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After you've defeated Yunalesca at the Yevon Dome in Zanarkand and aqquired the airship,
search for these locations by using the X and Y coordinates:



Baaj Temple X=11-16, Y=57-63
Sanubia Sands X=12-16, Y=41-45
Besaid Falls X=29-32, Y= 73-76
Mi'hen Ruins X=33-36, Y= 55-60
Battle Site X=39-47, Y=56-60
Omega Ruins X=69-75, Y=33,38



Yojimbo Finish Trials in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Anima Collect all the items in each Cloister then Enter Baaj Temple


Valefor also has a second Overdirve that you can acquire once Yuna join the party. Return to
Besaid and speak to the little girl with a dog standing next to the temple, and you'll receive an
item that gives Valefor the Overdrive Energy Blast. If the little girl isn't near the temple, then
look for her inside the item shop. Energy Blast inflicts greater damage at the cost of a higher
recovery time.



Energy Blast Talk to little girl with a dog standing next to temple or inside the item shop.


There are also hidden locations accessible by using the "Input" feature found in the airship
command list. You can find these passwords by deciphering Al Bhed messages left in
specific locations around Spira. Note that all of the passwords are case-sensitive.



Input the password GODHAND in
Rikku's legendary Weapon GODHAND
all caps
Rikku's VICTORIOUS; armor that nullifies three types Input the password VICTORIOUS
of elemental attack. in all caps
Input the password MURASAME
Auron's MURASAME: bears the One MP Cost ability.
in all caps
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After you get the Airship go back to Guadosalam. Follow Tromell up to the Farplane.
Talk with Lulu to view the secret scene.

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During a blitzball game, go to one of the corners on the right side of the arena, also
referred t

? o as the easy win bug. While there, put the two players that you want to gain experience
side by side, and have them pass the ball repeatedly to each other. Each pass gives you 1 EXP,
and if there's at least two minutes on the clock, you can accumulate up to 30 EXP.

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When you fight Evrae Atlana underwater in Bevelle, simply use some Phoenix Downs on her
and she should die quickly. If you don't have any Phoenix Downs, X-Potions and Elixers
work wonders against her as well.

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When you find Yojimbo, wait for him to make his offer. After he makes the offer, which I
believe is 300,000 gil, offer him half of what he wants plus 1 gil. He will then lower his
asking price. Increase your offer by 1 gil, which will force him to lower it again. This time,
he will not take any amount much lower, so offer him about 5-10,000 gil less than what he
wants, generally around 190,000, and he should take it.
If not, repeat the process and simply offer a little more than your previous offer.

If you offer him TRIPLE what he wants at any time, you not only gain Yojimbo, but he gives
you 2 Teleport Spheres as well.

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Whenever you are playing Blitzball, and currently are winning (i.e. your score is
higher than the other team's) just swim behind your own goalie. Stay there and
everyone else on the field will go to the other side and swim in circles. Sometimes, a
member of the opposite team will follow you. Just shake him loose (breaking through
him is an easy way) and he too will just leave you alone. Stay there for the remainder
of the game and you will win.


When bribing a monster it sometimes misses.Then you have to bribe again and waste
money.Well, if it misses, you can bribe them again for 0.This will actually count as
bribing again.This is a good way of saving money bribing without having to reset,
especially if the monster takes over 1,000,000 gil to bribe.