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Now, I want to write on how alcohol effects the brain.
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 (which I¶ll get to in a little bit). At .1 - .15%, the alcohol travels to your
midbrain, where muscle coordination, vision, and speech are controlled. An alcoholic who drinks to this point tends to sway, slur their
speech, and has very bad visual coordination (do not drive at all). After this point, the alcohol moves toward your Pons and Medulla
Oblongota (two parts in the center part of your brain) where your respiratory system and cardiac system are effected. Hopefully, by
this time, your body has shut down and you pass out before the alcohol becomes a lethal poison in your body.

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 Magizine, ³Super-High-Alcohol Beer Heads to the US´, u:
Thanks to a war among European brewing companies, it's never been easier to catch a healthy beer buzz. Or get yourself totally
sloshed. In November, BrewDog, a three-year-old Scottish microbrewery, released a new brand, dubbed Ú

. The beer  $

scary   $% ()* 


. As explained in a cheeky video on the
company's website (warning: the clip contains simulated penguin sex), the brewery was able to attain the high alcohol content by
freezing the beer at a local ice cream factory, at temperatures as low as -6°C (21°F), for 21 days. Alcohol freezes at lower
temperatures than water, and removing water from the solution increased the alcohol concentration.




  , ³Harper Collects on Beer Bet with Obama´, uu
Prime Minister Stephen Harper collected on his sudsy Olympic hockey bet with President Barack  on Friday.
U.S. Ambassador David Jacobson 
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-c. ambassador
Owing to Canada's 3-2 overtime victory over the United States in the gold-medal match in men's hockey,

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 / Jacobson said.

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Frank 4
, Relationship Expert and Best Selling Author, ³When someone is drunk, are they more likely to be honest or lie?´,
My experience with drunk people (I do not get drunk) is that   $  
'# #   

 . Honesty is irrelevant in this context.

<insert recent politics DA for net benefit>

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ou can¶t perm the CP. The counter plan involves doing the plan after getting the
opposing party slammed. So you can¶t pass the plan, and then pass the plan again without
the alcohol (you can¶t do the plan twice)

1 ± !c 2ÚÚ!cÚ !Ú&Ú& ± if the aff has to get rid of their plan, then the counterplan must be

2 ± 6 7-c!cÚ ± the plan is the focus of the debate, severance destroys debate and education

3 ± Ú.&c!8 8)!c Ú667Ú.!&86 &c9cÚ.!06c!

4 ± Ú.! !9  !)!81& ± if aff can sever out of their plan, they can spike out of all of our links,
meaning the aff always wins; we lose all ground

5 ± )& 9Ú89!Ú ± when they change their plan all our strategies are useless because their shifts are

6 ± 8 Ú!c89- ! ÚÚ&)!&88!c c&&6&Ú0 ± severance allows teams to shift advocacies and
change their plans, which is infinitely regressive and destroys debate

7 ± cÚ8Ú!90c4!1 ± our arguments say their plan is bad; if they can eliminate the bad parts of our plan,
our strategies are useless, which is abusive

8 ± !:!8Ú!cc&!&c ± aff already gets infinite prep and the first and last speeches ± they don¶t
need another advantage

9 ± !9Ú& Ú.!80 ± we can do anything to test the aff; if they sever, it proves that we have proved
part of their plan wrong

10 ± 8!&8&Ú0 ± there is no negative equivalent to severing out of part of the plan