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Politicians, prostitutes, priests....(Update) Ot her f eat ured of f ers near you

April 2nd, 2011 5:14 pm ET Charle s H. William s

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Video: David Lyons calls

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asks st range quest ions
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A f ew days af ter my most recent article, Politicians,

Lexington Events
prostitutes, priest and pedophiles: T he Lexington
Connection was published on it was
02 03 04 05 06 07 08
ref erenced on another news site. A reader on that site
pointed out an interesting f act. Googling Deborah Wardlaw Saturday's events
only pulls up the articles that I have written about her. She
only pulls up the articles that I have written about her. She J o hn Prine
Po lice o fficer, David Lyo ns, calls does not appear on newspaper sites, cold case f iles f or Paramo unt Arts Center
investigating the murder o f Debo rah the Lexington police, Fayette County Attorney or the Garde n Dist rict
Wardlaw just days after she
suggested he threatened her life. Kentucky State Police websites. Carriage Ho use Theatre
Popular art icles "Very engrossing article. I have a couple questions: was this
Lexingto n Opera Ho use
1. Casey Antho ny: See co mplete April
written by your brother and, if so, can I please be linked to a
1, 20 11 hearing, Cindy testifies newspaper article or something similar that chronicles the
(video )
death of Deborah Wardlaw? I can only find articles involving Vie w more e ve nt s in Le xingt on
2. Casey Antho ny case: Cindy used the accused connection of corrupt cops and, ironically, a
air freshener to remo ve fo ul o do r
fro m car website for a shooting range owned by one Deborah
Wardlaw. I would like to independently verify that she was Pref erred city
3. Japanese nuclear wo rkers
expected to die in weeks o r indeed murdered."
mo nths (Video ) Re ce nt ly in Washingt o n DC

4. Jo ran van der Slo o t living like king

My investigations of the case rely on f iles, recordings and Wo man arrested fo r email death threats – bizarre
in priso n, says slain wo man’s dad other evidence that I have in my possession. Because of new develo pment

5. Hailey Dunn death speculatio n that I had not thought to Google her name in recent years. I
A Go vernment Shutdo wn Isn’t a Big Deal; Unless
results in dwindling search effo rts decided to click on the contact link f or the Lexington Police it is
6 . Obama snubs Yemen pro testers Cold Case website and inquire about this:
So uthwest Airlines gro unds 8 1 planes after ro o f
Christ opher Hignit e's recent rips o pen in flight []
art icles
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2011 3:06 AM
Back t o Washingt o n DC, DC change
Kentucky passes HB 46 3 and To: Detective
Texas passes o ne to Willie.
Subject: Unsolved murders
Po liticians, pro stitutes, priests and
pedo philes: The Lexingto n I am curious as to why the Deborah Wardlaw murder does
co nnectio n
not appear on this or the Commonwealth Attorney's cold
Kentuckians "Defend the Dream"
at Lexingto n's Pho enix Park
case or unsolved files. If she is listed somewhere, could you
please provide me a link to this information.
Kentuckians suppo rt Wisco nsin at
Rally fo r the American Dream
Turmo il in Libya will increase crime
rates in Lexingto n, KY and mo re... Christopher Hignite
(Updated-New Co urt Date) Ready Lexington Courts Examiner
to revo lt? Start in the co urtro o ms.
T he contact link was connected to Lieutenant James
Curless. T his was his response:
More news & info from your area
RE: Unsolved murdersFrom:James Curless
<>To:calanphoto Bryan Statio n Lansdo wne
<>Date:Wed, Mar 23, 2011 10:15 am Chevy Chase Nicho lasville
Deerfield Paris
Geo rgeto wn Versailles
Mr. Hignite, Gratz Park Winchester

Vie w mo re Le xing t o n ne ig hb o rho o d s »

We have just over 50 unsolved homicides from the past 35
years in Lexington. We do not post all of the unsolved
homicide cases on our website; however, we do periodically
rotate the unsolved homicide cases on our website. Most of
our unsolved homicides, including the homicide of Ms.
Deborah Wardlaw, are highlighted on our Cold Case Playing
Cards which have been distributed to our local jail and state
correctional facilities. Presently, there is no “link” to this

Unfortunately I can not answer your question as it pertains

to the Commonwealth Attorney’s website. However, you may
contact Mr. Ray Larson, Fayette County Commonwealth
Attorney at telephone number 859-246-2060 for inquiry.


Lieutenant James Curless

Lexington Police Department

150 East Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Office: 859.258.3743
FAX: 859.258.3781


Af ter I received Lt. Curless' response I decided I may as well

ask a f ew more questions while we have the conversation
started: []
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2011 4:33 AM
To: James Curless
Subject: RE: Unsolved murders

Officer Curless,

T hank you f or your quick reply. You mention that Deborah is

on the unsolved crimes deck of cards. I checked the
and couldn't f ind her on the cards. Is there any where that I
might obtain a copy of these cards, pref erably the issue
with her case? If they're not available to public would I be
able to obtain one with an open records request?

