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14 Sports The Pioneer Log, April 8, 2011

Outdoor Adventures This weekend in sports

A weekly column dedicated to the exploration of the natural world.
BY MEGAN MORIN along it, each of which has a short, pleasant
Staff Writer hike to the top. If you’ve never seen Mult-
nomah Falls, it is an essential Oregon desti-
The Columbia River Gorge is a place of nation. There are also a number of trailheads
eerie mist, stunning waterfalls and howling along this stretch, including the Hatfield
wind – the perfect combination for a trek trail (a 60 mile backpacking trip) and the
off the beaten Larch Moun-
path. tain Crater
A great way hike (5.9 mi),
to give your- among others.
self options for F o r
activities is to those looking
camp at one for a less struc-
of the state tured experi-
parks right ence, there are
off the I-84. lots of ways
Memaloose to explore the
State Park, Gorge.
off exit 76, The miles
is far enough of railroad PHOTO BY MAGGIE OLIVER

East that you tracks next to Cole Pfieffer (’13) of Piedmont, Ca. is ranked seventh in no. 3 singles. Men’s tennis is currently
might even es- the river offer ranked ninth in the Northwest conference.
cape to some a convenient
BY FIONA CORNER right below LC with 2-7. Women’s tennis
sunshine for path along Sports Editor
the weekend. the water. For also plays Pacific at home Sunday at 12 p.m.
Situated next PHOTO BY LINDSEY BOSSE example, near Friday, April 8
to the rail- Me m a l o o s e , Baseball will host a doubleheader against
road and river, Scenic landscapes and rolling hills add to the experience of hiking there is a sec- Men’s tennis is set to face off with Pacific Linfield with games starting at 12 and 2:30
it has excellent the Columbia River Gorge. tion of cliffs that University at 5 p.m.. Lewis & Clark is cur- pm. The Pioneers currently sit at ninth in
views, expanses have an aban- rently ranked ninth in the Northwest Con- conference with a 2-13 record. Outfield-
of green grass shaded by willows and even doned train tunnel in them and large mossy ference with Pioneer George Allen (’11) at er Andrew Frisina (’13) leads his team in
bathrooms with running water. Tent camp- areas perfect for picnicking. If you’re willing the ninth spot in no. 1 singles play. Pacif- batting averages with a .306. Frisina and
ing is $15 a night. to venture past some gates and fences, stun- ic sits at the number four spot with players Sam Holman (’11) are tied at for the most
From here, there are several options for ning scenes of solitude and beauty await. ranked at the 5 spot in no. 1 singles. Allen homeruns at two. The Wildcats hold the first
adventures. The scenic highway is just down Email with any quest- leads men’s tennis with a 4-10 overall record. place spot with a 12-3 record. The Pios will
the road. This is not only a nice drive, but it tions about hiking, exploring or any outdoor The Pios face the Boxers at 5 p.m. on Friday finish their three game series Sunday at 12
also has all of the best waterfalls in the Gorge activities. and again on Saturday at 11 a.m. p.m.

Workout of the week

Saturday, April 9 Softball will play a two game series
against Puget Sound at home on Saturday
Men’s and women’s track & field will with the first game beginning at 10 a.m. The
compete at the Pacific Luau. George Fox, women sit at 8th in conference with a 1-15
Building your way to an All-Star body, a guide to base hitting muscles Linfield, Pacific Lutheran and Puget Sound record. Jet’aime Mullins (’13) leads the team
Always wanted to look like your favorite baseball star? Now you can, or at least attempt to. will also compete. Kevin Carpenter (’12) is in home runs with five. The Loggers come
Use this easy gym workout to create and sculpt your perfect big-league body. ranked second in the NWC 100 meter with in with a 5-13 conference record sitting at
a time of 11.00 seconds, and first in the 200 6th. Softball will play again on Sunday in a
BY FIONA CORNER meter with 22.02 seconds. Olivia Foster double header against Pacific Lutheran. The
Sports Editor (’13) holds the fourth place spot in the 800 Lutes hold the second place spot with a 14-4
meter with 2:19.51 minutes. record.

