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Wicked Good Math Sites - (tools of Math Destruction)

Presented at MCAE Network Nov 3 , 2010 by Eunice Snay & Patty Ball

In this fun workshop, we will be exploring the integration of technology in

teaching mathematics by introducing you to some great math sites that are chock
full of lessons, activities, games, and videos that you can use in your classroom.
Both presenters will be showing you their favorite sites for making math both
useful and entertaining to increase classroom participation and retention.

Eunice’s Wicked Good Math Sites

1. Rhythm Wheels

Musical rhythms make use of ratios. This website will provide you with some
cultural background on Latino-Caribbean music. The software will allow you to
simulate traditional musical rhythms, and create new rhythms of your own

Let’s take this out for a spin…

2. Radical Math


• “It is a bit like trying to explain football to people who not only have no
understanding of the word 'ball,' but are also rather hazy about the
concept of the game, let alone the prestige attached to winning the Super
Bowl,'' wrote Dr. Ian Stewart, professor of mathematics at the University of
Warwick in England.

3. Visual Fractions

How do you think these fractions compare?

Lets give subtracting fractions a go !

4. Algebrator:

Would you agree that Math shown step by step helps the student
understand the concept?
Lets look at this site …think how would you use this in your class?

Circle Equations

Choose which version if you want use:

Animated – is a movie

Static – is a handout or hard copy of the movie

5. Basket Math Interactive

Science Academy Software is pleased to upgrade Basket Math Interactive -- one

of the first Educational interactive applications for the Web. The animations used
here are reproductions of some of the 3D graphics used in Basket Math 3.0.

This being the beginning of Basketball Season Go Celtics!

Patty’s Wicked Good Math Sites

1. Vocational Information Center -

2. Math Playground -
3. Math Playground Videos -
4. BBC Skillswise -
5. MA Teacher's Domain -
6. -


1. Cool Math-

2. Math Goodies-
3. Math Vids-
4. Practical Money Skills -
5. Change Maker -
6. Visual Math Learning-
7. Geogebra-

a. Live Binders -

8. Careers in Math-
a. CybrarymanMathlinks -

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