't behave like this. She had been the one
to suggest these little games. Now it seemed as if she was horrified and disgusted
by them.
Thoroughly sobered by her experience, Terri rushed out of the apartment. In the hall,
waiting for the elevator to arrive, she glanced nervously back at the closed door,
fearful that he might pursue her and demand an explanation.

But the door remained enigmatically closed, and she stepped into the elevator and
was whisked to the ground floor without seeing him again. The clock in the
downstairs lobby told her that it was almost five o'clock; warning her that time was
rapidly running out. Soon, she knew, everyone would be aware of her amnesia, and
it became more important than ever to Terri that she discover herself before that

"Oh, Miss Foster!" the desk clerk called out softly to her, glancing all around to be
sure he was not overhead by anyone. There was not another person in the lobby.

"Yes ... what is it?" she said, puzzled, but intrigued wondering if now was the time
that something would jog her memory back into existence. She walked over to the
desk slowly, anxiously.

The clerk, a young man of no more than twenty-five was not bad looking-wavy brown
hair and a "clean-cut" look about him, a cheap but new suit.

"Miss Foster ... I just wanted to be sure you're all right. I'll never forget the night I had
to call an ambulance and make up that story about you falling down the steps for Mr.

"Yes ... well, I'd hardly forget it either," Terri stuttered, trying to think how she could
drag more out of him. "But I was so ... I had so much to drink that time too. It was last
... oh, gosh ... when was it ... exactly?"

"Two weeks ago today," he said, then smiled very intimately and squeezed her hand
very briefly. "Mr. Glenn was sure glad you or I didn't tell the cops. He give me a
hundred dollar bill the next morning. And ... he showed me the rock he bought for
you. Wow! A full caret diamond ring! Say? How come you're not wearing it?"

"Oh ... it didn't quite fit," Terri lied, suddenly remembering that she had seen several
diamond rings and other expensive jewelry in a box on her dresser. "Was I ... hurt
very badly ... in your opinion, I mean?"

"No, you were lucky, Miss Foster," the young clerk said, his face blushing slightly. "I
was just getting off, remember? I followed the ambulance down to the hospital, and
then I drove you home after the doc checked you over and put some medicine on
your ... uh, the places you were hurt. You sure gave me a good reward after I took
you up to your place, Miss Foster. You haven't forgotten that, have you?"
"No ... no, indeed," Terri struggled to sound believable. "I think you're ... you're quite
a man, the way you took care of me. I like the way you're hung, darling. You're a
very virile, potent, young man. Maybe we can do it again sometime...."

"Huh?" the clerk shouted, a very puzzled look on his face. "Miss Foster! You don't
remember! I can't get a hard-on! You told me it was all right ... and you sucked me
off. Say? Have you got amnesia? Maybe you ought to see a doctor. Mr. Glenn must
have done something ... you want I should call a doctor?"

"No! No ... I'm all right!" Terri exclaimed with sudden fear at the word "amnesia" and
the fact that this young clerk could see her true condition. "It's just that I ... I was
really more out of it that night than I appeared. I ... I have to hurry to an appointment.
I'll see you again...."

"Yeah," the man said disconsolately, but then managed a smile and yelled to
hebefore she got to the door, "I'll be working; days for two months now. I get off at
six. Call me anytime."


Terri was in a panic as she walked outside and looked frantically for a cab.
Strangely, she thought, there was so little traffic, and it was already rush hour for so
many people. But then she realized that it was a long way to downtown Manhattan
when she saw a flock of people, work-weary and carrying newspapers under their
arms, emerge from a subway station just across the street.

Frantically, Terri dashed out into the street. She had no idea where the subway
would take her, but she knew that the underground trains of the big city were usually
faster than cabs. "Ahh!" she screamed as something hard hit her left leg and
knocked her to the street, accompanied by the sound of screeching brakes.

"God damn, lady! You hurt? You hurt?" An upset cabdriver had jumped out of the
vehicle that hit her and helped her to her feet, which seemed amazingly steady. "I
didn't mean t'hitcha, lady! You hurt? Say! You saw what happend dintcha? She ran
in fronta my cab. Hey, you! I gotta have a witness. It waren't my fault. Come on, be
nice, somebody. I can lose my hacker's license if it's her word against mine...."

Terri rubbed the side of her leg. It was barely sore!

Two runs had started in her stocking, but she found no sign of pain when she flexed
her leg up and down several times and wiggled her toes and moved her foot around.
Looking carefully to see that the other side of the street was clear, she dashed
across to the subway entrance.

"Hey! Hey, lady!" the incensed cabbie screamed after her. "I gotta write this up. Don't
go off an' then get one a those shysters to sue my ass off...."
"Move it, made! You're blocking traffic!" a man in a car behind the cab yelled.

"You heard him! Move the son of a bitch ... or I'll come over and move you!" another
driver screamed.

"Go to hell!" the hacker screamed back at them, then trudged back to his car and
looked in the back seat. "My fare! He's gone! Sonovabitch! Seven bucks he owed me

While the frustrated hacker was cursing and being cursed, Terri had walked down
the long flight of steps to the downtown side of the subway terminal, deposited her
fare, and walked right on to a stopped express train that would take her to within
walking distance of the Museum of Modern Art, the N.Y. Cultural Center, and so
many other like places. She felt suddenly like a tourist, familiar with the town as if
studying a "visitor's map,"

But Terri did need to do something, to look at pretty things and relax. And in a half
hour, as she walked into the huge art gallery, a sense of calm and peace finally
descended upon her. In the cool quietness of the vast rooms, wandering idly through
the winding corridors, Terri found that her eyes were being drawn inevitably to
pictures which contained a strong erotic element in them. Plump, voluptuous
Rubens, nude nymphs disporting in woodland glades with an assortment of satyrs
and shepherds, Venus at her toilette. The beautifully painted flesh seemed to leap off
the canvas at her, giving Terri-not an artistic, intellectual pleasure-but a renewal of
her sexual desire!

The boldly accentuated nipples of the women, the small but somehow potent
penises of the men, their attitudes of abandonment and sensual poses all combined
to fill the girl with a sharp, urgent need to have her own emotions provoked and, this
time, satisfied.

Terri was aware of a stiffening in her own nipples, she became conscious that her
thighs were brushing each other as she strolled, squeezing together the still-damp
lips of her vulva.

She had visited the gallery to quieten her mind. Instead, perhaps inevitably, the
collection of art had served to increase her bewildered and highly charged lust,
making it impossible for her to repress the hunger which was growing stronger each

Her hand was damp as she trailed it along the guide rail. She found herself walking
towards the ground floor again, her footsteps leading inexorably to the telephone
Seeing her reflection in the small, square mirror, Terri saw that her eyes were afire
with the need which possessed her body. They seemed to shine with a heat all their
own, staring back at her with none of the innocence which they had previously

She looked through her diary again, wishing that it gave more information. But the
entries were extremely cryptic. Appointments were listed by time and initials only,
and Terri turned back to the memorandum pages where a long list of names,
addresses and telephone numbers remained her only link with her past.

Terri read through them again and again, hoping that one of the names might leap
from the page and break through the fog of her amnesia. It was hopeless. And,
finally, she selected an entry at random, realizing by now that almost everyone listed
in the diary was on intimate terms with her and knowing that she wouldn't have very
much difficulty in finding a man willing to satisfy her.

The only snag was: would most of them prove to be as weird as Don?

She dialed the number and listened to the steady ring, her breath quickening and her
pulse racing with the suspense. Finally, the telephone was answered!

"It's Terri, Terri Foster. Is this George?"

"Yes. But I'm afraid I don't quite ... oh, Terri! Fm sorry, darling, I'm still suffering from
last night! As a matter-of-fact, I only got up half an hour ago. How are you?"

"I'm fine." Terri sighed with relief. For a moment she thought she had drawn a blank.
"But I wonder if I could come round, George? I feel rather lonely ... "

"Lonely?" he echoed, laughter in his voice. "That's the last thing I thought I'd hear
from you, darling! The popular, most exciting girl in the city lonely? I don't believe it!"

Terri cleared her throat nervously. She liked the sound of his voice, a friendly, well-
educated tone which nevertheless had a certain sensuous attraction about it.

"I thought we were good friends, George," she said softly, putting as much sex
appeal into her voice as possible. "And I thought you'd understand what 'lonely'
really meant ... "

"Good God, girl, you must be insatiable!" the man cried. "After last night's party I
thought you wouldn't want anything to do with sex for at least a week! As it is, I hear
you're going to Doris' house tonight for her weekly celebration. And now you ...

"Not that I'm objecting," he went on hurriedly. "I'd like nothing better than to see you
this afternoon, Terri. The only thing is, I've got Sonia with me at the moment. You
know, the little Swedish girl who I picked up the other day. Quite honestly, darling, I
was rather hoping to manage her seduction in an hour or so. I've got everything
going for me-wine, tranquilizers ... she's a bit of a professional virgin in spite of being

George laughed again. "Anyway, I thought that love in the afternoon might be a good
time to catch her unaware. And I know you wouldn't want to spoil things for me.
Once she gets going, Sonia looks like being a worthy recruit to our little circle!"

Terri retorted: "You sound rather unsure of yourself, darling! It seems to me as if you
could do with a little help! Why don't you let me come along and help to put her in the

George's embarrassment came filtering through the telephone wires.

"No, I don't really think that's a good idea, darling. Not yet, at any rate. I thought she
ought to graduate slowly, if you understand what I mean. It might shock her too
much if she came into contact with someone of your experience right away."

Terri felt that, despite the man's apparent reluctance, he was aroused by the thought
of having an aide in his seduction of the Swedish girl. And, furthermore, she could
tell from his manner that George wasn't capable of objecting too strongly to her
wishes. No doubt he was under her spell in some way, captivated by her, like all the
other people she seemed to know.

"I'll be with you in twenty minutes," she announced firmly, in a voice that allowed no
argument. "I'm sure you won't turn an old friend away-will you, George darling?"-

There was a moment's hesitation, then he sighed and said that he would be looking
forward to seeing her. Terri chuckled as she replaced the receiver and left the
telephone booth. It would be good to assert herself on someone who was apparently
less confident than she was. After all, she reminded herself, I've been the meek little
innocent so far; it's about tune I lived up to my reputation!

She strolled out of the art gallery, swinging her handbag carelessly, walking with a
jauntiness that caused several heads to turn admiringly in her direction. For the first
time, Terri understood what power really meant. It meant that she could make people
do whatever she wanted; it meant that she was able to gain whatever satisfaction
her heart might desire!

It scarcely occurred to her that she had undergone a tremendous change in her
personality since the onset of her amnesia. Terri Foster was a different girl, a self-
assured, highly sexed young woman who knew what she wanted and intended to
stop at nothing to be sure that she got it!

While she was still conscious of the black-out her mind had suffered, Terri was now
behaving as if the trauma hadn't happened. She had collected sufficient evidence
today to realize that nearly everyone on the "in" scene-everyone that mattered,
everyone with money, influence and fame-knew and admired her.