Crew heads off to Dexter, Ore. for the Sunday, April 10

Covered Bridge Regatta. At the recent
NCRC Invitational, the men’s varsity 8 + Women’s Tennis @ home, 12 p.m.
and varsity 4 + took wins, and women’s var- Baseball @ home, 12 p.m.
sity eight took second in their morning race. Softball @ home, 12 and 2:30 p.m.

Women’s tennis heads to Pacific Univer- Intramurals

sity on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. Izzy
Borris (’13) leads the Pios in the singles slot Saturday @ 1 p.m. in the gym
with a 14-9 overall record. She also leads Co-ed Volleyball Tournament
in doubles with her partner Lisa Harunaga
(’11). The women are currently ranked sixth Sunday @ 1 p.m. on Griswold
in the NWC with a 4-6 record. Pacific sits Frisbee Golf
Dumbbell Squat Jumping Squat

Bending your knees at the hips, hold a

pair of dumbbells, using an overhand grip
Pull your elbows toward your chest and
place your hands together. Dip your knees
Win one, lose three
between your feet. Stand and lift the weights until your thighs are parallel to the floor and
in one motion until your arms are straight then jump as high as you can. After landing, Baseball falls in two day series to Oregon Tech, Frisina leads team in runs
above your head and palms are forward. Re- immediately squat again and jump. BY FIONA CORNER enough to overtake the three runs the Owls
turn to your starting position and repeat. Repeat until satisfied. Sports Editor brought in the bottom of the fifth.
A two-day, four-game series against Or- The Pioneers earned their win in game
egon Tech left the Pioneers with mixed feel- three with LC taking their lead in the third
ings on their ride home from Klamath Falls. inning. Eliot Smith (’11) took the win for
Following a tough two-game loss on Satur- the Pios, pitching eight innings. Frisina
day, baseball clinched a 9-7 win in their first scored late in the top of the first, giving LC
game on Sunday but suffered a 14-4 loss in their first run of the game. Oregon Tech an-
their final game of the weekend. swered with three runs in the bottom of the
Game one of the series started with a run second followed by a swift take back by LC
by Andrew Frisina (’13) and two runs by Or- with six runs in the top of the third.
egon Tech in the first inning. The game hit a The top of the fourth gave the Pios their
lull until the bottom of the third with a two victory with two runs scored by Tucker Lau-
run score by the Owls. Frisina homered in rence (’11) and Gianluca Giarrizzo (’13).
the top of fifth, bringing the LC score to two. A heartbreaking loss came in the final
Oregon Tech answered in the bottom with game of the series, with an ending score of
ILLUSTRATIONS BY KATE OWENS eight runs. The game continued with the Pi- 14-4. The Owls blindsided their opponents
Swinging Dumbbells oneers scoring seven more runs, but it wasn’t with 10 runs in the first four innings to the
Medicine Ball Squat and Throw enough to match the Owls’ 17. Pios’ four.
Holding a dumbbell with two hands in Game two featured a lot less scoring than Oregon Tech took their final four runs in
Hold a medicine ball in front of your front of your chest and bend your knees and game one, with the end score at 5-2. Michael the bottom of the fifth in a four run, four
chest. Squat as far down as you can, pause hips at a 45-degree angle. Swing the weight Ball (’12) scored a run in the first inning, but hit clinch.
and push back up. As you straighten your between your legs and then forward as you Oregon Tech matched it with two earned Laurence led game four of the series for
legs, expand your arms overhead and throw stand. Your arms should stay straight the en- runs. Sam Holman (’11), after stealing third, the Pioneers with two runs, and Geoff Wertz
the ball down towards the floor. tire time. Squat and swing again. scored in the top of the second, but it wasn’t (’13) led in hits with two.