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The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies Yearbook 2003

Edited by Susan Courtney & Alex Kent

Published by Dragon Rising ISBN 1-873483-52-X

The AMT Yearbook 2003

©2003 - The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies

ISBN 1-873483-52-X

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The AMT Yearbook 2003





The New Meridian Energy Therapies


Emotional Freedom at your Fingertips


The Two Minute Release Technique


Energy Psychology: A Powerful New Paradigm for Change


Learning Meridian Energy Therapies - A Guide for Newcomers. 30



Gary Craig


What is EFT?


The Complete EFT Protocol







Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)


How to do TAT: The TAT Pose




Silvia Hartmann


Introduction To EmoTrance


A Simple EmoTrance Trial for You


EmoTrance Self Help Protocol




Larry Nims


BSFF Theory


BE SET FREE FAST Treatment Steps




Roger Callahan


An Introduction To Thought Field Therapy™


The AMT Yearbook 2003



Sandi Radomski




Seemorg Matrix Work


CHART Conscious Healing and Repatterning Therapy


EDxTM – Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods


HBLU – Healing From The Body Level Up


TEST – Thought Energy Synchronisation Therapy



Muscle-Testing Preparations


Basic Muscle-Testing Technique


Energy Imbalance Corrections


Testing for General Reversal




Muscle-Testing in Therapy




The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies


The AMT Practitioner Certification Trainings


The AMT Advanced Practitioner Certification Trainings


Trainer's Individuality


In Conclusion




AMT Trainers


AMT Practitioners


AMT Contacts




BSFF - Be Set Free Fast


The BSFF Training Manual by Dr Larry Nims


The AMT Yearbook 2003

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique


Adventures in EFT by Dr Silvia Hartmann


Original EFT Training Videos by Gary Craig


The Advanced Patterns of EFT by Dr Silvia Hartmann


The Art & Science of Emotional Freedom by Ananga Sivyer


ET - EmoTrance


Oceans of Energy – Patterns & Techniques of EmoTrance by Dr

Silvia Hartmann


General Books & Products


Allergy Antidotes by Sandi Radomski


The Energy Odyssey: New Directions in Energy Psychology by

Willem Lammers & Beate Kircher


The Gentle Touch by Paul Newcomb


The Seemorg Matrix Work Manual by Nahoma Asha Clinton


TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique


You Can Heal Now - The Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

Workbook by Tapas Fleming


TFT - Thought Field Therapy


Tapping The Healer Within by Roger Callahan, PhD




The 3 rd European Energy Psychology & Energy Therapies Conference


AMT Trainings 2003






The AMT Yearbook 2003

Welcome to Energy 2003…

If you're new to the field of Meridian Energy Therapies, Energy Psychology and Energy Field Therapies, welcome, you're about to discover a new and exciting world of personal growth, professional techniques, and mind/body healing.

If you already have some experience of these innovative, powerfully effective approaches, you'll find yourself wanting to learn even more as you read these pages.

With contributions from many of the major innovators and developers in this field, The AMT Yearbook is an introduction and reference guide to a field which has been called "the most important innovations in mind/body health and personal growth today."

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Introduction Articles

In this section, you can find a range of introduction articles by AMT members and trainers, explaining the history and basic principles of the field of Meridian Energy Therapies and Energy Psychology.

The New Meridian Energy Therapies

Mind and Body Healing for the New Millennium

In 1976 a remarkably well preserved body, approximately 5,200 years old, was discovered in a glacier. It bore tattoos marking the major meridian treatment points. When this discovery became public, everyone was astonished - apart from the acupuncturist communities around the world, whose classic textbook on the subject was by then just under 3000 years old. Acupuncture, the ancient Chinese health care system that works by stimulating these mysterious meridian points with tiny needles, was already well on the way to becoming acceptable practise in the field of modern healthcare.

But there were others investigating how to stimulate and balance the meridians, and to find further ways that meridian based treatments could bring positive benefits to health in body and in mind.

