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Industrial Development Leasing Company of Bangladesh

Limited (IDLC)

The leading home loans provider in the country offers you the most
convenient home loans to suit your needs. With so many attractive benefits,
the home you always wanted is no longer a dream.

 Equal consideration for all applications irrespective of any professions
 Dedicated and supportive service both before and after disbursement
 Option to choose either Fixed or Variable rate of interest
 Loan sanction within shortest possible time and also before starting
construction of the building or
 purchase of the apartment
 Early pre-payment option either in part or full with convenient
 Income tax rebate on yearly interest payment on home loan up to Tk 2
 Municipality holding tax rebate
 Maximum loan offering to Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB)
 Competitive interest rate and lower fees


 Purchase of apartment/ house/ commercial space/ approved housing
 Construction of residential/ commercial building
 Renovation or extension of residential house
 Home Equity loan against mortgage of property
 Home Loan under Bangladesh Bank Refinancing Scheme (@ 9% p.a.)

You are eligible if you are:
 25 years and above but not more than 60 years of age
 Earning regularly from a sustainable source of employment or
The home loan amount depends on your repayment capability. A
number of
factors are such as monthly net disposable income, age, qualifications, value
of the immovable property, number of family members and
dependants, monthly expense,

other fixed obligations, nature of job / business and savings habits are taken
into considerations.
Residential Purpose: 70% of the purchase price including registration cost or
80% of the construction cost of residential house.
Commercial Purpose: 70% of the purchase price including registration cost.

Residential Purpose
Category Maximum Term Maximum Age
Professional & Service Holders 20 years 60 years
Businessmen 15 years 60 years
Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRBs) 10 years 60 years
Commercial Purpose: For any profession, maximum 7 years

The entire loan to be repaid by Equated Monthly Installments (EMI)

Mortgage of the property itself or any other equivalent security acceptable to


We offer you a competitive interest rate and low fees. We set individual rates
on the basis of a customer's financial status, amount borrowed and
repayment terms. Please contact any of our branch offices for current rate &

Mortgaged asset should have fire or earth quake insurance by any IDLC
nominated insurance company.

Just feel free to call or visit any of our branch offices and collect the home
loan application form free of cost. Our officers are waiting to serve you. Just
visit our office or call today!
a. Employed
 Recent passport size photo, copy of National ID Card and Bio data
 Latest salary slip/salary certificate
 Bank statement for one year
 Statements of assets with copies of evidence
 Evidence of other income (if any)
 CIB Application Form
 Allotment agreement with developer/ owner
 Money receipts of amount already paid to developer/owner

b. Self Employed
 Recent passport size photo, copy of National ID Card and Bio data
 Tax assessment paper for last 3 years (Tax return & Assessment order)
 Profit & Loss account and Balance sheet of business for last 3 years
 Evidence of presents work in hand and value
 Bank statement for the last one year
 Statement of assets with copies of evidence
 Evidence of other income (if any)
 CIB Application Form
 Allotment agreement with developer/owner
 Money receipts of amount already paid to developer/owner


Income Tax Certificate to enable you to claim the tax benefits is given to you
free of cost.


If you are a Non-Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) and dream of owning a home
back in Bangladesh, you have reached the right place. With an IDLC Home
Loans you can buy an apartment or build a house, extend or renovate a
house or buy approved housing plot to build a house.

We have been a part of a 10 years journey in the real estate financing arena
with more than four thousand customers. IDLC offers maximum loan amount
and terms for NRB customers and extend all possible cooperation to fulfill
their dream to build up asset in their home land. Our home loan marketing
and sales officers are ready to give you the time tested advice that suits your

Be it legal documentation, project or builder approvals, and technical advice,

we look forward to sharing with you and this service is absolutely free.

Our project approval facility provides our customers the comfort of

purchasing properties from builders who have complied with all basic

You can either select the property by yourself when you are in the country or
by your nominated local keens / representatives. You may always seek for
our expert opinion before selection of your property from any developers

 One copy recent passport size photograph
 Latest salary slip/salary certificate showing all deductions.
 Employment-contract
 Photo copy of the passport with evidence of arrival at port of entry, visa
stamped pages.
 Residency permit or latest work permit (if applicable)
 Copy of continuous discharge certificate (CDC) for merchant mariners
 Overseas and local bank account statements for last 12 months.
 Tax papers for last three years duly attested by Bangladesh Embassy
 Bio data and family background.
 Company Profile/Brochure/ Web Mail Address
 Power of Attorney (POA) to a Bangladeshi resident as per IDLC's format.
POA will also provide Personal Guarantee to the loan (Attachment)
 Personal guarantee from an employed Bangladeshi local resident (age
below 50) as per IDLC's format.

For the above document in a language other than English, please get it
translated into English and attested by the Bangladesh Embassy.


IDLC now provides complete protection to its home loan borrowers. Now
home loans borrowers of IDLC can avail life insurance coverage equivalent to
the amount of the outstanding home loan.

