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Head Office
Jln. Medan-Banda Aceh, KM 307, Alue Buket-Lhoekseukoen, Aceh Utara 24382
Aceh, Indonesia. Tel/Fax : +62-645-31441
On-Line HP: +62813-10189777 (Indonesia) +6019-2577488 (Malaysia)
Branch Office
Bireuen: Wisma Habib Bugak, Jln. Bugak Krueng, Jangka-Bireuen, Aceh, Indonesia. Tel/Fax: +62-644-7443047
Jakarta: Menara Rajawali Lt. 18, Jln. Mega Kuningan Lot # 5.1. Jakarta 12950 Indonesia. Tel/Fax: +62-21-5764045
Malaysia: No. 22, Makmur 10, Bandar Tun Razak, 56000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel/Fax: +60-3-91710964
Mekkah: Bayt al-Ashi, Po. Box : 5321, Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia. Tel/Fax: +966-2-5594083

The Province of Aceh in Indonesia has for a long time not being able to receive and enjoy
adequate benefits of modern development to the levels that have been enjoyed by the other
provinces in Sumatra, Jawa and other parts of the country. Furthermore Aceh has long suffered
from political instability, internal war conflicts, lack of peace, shortage of funds, the side effects
of the long drawn conflict between the Aceh Liberation Movement and the armed forces of the
Indonesia. Note that the GAM forces have been fighting for some 3 decades against the central
government for independence. The 2004 tsunami further worsened the deplorable conditions of
the local populations. This devastation of the Province finally led to peace between the GAM and
the central government. However the local populations have not fully recovered from decades of
war torn events and the tsunami and currently living in poverty. The Province of Aceh though
peaceful still remain very much in the backwaters and require enormous rehabilitation and
Now with peace, political stability, good security and economic growth, it is timely to
consider the opportunity to participate in the development of the Province of Aceh. The Investors
with support of business oriented local government this is golden opportunity to start business.
The Province of Aceh have well accessible via a good network of roads to Medan and Banda
Aceh. The capital city like Banda Aceh and Lhokseumawe has a well-developed oil and gas
industry, an international sea port and served by regional air lines.
The most potentially industry in Aceh is the palm oil. It is the world’s most produced and
traded vegetable oil, and used in food and beauty products; in Western Europe and the US. it is
found in one in ten products on supermarket shelves. Furthermore, it is increasingly looked upon
as a commodity that will satisfy the growing demand in the developed world for an
environmentally friendly, renewable fuel that will help solve the world’s energy problems. The
Government of Aceh have initiated plans to develop an Palm Oil Industrial Estate in the district
near North Aceh and East Aceh as part of the overall plan to boost the industrialization program
in the district.
The province of Aceh, in the far northwestern corner of Indonesia, has topographical and
climatic conditions that some describe as ideal for the culvation of palm oil. The industry in
Aceh started in the 1950s. There are palm oil plantations developed by the state owned company
(PTPN), private companies, and local and outside individuals. Currently there are more than
260,000 hectares palms oil being cultivated. The Government has an ongoing program to boost
the oil palm industry and enhance the livelihood of the local populations in the Province of Aceh
by providing free oil palm seedlings to local farmers. This program is funded by foreign
institutions and so far some 6 million seedlings have been handed out.
However the palm oil industry in Aceh has not really expanded as compared to the other
provinces such as Sumatra Utara, Riau, Jambi and Kalimantan. Thus there are still available
areas of land very suitable for large scale palm oil cultivation. There are also some areas at the
north coast from Aceh Tamiang, East Aceh, North Aceh and Bireuen, all of which are likely to
be similar to the areas of North Sumatra which is arguably the best area in the world for
agricultural industry such as palm oil plantations, mill and refining.
Green Vision : To ensure protection of Aceh natural environment as Aceh Green Vision
Humanitarian Mission: To be a Group established in Aceh with main objective to help conflict
and tsunami victims, especially in the palm oil industry


