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Bid or No-Bid Assessment

Use this tool to help you determine if you should submit a bid on a new project or contract.
Give your organization a score of 1-5 for each of the following questions. Check the SCORECARD tab for results.

Score 1 - Strongly Disagree

Score 2 - Disagree
Score 3 - Somewhat Agree
Score 4 - Agree
Score 5 - Strongly Agree

Internal Evaluation
Score Deal Killer Areas of Concern
The opportunity aligns with our strategic vision 1 No

Senior management will support the decision to move forward 5 No

We have the resources required to win the opportunity (i.e. time and skill) 4 No

We have the resources and the ability to deliver if we win 4 No

Additional resources can be obtained if necessary for delivery 2 No

We have conducted similar projects in the past 2 No

We have developed a positive relationship with this prospect in the past 1 No

All intellectual property can be protected 3 No

This opportunity will leave the door open for other opportunities in the future 4 No

We have differentiators that improve our odds of winning 2 No

Total 28
External Evaluation
Score Deal Killer Areas of Concern
The key decision makers are well known and can be influenced 4 No

The opportunity is aligned with our prospect's business strategy 4 No

The budget been formally approved and funded 3 No

We understand the business need or reason for the request for proposal 3 No

The requirements have been clearly defined and are technically feasible 4 No

The evaluation criteria is well known and understood 2 No

Are there no known business/technical/financial issues going on behind the scene 3 No

The proposal time frame is known and is realistic 3 No

The prospect has made the decision to buy, in principal 3 No

The contract terms and conditions are acceptable to us 3 No

Other competitors have been identified 4 No

Risk Evaluation
Score Deal Killer Areas of Concern
We have identified and assessed all of the risks involved with moving forward 3 No

If we win, our existing business will not be at risk 4 No

No competitors pose a serious threat to our business operations 3 No

No competitor is favored by prospect decision makers or influencers 3 No

This solution relies on technology that we are comfortable with 3 No

Winning will enhance our reputation and market positioning 4 No

Winning will open up new market opportunities for us 3 No

Winning will give us an advantage over our competitors 3 No

The risks involved in delivering the project can be managed 4 No

Financial Evaluation
Score Deal Killer Areas of Concern
We can afford the investment needed to pursue this opportunity 3 No

Price has been identified as a major factor in selecting the winning bid and we are competitive 3 No
The margins for this project are acceptable 1 Yes
Delivering this project will not come at a high opportunity cost for other potential projects 2 No
This project will not have negative implications on cash flows 2 No
Bid or No-Bid Assessment


Use this Scorecard to identify if you should place a bid and areas that require improvement.
Evaluate your Score, and set a hurdle benchmark for moving forward on new bids.
If there are any Deal Killers, closely evaluate and qualify them before making a decision.

Internal Evaluation (out of 50) 28

External Evaluation (out of 55) 36

Risk Evaluation (out of 45) 30

Financial Evaluation (out of 25) 11

Total # of Deal Killers 1

Total Score (out of 175) 105