Home Loan Shield is a specially designed Group Life Insurance Scheme,

which protects your family in your unfortunate death. The shield takes over
the outstanding principal amount of your home loan with IDLC thus protecting
your beloved family from burden of repayment.
 Borrower's family is secured from loan burden at the unfortunate death of
main earner of the family
 Lowest possible single premium
 Hassle free coverage merely on declaration (up to certain age limit)
 Free of cost medical examination from recognized hospitals (cost will be
borne by the borrower only when application is turn down by the insurer)
 Proportion return of premium for early loan foreclosure
 Financing of the premium is also available (IDLC will provide, if required)
 Income Tax relief on premium payment

 IDLC will be the master policyholder of the Group Life Insurance and you
will get a certificate as a member of the scheme.
 Upfront single insurance premium is fixed based on borrower's age, loan
tenure and outstanding principal amount.
 The insurance coverage ranges from Taka 200,000/- to Taka 10,000,000/-.
 Insurance coverage of Tk. 1,000,000/- and Tk. 750,000/- will be granted
merely on declaration of your good health when your age is between 20-
40 and 41-45 respectively. Except for above, medical examination is
 Borrower gets minimum 50% to maximum 100% of the home loan
coverage under the scheme.
 This coverage will be on a single borrower only. In case of joint loan, the
main income earner can become a member of the scheme.
 The insurance coverage will start from the very first day of loan
 This scheme is open to all IDLC home loan customers between the ages of
20 to 55 years. The maximum age at maturity should not exceed 60

Just complete the "Insurance Application Form" (attached with Home Loan
Application Form) and hand it over to the dealing officer at IDLC's any branch
from where you are taking your loan along with a copy of your age proof.

In the event of your unfortunate demise, your nominee will have to:
 Inform us within 7 days of the event
 Provide us with information and/ or documentation to establish the fact,
date, circumstances relating to and cause of the event
 Co-operate with and assist IDLC in any investigation undertaken by the
insurance company
 Provide evidence in support of the claim at the request of IDLC

□ HOME LOAN @ 9% P.A.

This scheme is designed for middle and lower middle class customers to
purchase or construct new apartment for own dwelling with in the area of 6
city corporation areas (Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet, Barishal)
and municipality areas of Tongi, Gazipur, Savar and Narayangonj.

 Applicant's Monthly gross income is with in Tk. 50,000/-
 Applicant’s those who have no house/ apartment either in their name or
their spouse/ children's name in the areas specified above. Applicant's
those who have not yet availed home loan from any bank/ financial
 For salaried applicants, officially those who have no employee housing
loan scheme or those have so but still not avail the facilities are eligible
for this loan
 The property itself will be kept mortgaged as security

 Maximum loan amount is Tk. 2,000,000/-
 Maximum loan term is 20 years
 The insurance coverage ranges from Taka 200,000/- to Taka 10,000,000/-.
 Maximum size of apartment is 1250 sft.
 Moratorium period is 1 year
 Entire loan can be disbursed with in one year from the date of first


Title Home Loan Car Loan Personal Loan Loan Against
Application form N/A TK.500 TK. 500 N/A
Documentation fee Upto 1% + Upto 0.5%+VAT Upto 0.5% N/A
Processing fee Upto 0.5% + Upto 0.5%+VAT Upto 0.5% N/A
Prepayment Charges Up to 2% Within 6months 2% Within 1 years N/A
Within 7-24 months After 1 years 1%
1.5%, after 2 years
Foreclosure Fee 2% 2% 2% N/A
Cheque Dishonouring At actual At actual At actual At actual
Duplicate issue of 830 + VAT 830+VAT 830+VAT 830+VAT
transfer documents
Duplicate tax 500 + VAT 500+VAT 500+VAT 500+VAT
Photocopy of land 1000 + VAT 1000+VAT 1000+VAT N/A
Insurance claim N/A 2000+VAT N/A N/A
settlement on behalf of
closed contract
Issuance of Certified 500+VAT 500+VAT 500+VAT N/A
Mortgage Deed (City
CIB inquiry charge Free Free Free Free
Issuance of lien Free Free Free Free
confirmation letter
Q. How do you determine the loan amount?
Based on your applied amount and submitted documents supporting your
income, we would assess your repayment capacity. Your repayment capacity
would determine the amount of loan you are eligible for. However, the loan
amount will not exceed the 70% of the purchase price including registration
and also 80% of the construction cost of the dwelling house.

Q. How much would be the installments?

Installment is determined based on acquisition cost and loan term. Monthly
installment is most common, however, quarterly payment can also be
considered only for corporate and developer's finance.

Q. How to apply for loan?

You are required to fill the prescribed application form of IDLC available at
free of cost at any pf our branch offices and submit it with required
supporting document. You need to pay application fee through account payee
cheque in favor of IDLC FINANCE LTD. while submitting the application. On
receipt of your application duly completed, IDLC would make necessary
inquiries/ investigation and convey its decision to you.

Q. What would be the security against the loan?

Mortgage of the property concerned is usually the security. However, you
may also offer other securities acceptable to IDLC.

Q. Can anyone repay the loan ahead of schedule?

You can repay the loan either in part or full ahead of schedule after payment
of at least six installments with a minimum repayment charge.