Why shouldn't she take advantage of this fact? What did it really matter if she had a
big gap in her memory? The brooding, the torturous self-searching was over, Terri
decided. She intended to get her kicks, and she couldn't wait to discover the further
variations which George Lee and his Swedish girl might provide for her. She walked
out into the fresh air and hailed a cab, giving the driver George's address, which was
a very expensive, downtown apartment building on the East Side.

It had only taken a few moments for her to size up the attractive young man named
George Lee. He was successful-a pop songwriter with three records currently riding
high in the top forty-but extremely weak-willed. His mouth, the lips overfull and
petulant, gave him away; and although George's personality and appearance were
charming, easy-going and very masculine, he had wilted visibly under the direct,
frank gaze which Terri fixed upon him and the authoritative tone of her voice.

He had introduced her somewhat reluctantly to Sonja, a blue-eyed young beauty

with a slim figure who smiled prettily at Terri but was unable to meet the older girl's
eyes for more than a few brief seconds. Obviously, she had heard a great deal about
Terri's reputation, and knew what incredible sex orgies the fashion designer had

George's interior decoration showed the unmistakable personality of a bachelor who

loved the good things in life and could afford them. They were at present in the living
room, an airy, but low-ceilinged area, sipping a delicious Rhine wine. Sonja had
slipped out of the room for a few moments and Terri had hurriedly whispered her
plan of action to the unwilling but rapidly yielding George.

By the time the Swedish girl returned, looking demure and very, very young beside
the two friends, Terri and George had formulated their plan. Or rather their campaign
for her seduction!

Stretching herself languidly, Terri yawned. "I feel hot and dusty! Mind if I take a
shower, darling? The weather is so sticky nowadays!"

"Go ahead," George invited. "You know where the bathroom is, don't you?"

Terri got up and cocked her head on one side. "Do you know something?" she
announced, frowning. "I've completely forgotten!" Appealingly, she held out her hand
to Sonja. "Come and show me," Terri pleaded. "We can have a little chat ... out of
earshot! You know what men are, they get irritated by what they call girl talk."

They linked arms and left the room, leaving George to take a deep breath and
wonder what the hell he had let the poor Swedish girl in for!
In the bathroom, Terri stripped off her dress while Sonja modestly cast her eyes
down at the floor, pretending not to be shy and embarrassed by the informality of the
girl's actions. During her short stay in the U.S., Sonja had quickly learned that
Stockholm had been outstripped by New York so far as uninhibited behavior went.
And for a girl who came from a small town, Sonja was receiving quite a few shocks
from the philosophy and action around her.

Her eyes on Terri's ankles-not letting them stray higher up the girl's legs-she
watched her new friend step into the shower stall. But Terri made no attempt to draw
the plastic curtains. Sonja shrugged placidly. She came from a large family; feminine
nudity wasn't strange to her, and the last thing she could have suspected was that
Terri had Lesbian designs on her!

But when she finally raised her eyes and saw that Terri was still wearing her pretty,
very tight fitting panties, Sonja frowned. The hot and cold jets were streaming down
the girl's body, already making the briefs wet so that they clung even more
revealingly to her hips and crotch.

"Excuse me," Sonja began timidly. "I think you've forgotten something, Terri!"

Shyly, she pointed at the wet panties. Terri glanced down at herself.

"Stupid of me!" she exclaimed. "Oh, dear, they're absolutely wringing wet! Oh well,
there's no point in taking them off now, I suppose. I might just as well keep them on
until I'm ready to wash between my legs!"

Terri tucked her fingers into the waistband and deliberately pulled the briefs up
higher, making quite certain that they bit into the center of her cunt, revealing the
division between her sex lips and showing quite plainly the puffy bulge on either side
of the plump little mound.

Sonja blushed. She found it increasingly difficult to take her eyes away from the
sexy, provocative sight of Terri's sweet and rather attractive pussy. And now that
steam was rapidly filling the shower stall and Terri was tilting her head into the spray,
her eyes closed, the Swedish girl stared almost hypnotically at the area of Terri's
body where her panties accentuated the most intimate portion of her charms.

Later, Sonja couldn't remember at all how it came about that she stepped under the
shower with Terri, first removing her blouse and skirt and unfastening her brassiere!

But, moments later, there she was, stripped down to her own, lace-edged panties,
rubbing a large, soapy sponge across Terri's back and shoulders. The stall wasn't
really large enough for the two girls; which meant that Sonja was forced to stand
extremely close to Terri, their bodies touching, her pert and gently lolling breasts
coming into unavoidable contact with the sleek, wet flesh of the older girl's back.
Terri had assured her that she always carried at least three extra pairs of spare
panties, but the invitation to join the girl under the spray, keeping her pants on "for
modesty," as Terri laughingly phrased it, was somehow too irresistable for the easily
led Sonja.

She had to admit that the warmth and girlish intimacy of their position was rather
exciting. Sonja giggled to herself, sliding the big yellow sponge over Terri's delicately
curved shoulders and letting it rub firmly across the girl's chest. Terri seemed to be
leaning back slightly, making Sonja hold her a little tighter in order to maintain her
balance. But since the shared-shower had already taken on some of the aspects of a
schoolgirl prank, Sonja merely put her other arm more securely about Terri's waist
and they cuddled together, the Swedish girl's breasts now pressed snugly to Terri's
back, the firm and sweetly rounded globes squashed lusciously!

Then, Terri was turning herself so that the spray hit a different area of her body. She
judged her movement nicely, causing Sonja's hand-the one which was holding the
sponge-to pass warmly across both her breasts. And as the Swedish girl twisted
around with her, the slippery sponge fell almost inevitably through her fingers to the
wet floor! Which left Sonja's open palm closing tightly around one of Terri's
gorgeously moist titties!

"Oh, it doesn't matter about the sponge," Terri cried. "I'm sure you can help me to
wash without it, can't you, darling?"

With her fingers straying curiously over the stiff bud of Terri's nipple, Sonja was too
aroused to even feel embarrassed any more! She traced a slow, exploratory pattern
with the tips of her fingers across the hard, svelte bump, making the red nipple move
and wobble. It grew even harder, the flesh which surrounded the protuberance rising
and falling beneath her cupped hand.

Time stood still for the girls as they reveled under the luxuriant warmth of the ever-
falling water; Sonja slowly growing bolder, moving her other hand down over the flat
of Terri's belly so that her fingers could caress the crotch of the older girl's panties.

But Terri didn't want her eager little partner to get overexcited before George put in
his appearance. She waited until Sonja had begun, timidly at first, to worm her
fingers down under the waistband; let the girl's digits fondle into the wet hair around
her cunt, then sighed reluctantly and twisted around in Terri's embrace, forcing the
girl's hands to fall away from her sex pants.

Terri kissed the Swedish girl's mouth, inserting her tongue between the wet, eager
lips and tasting the luscious juice of Sonja's saliva. Their communication was simple
and direct. Both girls wanted one thing only, and Sonja was too inflamed to think
about the unusual aspect of their passion. Only half an hour ago, she had been
trying to think of ways to thwart George's seduction. Now, wifh-'n a few minutes of
meeting this famous and beautiful American girl, she had fallen so completely under
Terri's spell that she thought nothing of doing the most warmly intimate things with

While they kissed, Terri's hands crept tenderly down Sonja's back until they reached
the supple, nylon-coated buttocks. Warm and exciting, the mounds of ass flesh
seemed to jut willingly into her palms-thrusting themselves out as if they couldn't wait
to be fondled.

Skin-tight, the scanty little garment clung so anxiously to Sonja's ass that Terri had
the greatest difficulty in peeling the lace-trimmed nylon away from the girl's buttocks.
But she finally succeeded in exposing the cheeks, drawing Sonja's panties right
down under the twin creases to leave the bare flesh exposed for her excited fingers
to fondle.

Sonja performed the same service for her, gingerly lowering Vanessa's briefs around
her thighs and then beginning to massage the rotund, warm-skinned buttocks with a
pinching, kneading movement of her hands.

That was how George found the two girls!

He entered the bathroom, having waited the requisite number of minutes which Terri
had instructed, and before Sonja even realized that he was observing their sexy
embrace, the handsome young man had undressed completely and was ducking his
head beneath the shower spray, one arm circling her waist, the other going around
Terri's hips.

Sonja shuddered with shock. She tensed and tried to jump away from Terri, but there
was nowhere for her to go! And Terri reached out and swiftly drew the shower
curtains closed, leaving all three of them enclosed in the tiny area, with the spray still
pouring down on their heads.

"You seem to be enjoying yourselves!" George remarked. He tightened his hold on

the girl's waists and cuddled them closer, forcing Sonja to pass her arms around
Terri once more. "You don't mind if I join in the fun do you?"

Without waiting for an answer, he began to stroke their hips, the easy-going and
soothing caress quickly allaying Sonja's fear. She could feel the man's penis, not
quite erect, the length of semi-flaccid meat beginning to throb and grow stiff against
her thigh.

By the time George's hands had reached to their respective buttocks and he was
fondling the two pairs of ass cheeks, the girls were kissing each other again.
Seemingly oblivious to George's presence, they rubbed their breasts together and
exchanged open-mouthed kisses, then tongues mingling sexily, their crotches
starting to grind with Lesbian lust.
George fitted his fingertips smoothly between the cheeks of their asses. His prick
rose to its full magnificence; the sensation of rubbing beneath two girls' thighs at the
same time giving him a tremendous, throbbing urge. He found the entrance to their
cunts, the wet, curved slit of the girl's pussies opening quickly to his probe and
offering no resistance to his fingers when they began the glorious upward thrust into
the tight passageways.

Terri and Sonja squirmed deliciously, opening their legs so that he could reach the
depths of their crotches more easily, and actually started to grind their loins
downward, urging him to frig their sensitive inner lips as much as he wanted,
hastening the full insertion as if they were already in a state of ecstasy.

George kept his thumbs on the hard perimeter of their ass-holes, using his
forefingers to explore the depths of their cunts, searching and twisting inside the hot,
pulsing funnels and finding the tender tissues of skin which pulsed softly under the
contact of his digits.

When all three of them were ready for more advanced intimacies, George slipped
himself between Terri and Sonja. He took Sonja in his arms and clasped the girl
tightly to his chest, putting his mouth where Terri's had been on the soft, slightly
bruised lips that were still open and hungering for his kiss.

Silently, Terri reached over and turned off the shower. She smiled to herself at the
ease with which Sonja's seduction had been accomplished, then prodded George in
the back, reminding him that she didn't intend to remain out of things now that Sonja
was a willing, melting bundle of desire.

He eased up a little and, still kissing Sonja's mouth passionately, lifted the girl up
with his hands supporting her buttocks. As she felt him taking her weight, Sonja
clung more tightly around George's neck and wrapped her legs around his waist,
digging her heels into his buttocks.

