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Paul Chandler’s Monthly

From Castanhal, Brazil
August, 2008
Well another month has past. It has been a good busy month. So lets get started.

A little ditty about the end of July; the Trezise Family and I went to Mamao
to do teaching and to have a Medical Mission Retreat. Ken, Leslie, and I
have some very encouraging conversation, among many things
discussed one was about me returning to Brazil full-time to work with the
ever growing medical mission here in Castanhal. We prayed and talked
and prayed and I am going to be returning to Castanhal as a full-time
missionary. (photo: Moju River at Sunset.)

We started out the month where we ended July teaching basic first aid
to the Salt Water Area, Maruda. We had four people in the class and
had a lot of fun with them. I taught the bandaging and splitting class,
where I bandaged up Wes and then let the class practice on the other
Trezise kids. When we returned to Castanhal a team from New York was
there finishing up their mission trip. I got to hang out with them and get
to know some really great people.

On Friday August 8, Ken, Micah, and I helped take the team to the
airport and waited with them for their flight back to the USA. Then the
3Hs’ went to the Senior Pastor house from the Belem Igreja da Paz to
have a meeting about starting medical clinics with them in their
church plant areas. We were able to setup a trip with them later in

We had about a week to get ready for the trip with the Belem Igreja.
Ken and I purchased medication and organized and packed our
medical kits. It was kind of hard packing, not know what we would
encounter. When we go to do clinics we go to places we have been before and know how many people to

Monday, August 18, we, Ken, Micah, Kezia, and I left Castanhal to meet
up with Pastor Marcel and his wife Thelma, Pastora Leida, Dra. Ana Paula,
and Jucia in Belem. After boarding the boat we cross the bay to a small
river and went to a village call Piramanha. Tuesday and Wednesday we
did medical clinics at Piramanha and consulted about 110 in the two

It was an awesome trip in every aspect. We got to meet, talk, and get to
know people from our sister church. Went to and saw a new area that we
have never been to. And care for and show Jesus’ healing power to
many people who have never had health care before. We had enough
medication for everyone we saw, praise God. (photo: Micah & Pastora Leida. Ken, Kezia, Dra. Ana, Me, and

August 25 we, Ken, Micah, Kezia, and I set out for another medical clinic. This
time we went to the Moju River area. Monday’s clinic was at Aqua Pe where
there were several people already waiting for us. We work from about
10:30AM to 3PM consulting close to 120 people. It was very hot, but very good
clinic with a couple of interesting cases. (Photo: From where I was sitting just
as we were getting start, there was already a crowd.
After the clinic we took a boat to Bosque for the next two days. At Bosque we had open clinic hours and saw
about 20 more people in two days. We also worked on the Yeshua (the big boat); fixing doors, install a new
cooking gas line, and replacing the tarps. Tuesday night we went to Tadel at Bosque. Even though I do not
understand much Portuguese I am going to miss all of the different services at Igreja da Paz. Before we left we
took a look at a site for a new Igreja da Paz church building.

One of the great things I have gotten to do here is after 16 years of not
playing, I have started playing the bass guitar again. It started at
CamPaz when I was messing around with the bass and Micah saw me
and asked me if I could play. I said a little and his reply was “you want
to play next service”. I did and have been playing with the worship
band at Saturday Night Youth Services. Saturday August 23 there was a
family conference at Igreja da Paz and Saturday night we played for a
large worship service and the photo is from that worship.

I mentioned earlier that I am going to be return to Brazil full-time as a medical missionary. This decision has
come from many talks with friends and family and a lot of prayer. Though most important it has come from
God. God has spoken and shown me many things; it is a weird/awesome feeling to hear Him so clearly about
returning here full-time. When I return to the states I am going to start a campaign, to take some missionary
classes, apply for a “Religious Worker” visa, and to raise financial support. I do not know how long this will take;
I am putting it in God hands. He knows that I want to return as soon as I can. He knows my heart for this
mission and the work that is being done here. Please pray for me as I start this work.

I found this in Colossians 4:2-6 a few days ago and feel in love with it and its simple request from Paul to God
and people praying for him; “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too,
that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ, for which I am in
chains. Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should. Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the
most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may
know how to answer everyone.” This is my new prayer. Please pray this for me too.

Photo is sunset at Bosque. I am in constant amazement of the beauty that

God gives me every day. The first night at Bosque we went swimming at
night, and the stars were so bright and so many that it took my breath away
to look at. God has shown me beautiful sunrises, sunsets, stars, and many
other things being here. Thank you Lord.

Here are some verses that God has shown me this month: Isaiah 35:3-6, and
41:10, Ps. 118, and Romans 12:12-13.

Last month I wrote about a new saying of mine “Talk to strangers”. I said that I did not know what that meant
at the time, but Jesus spoke to me and said “Talk to strangers, because that is what I did”. So please talk to
strangers because that is what Jesus did and we should be doing the same.

One last thought; I want to thank Marcos for proof reading all of my newsletters. He has been a great friend
and very helpful to me.

May God be a blessing in your life and may your life bless Him,
Paul Chandler

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