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into customers'inboxes every day, it can be tough

getting your email opened - let alone actually rea

Thcre nas orce a golden period ol

elcctronic connnunici!ion $here email
Nas shinv and nc\il and rcceii,ing an
'ollcr lrom a compan,r nas the grcated
thing siice sliced bread. Concepts lilte
'con!$sion rates and click ihroughs
.liln\ c\ist. and consuncrs would
happil), s'icld their credn cards through
any nunbcr ol adlcrtisements that
arrired nl lhcir inbox.
That nigh! be hos some rcmcmber
it, though thc truth is that custoneF
arc rarcly that naive, and over line thcl
have becomc lar moLc net-sarr1'and
erpect smallbusincsses to crolrc with
thcm. lhis has narurally translatcd
inlo higher crpccmlions on email
bcing sent to customers, and makes
i! all that much hrrdg to havc vour
commucially-driren mesagc opencd
Thc good ncs,s is that as customo
expecution has sen. so too has thc
undcrsLanding ol thc crpots and thc
methods tbr ha!ing rour voice heard
Thi, is particularll jmportant stcn your
emlil neNsletter is onc ot nany in thc
customcr's inbox - sandsiched benrccn toflfards s,ith links to hlrmorous
YouTubc !idcos. \omatlct shat fonn
of cmail m;rkctingyou arc prcparing
- he r hc(sl.tter a direct ofter. a
onc'oli promotirn or something a little
morc un(uc, there ls r lot ro be learneil
by asking thc experts.

16 NETT InARCH 2011

The 20 steps to success
Thc old adage that ifvou rant
Whcther you arc just getting \our lict Not allemail arrnal rimes u,ere created
somcthing donc riqhr, then lou hdyc $'ct iD the email marletihg pond oL are cqual, so it is important !o maximise
to do it youBellrerlly is truc $ien ir s,cll-rersed in its tLcrchcrous cleptlrs, rhe chanccs of ).our concspondence
concs to your crrail databasc. Ideallv tcmplates can bc incredibli useful. beins doublc cljcked on. T],pjcaul
tbc list o1' cnrail addrcsses that vou scnd Often thel' can be sourccd for hcc, or your strndard office dncller $ill have a
!our nenslcucr ro will be -*""a t,orn $ill
be prolidcd with a hostftg package. dozcn or morc emails \lairiDg lor rhen
customcrc or websitc visitoB W|atever thc casc. it shoul,l hc each morning, and ncs'sletters ivili be
'T|e n!nbcr onc thins to do bctbrc customiscd to suit your aLrd'encc and the first thing to be cullcd from thc
anvthing clsc is dcvclop a good Iist raLed ovcr rrith a finc tooth .omh ro gcl pre-callcindtcd brains of your dDdicncc.
of email iddress.s Lh,r h,c.rh.r Similarly, there are benefits ro scnding
inbrnition dttxchcd to lt such as Oncc you bccomc a lirde morc it out belorc lunch or iD the carlv
the name ofthc cusromos and their laniliar $ith thc process, jr cdn really aliernoon. The golden rule herc is to
postcodes, so you cdn sork our \h.rc par ollto havc your cmrilnarkcting tes! il out and lind whar \rorks best f<r
thel,arc fron, srtys Todd U/righr, d strongh reflcct thc look and leclolyour your particular audience.
dircctor !t l hrecsnles. bDsincss. accor.ling !o \\iright. .Wc
do a lot ol$ork wirh rourism
'''l hc goldcn rulc is to nevcr buy a list
clicnts aDd s'e find thar Wednesday
ahlavs build thcnr. Its hardcr to build
thcn but \'ou should nevcr buv or rcnt
4I MAKE SURE YOU nornings and Thursday nornings
HAVE YoUR TEXT- arc the best time to send our traycl-
lirts unlcss you ve gor rero cusromcrs " ONLY BASES COVERED rclated information. Peoplc ha'e got
Yea6 ago, it ('as conrmon pradice to Wednesday and they arc aheady
. USE A HOSTED to prcparc an entirelv seprrate'texr,
Z soturror only vcrsion
'fhis has sincc
ollnur cmail ncrvsletter
thinking about the weekcnd. They are
sick ofthe daily grind at work and that
This may secm likc an oblious choice bcen replaccd by last 48 to 72 hou6 befbrc the rveekend.
to thosc alrcady on board the hosted solnlare that does it alltbrvou, and we have sccn. is the bcsr tlme ro hir
enuil band$.rson, but manv $nall dutomaticall\' !pits out a pufe,rcxt people," sars \Vright.
busin.sscs slilluse a custonrised vcNion ofvour nensleitcr lor customers
program to send out ncssletrcrs. Thcsc
s,crc oficn purchascd : decade ago. or
rvho a.e allcrgic to dre bclls and
\4rist1es of ITTIIL emails
\\ hcn yuu h (r \rjrr ulr rn emdil
worsc, thcv rrc sending ir thcmseh,cs .\Vhen
vou are shopping around lbr a marketing, ir can be tempting to send
through Outlook or \lac Nlail. hostcd cmail svstcm, m:tkc sure tou gcr more and nore, particularlv r.hen rhcy
''I:i!c ycars dgo you nright halc one tha! does bodr automarically. Whal start gcncratnrg sales lcads. The corrcct
considercd sending it out trom iour it $ill do is scnd out the Hl,\lL lcrsion path, ho$evcr is to rcsisr tcmpration
o\!n cnrail and \our o\D enail soft\lar., anil pcople can pick Lheir preferenccs ard only send your cmail neirsleuer as
but these clays vou 100,1 nccd ro go and say shethcr thcy $ant rerr or oiten as your audiencc cxpects ro ger it
(ilh a hosted cmdilprodlrc!. Therc are FrTNlt_, adds \vrighr. 'You might sce eBay send out three or
plcntr out thoc and some ol rhc more four email nervslctters a rreek rvhereas
popular ones can bc pay-as you go, so most smallbusinesscs uouldnr be able
lou only pay lor how many lemailsl I'ou to get a\!ey $ith thdt. Pcoplc $ould