Slowly, he carried the Swedish girl out into the bathroom. Large bath towels had
been laid out in preparation for the orgy, making a warm, soft carpet for the trio; and
after she had watched George caressing Sonja for a while, Terri joined them on the
floor, lying alongside them and stroking their limbs tenderly.

The Swedish girl was moaning softly, her hands running up and down George's back
feverishly as she felt his prick throbbing against her open cunt. The sweet torment
was tearing her apart, though part of her ached to feel his rod inside her, but she
was still apprehensive about being fucked while Terri observed them so closely.

Gently, Terri toyed with her breast and put her lips against Sonja's ear.

"You're feeling nervous, aren't you, darling?" she murmured. "Is this your first time
with two people?"
Sonja nodded, opening her large eyes and moving her mouth from George's. She
looked so pretty, Terri thought, so guileless and vulnerable.

"I'll show you what to do," Terri suggested. "You won't be so frightened once you've
seen George fuck me.

And you can still enjoy yourself, you know. Let me show you how."

Seconds later they had rearranged themselves, Terri taking Sonja's place beneath
George, while the Swedish girl nervously got down on her knees so that her cunt
was positioned directly over Terri's face. George took his prick and placed it at the
thick portals of Terri's cunt.

He was leaning slightly forward, his knees between Terri's thighs, steering the
vibrant cock so that it sank slowly and satisfyingly into the girl's eagerly clinging
snatch. With a faint sucking sound, the red-veined tool disappeared from sight,
gulped down into Terri's sex-box, clamped by the powerful muscles of her vagina.

She savored the overwhelming relief she felt at the insertion; George gallantly driving
his prick in and out of her slit with none of the teasing and bizarreness which her
previous lover had displayed.

He fondled beneath her buttocks, lifting the cheeks high off the floor so that her cunt
was presented to him for fucking in the most open and accessible position. With a
steady, unchanging rhythm, George plunged in and out with his throbbing meat,
giving her the benefit of every inch, letting his cock withdraw to the point of leaving
her snatch altogether, then bearing forward once more, making the rod ride easily up
into her liquid hole.

Terri responded with a lustful surge of her own pelvis, twisting her hips first to the
left, then to the right as she aided the man in his efforts. George gripped her ass
cheeks more tightly as the girl came to sexual life under him, squeezing the pliant
flesh and letting her skin ripple deliciously beneath his groping fingers.

It wouldn't be fair to leave poor Sonja out in the cold, Terri reminded herself. She
forced her eyes open and stroked both her hands up the inside of the girl's legs,
feeling the soft limbs tremble with anticipation as her fingers got nearer and nearer to
the top of Sonja's open thighs.

As they reached her crotch, Terri lifted her head so that her mouth was inches away
from the sexy, slightly open slit of Sonja's pussy, and then she pursed her lips and
blew upwards, the warm stream of air acting like a kiss on the girl's rawly displayed
cunt gash.
A tiny dewdrop of secretion appeared at Sonja's naked slot. It trickled temptingly
down the very center of her sex mouth, hung suspended for a few delicious seconds,
then fell unerringly onto Terri's cheek. And before the pungent moisture had time to
evaporate, a further half-dozen bubbles of love juice seeped helplessly from the
panting girl's pussy, dripping this time straight into Terri's waiting, willing mouth!

The evidence of Sonja's lust fired Terri into an immediate closing of the gap between
her mouth and the Swedish girl's cunt. She forced Sonja to sink lower on her
haunches and bring that adorable, pink pearl of a pussy within sucking distance of
her lips, then pressed down with the palms of her hands on Sonja's thighs, holding
the girl rigidly in position while her mouth and tongue busied themselves at their
Lesbian work.

Sonja's body was shaking all over with a combination of desire and revulsion. She
knew that it was impossible for her to back out now, even if the raging itch in her
genitals would permit it. The point of no return had been reached and passed a long,
long time ago. But this notorious Terri Foster ... she was so cold-blooded, so corrupt
... so ... so, so heavenly!

Sonja gasped loudly as Terri's tongue entered right into her vulva and wiggled
around inside the hot, throbbing regions of her cunt. She began to rock back and
forth, the last vestiges of her self-control suddenly shattered under the stimulation
which her clit was receiving.

Eyes clenched tightly shut, a constant moaning and breathing of Swedish love words
corning from her lips, Sonja gave herself up completely to whatever designs George
and Terri might have on her. If this was corruption, she thought deliriously, if this was
bizarre and wild it was wonderful!

Terri was unable to distinguish now between the wetness of her own saliva and the
moisture which was oozing out of Sonja's pussy! They had intermingled so finely,
become so inseparable in her mouth and all around the fragrant and succulent lips of
Sonja's cunt!

Terri breathed deeply of the fumes of desire which were issuing from the red meat
under her tongue; teasing the tip of Sonja's stiff clitoris with an occasional dart of her
teeth, working her lips every way as she strove to possess the girl and bring her to
the ultimate climax.

George was fucking her more violently by this time. His cock thrust in and out with an
angry, thrilling domination that made Terri shudder with delight. And his prick was
now driving into the vise of her cunt from a different angle, the top side of his penis
creating a terrific friction on the tingling nub of her clit.

George had let go his grip on her buttocks, wanting to use his hands for a more
erotic purpose. He lowered her buttocks to the floor again, transferring his right hand
to her left breast while his other hand reached out towards the wobbling sphere of
Sonja's tit; wobbling, because the girl was now shaking up and down in a veritable
frenzy, her head thrown back and her knuckles jammed into her mouth to stop the
hysterical cries of joy which tried to escape from her lips!

When she felt masculine fingers on her nipple-tightening around the already ticklish
and sensitive bud-Sonja nearly went out of her mind from the excess of stimulation.
She struggled so violently that Terri had to struggle to keep the girl in position.
Several times she nearly lost contact with Sonja's cunt; only maintaining the intimate
connection by digging her fingernails cruelly into the Swedish girl's shuddering

George could scarcely believe his good fortune! Earlier, he had hoped it might be
possible to seduce Sonja, knowing that his chances were probably quite slim. Now,
he not only had the shy little darling in a state where she would obviously agree to
anything being done to her, he also had the unexpected bonus of screwing Terri
Foster again!

This knowledge increased his determination to give them both a long and
memorable sex-session. George applied himself with renewed vigor to Terri's cunt.
He increased his fucking speed, glancing down and admiring the hard-on which
made his prick pulse with dynamic force as it sank in and out of the girl's hair-fringed

At the same time, his fingers grew busier around both their nipples. He pinched and
tormented the red points until they twitched and throbbed maniacally in his grasp; he
shook them, making Sonja's and Terri's breasts bounce up and down, then from side
to side, the creamy white mounds jiggling in an insane dance.

He could feel his cock and the hairs around the base of his penis saturated by Terri's
juices. The girl must have climaxed half a dozen times so far, but she was clearly
saving a lot of raw passion for the final orgasm. George remembered that Terri had
incredible reserves of strength and her lust wasn't usually satisfied by just one

He kept grimly to his task, but beads of sweat were standing out on his brow by this
time and he could feel his thick male juices gathering momentum in his testicles.
Only by exerting a great deal of willpower did he manage to control the valves and
keep his semen back.

Terri, meanwhile, was transported into erotic ecstasy by her present situation! She
was at the center, the very heart of the trio. Her cunt, which was most important of
all, was being well-fucked by this admirable young songwriter, and her tongue
couldn't seem to get enough of Sonja's beautiful liquid cunt!
The girl's juices kept oozing into her mouth, and if-on occasion-the flow ebbed a little,
it was the easiest thing in the world for her to give the hard clitoris a renewed tickling
with the very tip of her tongue! Most girls were extremely vulnerable when it came to
being caressed in that place, but Terri had quickly discovered that the Swedish girl
went into paroxysms of delight if she so much as touched her clit! And Terri's fingers
had also ventured upwards into Sonja's cunt slit, while she gave her lips a much-
needed respite. Finger-fondling the wet slot was almost as exciting as sucking the
girl's slit, Terri found. Particularly since Sonja was such a passionate, sensitive

Eventually, however, Terri's own lust grew so violent that she could no longer
concentrate on giving Sonja pleasure. A whirlpool seemed to materialize in her mind,
dragging her relentlessly into its center, where a whirlpool waited to plunge the last
feeble remnants of her energy into a bottomless, churning chasm.

To resist the force was impossible. Terri slipped nearer and nearer to the edge-then
toppled headlong into the pit, feeling her vagina burst into orgasm!

The stimulation which Vanessa's throbbing cunt gave to his cock, sent George far
beyond any hope of controlling his orgasm. He drove his rod all the way up into the
girl's juicy slit; let it remain there for a timeless eternity while it jerked and shuddered
with barely suppressed violence; then released a tremendous gush of sperm which
splashed and bubbled to freedom inside Terri's swollen sex-box.

In the same split-second that he started to ejaculate, George's forefinger and thumb
tightened involuntarily around Sonja's nipple, pressing the tortured bud so strongly
that they practically touched through the flushed skin!

Sonja screeched and her eyes were suddenly filled with tears. There was a terrible
burning sensation at her breast, a fire that spread out through the fullness of her
body and then found a great, pleasurable, feeling of almost ultimate joy as it settled
in her cunt.

But the joy was an agony too, an agony of ecstasy that needed help to bring her the
absolutely complete satisfaction she craved. Sonja began to pump her own cunt as
quickly as possible, literally choking poor Terri with it, forcing it down on her face until
the lips spread around Terri's nose, mouth and chin.

Again and again, Sonja squashed her genitals to Terri's face. And then she gave a
loud cry of animal lust, a desperate and primitive screaming and howling torn from
the very roots of her being.

Immediately, the Swedish girl found that an easing of the tension began to overcome
her. Her uncontrollable pussy was giving out its final spasms of orgasm.
"Oh-h-h," she moaned with languorous delight, resting herself after moving off of
Terri and putting her face right next to the American girl's as the three of them lay
together exhausted.

George looked down at Sonja's nearby face and asked, Think you've learned
something ... how to have sex with three?"

"It's so beautiful," Sonja sighed, rubbing her lips over Terri's soft cheek. "I like it. I
love it. I was never made to have such a big orgasm in my life before ... not even to
masturbate with myself. When do we do it again? Do we change places?"

"Not so fast there, my darling," George said with a chuckle, joining them for a gentle,
three-way kiss of the lips. "The bathroom floor is getting a little too uncomfortable,
and I think at least one or two of us are a little too exhausted for another sex session
right at this moment. Later, when ... "

"Let's take a shower and then have a cigarette and something to drink," Terri
suggested. "I always like to have that wonderful fresh and clean feeling before
starting 'round two.'"

After bathing and slipping in to comfortable cotton robes and nothing else, Sonja
volunteered to go make some coffee, while Terri and George were sitting in the den.
The host sprawled comfortably on a couch as Terri looked around the room,
admiring George's choice of literature, his good taste in furnishings. She felt very
much at ease with herself for the moment. But, with her amnesia, there was always
both the hope and the fear, now, that she would regain her complete memory.

