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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 [Lasted updated: 04.13.

150th Anniversary of the first Civil War
by Bob Levin
America is a Death Camp and the hypocrisy of democracy a holocaust for specific and randomly targeted
individuals that continues to evolve under the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm applied in conjuncture
with the illegal fractionalizing methods of ongoing Cointelpro operations. The U.S. government is a mask for
global continuing criminal enterprise that on its surface espouses the rights of a blastocyst while affecting the
genocide of the living transnationally. The U.S. government is operated by a psychopathic groupthink of
terrorists. These enemies of humankind facilitate their crimes through the three branches of a poisonous tree that
is the U.S. government. Through Pentagon Colonization the terrorist government of the United States commits
crimes against humanity, torture, rape, and genocide with full immunity from prosecution by subverting universal
jurisdiction as a U.N. Signatory. The overthrowing entities of the U.S. government are comprised by the
syndicated consortiums of the military industrial complex and the same corporatists who have continued to
participate since the CIA MK-ULTRA Program. These fascists are absorbing all generational wealth and are intent
on processing the total aggregate of the world into a commodity - they are murdering the majority of America's
citizens while waving the flag in any sovereign foreign nation possessing a drop of oil. Through the erosive
tactics, techniques and technologies employed to produce Systematic Systemic Genocide for Negative Eugenics,
we recognize the primary earmark of CIA torture programs, "causing self-inflicted harm" in the various forms of
that meaning. Meanwhile our nation continues to compress towards a second, albeit fractionalized civil war,
reverse slavery and the likelihood of oblivion. An estimated 68% of the world's human population has been
targeted for extermination through the layered affects of many factors that includes deliberate global warming
with the intent of destroying the three major breadbaskets around the world in the U.S., India and China to force
those who survive to exist as slaves under the global plantationism and the "Company Store" models. Two of the
greatest criminal acts of treason have been recognized in the U.S. Supreme Court's wide ruling in "Citizens
United" and the Selective Enforcement practices of USAG Eric Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller who
regularly obstruct justice by their coconspiratorial complicity in not prosecuting known FBI criminal targets within
and around the U.S. Congress [Roy Blunt; et al.] as revealed by whistleblower patriots. There are a number of
U.S. Supreme Court Justices, "politicians wearing robes", who should be impeached for Congressional Perjury.

Bob Levin validated FBI Whistleblower and disabled American citizen. Targeted by a clandestine neutralization campaign for over a decade in political
retribution by the actionable offences of known government actors and jackals within the syndicated consortiums of the military industrial complex and
the corporatist sector. By evidence, fact and definition I have been tortured by the actionable offences of known culpable agents while outed multiple
times to serve as the U.S. government's passive sanction for my assassination. Presently I am seeking asylum and citizenship outside the nation of my
birth and remain a modern day blacklisted human being of something cousin to the evolved illegal practices of McCarthyism and Cointelpro.
The Jewish Holocaust never ended. It was imported back to its eugenic origins in America where it became U.S. black projects used in the testing and
development of the four principle components comprising the CIA Torture Paradigm. This shift away from acts of physical torture leaving marks
recognizes a transition towards psychological warfare methods leaving no marks that are also coined "no touch" invisible physical torture. The primary
earmark of CIA torture programs is the causing of self-inflicted harm in the various forms of that meaning, which does not necessarily denote suicide, but
will inevitably cause thoughts of achieving peace through oblivion. Since the second leg of CIA MK-ULTRA, Project Artichoke, specific and randomly
targeted individuals have been sanctioned as involuntary human test animals. Initially U.S. and Canadian citizens were the first targeted individuals
sanctioned with the micro concentrations of "slow kill" and "silent kill" applications employing the tactics, techniques and technologies to affect
systematic systemic genocide and negative eugenics. Since the CIA MK-ULTRA Program, KUBARK, Cointelpro, WITSEC, 9-11, Abu Ghraib prison, and the
surrounding events of Hurricane Katrina that used a natural disaster to simulate the detonation of a low yield nuclear device on U.S. soil, these methods
of individual and mass extermination have been globalized in the macro. When a human being's hopes are eroded along with their individual sense of
self-identity, a once meaningful life is converted into an existence of adjunct human slavery within an emerging virtual death camp environment. Beneath
the clandestine mud of evolutionary change, these unseen black projects have migrated like Chesapeake Bay bluecrabs while routinely shedding their
outer shells to later emerge as newer versions of the same godless atrocities while they leave behind the empty places of their past existences like riddles
trapped in mysteries wrapped with enigmas.