PT. Aceh Sawit Industry (PT. ASI) is member of Crescent-Alhilal International Group,
established in Aceh with main objective to help conflict and tsunami victims, especially in the
palm oil industry. These people are the hard core poor segment of the local populations and it is
the Government fervent objective to provide them with sustained employment to achieve
economic independence. The Group and Investors has set up the joint venture local company and
will invite foreign and local Indonesian investors to develop palm oil plantation and establish a
crude palm oil mill and refinery plant in North Aceh, East Aceh and other place.
After Aceh tsunami in 2004 Crescent-Alhilal Group was arrangge donation to
Government of Aceh and the victim of tsunami more than US$.100 Million. And since 2008 was
facilitated of investment from Middle East to Aceh, especially in palm oil plantation in Peurelak,
East Aceh. The Government of Aceh has invited Crescent-Alhilal International Group Kuala
Lumpur Office with Dr. Hilmy Bakar to manage investment from local and foreign parties who
interested to Aceh.
PT. Aceh Sawit Industry will introduce integrated project in palm oil industry like
plantations, mill and refining, and established with professional management. The main objective
of Group is reach a high level of productivity that can raise the living standards of the people of
Aceh. The industry can provide large scale employment and housing within. In addition the
government can select the families who will wish to live and settle in these areas through a
development program. The Group has invited a joint venture company to design, build, operate
and manage a new palm oil milling and cooking palm oil business.
The primary objective is establish one or more mini palm oil mills in selected strategic
locations within palm oil plantings of smallholders and KUD, collectively with sufficient FFB
for the proposed mini mill(s) to operate economically. By having these mills as strategic partners
in business the local farmers shall be able to fetch better prices for their fruits and without having
to deal with middle men or ‘tengkulak’ who very often do not optimize the buying prices. Due to
limited processing facility in the region the local farmers have to sell off their palm oil fruits
(FFB) to other outside distant mills incurring high transportation costs. The lengthy period and
delays at the mills affect adversely the quality of the fruits resulting in penalty and cost
deduction. Currently the local smallholder farmers are not having fair prices for their produce.
- The Company
Company Register Name : PT. ACEH SAWIT INDUSTRY
Status : Local Investment Company (PMDN)
Notarial Act : No: 55 – 17 March 2011
Notary Name : Nila Rufaida, SH. Lhokseumawe Notary
Paid Up Capital : Rp.
Registration Company (TDP) : No: 010315101139
Operational License (SITU) : No: 510.1/225/111/2011
Trading License (SIUP) : No: 127/01-03/PB/111/2011
Tax Registration (NPWP) : No:
The Main Share Holders : Dr. Hilmy Bakar : 26 %
Crescent Group: 25 %
Mr. M. Zainy Yusuf & Group: 24 %
Mrs. Amalia Haeronesa & Group: 25 %
Company Philosophy : Green Vision, Humanitarian Mission

- The Management Team

Chairman / President Com. : Mr. M. Zaini Yusuf. ST
Deputy Chairman : Mr. Farid P. Syafi’i. M.Sc.
Commissioner : Mr. Juliapriadi NA. S.Hut.
Commissioner : Mrs. Cut Syarifah Radhiah Al-Habsyi
President Director / CEO : Dr. Hilmy Bakar, MBA.
Admin/Financ. Director : Mrs. Amalia Haeronesia
Project Director (Mill) : Mr. Said Mudzakir Said Abdurrahman
Project Director (Nursery) : Mr. Sulaiman Ismail AB.
Project Director (Plantation) : Mr. Ikhwanuddin SE.

- The Business Focus

1. Palm Oil Plantations
2. Palm Oil Mill & Refining
3. Palm Oil Nursery
4. Palm Oil Trading, Transportation & Management
5. Palm Oil Consultancy and Services

- The Project Priority

1. Development 20.000 ha palm oil plantations in Aceh Utara.
2. Build palm oil mill capacity 30mt/h in Aceh Utara.
3. Build cpo refinery capacity 300mt/day in Aceh Utara.
4. Build palm oil mini mill capacity 10mt/h in Aceh Timur.
5. Export original and high quality palm oil seeds from Malaysia.