"You know something, Terri?" George asked from his comfortable position on the
couch. "I don't think I've ever really understood you. There you are. Here you are.
Right now I can look at your lovely face and see the outline of your lovely figure
through the thin robe. I've just made love to you. You come in and out of my life so
erratically. I never know what to make of it. You can be cool and distant one day ...
then you can be warm and loving ... like today. Who are you, Terri?"


Terri stopped in her tracks! She was stunned! She turned her face and walked to the
window as if to gaze at the street scene below. She hoped desperately that George
had not seen the look of sudden terror on her face. Did he know her secret? "Who
are you, Terri?" was what he had said. He must know!

And then Terri realized how unduly frightened she had become. He meant the
question in an entirely different sense. She was an enigma to George. He wanted to
know why she had such different moods, and jumped in and out of his life so often,
and with no apparent reason.
Perhaps, Terri thought, he might be the very one to trust with her problem. George
was intelligent, seemed to be sincere, and definitely had an interest in her. She
turned to him and smiled, then asked, "What would you do if you suddenly woke up
one morning and found your memory gone?"

"What would I do?" George repeated. "Go back to sleep and wait for the hangover to
wear off, I suppose!"

"I'm serious!" she insisted. "What if it really happened? If you couldn't remember your
name, your past ... if the whole of your life was just a blank wall?"

"I can't imagine, darling." He reached for a cigarette. "Why? Do you know somebody
who's been through that experience?"

"Yes." She recrossed her hands, trying hard to maintain her pose of outward calm.
"Someone very close to me, as a matter-of-fact. She's still suffering from it ... total

"Well!" George grew interested in the subject at last. He sat up, his eyebrows raised.
"What caused it? Was she on drugs or something? Did she have an accident?"

Terri shook her head, making her blonde hair shiver momentarily across her face.
"That's the whole point," she told him. "She can't be sure what happened to her.
Someone suggested that it might be the strain of living. She might have suffered a
nervous breakdown because of the things she'd done, the way she'd been ... been

She was stumbling over her words, a light flush spreading over her cheeks as she
got close to the truth. She saw quite clearly now that such a mental blackout was an
almost inevitable result of her hectic, jet-paced sleeping around. And yet ... even
though she had shown a definite obsession for this way of life, it still didn't seem
absolutely natural to her. Terri couldn't really remember doing anything like this
before; all the events of the day were still curiously strange, and yet she had thrown
herself into the most bizarre and erotic situations without hesitation.

"Maybe your friend needs a jolt," George said carefully. "She ought to try jumping off
the deep end. I've heard that's the best way of getting a lost memory back."

"What do you mean by that?" Terri asked.

"Well, if somebody is a raving lunatic, if they can't be reasoned with, if they're ready
to commit murder, you can bring them back to their senses by throwing them in an
ice-cold bath. Right? O.K., the same thing should apply to an amnesia case. You
just have to find the equivalent of the icy water, a similar, shattering experience
which will snap the mind back into gear."
"That's all very well," Terri objected. "But how do you find it? Something that is
traumatic to one person might not have the slightest effect on somebody else."

George rubbed his jaw reflectively. Then he beckoned Terri to come closer. When
she sat beside him, he took her hands gently and murmured.

"It's you, isn't it, Terri? You're the one who's suffering from amnesia, aren't you?"

"Yes, yes I am. But how did you find out? I don't look any different, do I?"

"Doris told me. I think she must have telephoned everybody in town and passed on
the news. But don't worry. I doubt if anyone believed her! I certainly didn't," he told
Terri briskly. "That sort of rumor goes around ever so often, along with the rest of
Doris' gossip. Why should anybody think it was true this time? It wasn't until I saw
the look in your eyes when you were telling me about your so-called friend that I

Terri sighed a deep, weary sigh. "It was a big mistake to have told Doris in the first
place," she said softly. "If I'd simply kept quiet, maybe I could have recovered on my
own, without anyone finding out about it."

George shook his head. "No," he told her decisively. "You did the right thing, Terri.
You can't recover from amnesia without some kind of help. You should have gone
straight to a doctor, because amnesia doesn't just drop out of the blue, it's a
protective mechanism of the mind, didn't you realize that?"

Her lip trembled. "No ... no, I didn't think about it that way."

"Yes ... it's a kind of curtain which comes down and blanks out an unpleasant
memory or a trauma. If an event or an action is too horrible for the mind to cope with,
a screening takes place. The only trouble about this mechanism is that it frequently
blots out the whole o: one's memory, not just the unpleasant part of it. And that's
what they call amnesia."

Terri frowned. "You seem to know a lot about it," she said. "For someone who writes
songs for a living."

"You don't really think that I'm just a simple-minded moron who churns out nonsense
lyrics and instant tunes for the teenage market, do you?" George asked her.

He patted her hand affectionately, remembering that Terri knew very little about him,
apart from what he himself had just told her.

"I make my living that way," he corrected her. "But this is only a temporary thing; I've
got plans for writing film scores, doing musicals, symphonies! I'm quite a highbrow,
really! And if you don't believe me, take a closer look at the LPs and books!
Perhaps you're seeing me for the first time," he went on bitterly. "Maybe it took a
dose of amnesia for you to appreciate who your real friends are! Believe me, they're
not Doris and people like Jack Morgan or Don Glenn. You've got an intelligent mind
yourself, Terri, only you never showed it to anybody! You always wanted to be the
flippant, sexy fashion designer, contorting your body in some orgy or other when it
wasn't high on drugs!

"I could see behind the facade, Terri! But you wouldn't let anybody tear it down,
would you? Now ... for the first time in your life, you've had a chance to start again!
You could have picked up the pieces, put them together in a different pattern. But
what do you do? You throw the chance away! You go straight back to your old
sycophants and hangers-on!"

Terri drew back from him, snatching her hand free and glaring at George.

"That's quite a laugh!" she retorted. "As I remember it, you needed no persuasion!
You were as eager as me! And as for throwing my chances away ...

"How the hell do you know what I'm really like? m tell you something, George," Terri
continued, her eyes flashing. "Everyone I've met today has been intent on giving me
their version of what makes me tick!

"It doesn't seem to have occurred to any of you that you're wrong! That I'm totally
different from any of your conceptions! Oh, you make me feel sick!"

She screwed her hands up into tight little fists, angry not only with George but with
herself for once again confiding in a stranger. The only excuse she had was that
everybody was a stranger to her! Terri couldn't know any of her alleged friends until
her memory returned. And she still felt as far away from a cure as she had this

Sonja reappeared then, carrying a silver tray with a coffee pot and three cups and
saucers. She set the tray on an occasional table in front of the couch and poured the
coSee; sensing the atmosphere of tension in the room and wondering how to ease
the strain.

It was complicated for Sonja because of the fact that she was still feeling very sexy.
Her hunger had been temporarily abated by the Lesbion experience with Terri, but
she couldn't stop visualizing George's prick, imagining the wet, rigid length riding
tightly into her cunt.

As she sipped at the strong, black coffee, an idea came to her. To carry it out
required boldness and a shedding of all her inhibitions, but Sonja knew that her
desire for the man's penis would enable her to see it through.
She got up and strolled across to the stereo equipment, looking through a stack of
pop LPs which lay out of their sleeves on top of the record deck.

"Mind if I put something on, George?" she asked. "It will liven things up, don't you

He shrugged. "I don't care," he answered moodily. "Do what you like."

Sonja selected a long-playing disc by a rock group. Most of the numbers were slow,
bluesy, ballads, ideal for what she intended to do while it was playing. She set the
turntable in motion and dropped the diamond stylus into the groove, adjusting the
volume so that the room was suddenly filled with sound.

When George and Terri looked up, their faces startled by the unexpected level of the
volume, Sonja began to sway her body in time with the music. She danced in a slow,
decidedly sexy rhythm, her hips shaking so that the robe started to swirl up around
her legs.

With a background of harshly-plucked guitars and the sulky, mean voice of the lead
singer, Sonja performed a showy, gradual striptease; her fingers wandering over her
body, now caressing the tips of her breasts, now moving down across her hips and
rubbing briefly at the center of her crotch.

The girl was surprisingly good for an amateur, Terri thought. She was pouting her
lips, transferring her gaze from Terri to George, then back again. Her shoulders
writhed under the beat of the music. And as the drama of the song gradually built up
towards a climax, she made her thighs shudder in sensual response, reacting to the
half-shouted lyrics and the tension of the music by letting her head roll from side to
side and fondling herself with a deeply passionate urgency.

When the second track of the record was playing, both George and Terri were sitting
up and taking an intense interest in what Sonja was doing! She had already
unbuttoned her robe as far as her waist, making her breasts swell out from beneath
the thin, cotton garment; the rosy buds of her nipples showing themselves, then
quickly taking cover again as she coyly drew the wrapper momentarily tight across
her chest.

She was so excited by what she was doing that the reaction of her audience of two
went unnoticed. Sonja began to shrug the loose robe off her shoulders. She was
half-closing her eyes now, genuinely aroused by her exhibition, the feel of her own
gentle fingers playing teasingly with the exposed portions of her flesh giving her a
very special thrill.

Sonja slipped both her hands into the gap of the robe, reaching down until they came
to the exciting texture of her stocking tops. She had changed into a garter-belt and
nylons because she knew that George was very partial to such feminine attire. And
she wanted to gain his approval very much, so very much!

The remaining three buttons of the robe kept Sonja's tummy and the even more
thrilling parts beneath her belly hidden. But clearly, from the expression in the
Swedish girl's eyes and the fumbling of her fingers, she was about to give them an
interesting surprise.

Sonja didn't disappoint the couple! She kept swaying her body in time to the ear-
deafening LP, fidgeting at her crotch, turning around and letting the robe fall
completely away from her shoulders, only tightening it when the division between her
buttocks started to come into view.

She faced them again, keeping her hands to her rear and moaning sweetly through
her parted lips. When the preparations were finally completed, Sonja released the
covering entirely, allowing the robe to slip to the floor with a gesture of abandonment,
the material rustling deliriously down her stockinged legs. And she was rewarded by
two simultaneous gasps of delighted surprise as Terri and George saw that Sonja
had undone two of her garter clasps (one at the front, one at the back) and then
fastened the two ends so that they passed under her thighs and were pulled up tight
into her crotch!

Sonja's stockings were still held up by the two remaining garters, but the belt itself
had been twisted around so that it was higher than usual and held very taut across
the girl's belly.

The pink elastic of the strip which was now cuddling against Sonja's pussy forced the
lips to open; squashing them widely apart and making the red-tinged flesh appear on
either side of the narrow band. She posed with her legs spread generously, still
twitching them in rhythm with the nonstop music which blared in a mounting
crescendo from the twin stereo speakers.

