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The Maternal Journal

Bethel Church Volume 7

1611 Hemlock Ave April
Owatonna, MN 55060 2011

In this Issue:
Spring is still Springing! pg 1
April is Autism Awareness pg 2
Happy Birthday pg 2
Our Sponsors pg 2

Spring is still Springing!

You know normally the saying Sidewalk chalk
Go for a nature walk
says Spring has Sprung...but I’m
BREAKFAST not sure that is the case yet this
Play at the park
walk and pick up garbage
Tables bringing breakfast spring! So this is just incase you Frisbee
-4/5 Chemistry Chicks need that extra little bit of Fly a Kite
History Hotties encouragement.
-4/19 Biology Babes Soccer
Now, are you with me on thinking Football
Sociology Sisters
-5/3 Debate Darlings that there be some sort of rule Baseball
Geography Girls like.....if you have record snow in Basketball/Horse
the winter you should also have a
*Please let your table leader know Ride bike/scooter
ahead of time if you are unable to
record warm spring and summer dig in the dirt
bring treats so we can make sure that same year? Ok, so maybe Red Light, green light
there are enough to go around.
mother nature doesn’t work that Backyard hide and seek
way. The point is, Spring IS still Red rover
Kick ball
springing! Don’t worry, we will Capture the Flag
eventually get there believe it or Hopscotch
CORNER not. The weather will be warm Jump Rope
more consistently, and there will Bean Bag Toss
Ladder Golf
Tables bringing treats be many more opportunities for
3 legged race
-4/5Debate Darlings you and your child in the great Blow bubbles
Geography Girls
outdoors! Here’s some great Croquet
-4/19 Business Beauties
ideas to get you started and back Bug Hunt
Psychology Sweeties
Go for a picnic
Horticulture Honeys into the swing of the outdoor side
Climb a tree
-5/3 Chemistry Chicks of life! Just incase the looooong
History Hotties winter has made you forget about Now get out there and enjoy the SUN!
*Please make sure your treats are all those great outdoor activities!
not made with or in a plant where
Peanuts are used.
April is Autism Awareness Month Steele and Waseca County Autism Support
Autism is a neurologically-based developmental disability that affects Meets the 4th Tuesday of each month,
the way a child’s brain develops. According to the Centers for Disease 6:00 – 7:30 pm at Associated Church in
Control, autism affects 1 in 110 children in the United States. Autism is Owatonna. Childcare is provided.
more common than juvenile diabetes, childhood cancer and AIDS
combined.* Advocates for Developmental Disabilities
It is unknown what causes autism. It is thought that autism is caused by 507-451-9769
a combination of genetic and environmental factors. There are currently
many studies being done to help discover the causes of autism. MN Help Me Grow Program
Autism is a spectrum disorder. This means that autism doesn’t look the 866-693-GROW
same in every child. While there are common symptoms and
characteristics in children with autism, these can vary from mild to *Information from-
severe. Autism typically affects the way a child communicates, behaves Fraser Child & Family Center
and socializes. A common misconception about children with autism is
that they all “look” the same. There is the general assumption that a --Written By: Stephanie Butler
child with autism is non-verbal, flaps their hands, and spins in circles.
While these symptoms are evident in some children with autism, they
aren’t present in every child. There is a saying that goes, “if you’ve met
one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism.” Each child is
an individual and
has symptoms that manifest differently.
Autism is not caused by bad parenting. A child with autism is not just
“spoiled” or “lacking discipline.” There are many obstacles that parents
of children with autism face…and judgment from other parents is one
of those. Every mom needs support. And that need grows when a mom
is raising a special needs child. As you encounter mothers and children
in your community that seem to be struggling, be sensitive to their
situation. Offer support and be encouraging.
There is not a cure for autism. Autism is not something that a child will
“grow out of.” But, early intervention is the best way to help a child
with autism make dramatic improvement. If you are concerned that Jessica Durand-April 28th
your child is showing signs of autism, one of the best places to start is
your family doctor or pediatrician. You can also contact the local Lindsay Thompson-April 11th
school district and express your concern about your child’s
development. There are also private organizations that can provide Rebecca Aten-April 12th
evaluations for your child. Please see the list below for some local
contact information.
Shannon Kerr- April 27th
Owatonna Clinic/Mayo Health System *If your birthday isnʼt listed here, we may
507-451-1120 not have your information. Please contact
Stephanie Wright.
Owatonna School District Special Services

A BIG THANK YOU to our Sponsors!!! We couldnʼt do it without you!

-Access Tonna Lock -Mamarya Soaps -Dr. Brian Burmeister &

-Couyer Construction -Swedberg Enterprises Partners of Main Street Dental
-Dr. & Mrs. Olson -Costaʼs Restaurant -Federated Insurance -Bethel Church
-G&T Enterprises -Premier Designs Jewelry -Cornerstone E-Free Church -Don Derrah
2 -Gnemi Appraisal -Dr. Dresser -Owatonna Clinic