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Time : 3 Hours Total
Marks : 100

Answer EIGHT questions only. Question ONE carries 16 marks but this is not
compulsory. All other questions carry 12 marks each.

1. In the DBMS environment, the Relational Model is different and more 16
popular than the other Models. Explain this Model with the help of an

2. Distinguish between :- 4 each

a) Data and information.
b) Application software and system software.
c) Program and a Flow chart.

3. a) What are the advantages of windows operating system? 6 each

b) A network administrator's role has gained importance in an
insurance organisation. Discuss.

4. Write Short notes on : 6 each

i) ASCII code
ii) Different strategies for Testing the Software.

5. i) Identify the following :- 1 each

a) A sequence of detailed instructions stored in a computer which
automatically controls the action of the hardware.
b) An operating system capability which enables a program to run on
a system which has insufficient main memory available to it than
the program needs to use.
c) Step by step diagrammatic representation of the logic paths contained
within a computer program.
d) It is a program which enables to store large volumes of data and derive
meaningful information from it, by extracting data in different formats or
based on different criterian or parameters.
e) A medium used for recording data. They resemble LP record and are
coated on both sides with metallic oxide. On the number of concentric
circles (called tracks) on their surface data is recorded.
f) These printers use laser beam to print the output on the paper by
burning dots on the paper.
ii) Expand the following :- 3
iii) What these commands stand for? 3
a) In UNIX - rmdir : lp : mount
b) In DOS - move : deltree : ren

6. Tests are conducted in English and Mathematics. Minimum to be scored in

English is 50% and Mathematics is 50% ; and further the Aggregate marks
should be 120 out of 200 to get selected. However the Institution which
conducted the tests wanted to prepare a list of candidates who have scored
atleast 50% in both the subjects but failed to score 120 in the aggregate.
Prepare a Program chart for getting the list of such candidates with Names,
Roll number and marks scored. 12

7. In respect of the Decimal Numbers, 2009 and 1009, Find : 4 each

i) the Binary equivalent
ii) the Hexa Decimal equivalent and
iii) the Octal equivalent

8. Compared to the conventional systems, Local Area Network have

certain advantages and also some drawbacks. Discuss about them. 12

9. Write briefly about : 6 each

a) procedural programming
b) object oriented programming

10. a) Compilers are more useful than interpreters. Do you agree with
this statement? Give reasons.
b) State the importance of forth generation languages. 6 each