Sonja was putting her entire soul into the dance now, her almost-naked body
glistening with perspiration as she shimmied and gyrated to the beat. Her lovely
white breasts shook like firm gelatine, topped by their peaks of red fire, the nipples
bursting forth into magnificent full bloom as she lightly touched them with the tips of
her fingers.

Beneath his own robe, George's prick rose in sympathy. It stuck upwards, a giant,
bulging engine, throbbing hotly beneath the loose wrapper. Terri reached out to the
obviously erect shaft and her fingers glided smoothly up and down it, slowly
tightening so that the material pressed maddeningly into his cock; forming a kind of
sheath for his hard tool.

While the mean voice of the rock singer pulsed through the room, Sonja twisted the
sexily tied garter upward, making it bite even deeper into her slit. And, holding the
elastic belt, she wiggled it with tremendous provocation-both up and down and from
side to side-masturbating herself in front of the couple until her sex-juices made the
pink strip moist and hot.

Terri could hear George's breathing as he stared up at the Swedish girl. He was
panting with desire, his prick quivering in her hand to such an extent that Terri
thought it must surely ejaculate into the thin cotton of his robe.

But George controlled himself. He sat forward on the couch, his eyes unblinking as
they watched Sonja begin to turn in a slow circle; her bottom tight and shuddering,
the twisted elastic of her garter almost buried between her white ass cheeks.

As she stretched her arms up in the air-still with her back to the couple-and started to
bend deliriously forward, thrusting her buttocks out towards them, George firmly
disengaged Terri's hand from his cock. He rose to his feet, the massive erection of
his tool jutting out powerfully in front of his stomach.

Terri bit her lower hp. For the moment, George had eyes for nobody but Sonja. The
once-shy and bashful Swedish girl had aroused him despite his prim lecture to Terri
about her being obsessed by sex! He advanced toward Sonja, coming up behind the
girl with his arms open. They encircled her waist. He brought his body tightly against
hers, his stiff cock pressing into the divide of Sonja's ass, his hands creeping slowly
up the front of her body until they cupped and squeezed on her breasts, fondling the
soft tit flesh with insatiable fingers.

She leaned heavily against him, her head going back until it rested on George's
shoulder. They rocked gently together; Sonja squirming her beautiful buttocks so that
the cheeks gave his prick a sensuous massage. Then, as if unconscious of the fact
that Terri would be able to see every movement they made, George and Sonja
turned slowly around to face each other.

While one of his hands remained on her breasts, squeezing them tightly together,
George slid the other one down to Sonja's crotch, rubbing his fingers over the taut
pinkness of her garter and feeling beneath it the pulsing heat of her cunt.

Sonja pretended to be shocked at this advance; pressing her thighs shut and dipping
one knee inwards to protect her pussy! Her breath quickened, though, and Sonja
gradually gave in to the caress, relaxing her lovely thighs and supplicating herself to
the man's wishes.

George explored down the center of the elastic, then examined the sides, slowly
fondling his fingers along the puffy ridges of cunt meat which bulged out so
temptingly, their plumpness unconstrained by the tight and unusual covering.
Neither of them could bear the titillation a moment longer. George skillfully loosened
the knot which Sonja had tied in her garter belt and released her cunt from its snug

The elastic sprang clear, the clasps flashing, and Sonja gave a sigh of relief as her
pussy was freed from the tight embrace. Quickly, George's fingers flew back to their
target. He frigged his index finger up and down the swollen mound of her crotch,
swiftly making it peel open.

His other hand came down to the girl's cunt, enabling him to take the lips and do
whatever he chose with them. First, George rubbed them teasingly together,
producing a stifled squeal of pleasure from Sonja. Then he pulled them wide open,
showing the watching Terri the red mouth with its complex arrangement of lips within

And then he opened and closed them, making the slot gasp like a fish out of water.
The rapid movement of his fingers as he performed this action seemed to drive poor
Sonja crazy! She felt behind her back, groped for a few seconds, then grabbed his
cock, her hands snatching the robe and ripping the buttons off so that she could take
the monster nude and raw!

George stooped down slightly, enabling Sonja to guide his prick under her thighs and
make it rear upwards against the hot slit of her pussy. Gladly, she forced it between
her legs, taking it with both her hands wrapped tightly around the glans, and softly
closing her thighs so that three inches of the cock looked as if it was protruding from
her own crotch!

"How do you like my prick, Terri?" she asked proudly. Her fingers stroked the tender
pink head. "Isn't it handsome?"

"Yes!" Terri replied. She couldn't control a throaty catch in her voice, a sob of desire
whch made her rise suddenly from the couch and fall kneeling at Sonja's feet.

Guessing what Terri wanted to do, the Swedish girl guided George's knob until it
could be reached by Terri's searching mouth. And while Terri passed her hands up
Sonja's body and caressed her breasts, the American girl opened her lips and closed
them greedily around the crest of George's prick.

Terri's nose was pressed against Sonja's crotch, inhaling the perfume of her genitals,
a rich sexy odor which wafted strongly from the girl's cunt. Terri burrowed her nose
deeply into Sonja's pubic hair, moving it from side to side so that she could enjoy the
flavor which issued from the bush more intimately.

Meanwhile, her lips worked noisily on the length of George's dick which was
protruding from between Sonja's closed thighs. She sucked on it, her tongue
caressing it and her saliva sweetly moistening the thick shaft. Terri could feel the rod
burning beneath her tongue. It seemed to twist and writhe in her mouth, almost as if
the prick had an independent life of its own.

The buds of Sonja's nipples were fiercely erect, growing stiffer every second under
the massage of Terri's fingers. But although she enjoyed being in the center, the
Swedish girl hadn't forgotten her desire to feel George's cock tucked safely up inside
her cunt. And she began to move her legs apart once more, getting ready to change
positions and get the man's dick all to herself.

The rock music, meanwhile, was still shattering the air. It pulsed into their brains,
making the trio oblivious to everything but their activity with each other.

It was by mutual agreement that they finally adopted a position on the couch which
suited all three. First, Sonja lowered herself down in dog-fashion; kneeling across the
width of the couch with her bottom thrust pertly into the air. Then George crouched
behind her, steering his rod carefully to the pretty pink hole which gaped between the
girl's thighs. He rested his feet on the carpet, his knees bent, his whole body tensed
for the first inward fuck.

But he waited until Terri got into position, squeezing herself down between the
couple, her back supported by the couch, her head resting on the cushion so that her
face looked up between Sonja's widely spread thighs.

While George transferred both his hands to Sonja's ass and started to fondle the
cheeks, she guided his cock to the slit of the Swedish girl's quim, wiggling it about
until the crown began to enter the wet, creamy slot.

Before she allowed it to disappear entirely, Terri first gave the rigid meat a rigorous
frigging, rubbing it with the tips of her fingers until the glans quivered frantically and
the corona around the crest glowed an even brighter shade of red.

From her vantage viewpoint, Terri could look up into the intimate scene and observe
every aspect of George and Sonja's fucking. She could see, for instance, the
throbbing bead of Sonja's clitoris; the quivering pink protuberance looking like a
shrunken penis as it stiffly shook in anticipation of the oncoming prick.

As George urged his cock forward, clenching the muscles of his ass and boring up
into the girl's tunnel, Terri quickly stuck out her tongue and gave the disappearing
length a long, lingering lick!

Confronted by the powerful dangling sac of the man's balls, swinging lightly from the
scrotum, brushing against her lips as they stretched upwards, Terri kissed the hairy
testicles tenderly.
They moved back as George withdrew his cock and Terri's mouth moved lovingly
along the slick coated length of his prick, her tongue tasting the juices which Sonja's
cunt had leaked on George's penis.

He kept his rhythm deliberately slow, enabling Terri to lick his cock each time it
fucked forward or backwards, feeling her lips suck quickly on his balls when the
entire length was buried deep in the heart of Sonja's cunt, and then release them so
that he could pull out of the girl.

George's belly was grinding against the soft roundness of Sonja's ass. And because
he was still holding the dear, white cheeks firmly open, the heat of her anus could be
felt burning on his abdomen; the hole rubbing intimately against his pubic hairs.

George was grunting urgently, his fingers making red weals appear on Sonja's
buttocks as they pressed ever more tightly into the cheeks, his nails scoring sharply,
his thumbs pinching ruthlessly into the sheer soft flesh!

The roughness of his fondling increased! George felt an overpowering desire to hurt
the shy little Swedish girl. He wanted to hear her cry out for mercy, wanted her to
struggle, to plead with him not to use her so brutally. He wanted Sonja to thresh her
legs, try to break free; he wanted, in fact, to feel as if he was raping the girl rather
than seducing her!

George slammed his cock harder and harder up into her cunt, uttering savage
groans of pleasure as he felt the shock of his prick thrust through the tender tissue of
her pussy. In and out, in and out-fuck, fuck, FUCK!

He was screwing Sonja so rapidly that Terri could no longer keep her lips on his
prick! They kept slipping away from the crazily fucking cock, and she decided to
move up beneath Sonja and give the girl's breasts a thorough sucking.

Something of George's mania to hurt Sonja communicated itself to Terri. She, too,
felt a tremendous need to dominate the girl to prove her superiority, perhaps. And
Terri, after she had wriggled herself upwards, her spine resting now at the rear of the
cushion, her open legs stuck out over the edge of the couch, raised her mouth to the
dangling, wobbling titties and closed her teeth around

Sonja's left breast, taking as much of the warm, fleshy globe into her mouth as

Terri bit deeper and deeper, her sharp front teeth tightening remorselessly into the
soft, tempting skin; continuing to maintain the pressure even when Sonja screamed
for her to stop.

"Ohhh, Terri! Don't! My titty! Oh, please, you're hurting ... Oooh! Darling, it's not nice!
It hurts too much! PLEASE!
Terri ignored the yelps and moans of pain which Sonja was making, grinding her
molars into the flesh of the girl's trapped breast with morbid satisfaction.

When she realized that Terri intended to keep hurting her, no matter how much she
protested, Sonja's face went white with terror. Already, she had sensed that George
was fucking her with rather more brutality than was usual; and now, as Terri
continued to bite on her breast, she began to wish that she hadn't tempted them
quite so successfully!

Her terror turned to panic! Sonja suddenly lashed out at Terri, smashing her fist
down into the girl's face, striking blindly as her fear turned into hysteria.

The blow landed on Terri's cheekbone-knocking her semiconscious. She fell back,
her lips slithering away from Sonja's breast. And by squirming violently, the Swedish
girl managed to draw her cunt away from George's prick, dislodging it and making
him stagger forward off-balance.

The trio fell sprawling together, half on the couch, half on the floor. But although
Sonja tried her best to escape altogether, Terri and her accomplice soon grabbed
her and George pinned her arms helplessly to his side while he pulled her heavily
down on top of him.

Sonja's face was contorted with fright, her eyes wide" with fear as Terri plumped
down on the small of her back and knocked all the breath out of her body.

"No!" she gasped. "No more ... please, I've had enough! Why are you ... .? "

That was all she had time to say. George forced her thighs open with his knees,
waited until Terri could take over the pinioning of her arms, then fumbled his prick
back into her cunt, at the same time crushing his mouth over her lips in a fierce,
bruising kiss.

