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New Christian SEO Guys Blog Launched by OurChurch.

Com to Help
Christians Succeed in Search Marketing

Tampa, FL, April 05, 2011 --( Today, OurChurch.Com launched the Christian SEO Guys
blog. This is a new, free resource for Christian churches, ministries, schools, and businesses to learn
about search marketing and how search engine optimization (SEO) can help them in their ministry or
business. It is one of the few search marketing sources of information specifically geared for Christians.

“The needs and values of Christians are different than those of the secular world,” said Kurt Steinbrueck,
Director of Search Marketing with OurChurch.Com. “The success of a ministry may mean the feeding of
a hungry child, the protection of a battered woman, or the salvation of a soul. Even the techniques used to
market Christian organizations can be different.”

For the past 15 years, OurChurch.Com has been working with Christian organizations providing website
hosting, design, and marketing services. In 2006, OurChurch.Com launched the Christian Web Trends
blog with the goal of serving Christian ministries by keeping them informed about Internet technology
and how that technology can benefit their ministries.

Information about search marketing has been one of the topics covered in the Christian Web Trends, but
it was just one of many topics. The Christian SEO Guys blog will bring a more consistent and focused
coverage of online marketing strategies Christian organizations can use to have more impact on their

“The Christian SEO Guys blog will feature news and information about search marketing with a focus on
how search marketing affects Christians and can be utilized by Christians,” said Steinbrueck. “You'll still
get the same search marketing news you could find at other news sources, but you will also get a
Christian perspective on that news. We will also have original articles about how Christians can utilize
the search engines to impact the world for Christ.”

You can follow the Christian SEO Guys blog at You can also connect with
Christian SEO Guys on Twitter (@ChristianSEOGuy) and Facebook

About OurChurch.Com, Inc.

OurChurch.Com was founded in 1996 and today is the leading “one stop shop” for Christian website
services, providing an extensive array of website hosting, design, search engine marketing, and
advertising services. It serves more than 8,000 Christian churches, schools, ministries, businesses, and
families, and continues to grow and develop innovative new services, while staying true to its mission,
vision, and core values.


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