SigDing Dp \ith a hostcd enuil

"The number one unsubscribe instanth rdds Wdght.
Its important to crcare a balancc
prorider has sercral bcncfits, including
thc Iibcntion ol your intcrnalenrail
thing to do before betNccn action and rej€ction, according
to Utight, bccause it you srart,nnoying
scrci from scndirg out thousancls anything else is people .rnd getting unsubscribes, you
ol ncwslcttcrs cach sccl On top ol harc tiefeated thc purpose.
this dcpcnding on ho$ much you develop a good list of
sant to spcnd - hosting proviclcrs sill
ernail addresses that 7 KNOW YOUR
gne lou acccss to dcsign rcnplares as / AUD|ENCE
$c]l xs rcporting rnd monrtoring tools.
Choosing the tools you nccd is rn
has other information i\lucb liirc everv picce ofmarkcting.
thc cniil {rsion is all about rhe pcrson
impoianr palt of thc attached to it. " l-ou are prtching to. U/hilc nobody has )

I1ARCH 20',]t ]\ETT t7

covER sroRy ' zo evArt MARKETTNG Trps.


Iis blrtrnth obvious that harine
rour emrl trgged as spam and
rutonrticalh movcd to thc junli
rnul lolrh is to ho avoirlcd and thc
sin4lest mcthod ol doing so is to dloid
conmon yan kcni.ords. T|is can bc
ob\ious mbjccr-linc |cadings such as
adicrtistmcnt', frcc and slmbols
srrchrs s rnrl I As:n rhsolute mrsL.
the cmailhoslou go with sLould hare
a span c|cc[. If not, usc thejunk
loldcL scttings in Oudool or Nlac \lail

I V t",,,,,", "-.*" r"r,.
rurn arrund il someone calls your
nrmc in thc stfcci than if thcy sal, |cv
lou. $ too is the p$sonalised email
going to dras far morc nttcntbn thrn a

''Tflou doni pcsonallsc thc cmail,

you grcatlv rcducc thc likclihood ofit
bcing opcncd.r! all,' cxplains S.r!h
trlcll1ryrc, .t Ton1 Tom

''\bu\,e got
b get the thing opcncd
betore lou can actually communicatc
the message rc the audience By
pcrsonalising. vou increase the
lilclihood ofit being opcned by about