Brutally, Terri snatched both of Sonja's arms behind the girl's back making the
fingers reach almost to her neck. She used just one of her hands to do this, gripping
Sonja's slim wrists in a vice-like hold. Then Terri eased herself off the girl, lying on
her side next to the couple, and, with her free hand, commenced to spank the white
cheeks of Yvette's ass!

Every time Sonja tried to resist, every time she made the slightest attempt to break
free, Terri increased the pressure on her arm until, eventually, the Swedish girl
learned her lesson and forced herself to lie on top of George and submit to her
ordeal without struggling.
Terri made the globes of Sonja's ass shudder and wobble under the palm of her
hand. She slapped at the cheeks until they grew rosy, feeling an agreeable tingling
spreading through her fingers as they came into smart contact with the bare flesh.

'I'll teach you who is master!" Terri cried. Thwack, smack! Her hand descended
harder and harder, landing in a slightly different place with each blow.

"You didn't like the way I was biting your titty?" she said grimly. "How about this,
then? Do you like this any better?"

And her palm flashed through the air, scoring a direct hit on the underside of one
pinkly blushing cheek, making the globe bounce slightly and expose the red gash of
Sonja's cunt: where George's prick was now fucking in and out with equal vigor.

Within minutes, every square inch of Sonja's buttocks were stained crimson. The
marks of Terri's fingers were imprinted in detail on the luscious spheres, and the
flesh had grown hot and tingly under the sustained spanking.

Now that he had his hands free, George decided to ait Terri, help her to give Sonja's
ass an even sexier punishment. He reached down the girl's back and dug into the
mounds of well-spanked flesh, pulling them wide open. The cheeks, stretched tautly
apart, revealed the deep valley between them and the dark hollow where Yvette's
anus was situated.

Terri gleefully continued to slap the helpless girl, now aiming her blows so that they
fell accurately on the little brown orifice which pouted and pulsed so sexily out of
Sonja's ass crease.

She turned herself so that her hand could fall vertically on the girl's bottom, striking
Sonja squarely down the hot exposure of her ass, curling her fingers slightly to make
them fondle at the thin skin, no more than a membrane, which was pulled tautly by
the open stretch of the cheeks.

Soon, Terri realized that her fingers were becoming very wet indeed by the love juice
which was oozing from Yvette's cunt around the rigid engine of George's cock,
keeping it well-lubricated as it also bathed Sonja's ass-hole with its warm, creamy

Terri decided to stop spanking Sonja (her hand was getting rather tired of the
exercise, in any case!) and thought, that she might just as well frig the well-displayed

But she could see no reason why Sonja shouldn't perform some similar service for
her at the same time!
She allowed one of Sonja's wrists to slip free, keeping the other arm twisted high up
the girl's back. And before she turned the fingers of her other hand to the task of
probing the Swedish anus, she made it plain to Sonja what was required of her.

Wriggling closer, Terri thrust Sonja's hand so that the fingers were forced to cover
the bush of her cunt. She pressed them down. Then, just in case Sonja hadn't
received the message, Terri raised one knee and opened her thighs wide, causing
the lips of her cunt to ooze apart and Sonja's forefinger to sink thrillingly between

A little "friendly" persuasion, performed by increasing the pressure of the

hammerlock and Sonja was quickly tickling three of her fingers deep into the flesh,
giving Terri a satisfying cunt-fondling.

While Terri fitted her own forefinger into Sonja's anus and forced the digit slowly,
steadily all the way to its hilt, George humped his hips up and down, making Sonja's
body rise and fall in an uneven, lusty rhythm.

He could feel the hard, slim length of Terri's finger through the filmy membrane
separating Sonja's ass from her cunt. It was rubbing provocatively on his cock,
exciting it so that the stiff meat beat with furious power, making his penis twitch with
every thrust he made into Sonja's pulsing pussy.

Despite the Swedish girl's discomfort, she was clearly in a state of advanced lust.
Her naked belly squirmed intimately against his, her tongue responding avidly to the
movements of his lips. George couldn't hold out much longer. He was practically on
the verge of coming already. And when Terri stretched her remaining fingers down
under Sonja's crotch and began to fondle his prick once more-lightly stroking the
horny cock as it rammed in and out of the French girl's cunt-he surrendered to the
urge and rocked heedlessly on to his orgasm.

Terri felt it first. The insane leaping of George's prick, the swollen meat pulsing
violently as the come welled up and started to jet down the length towards its escape

Terri closed her eyes and let her fingers rest gently on the cock; feeling the sperm
flowing steadily under the digits to erupt in a shower of hot stickiness inside Sonja's
cunt. Her loins jerked backwards and forward, using Sonja's fingers to give her an
orgasm, knowing that the girl was also reaching her climax by the way Sonja jabbed
at the raw lips of her pussy.

The automatic record changer switched itself off. The cacophony of musical sounds
was replaced by a simultaneous scream of ecstasy, a wild exclamation of bliss
coming from Terri, George and Sonja, as all three of them rocked out their lust in
unison, the cries fading gradually to be replaced by deep sighs of satisfaction and
the wet sound of George's prick withdrawing from Sonja's cunt, and Sonja's fingers
slipping out of Terri's satisfied pussy.

Terri then released her arm from the long and torturous hammerlock for the first time.
Sonja grimaced in sudden pain when she tried to move her arm! She looked at Terri
only to see a cruel smile on the girl's lips, then screamed in agony!

"It's broken! My arm's broken! Oh, help me! Help me ... please!"

Terri sat at her dressing table mirror applying makeup, a contented look on her face.
"On the whole, Terri, dear," she talked aloud to herself, "I think you handled that very
well." Of course, there was a big hassle with George when he discovered what she
had done to Sonja. But Terri had apologized and promised to pay all the doctor bills,
plus a little extra for living expenses if Sonja was out of "work" for a while.

There was nothing else that either George or Sonja could ask for. And although
George had turned away in disgust, Terri knew that the incident would not be
brought up again. It was over with. And she was glad.

All three of them knew very well that she had broken Sonja's arm deliberately, and
that she had derived a sadistically perverted thrill from doing it. But money and fame
ad done, the trick. For all his principles, George Lee couldn't afford to offend a girl in
Terri's position. And Sonja herself seemed to have accepted her injury as part of the
price she had to pay for mixing with the swinging and bizarre jet-set.

The knowledge that she could buy people off so easily made Terri feel enormously
safe and secure. She finished with the lipstick and started to brush her hair; running
the bristles through the long, freshly shampooed tresses and getting a sensual kick
from the relaxing operation.

After she had left George's, Terri hadn't given her amnesia a second's thought. She
was no longer perturbed by it. The remaining details of her past would return soon
enough. And she felt confident that her lack of any tangible memory was purely a
temporary situation. As Jack had suggested, it was probably no more than a sign of
stress, caused by the fast tempo of her swinging sex life. In many ways it had been
more of an interesting experience than an unpleasant one, Terri thought as she went
over in her mind's eye the events of this crowded day.

She had been given a fresh look at what was probably quite a routine, uneventful ten
hours or so, had she been in possession of all her faculties! With her past an
apparently clean slate, Terri had been able to view everything with the eyes of an
innocent. And most of the people with whom she had made contact today would
have given their right arms for such an opportunity!
A slight twinge of pain in her cheek-bone made Terri wince. She peered closer into
the mirror. Her makeup cleverly concealed the faint, bluish bruise caused by Sonja's
fist, but, remembering the blow, Terri felt a small spasm of alarm.

A hard knock like that should have brought her memory back? She frowned, again
uncertain of herself. Or was that an old wives' tale? Maybe there was no connection,
especially if it hadn't been a blow which had caused the amnesia in the first place.
But ... what if ...

The telephone shrilled into her ear, abruptly breaking the tension and driving the
intimations of a strange and terrifying truth back into the dark corners of her

Terri dropped the hairbrush, letting it clatter to the floor, falling from her nerveless
fingers as she jumped with shock. Automatically, her hand went out to the receiver
and she spoke her name in a blank monotone. It was Doris Tarleton.

"It was very rude of me to rush away this morning, darling," Doris gushed. "I can't
imagine what came over me! Please say you forgive me, Terri."

"That's all right," Terri said dully. "I know you too well to hold grudges against you,
don't I?"

"I hope so, darling! Anyway, I rang to remind you about my party tonight. I do hope
you can come, Terri. It really won't be the same without you."

"I'm getting ready now, as a matter-of-fact. George Lee reminded me."

"Oh!" Doris sounded surprised and more than a little embarrassed. "You've seen
George, have you? Does that mean your memory has returned, darling? Are you
your old self again, Terri?"

"Not yet. But it's not bothering me any more. Incidentally, Doris-" Terri wanted to turn
their conversation away from her amnesia. It was painful to think about it now let
alone discuss it with someone like Doris. "-I understand that George is coming to
your party as well?"

"Yes, that's right, darling. And he's bringing a cute little Swedish girl, too. I believe
her name is Sonja. She's supposed to be-"

"I'm afraid Sonja won't be able to make it, Doris," Terri interrupted. "She had an
accident this afternoon.

Her arm. It was broken rather badly while she was demonstrating a judo hold!"
"I see ... " Doris waited, expecting more details, but Terri refused to tell her the full
story. "Well," Doris continued after a pregnant pause. "I'll see you later on then,
darling. I suppose you know what kind of a party it's going to be, don't you?"

"I have a pretty good idea. Hope you manage to find a replacement for Sonja, Doris
darling! It's too bad she can't come. She's really quite an interesting young girl!"

Terri replaced the receiver, smiling at the frustration in Doris' voice. Obviously, the
Lesbian had been looking forward all day to Sonja's seduction! And although Terri
didn't doubt that Doris would easily obtain another sex partner for the evening, she
felt that she had succeeded in repaying the woman for spreading the gossip about
her amnesia.

A few minutes later, Terri was putting the finishing touches to her appearance; lifting
her dress up in front of the full-length wardrobe mirror and checking that her panties
were completely buttoned! For she had discovered among the exotic underclothes in
her wardrobe, a pair of black silk briefs which boasted four, one caret diamonds set
in the buttons down their front! The first button was placed just below the waistband
of the pants, the last one completely hidden under Terri's crotch! She hadn't been
able to resist them. They might not cause a sensation among the sophisticated off
beats she was certain to meet at Doris' swinging party, but Terri thought that she
could certainly have a great deal of erotic fun with the exciting briefs!

The door chimes announced her cab, and Terri threw a big, cuddly mink cape over
her bare shoulders and switched off the lights. She felt brimful of confidence,
convinced that she could handle any situation which might arise.

She vowed that she was going to enjoy herself immensely and show ever one of her
gossipy, needling "friends" that it would take a great deal more than a silly case of
amnesia to get Terri Foster down.


