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Technical Information

Nuva SRCN liq.

Nuva® SRCN liquid

Nuva SRCN liq. gives cotton and cotton/polyester blends a very good soil-release and oil-repellent
finishing with good durabilities.

Nuva SRCN liq. displays a improved viscosity.

Nuva SRCN liq. displays low sensitivity to residues on the goods.

Nuva SRCN liq displays very good stabilities in combination with glyoxal resins (Arkofix types) and the
needed catalysts as well as selected softeners (e.g. Ceralube JW liq).

Clariant International AG 1 206922.07.05.e

1 Properties

Appearance Liquid, nearly colourless dispersion

Composition Dispersion of a fluorine compound

Ionicity Weakly cationic

pH (5% as it is; DIN EN 1262) about 5,5

density (25 °C; DIN 51 757) about 1,1 g/cm³

viscosity (25 °C; DIN/ISO 6388) about 100 mPas

Flash point (DIN 51 755) > 100°C

Dilutability Miscible in all proportions with (cold) water

Compatibility with other finishing products Compatible with numerous crosslinking agents,
catalysts, softeners and other textile auxiliaries.
Preliminary trials should in principle be carried out.

Storage Can be kept for at least 6 months if stored correctly

(between 5°C and 40°C).

2 Application properties

Soil release effect Reduces the soil retentivity of articles made of cellulosic
fibres and their blends.

Oleophobic effect Very good values of high durability are achieved if the
product is used in accordance with the recipe.

Stability to washing Withstands several home launderings if the product is

used in accordance with the recipe

3 Application

Nuva SRCN liq. can be applied by padding.

Depending on the type of fibre and requirements, the amounts used are 40 - 100 g/l for padding.
The pH of the finishing liquor should be 4 - 5 and may need to be adjusted with 0.5 - 1.0 ml/l acetic
acid 60 %.

The soil release and oil-repellent effects can be impaired by residues of auxiliaries on the goods being
finished such as fibre finish oils, sizes, surfactants or dyeing assistants. This is also the case when
silicone-containing finish oils or softeners are used. We therefore recommend preliminary washing with
1 g/l Ladiquest® 1097N liq. followed by rinsing and acidification with 1 ml/l acetic acid 60 %.

Clariant International AG 2 206922.07.05.e

4 Finishing examples

100% Co or PES/Co

0 - 1 ml/l acetic acid 60%

40 - 100 g/l Nuva SRCN liq.

• pad, dry at 110 - 130°C

• cure for 3 min. at 150°C or 30 - 40 s at 170 - 180°C*.


0- 1 ml/l acetic acid 60%

40 - 60 g/l Arkofix NES liq conc.
12 - 16 g/l Catalys NKC liq or
6- 8 g/l MgCl2
60 - 100 g/l Nuva SRCN liq
20 - 50 g/l Ceralube JW liq
0- 3 g/l Fluowet UD liq

• pad, dry at 110 - 130°C

• cure for 3 min. at 150°C or 30 - 40 s at 170 - 180°C*.

Wovens and knitwear

0- 1 ml/l acetic acid 60%

50 - 100 g/l Arkofix NDK liq.
10 - 30 g/l Ceralube PHD liq. c.
50 - 120 g/l Nuva SRCN liq.

• pad, dry at 110 - 130°C

• cure for 3 min. at 150°C*.

* In some cases higher curing temperatures have a very beneficial effect on wash fastness.

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* Trademark licensed to Clariant Ltd in numerous countries.
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every possible case. They are intended to serve as non-binding guidelines and must be adapted to the prevailing conditions.

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