"People are always looking for exclusive

offers - they rvant to know that they are a I I u". "t,1. t"",t,'"g,..n,,,"
subconsciously glances at s,her an
rralued customer." cmrillands in their lap is rho it is
fron. Therc is a far grcatcr chance
thrt it Nillmalc an imp.cssion on your
the time to go ind nleet thc hundrcds, intenct conncction is erposcd to on ludicn.e il its t.onr a rcal pcrson, or
if not tbousands, ofpeoplc on your a daily bdsis, thc all roo obvious srlcs oen a company namc, as opposed to
enail marlrcting list. there is plcnly of pitches \vill often be deleted Nirhout the namc of the cnrlilrobot sending out
room for understanding trnits about evcn a cursory glancc. This is cspccidll\.
true in cmail marketing, wherc r lliou havc a pcrsonal rclatbnship
Wright uscs the example ola blrildc delicatc balance must be creatcd $ith mc al m! compaDt,' thcn _you
rvLo nrav have built a hst lrom peoplc bet\leen your selland your contcnt. Il sill probably opcn that cmail, sars
intercstcd in homc rcnovations. It! the copy screams buy, bul buy thcn \l.lntvrc.
still a purchase pcoplc nake once or the battlc has already bccn lost and
twicc a vcar, so the audicnce may gct vour targct audience has no" norcd 1 TEST, TEST, TEST
turncd ofillyou start scnding them on to a lors,arded picturc ola domcstic I Z.
rvcckly updates. In this sccnario, less is rnimrl u,lth a hrrmororrs hca.llinr:. SOME MORE
delinitely nore, as a quarterlv oftir is ''Pcople arc ahravs looking for Onc olrhc grcat levellers in email
going to hit hone lar better. crclusr'e ollcrs they want to Lno$ nirrLcting is the lact th.rt you can
thar thcy are a valued custorncr - buL lccp crpoincnting and reGnrrg until
c) STRIKE A BALANCE at thc samc timc, you need to b.rhncc rou lind cractly u'hat is going to worli
C) th"nls ro rhe lolumc ol that Ihe busncss needs to makc surc lbr rour busnress. This can bc donc
information that everyone $ith an r!'s notjust a sclljob,'\larns Wrigh!. L! 5ctting up tesi lists, \!ith a snull :
"lf you have a personal relationship with me
at my company, then you will probably open IN A NUTSHELL
that email." . Permission - You absolutel) need
to get pernission irom whoeveryou

scgrrent ol lour database, and sendnrg way to set up a quality confol slstcm . Relerant, tageted copy - Think
rhcn a slightly dilfcrenr cmail, or at This means haling a tcst'cnail list about your custoner N,lake it easy
a slightly dilferenr rime, or sith anv olyour emplovees, yoursclf and other for them to respond and also make it
number ofnreaks that you uant to people nho vou think are rclerant easy for them to unsulxcrihe.
sorl lnro !o,,r mireri,l such as marqDec cuslomcls. husiness . Measu.e Nleasure your opens
'l he bedtv oi this is that it $ ill gne prrlners, ad!isors, etc. and clicl's and then nveak based on
you a reasonably accurate gauge ofhos Bisicallri anyonc $,ho can spare
yolrr changes are going to be recentd, live minutcs to manuallv eycball r Subject line l)onl spend
sithout sending them to vour entirc list. vnr nenslctto and lrnh lor ohvious hours making beautifulemails, but
mistakes. The point ofthis is thc tact fbrget the subiect linc. Ilit is not
1 7 CONTROL YOUR that ifvou $rite thc s'ords, you are compelling, it won't be opcncd.
lJ oualrrv not able to proolread them as sell
\{hcther r
you arc sole tradcr or as somcone rho is seeing them lor Saurce: Snrah Mcln4te, .lirectat at
running jn oper.ubn !rith a doublc the first timc. This might not sound Ton Tan Comnunication.
digit headcount, the.c Nill always b€ a ljke a big deal, but its quitc easy )

Tp #ll Use email marketing to build relationships with

If customers instead of iust promoting pnoducts
Email marketing is a powerful tool to build customer relationships. Via email, you can provide your
customers with useful information and start a tlvo-way communication. Build email campaigns from
stan to finish with lhe help of Netregistry.

B ;i::,:'"',"'ff 'i:l"i#;'l;:*""1
"" @:"*::,'.*y;

"Don't rvait until the

encl of thc cmail to
communicate r'r'hat
it is cxactlv that you
n'ant them to do."