The exclusive area of Manhattan where Doris' vast and expensive mansion was
located boasted U.N. embassies, a few TV stars residences, and a general collection
of wealthy socialites on the same order (on the outside at least) as Doris Tarleton.

It was almost impossible to see into any of the windows, partly because the houses
were set so far back from the street, partly because of the high screen of shrubbery
and trees that protected the famous occupants from peeping Toms and sightseers.
Terri wondered just how much money Doris really had, and how she had collected it.
She shrugged, assuming that her family simply left it all to her.

A servant bowed politely and took Terri's mink cape, then showed her into a huge
drawing room, complete with a blazing log fire, concealed and flattering lighting, and
the most erotic collection of oil paintings that Terri could imagine!
Vast canvases gazed down from every wall, set in gold frames and ranging from
classical art to apparently modern depictions of near-pornographic sexual activity.

From hidden stereo speakers, evidently set in every corner of the room, came the
sexy whispering of a young girl's voice; accompanied by muted strings, she was half-
singing, half-speaking a song which went far beyond anything permissible for public
performance. The lyrics were beautiful, poetic ... and completely, absolutely erotic!
The effect of the all-around stereo reproduction was to give the illusion that the girl
was actually in the room, a three-dimensional, live girl that you felt you could almost

Terri noticed her senses prickle deliciously as she walked forward. The atmosphere
enveloped her immediately in a sensuous, erotic haze, heightening her awareness of
her physical beauty and the pleasure which one human being can give to another.

Doris' slim body was now dressed in a man's shirt and tie; her long legs covered by a
pair of skin-tight leather pants, complete with zipper and a gem-encrusted belt
buckle. She rose from her seat beaming, holding both her arms out to Terri as the
girl drew nearer to the small group who were gathered around the open fire.

"Darling!" she greeted emotionally. "I can't tell you how pleased I am to see you!"

Doris embraced Terri warmly, pulling her into a tight hug, shamelessly putting her
hands on Terri's buttocks and pressing the cheeks as she kissed the girl full on her

Terri politely disengaged herself and looked beyond Doris to see who the other
guests were. To her surprise, she found that she knew nearly everyone present!

George was there, of course ... so were Jack Morgan and Carole. Don Glenn gave
her a rueful glance, then cast his eyes nervously away. The remaining two girls-an
ash-blonde and a redhead, both of whom looked like show girls with their extremely
low-cut minidresses and perfect figures-were the only strangers.

Doris took her hand and led Terri into the circle, ushering her to a seat beside the
fire, where the flames were casting eerie flickers of red and gold across all their

Rather than return to her own chair, Doris sat cross-legged on the floor between
Terri and one of the girls, whom she introduced to Terri as: "Ruth, a very talented
young lady!" The second girl, Terri learned, was Linda and they were both working
as go-go dancers at a very exclusive night club.

It didn't surprise Terri to learn, during the course of conversation, that Ruth and Linda
veered very much towards Lesbianism. They were bisexual but if they were ever
forced to make a choice between one sexual partner and another, both girls freely
admitted that they would select a female lover.

Following several rounds of drinks, it became clear to Terri that no more guests were
expected and that Doris didn't intend to waste time. The discussions and topics of
conversations were, in any case, almost entirely confined to sexual matters; and
when, at a discreet signal, the maid dimmed the lights until they were practically
nonexistent, she asked Ruth to dance.

It was the signal everybody had been waiting for. Immediately, Don took Linda in his
arms and smooched the girl away from the firelight, gliding slowly with her, their
figures growing more and more indistinct, seeming to melt into the blackness which
existed just outside the reach of the flames.

Jack and Carole whispered together, then he smilingly offered the girl to George,
giving her an affectionate slap on her bottom as the couple moved away in a tight
embrace, their mouths coming together almost at once in a long, obviously tonguing

Jack slid down off his armchair and sprawled easily at Terri's feet. In the dancing
light of the fire, his shoulder-length fair hair shone like spun gold; and Terri felt a
sweet urge come upon her to touch and stroke it, the mane of flowing hair reminding
her of a Viking god, a powerful, virile deity who would possess her as she had never
been possessed before.

It was some moments before she realized that the cigarettes Jack had passed
around had contained marijuana!

Half-intoxicated by alcohol, she had smoked it down to a tiny stub without thinking.
And it wasn't until the familiar heaviness of her eyelids and the sharp increase in her
sensory perception began, that Terri understood what she had been given.

"You must live on this stuff!" she murmured, lowering her hand to Jack's head and
obeying the impulse to stroke his hair. "I bet you smoke it in your sleep, don't you?"

He grinned, moving slightly so that he could rest his head in her lap. Terri sank back
in her chair and gently pressed the boy's face down, knowing that her short dress
was riding up over her thighs, feeling his cheek resting warmly on the inside of her

Jack snuggled closer, turning his head so that his lips could touch the soft flesh, and
began to kiss Terri's thighs, burrowing between them, gradually persuading them to
part. Soon, his hands were on the girl's knees, caressing them further open, and
then slipping underneath them and moving up the sleek, full plumpness towards her
Terri's skirt had been hoisted high over her hips by now. Her panties were the only
obstacle between Jack's mouth and her cunt. And she waited to hear the boy's
reaction when he discovered the big diamond studded buttons on them:

His lips found them first. After kissing up Terri's thighs, Jack's mouth moved hungrily
onto the perfumed ridge of flesh where the girl's cunt was hidden. Surprised, he ran
his tongue tentatively up over the row of buttons, then chuckled with pleasure as he
realized that they weren't simply an expensive ornament; they were functional, they
could be unfastened and would give him access to Terri's cunt without the necessity
of first removing the girl's panties!

Jack slid his hands around her thighs and carefully undid one of the buttons.
Through the tiny opening which it yielded, he pushed one inquisitive finger, making it
explore the crinkly pubic hair and attempting to find the slit of her pussy.

The hole was much too small, and Jack withdrew his finger, then felt higher up the
girl's crotch for the second button. He unfastened it; and to make quite sure that the
vent was now wide enough, his fingers found and opened the remaining buttons,
gently pulling the parted slit of Terri's panties and extending his tongue into the
exposed pungency of her gash!

After he had licked her into a state of frantic desire. Terri gripped his hair and forcibly
drew the man's mouth away from her cunt. She pulled him up on top of her, sliding
down in the armchair so that her body was half on the floor, half on the cushion, her
head resting on the back of the chair seat.

As she expected, Jack took command of the situation, cradling her neck with one
arm and lowering her the rest of the way to the carpet, their bodies only a few feet
from the blazing embers of the fire.

No sooner had they settled, than Terri's mouth was working furiously on Jack's as
she tasted her own love juices on the boy's lips. Then they were interrupted by the
return of Don and Linda!

They had already removed their outer clothing. Don was now wearing only his
shorts, Linda having been stripped of her dress, bra and slip. Her panties were
halfway down her hips, exposing most of her lovely ass. She giggled, her voice lazy
and blurred as it struggled against the influence of the drink and the pot.

"I thought this was supposed to be a party! And parties mean getting acquainted,
don't they?"

Linda sat down suddenly, her breasts jiggling sexily. "Whoosh!" she exclaimed. "I
feel kind of funny!" Don went on his haunches beside her, his legs wide apart, and
Terri could see that he already had a tremendous hard-on!
"Better be careful," she advised Linda. "He-likes to play weird games-really wayout, I

Linda giggled again. "That's all right with me," she returned. "Hey! Come on! What
are you waiting for?" And she fell backwards, raising her arms above her head in an
attitude of complete willingness; wriggling the top half of her body to make her
breasts wobble invitingly.

As Don bent over her, she put one hand intimately on the inside of Terri's thigh.
"You'll take care of me if he gets too dirty, won't you?" she murmured huskily, her
fingers caressing the outstretched leg and moving right up to Terri's crotch.

Don rolled his body on hers, pinching and mauling at her breasts, fucking his prick
up and down between her thighs, even though it was still enclosed in his shorts!

Linda received him without protest, but she kept her hand on Terri's thigh; pressing it
between Jack's trouser leg and the girl's bare flesh. And although Terri assumed that
Linda was preoccupied with her male lover, when Jack got up from Terri in order to
remove his trousers and shorts, she stretched her fingers a little and proceeded to
play with the lips of Terri's cunt!

Terri closed her eyes, shifting her body closer to Linda so that the girl could do
whatever she liked to her pussy. After all, it didn't really matter if the hands that
caressed her were male or female, she thought dreamily. Just so long as they were
clever and aroused her in that special way she loved so much.

Jack took his time, watching Linda fondle her fingers through the slit of Terri's
panties, his prick beating fast as he gazed down at the erotic spread of the girl's
thighs, her pussy offered to any stimulation that might come its way.

He was about to join in once more when Don caught his hand. "Why don't we make
a real grouping?" the TV star suggested. His voice was hoarse and shaking with
desire. "I know a way to do it which will make us all happy! Listen ... "

When Don had finished whispering to him, Jack nodded. He hadn't tried a
combination like that before, but he was always willing to experiment! Together, the
two men separated Linda and Terri. They explained what they wanted to do, and
although Terri had a moment's doubt about being intimate with Don again, neither of
them raised any objection.

Terri was allowed to keep her panties on, because the novelty of the diamond
buttons would provide Jack with some added stimulation! But Linda had to take her
briefs off and submit to an intimate inspection by all three of her partners. First Terri,
then Don, and finally Jack went down between her thighs and fingered the girl's cunt
slit open so that they could probe the hot, sticky tunnel.
Don and Jack were also totally naked when they got into position: their pricks
sticking up proudly in thick erections. Jack's knob perhaps an inch longer than Don's.

The girls suppressed a fit of giggling and arranged themselves in the most intimate
arrangement possible for two females, the sixty-nine, face-to-cunt position. When
they were settled, their hands clasping each other's asses, their mouths beginning to
work avidly on one another's cunts, Don lay down behind Linda, cuddling closely to
the girl's back, his hands passing under her arms to fondle her breasts.

He shifted until his cock went under her thighs, where it was promptly taken in Terri's
fingers and given a healthy massage before the girl guided it towards Linda's cunt,
the cunt which she was still kissing passionately, her tongue inserted into the top-
most fold of the slit and working steadily on the girl's clitoris.

Jack took up a similar position behind Terri, letting Linda do for his prick what Terri
was doing for Don's! It wasn't pushed into Terri's cunt right away, however. The
selfish Linda decided to give the young prick a thorough sucking before permitting it
to slide into the other girl's pussy!

She brought it through Terri's parted thighs, worked it so that the head came into
contact with the wet hole, then closed her lips securely around the fleshy cock,
holding it around the middle and maneuvering her mouth in the foreskin, thereby
keeping her tongue close to Terri's pussy. At the same time, it could slide on and off
Jack's tool.

As Don's prick rode higher up into her cunt, though, Linda gradually lost control over
herself, she could feel Terri's lips as they drew the fleshy part of her pubis inwards,
the girl's tongue flicking backwards and forwards across the sensitive, wildly stiff
knob of her clit.

