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Recommended Book List

180 Icebreakers Encyclopedia of Icebreakers

Evolving Theoretical Perspectives on Students
25 Activities for Developing Team Leaders Leila V. Moore (Editor)
Fran Rees
Expanding Opportunities for Professional Education
Becoming a Person of Influence Leila V. Moore (Editor)
Maxwell & Dornan
Experienced Resident Assistant
Beer, Booze and Books Blimline
Jim Matthews
Exploring Leadership
Big Book of Creativity Games Komives/Lucas/McMahen
Robert Epstein, Ph.
Five Levels of Leadership
Big Book of Icebreakers John C. Maxwell
Edie West
How to be a REAL Success
Big Book of Leadership Games John C. Maxwell
Vasudha K. Deming
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Big Book of Teambuilding Games Dale Carnegie
John Newstrom & Edward Seanell
Indoor/Outdoor Team-Building Games for Trainers
Campus Practices for Student Success: A Compedium Harrison Snow
of Model Programs
Journal of College Student Development
CAS Standards and Guidelines for Student
Services/Development Joy of Recognition
Lynette Youngren
Creating Campus Community
William M. McDonald Leadership Challenge Workbook
Credibility: How Leaders Gain and Lose It, Why People
Demand It Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus
James Kouzes & Barry Posner Harvey/Cottrell/Lucia

Developing the Leaders Around You Learning Reconsidered 2 (1)

John C. Maxwell Richard P. Keeling, M.D.

Diversity on Campus Learning Reconsidered 2 (2)

Encouraging the Heart Lifetime Encyclopedia of Letters

Kouzes/Posner Harold E. Meyers

Encyclopedia of Group Activities Manager's Portfolio of Model Memos for Every

William Pfeiffer (edited by) Occasion
Cynthia A. Barnes
NCLP-Character and Leadership School Spirit!
Felicia Mainella Fred McCarthy, Ed. D

NCLP-Cross-Cultural Leadership Student Development in College

John D. Dugan Evans/Forney/Guido-DiBrito

NCLP-Developing Leadership through Student Student Leadership Practices Inventory

Employment #18 Kouzes/Posner
Paul Naglier
Student Outcomes Assessment: What Institutions
NCLP-First-year Students and Leadership #19 Stand to Gain
Mario Peraza Diane Halpern

NCLP-Followers and Fellowship in the Leadership Success Signals

Process Rhenda Hilyer
Renee Baird Snyder
Successful Programs of HIV Prevention Education
NCLP-Leadership and Change William R. O'Connell
Laura Osteen
Team Up!
NCLP-Leadership Courses: Developing Foundational James Allen
U.G. Leadership Courses
Darin Eich Team Work and Team Play
Thiagarajan/ Parker
NCLP-Peer Leadership #12
Andrew Adelman The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey
NCLP-Women and Leadership
Brooke Lecky Supple The Secret Language of Leadership: How Leaders
Inspire Action Through Narrative
New Direction for Student Services Stephen Denning
Coomes & DeBard (Editors)
Zapp! The Lightning of Enpowerment
Priceless Motivation William C. Byham, PhD.

Promoting Student Development through Intentionally Julie Owen Assessment Pack

Structured Groups Julie Owen