My interest in her case is explained in my most recent article

f or the Examiner:

The video attached to the article has a recording of Deborah

Wardlaw naming six Lexington officers as threatening her life
just days before her murder. Even with the victim's personal
accusation, I have not been able to get the guns of these
officers compared to the ballistics of the bullet found during
the murder. The officers she mentioned were placed on the
case to investigate it. Should her accusation be correct, the
perpetrators of the murder were trusted to investigate the
murder. In this case, it would be no wonder that the case
has never made any progress.

Ad ve r ti s e m e n t

I have been in contact with several current and f ormer

of f icers that have given me inf ormation in conf idence that
this particular group has a reputation f or organized crime.
(Section re-dacted due to the confidential nature and
ongoing investigation) I have recorded admissions f rom
three escort agency owners f rom the 90s, again f ingering
the same crew f or taking payof f s f rom prostitutes.

My recording has been promoted and on YouTube since

2000 and I've written letters since 1997 making these claims
prior to Deborah's murder and continuing until now. I made
the recording an issue during the 2010 city council race and
the local media mentioned it. Despite the recording not even
a ballistics tests of the of f icers guns' who were mentioned
has been done.

All of that considered. I have one question. Why haven't

these of f icers been investigated f or the murder of Deborah


Christopher Hignite
Lexington Courts Examiner

PS: You have been very helpf ul and my investigations in no

way should be taken as an opinion on yourself or the

Lt. Curless was, again, quick to respond:

Unsolved murdersFrom:James Curless

<>Date:Fri, Mar 25, 2011 9:10 pm

Mr. Hignite,

I certainly appreciate your concern for this investigation.

Typically we only discuss open homicide investigations with
the public or media in very general and broad terms. As
such, I will afford the same courtesy to you and respond to
your points and questions from your email.
1: The Lexington Police Department produced and
distributed cold case playing cards in 2009 which featured
Ms. Wardlaw. On January 15, 2010 we held a press
conference with our local media outlets and distributed cards
to them. Although you may not have been at this event, if
you provide an address I will mail a deck to you. With the
assistance of the Department of Criminal Justice and the
Lexington Police Department, the KY State Police were able
to produce and distribute their cold case playing cards in
December 2010. Their deck featured some of our cases;
however, Ms. Wardlaw was not one of them.

2: In May 2010, we thoroughly reviewed the information you

brought forward concerning the Deborah Wardlaw homicide
investigation. As you know, these facts or the investigative
follow-up information are not a matter for public disclosure.
All the information you brought forward has appropriately
been reviewed and investigated. Furthermore, this
information has been incorporated into the Deborah Wardlaw
Homicide Case File.

I assure you that our primary goal in this investigation is to

place criminal charges against the culprit of this crime and
provide some type of resolution to the Wardlaw family.

Lieutenant James Curless

Lexington Police Department

150 East Main Street

Lexington, KY 40507

Office: 859.258.3743
FAX: 859.258.3781


You will note that even though I have been bringing these
accusations since December 1999, the police department
did not review my inf ormation or add it to the f ile until May
of 2010. T his was af ter the city council race that I entered
specif ically to f orce this issue into the public minds and
media outlets. T he Lexington Herald-Leader dismissed my
accusations during the campaign even though they knew
f ull well that the very same people were involved in a
Federal court case involving pedophilia, sexual traf f icking
and the cover-up of this activity. T his court case started
around the time of Deborah's murder and was in appeals
when the Herald-Leader made their claim.

I have written letters to all of f ices of the city government,

contacted the Ky Attorney General's of f ice, the FBI several
times and dif f erent branches, the Ky State Police several
times and dif f erent locations and won court cases proving
criminal intent to f alsif y charges and evidence against me
by these same of f icers. Repeatedly f or a period of over ten
years I continued to contact, write letters and beat f alse
charges. Yet, the accusations weren't acted upon or taken
seriously until I took the accusations to the political scene.

How many people are involved? How f ar up the ladder does

the conspiracy and the cover-up go? Why would the police,
the city government, the local newspaper, politicians and
even state government agencies ignore the inf ormation and
turn a blind eye?
I will evaluate this inf ormation and show why the Big Blue
Nation is the home of the Big Blue Mafia in Part 2 of this
series on human traf f icking, politicians and police

Follow along and I'll explain in Part 3 how misplaced male

misogyny, especially among the male elite, f uels this

Copyright ©Christopher Hignite 2010 All Rights Reserved.

Feel free to copy and promote this article on any site. Please
provide a link to the original article.

Suggested by the author:

Po lit icians, p ro st it ut e s, p rie st s and p e d o p hile s: T he
Le xing t o n co nne ct io n

Le xing t o n, K y e sco rt ag e ncy b e co me s a t o p nat io nal

ag e ncy...wit h he lp f ro m p o lice ( Part 1)

Up d at e : Human t raf f icking mad e wo rse b y co rrup t p o lice

o f f ice rs

Mo re Le xing t o n, K y e sco rt ag e ncy b e co me s a t o p

nat io nal ag e ncy...wit h he lp f ro m p o lice ( Part 2)

B lue g rass C o nsp iracy co nt inue s: Scrat ch a child sup p o rt

case and so lve a murd e r.

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By Christopher Hignite
Lexington Courts Examiner
Christopher Hignite, a regular contributor to various
news sites, is a photographer and independent journalist
in Lexington, KY. A f ormer small... Read more

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