The sensation drained her energy, forced her to concentrate on the excitement at
her genitals and forego the slightly milder pleasure of tantalizing Jack. And she drew
her lips away, making room for the penis to enter Terri's liquid crack.

Linda could almost experience the tremendous relief which Jack felt as his tool
gained on Terri's cunt and was quickly sucked up into the tightly gripping vagina. Her
fingers stayed on the prick until it had fucked completely into the girl, and then Linda-
remembering Terri's "button-down" panties-had a sexy inspiration!

Painstakingly, she fastened two of the buttons, one behind and one in front of Jack's
dick! She felt him flinch as the hard little diamond's dug into his cock. He could only
just fuck in and out of Terri now, thanks to the constricting pressure of the girl's re-
buttoned pants. But the excitements he obtained from forcing his penis to thrust into
the greatly narrowed entrance was ample compensation for his discomfort!
Pleased with herself, Linda applied her lips to Terri's pubic mound and alternately
kissed and licked at the hard bulge, turning the strands of hair around with her
tongue, swiftly making them wet with dripping saliva.

All of them, their nude bodies warmed by the open fire, rocked and twisted in a
steadily mounting sexual rhythm. On the outside of the group, Jack and Don fucked
solidly into the two girls, feeling their pricks caressed not only by the warmth and
softness of a cunt, but also by the sensitive, tantalizing fingers of another girl!
Sandwiched between the men, Terri and Linda breathed deeply on each other's
pussies; sometimes licking, sometimes sucking at the areas of cunt flesh which
weren't being used by the two fuckers.

The girl's breasts were receiving a nonstop fondling at the handle of her male lover,
the men looking down over their shoulders so that they could watch their fingers
delve into the doughy orbs of pliant tit, massaging, twisting, rubbing at the nipples to
keep them big and stiff.

Doris and her new girlfriend, Ruth, who had left her clothes scattered all over the
room; being undressed in stages by Doris as they smooched to the erotic music,
approached the curiously complex quartet. They stood just outside the circle of fire
light for a few minutes, Doris' hand rubbing thoughtfully beneath Ruth's buttocks.

"Would you like to be in the middle of that little group?" Doris asked suddenly.

Ruth wiggled her ass, feeling Doris' fingers pressing upwards into the crease and
fondling deliciously at the back of her cunt and the moist channel of her anus.

"Oh, no, darling!" she protested. "I'd much rather be fucked by you, Doris!" Her
mouth opened in a coaxing, little-girl expression of rebuke. "Of course, if you want to
join in, Doris ... "

Ruth turned in front of the woman, hiding her view of the threshing, panting group.
She stole her arms lovingly around Doris' neck, looking up into her seducer's eyes.

"You told me you had such a big prick upstairs in your bedroom, darling. Won't you
show me?"

"It's not upstairs, Ruth! I've got it right here! Go and lie on the carpet near the fire. I'll
put it on and come to you."

Licking her lips in anticipation, Ruth obeyed. She occupied herself by studying the
orgy, even though she could make out very little of what they were actually doing to
each other.
Doris returned. She had undressed apart from her shirt and tie. The white male
garment reached only to her waist, however, drawing attention to the long, thick
rubber dildo which was strapped tightly to Doris' loins.

Ruth gasped appreciatively. It was a superb imitation, the woman's slim figure and
close-cropped hair heightening the realism, aiding the fantasy that Doris' cock was a
natural part of her body.

The dildo was already lubricated, and after Doris had fondled Dorothy's pussy until
the lips and vulva were creamy moist, she rolled on top of the girl and quickly guided
the rigid rubber into her.

Meanwhile, oblivious to the newcomers who lay beside them, Jack and Terri, Don
and Linda, writhed lustfully together. The men's cocks were being tickled
unmercifully by the girls now, and a duel seemed to be in progress between Terri
and Linda, each girl trying to make the man she was fucking and fingering come first!

And Jack and Don were equally determined that they wouldn't be the first to shoot

It was hardest for Jack to keep his sperm in check. Not content with buttoning Terri's
panties around his prick, Linda had also thrust one hand between the couple's thighs
and for the past five minutes her finger had been teasing his anus, penetrating the
small back hole and then tickling around inside it, evading all his efforts to twist free.

When it came, therefore, Jack's semen shot out of his cock like an oil gusher! He
jerked and shuddered against Terri's firm ass cheeks, shooting his prick in and out of
the girl's cunt, biting hard into her shoulder as the sperm was wrung from his
throbbing shaft.

Even Terri's cunt couldn't contain all the juice which Jack was pouring into her! It
began to trickle and seep from her slit, where Linda pantingly lapped up the overflow,
her quick tongue catching every drop and tossing it back down her throat.

Before she had finished drinking Jack's come she felt a dam burst suddenly in her
own cunt!

Don was coming wildly, holding himself rigid with his cock buried up to its hilt, his
balls slapping against the base of Linda's slit as he kept the steady discharge
pouring into the girl's pussy.

Terri couldn't wait to get some of his thick sperm into her mouth! Before Don had
finished she dragged his prick violently out of Linda's cunt and crammed it between
her waiting lips.
After a split-second delay, the cock continued to ejaculate sending the final surge of
cream straight down Terri's throat. Flecks of it appeared on the girl's mouth, running
down her chin and dripping warmly onto her breasts. But she didn't choke or even
gag at the mouthful of sweet cream. Her throat worked rapidly, swallowing until she
had coped with the full discharge.

They all fell back in utter exhaustion, their minds reeling from the ecstatic
experience. No one thought of continuing the orgy for at least another hour, even
though they had the example before them of Doris and Ruth, whose lust still
demanded satisfaction, whose bodies were still tightly joined by the penetration of
Doris' dildo into the other girl's cunt.

Nobody but Terri was paying very much attention to the Lesbians. Don and Jack had
fallen into a heavy sleep, their snores counter-pointing the steady slurping noise
which the rubber penis made as it fucked in and out of Ruth's wet snatch. And Linda,
a contented smile on her lips, was curled fetus-like and moaning softly to herself.

Terri felt her eyes drawn by a powerful, inexplicable magnet towards Doris and Ruth.
She was lying diagonally to the fucked girl, viewing Ruth's face upside down. Doris
leaned over her, fingers fondling the mammoth globes of Ruth's breasts, shoving the
dildo in and out of her cunt, while Ruth turned her head from side to side, making
breathless "oohs" and "ahhhs" of pleasure.

The embers in the fireplace were casting ripples of red tight across the girl's face,
altering in some subtle, persuasive way the makeup of Ruth's features. They
seemed to Terri to melt and become re-cast in a dramatic, Jekyll-and-Hyde

Her heart began to thud frantically against her ribs! She leaned closer, kneeling
almost directly over Ruth's face, paralyzed with sudden fear, unable to tear her eyes
away from the now-completed change in the girl's appearance!

"You bitch!" Terri screamed in sudden anger, somehow seeing her own features in
Ruth's face. "You did it! You made me what I am! Only yesterday ... I was different! I
was myself!"

Ruth and Doris were far too engrossed in their frantic sexual act to pay Terri any
attention at first. They didn't even notice the crazed look of sheer hate and vitriolic
anger in her glazed eyes. Twisting their hips in sexual rhythm, the stiff length of the
slippery dildo was squishing with Ruth's juices and driving them to the crest of
impending orgasm!

Terri groped toward the fireplace until her fingers gripped the handle of the poker
and pulled it out of the fire, her eyes focused in like a laser beam on Ruth's face.
Sparks showered from the red-hot, glowing end of the poker as Terri raised it over
her head.
"You did this to me, Terri!" she screamed at Ruth, swinging the poker toward the
girl's face with all her strength!

Suddenly, her arm was caught, as in a vise that had instantly clamped itself about
her forearm and stopped the descent of her attack in mid-air. George had grasped
her arm and twisted it around, sending the red-hot poker clattering to the tiled area in
front of the fireplace!

"She deserved to be killed!" Terri shrieked madly, attempting to break loose from
George's tight grip. "Terri's evil! She corrupts people! Look what she did to me ... her
own sister! Her twin sister! She made me a pervert ... while I was trying to help her ...
to save her!"

When the ambulance arrived to take her to Bellevue ten minutes later, everyone was
dressed again.

"Why didn't she ever tell anyone she had a twin sister?" Doris asked the next
evening as they were all gathered at her apartment. "Well ... what have you found
out, George? You went with her to the hospital."

"Her twin sister, Tischa was there too," George replied solemnly, taking a long drink
from his glass of iced Pernod before continuing. "It's such a ... a pitiful, tragic story.
She had never even told Jack and Carole, and they had known her since she was
twelve years old.

"They were identical twins-Terri and Tischa. And, of course, it was Tischa, projecting
herself into Terri's role because of the traumatic shock that caused her amnesia,
whom we saw all day yesterday. She was the fanatically religious one of the two.
When their parents were killed in an auto crash, the twins were almost twelve years
old. The authorities had no trouble in placing the highly moralistic

Tischa in a foster home that was overly strict and thought of all sex as sin.

"Terri was already a delinquent, so she went straight to the big state orphanage.
After they were eighteen Tischa went to work as an 'evangelist' for some completely
unorthodox religious cult out in California. And day before yesterday, she came to
New York to 'reform' Terri, having heard what kind of life she was leading. Tischa
had been waiting for Terri to get home from that party ... the one two nights ago.
Terri had left her apartment unlocked, and Tischa was sitting in the dark waiting for

"Terri was pretty horrified when she saw Tischa. Terri had a conscience too, but she
refused to accept it. Terri managed to slip some Vodka in Tischa's drinks, and then
tried to make Tischa think that she really did want to change ... would change. She
caught Tischa completely off guard. They cried together, hugged and kissed.
"Well ... we all know Terri. She managed to seduce Tischa. They had a great deal of
sex that night which opened up to Tischa the reality that her sexual desires had been
repressed. They made very wild and frantic love and drank a great deal.

"Both of them suffered amnesia. But the real Terri left the apartment with her sister's
pocketbook and identification. She bought a shot of heroin and started drinking at
some all-night clubs. The police found her the next morning sitting on a curb near
Times Square ... out of her mind ... amnesia. She had been traumatized, felt horribly
guilty that she had seduced her 'good' sister.

"And Tischa, unable to accept what had happened, suffered from amnesia too. At
the same time, in her subconscious, she used Terri's identity in order to become a
libertine herself."

"Are you really sure of all this, George?" Doris asked seriously. "I know she was ...
well, different ... but I still had the feeling it was Terri whom I had sex with yesterday."

"I'm sure," George responded with determination, "and so are the people in the
psycho section at Bellevue. I had a long talk with two psychiatrists and one
psychologist there today. Both Terri and Tischa will be with them for a while."

"But what happens?" Jack asked, throwing up his hands. "Do we get our own Terri
back? Or will she be changed? And what about Tischa?"

"Only time will tell," George replied. "There is no pat answer...."

The End