In 1964, chiropractor George Goodheart began to pursue links between muscle strength, organs, glands and meridians and developed diagnostic muscle testing, later naming it Applied Kinesiology. One of his students, John Diamond, saw the potential for using the balancing effect of meridian work for psychotherapy, and another psychologist Dr Roger Callahan, discovered a whole new approach to working with mental health and meridians.

One of Dr Callahan's long-term patients at that time was a woman called Mary, who suffered from a water phobia.

Dr Callahan later explained, "Her fear of water was so severe that she had to draw the curtains when it rained, and could not stand more than an inch of water in her bath. I treated her weekly for two years, using every approach I could think of, and all I had achieved in that time was to have

The AMT Yearbook 2003

taught her that she could stand more fear than she previously thought possible. She could sit in a deck chair, ten yards from the swimming pool, but she was white-knuckled with terror in spite of everything we did."

When Mary described the "knot in her stomach" that accompanied her fear, Dr Callahan reached over to tap below her eye with his fingers on a point connected to the stomach meridian. "It's gone!" she exclaimed, and has been free of her fear ever since.

Dr Callahan devoted his life and practise from this moment onwards to developing a treatment approach to help people overcome crippling fears, phobias and mental problems of all kinds. His approach is called TFT or Thought Field Therapy and is still in use today. TFT uses just 14 basic meridian points, and the order and sequence of how they are stimulated by lightly tapping upon them is diagnosed through muscle testing for individual problems.

In 1996, Gary Craig, a successful businessman and a student of Dr Callahan's had the brilliant idea of creating a simple technique that would cover all the 14 points by default - this removed the need for extensive muscle testing and diagnostic training and provided a comprehensive therapeutic tool which is unprecedented in its ease of use, and in its astonishing effectiveness.

Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT for short - is one of the easiest and most effective and efficient therapeutic approaches imaginable, providing fast, effective and usually permanent relief for psychological, physical and neuro-physiological problems. These techniques have been described as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of mind- body healing in the last hundred years. Already thousands upon thousands of people all over the world have benefited from using EFT, and it is rapidly becoming known as a modern day miracle, capable of dramatically relieving emotional disturbances and physical problems.

Thousands of professional therapists testify to EFT's unique ability to bring rapid and permanent relief from:

Addictive cravings, allergies, anxiety & panic attacks, anger, compulsions & obsessions, depression & sadness, dyslexia, fears & phobias, grief & loss, guilt, insomnia, disturbing memories, nightmares, pain management, physical conditions & healing, post traumatic stress disorder [PTSD,

The AMT Yearbook 2003

sexual abuse issue, limiting beliefs and blocks to self-esteem and peak performance in business, the arts, and sports, and many, many more.

EFT, the "Ambassador of Meridian Therapies", has one further and most remarkable aspect. It is designed so that once you have learned this simple technique, you can easily use it at home at any time, in any place, in any situation, without any further training - which represents a tremendous help for ongoing problems such as addictions, weight loss, and depression where relief is needed at home and on a regular basis. In spite of its apparent simplicity and ease of use, EFT produces highly beneficial, lasting results in 85% - 95% of cases.

All meridian energy therapies are gentle, rapid and startlingly effective.

It is not uncommon for long-standing or chronic pain to be released entirely in less than half an hour. Similarly, psychological pain such as anxiety, depression and addictions, caused by traumatic incidents or childhood memories can often be relieved fully in a single treatment session.

Since Thought Field Therapy revolutionised the way psychological and neuro-physiological problems are being treated with its unprecedented success rate, many other forms of meridian-based healing have proven themselves to be highly effective. As more and more innovative therapists move into the rapidly expanding field of Meridian Energy Therapies, new and different approaches are being developed.