l;r r m,ssnc spciling injstal. to

tlrough \our osn oncc-o!.r lnd lool
slil customcs to Lnor (h. mnt.rirlco.rcs
trorn rou and loL u Lo bc branderl
I r.,
tr...rrr 'rr.',:hrl,, r.rrJ I uL ris
cmb!r!ssing in ll(nlt ofyour cntiic \ou nccclto malc suLc rhat rhc lool onc ol thc mo+ orcLlooLtd clcncnts
!nd t(lis.onsistcil \nh lour rcbr[ ol rn cm,jl nlflcring crnrpdjgn
dcsjgn, so rhJI pcoJ)lc crn sc. thrt iLs t ht pronlsc rou grc r hcn somconc
corning hrm rhc brrsintss, sls l)rL. rh! lirk,Lo\ ni $ rhd tr,nr n,
14,?31.1":fi,y,f*lI lour cnril rcrslLtro or orhcr
mlcaslr r our r ocrbu[Ll rnd gnc thc 1 7 SEGMENT YOUR LIST nr.rk.liirg ndtefal is !n irnporrinr onc.
O\turd Djcrur!n gNrhcring dust on tht
shcll a good \orl<rt. bcing con.isc jr
I / r..^ \l!i\ snull bus,n.sscs m.,kc thc
\o!rlist ol is () b.!rg mi\trlc 01 Dot mrliing l prrnisc !I thc
rhc oxlcr ol thc clar in onxil mul.c!lng. ir inro onc big d!trbrsc .Ircl thcn bl.rst opt in. lhci lust srl hoc, rcgisr$ lir
l)rlc, nrnrtging
r\ccotullng n) alhris our updatcs. sai s Drlc.
d rcck, rt Nllrketi.g lJQ, this incdns ln rcrlir! Lhls is.i bcsr
.lllng surc thc cop! ii sjmplc.uld prrcticc, as thcLc is lar rur ro Lc Z) N USE CLEAN
argon F.c. Hc rdliscs h.rljrg surc rhc gaincd bi splitrinq rour lsr rp irro Z \-,f lruo PUNCHY
nrcss.gc is gctting through rcn quicllr gurfs and tailoinq thc rrr*.rsr HEADLINES
dnd to hil thcnr $ith thc ollcL c h slishd\ turcrch onc Tlris s alnrost rn crtcnsion ol nor
llr.scgncntrng iour rl,rt.Ll,,s in .rL 1, l,clrq rorclr, bur hcrdllncs tc so
1 E CLARIFY YOUR r s.u rou rLr rblc to 'cril ., J,,:|LlL in]trtrDt thcv descN. c\trl i.ttcnti{)n.
I !' CALL-TO-ACTION ahocd losirn ol rorr ncr.lLt.: r,, Il,. lii.rcncc bch!ccn \ohconc
It s ro good hrling shaL rou \lnt )our ofto io diltirrDr d.n,,,!i.,1,1,i., I1,, ,)1,!nirg !our cmril. ntfling it .rs ic.]d.
customcLs to do thcl erc unlilct! to b. bl locrtjor. iq!. ,f ,,f. 11,, .Lfl Do|ng on crn bc x.o!t,l(. ot
tut rhc .llirt nrto lin.ling it ll\' thc customcLs rncl rnoLh* li,, p.rrtn.L. rords fhc lcss trrc th,u is rc{luircd
s.rnrc lolcn. it:s going to bc disxsbous ii l,,r
ro icaclrour hcldl nc.
yoLrr Lerdtrs haic to sooll rhrclgh krng. :rr. norc lilch rhc\ arc ro bccomc
irtn,rnr, olls-tn-rcti,r, 18P,:I"T.:::,?,:-S" rno(sLcd rnd op.n j! sirhin rcr!n
'l)on t slit uniil thc cfd o1 thc crnril scrsc ncm blt ur olion br.r r.," \.,r r.,llv rhis.loc$i ncr I \orL
to communicltc cucth $hat it is \ou m!r! busirc$cs lll I!ll nr
sh,rll .h,,rLtl sfu* i,N'ing onc roLcl subjccL
vnt thcm to do llc \q\'clcrir silh ,\! lcmt)ljng l! it i! ro crpr!r! ff_.,: f ... l)dt il \olr crn !i! sonrcrhinq irl
rhat iou arc acturlh' ollirlng thcn ancl acldrcsscs through lour rcbsrtc .. r. ,!.ds. oltcn \ou crn ir\ it llr
rn . ".
Frrlr it cl.dr hon tor r.rf! thcn to r.rr possiblc, its h rour bcst rnr.a'r ' .. r,lr.rnch'u l.uror(i\c E
cont.rct iou, adds l)rlc. tu onl\ scld in,or.r!tioD to dros. iir..:

1 A BRANDING Thc ffrin r.rlrr bchiftl Lhis b rh.,:

I \J lp rrr.,nce is.crirh shcn r
n^ proplc si11 rcscnl\ou, birnilcd m,*: . --:
For a comprehensive hosted- f
comcs to lru shoplront or rclxitc, and and rour busi,rtss in gcncLrl - rl th.. email marketing solution, vlslt il
lour cn il Durlcll.s s no dillercnt. stirl rccci\ ing un!)licrtcd inhrm.rrnrl ?
Its comnmn scnsc thrt lou rrant rour Iiom rou on r rcgulr brsis marketing/email-marketing/ :
20 NETT |'.4ARC| 2011