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Light Bites Lunch Meals

Zuppa del giorno £4.00 Pizza Margherita £6.00

Homemade soup of the day served with homemade bread Stone baked pizza topped with tomato & mozzarella

Penne Pollo e funghi £7.00

Pate della casa £4.50 Penne pasta with chicken, mushrooms, tomato and cream
Homemade chicken liver pate served with toasted bread
and a cranberry relish Pizza Vegetariana £7.00 |
Stone baked pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushroom,
Formaggio di capra £5.50 onion and pepper,
Deep fried goats cheese with mixed leaf salad and vine
ripened tomatoes, dressed with a raspberry coulis Spaghetti Bolognese £6.50
Spaghetti with beef mince and tomato sauce
Anitipasti £7.50
A selection Italian cold meats, served with roasted red Lasagne al Forno £7.00
Peppers, artichokes, olives and crusty bread Traditional homemade meat lasagne

Crostinni £6.75 Timballo Mamma Mia £8.50

Toasted homemade bread topped with vine ripened Mushrooms and Bolognese sauce, topped with garlic
tomatoes, melted goats cheese and a balsamic drizzle mashed potatoes and mozzarella, and baked in the oven

Gnocchi Fritti £5.50 Ciabatta Bistecca £9.50

Deep fried dough bites served with garlic mayo. Great Strips of ribeye steak cooked with garlic and onion in a
on their own or perfect for sharing as a starter! warm ciabatta bread , served with chips and salad garnish

Crespelle £6.50 Ciabatta di Circolo £8.50

Pancake filled with mushroom, peppers and onions, A Ciabatta club sandwich with freshly grilled chicken, pancetta,
topped with tomato and mozzarella and baked in the oven. lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo with chips and salad garnish

Fritatta £8.00 Spigola di Bari £10.00

A traditional Italian dish made with eggs, slicedpotato, Pan-fried fillet of seabass, served with salad and chips
prawns and mozzarella cheese, topped with rocket salad
Ciabatta Capresse £6.50 Chips £2.50
Toasted Ciabatta topped with mozzarella and vine ripened Mixed salad £3.00
tomato, drizzled with our homemade pesto Rocket and parmesan salad £3.25
Coffee and Cakes
Tiramisu della casa £3.50
The Italian Classic – layers of ladyfinger biscuit soaked with
Di Saronno amaretto and espresso, topped with mascarpone
and cream

Profitteroles £3.50
Delicious choux pastry buns, filled with fresh dairy cream and
topped with chocolate sauce and even more fresh dairy cream!

Torta di formaggio £3.50

A light cheesecake with mascarpone cheese and biscuit base

Torta Soffice al Caramello £3.50

A traditional sticky toffee pudding, served warm with toffee
Sauce and vanilla ice-cream

Cioccolata Paradiso £3.50

Dark chocolate sponge layered with a wickedly rich chocolate
sauce,served warm with fresh dairy cream or vanilla ice-cream.

Sorbetto £3.00
Orange or Lemon - a perfect refreshing end to a meal.

Gelato £3.00
Vanilla or Chocolate – Or how about some of both!

Espresso £1.95

Cappucino £1.95

Café Latte £2.50

Macchiato £1.95

Americano (Black or white) £1.95

Hot Chocolate £2.50