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The Requirement of Faithfulness

April 10, 2011

Sunday Bulletin Vance Havner, a revivalist of the late 20th If your car starts once every three tries, is it
century, said, “God is faithful, and He reliable? If the postman skipped delivery
expects His people to be faithful. God’s every Monday and Thursday, is he
Word speaks of faithful servants, faithful in trustworthy? If you don’t go to work once or
a few things, faithful in the least, faithful in twice a month, are you a reliable employee?
the Lord, faithful ministers. And all points If your fridge stops working for a day or two
up to that day when He will say, “Well every now and then, do you say, “Oh well, it
done, thou good and faithful servant.” works most of the time.”? If your water
“What terrible times we have in our heater provides an icy-cold shower every
The New Testament Baptist Church, 437 N. Duffy Road, Butler, Pennsylvania 16001

churches trying to keep people faithful in now and then, is it dependable? If you fail to
attendance and loyalty! How we reward attend church God one or two Sunday
and picnic and coax and tantalize church services a month, would you expect to be
members into doing things they don’t want called a faithful Christian?
to do but which they would do if they
We expect faithfulness and reliability from
loved God! The only service that counts is
things and other people - isn’t it reasonable
faithful service. True faith shows up in
then that God just might expect the same
faithfulness. Not everyone can sing or
from us? Being a Christian is not about
preach, but all can be faithful.”
voluntary work. God has purchased our
I wonder what would happen, if we applied faithfulness and our service with the blood
the same standards of faithfulness to our of His only Son. So if we want to kick-start
Christian activities that we expect from our faith, we need to remain faithful to
other areas of our lives? God?

“A Beautiful Woman
in Christ”

We are asking our church

a f a m i l i es to b r i ng
f candy for the Easter
baskets that children (2 yrs. Friday, May 6, at 6:30 PM
-6th grade) will receive on Cost: $7.50
The adults of our church
Easter Sunday. are encouraged to Our church has a special
participate in the “Reverse evening planned for ladies
Please start bringing your Progressive Dinner.” No (Ages 3 and older) on
candy immediately. This childcare will be provided Friday, May 6. There will
helps us properly prepare by the church. There is a be an uplifting program
for Easter. Bring the candy sign up sheet at the and delicious food.

to Bro. Waterhouse’s office. Welcome Center. ** LADIES ONLY **

Volume 11, Issue 15

First-time visitors are asked to stop by our Welcome Center for a gift.
Welcome to New Testament Baptist Church! We are so excited that you are taking the
time to contemplate eternal matters with us. Thank you for your interest. We trust that
the singing, preaching, and fellowship with our people will be a blessing to you.

Visit us at Church Phone Number: 724.282.2494


Free Nursery & Childcare

Out of respect for your loved ones and those in attendance, we ask parents to use our
clean & well-equipped nursery. Please avail us the opportunity to serve!

This free service is available for newborns and infants (birth through 24 months).
All of our volunteers have passed a background check with the Commonwealth of
Sunday School: Renea Holt
Sunday AM: Amber Eury AM Rockin’ Grandma: Mrs. Bickish
Sunday PM: Carey Hogan Wednesday PM: Bonnie Heitzenrater

Schedule of Celebrating A Risen Saviour!

Services Easter Sunday, April 24
Sunday School 10:00 AM
You’re invited to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus
Morning Preaching 11:00 AM
Christ with us on Sunday, April 24. You will enjoy the
Choir Practice 6:00 PM
special music we have planned for Easter. After the
Evening Preaching 7:00 PM
Morning Service, children (6th grade and younger)
will receive Easter candy. Invite someone without a
church home to be your guest!
Bible Study & Prayer 7:00 PM

Soul Winning 10:30 AM Guest Speaker: Dr. Stephen Veatch

Where Will I Spend Eternity?

Your relationship to Jesus Christ is central to the answer to that question.
We are, by nature, sinners who stand guilty and condemned before our Creator and
Judge. In our thoughts and actions, we have disobeyed His perfect standards. We
are sinners (Romans 3:10, 23).
We are helpless to save ourselves. Forgiveness is a gift to be received, not a reward
that can be earned. We need a Saviour (Ephesians 2:8-9).
Because of His love for us, God provided salvation through His Son, Jesus. He
became a member of the human family, lived without sin, and died on the cross to
pay for our sins. Jesus is the Saviour (Romans 5:8; John 3:16).
Salvation is an individual matter and requires a personal response on the part of
anyone that wants to be saved. All who acknowledge their sin and place their trust
in Christ are adopted as God’s children (Romans 10:9, 13).