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Kumar Makarand Bhasker

Mobile: +91-9040279235

Objective: Seeking a position in a company which can offer professional growth while being
innovative and flexible through continuous learning and upgrading skills.


 Excellent analytical skills and ability to handle new assignments and meet deadlines.
 A keen analyst with exceptional communication, negotiation and relationship management skills and
abilities in liaising with external agencies.
 Functional Skills includes:
- Market Survey
- Organizational Skills - Team Management


♦ M.B.A (Pursuing 2009-11) from KIIT School of Management, KIIT University,

♦ B.E (Comp.Sc.) from Pravara Rural Engg.College, Loni with Higher 2nd Class.
♦ Higher Secondary Education from S.S.College, Jehanabad with 73.33% aggregate.
♦ Senior Secondary Education from Jawahar Navodaya Vidalaya, Jethian with
67.60% aggregate.


1. B.E Project Title: Highway Surveillance Software

High surveillance software is written in java to increase the efficiency of the software, main
function of the software is to avoid accident on highways and insure safety of the people.
We have used mpeg decoder, polygon fitting algorithm and edge detection algorithm, to fit
in to polygon and detect the edge of the moving vehicle on highway.

Implementation: This project has been implemented using java, mpeg decoder, Edge
detection algorithm.

2. Summer Intern with Helix Technology Solution

(While Pursuing MBA in the Year 2009-11)

Project Title: “How Digitization has affected Schools”
In this project I have created database of probable customer for the company and done
product awareness for the company.


♦ Languages: C, C++, Java.

♦ DBMS Packages: Oracle 8i
♦ Front End: VB 6.0
♦ Operating Systems: MS DOS, Windows98, NT, 2000, XP, Windows7
♦ Web designing: JAVA, HTML


Web Surfing, Travelling, Reading
Organized college level paper presentation in the annual festival
Participated in Software Quality Testing Workshop
Certification course in core java from Seed InfoTech


Date of Birth : 15-08-1982

Languages : Hindi, English
Gender : Male
Permanent Address : Shree Deepak Kumar
Prem Nagar,Horil Gunj
Jehanabad Court, Jehanabad
Pin code :- 804408

COMPANY: Helix Technology Solutions

PROJECT TITLE: How digitization has affected schools

SUMMARY: This project Report based on the survey of different schools in Jaipur (Rajasthan)
to find out that how digitization has affected schools in India. As we all know that technology is
playing vital role in our daily life and schools are not apart from that. In this project I tried to
find out that how digitization has changed the way of teaching and how many schools are
using digital solution to teach their students and how they are getting benefitted from that
system. In this project I, have visited different schools of Jaipur to collate data regarding
digitization of school and done product awareness for Helix Technology Solutions.
This survey covers 275 schools of different boards such as State Board, C B S E, and I C S E
Board and Others. During this project my main work was to tell about the product to the
principal of the school and try to know that are they interested in product and I was also told to
collate information of schools. If they are interested in the product then when would they like
to see demo of the product.

Main objective of my project was to find out the presence of competitor in that area and also
for the probable and capable customer for the company. I have also collated data about the
school to authenticate my project report and its finding. There are mainly three product name
as School Next, Teach Next and Teach Next Plus of the company. During this project I found
that very few schools are using digital solution, we can count them on finger whereas on the
other hand many schools are not having their basic infrastructure. Since our product strictly
cover only NCERT course so it is difficult to implement in schools which are affiliated by State
Board. During this project I got opportunity to interact with approx 300 principal of different
schools. I observed from those interactions that principal or directors who are young, more
open to change and ready to adapt new technology.

During this project I find out that there is no significant presence of competitors in that
market. There are only six to seven schools has implemented digital solutions in their school so
there is huge prospect for the company to sell their product. My project report will help them
to tap probable customer which is also capable and willing to buy the product. It will also help
company to save their time and avoid those customer which is not capable or not willing to
buy the product due to certain reasons such as schools which is govern by state Govt., they
can’t take their own decision where as the schools which is associated with state board their
medium of teaching is Hindi medium where as product is available in English. There is also one
problem to sell the product in schools which are associated with state board is the
implementation of different syllabus of NCERT and State Board.