Other Meridian Energy Therapies include:

BSFF – Be Set Free Fast

TAT - Tapas Acupressure Technique

Seemorg Matrix Work

ET - EmoTrance Energy Healing

The basic ideas and approaches involved in Meridian Therapies are stunningly simple, and the techniques lend themselves perfectly to be used by professional therapists in combination with their existing mind-body healing modalities.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

To learn more about this rapidly developing field, please visit the website of The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies for free downloads, articles, diagrams and links to international conferences and professional trainings at

Emotional Freedom at your Fingertips

by Silvia Hartmann PhD

What would you say if I told you I know of a simple method that can make emotional stress, upset, anger, fear, concern and distress simply melt away in a few minutes and all you had to do to achieve this is simply touch a few special points on your face and hands?

One of the most important innovations in psychology for the last 20 years is about to come to the awareness of the public – Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT for short.

Based on the ancient Chinese system of body meridians, it doesn’t use needles but instead soothes and stimulates the energy flow by gently tapping on main acupuncture points.

EFT is so simple that even a young child can learn to do it in minutes.

It is so profoundly relaxing and re-charging that even therapists of 40 years experience or more simply shake their heads in wonder and declare they have never seen anything like it.

EFT has such beneficial effects on physical systems and overall mind-body health that thousands of healing professionals are training in the new meridian therapies to offer relief from insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress related illnesses, tension-induced pains and aches, migraines, headaches and much, much more.

So Simple, So Easy

Like many profoundly useful things in this world, EFT is extremely simple. A straightforward protocol, designed by Gary Craig to cover all of the most important meridian points in a treatment lasting about five

The AMT Yearbook 2003

minutes, ensures that users need know nothing at all about meridians or the finer points of traditional Chinese medicine to experience profound relief right away.

What’s more, the basic EFT protocol is absolutely free and freely available to try out and for you to share with friends, loved ones and anyone else you wish to share it with.

“This is just too good to keep to ourselves,” says Gary. “Everyone should know about it and have a chance to be able to help themselves in a moment of crisis or of desperation.”

How EFT Works

When someone is calm and relaxed, the flow of energy through the meridian system likewise is calm and steady.

Emotional upset of any kind – anger, rage, fear, panic, unhappiness, stress – affects the energy flow immediately since both are intimately linked and part of the same system. The energy flow becomes disturbed and distressed as our thoughts and emotions spiral off the calm centred state. In the 1970’s, Dr Roger Callahan found that instead of trying to control our thoughts or emotions which is such a difficult thing, you could re-create the calm state of Even Flow by touching the meridian system instead. Once the meridian system has calmed, the mind and body cannot help but follow and tranquillity and balance are restored as if by magic.

The Benefits of Acupuncture, Acupressure & Massage

Everyone who has experienced the calm and restful state that follows a good massage, or has been treated with acupuncture for example, knows that working directly with the meridian system really produces profound changes in how we feel inside.

The great advance of the new meridian therapies, of which EFT is the ambassador, is to focus the mind on a particular disturbance whilst stimulating the energy system at the same time. By thinking about your problem, you automatically target the right parts of your meridian system and even without years of study, that’s something anyone can do.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Perfect for Emotional Crisis Management and First Aid

And what could be more appropriate than having something that can help you right in a middle of crisis? That is the time when your mind is absolutely focussed on the problem; in many cases such as physical pain or severe upset, it is the only thing we can think about.

Whilst we are in the crisis we are in the perfect place to use EFT to target the root causes of the problem and help alleviate the symptoms and disturbances swiftly.

A Miracle Technique?

EFT has certainly been described in those terms, and not just once but ten thousand times, by very different people with very different problems, by professionals and simple folk alike, all around the world. In general, at least half of those who try it for the first time experience immediate relief and relaxation; another quarter will experience this profound release with a little more practise. It doesn’t work for everyone, but even if it just manages to take the edge off an anxiety, a fear, or an anger for you personally, that could be a starting point to a whole new level of happiness and health. As the basic protocol is freely available, I encourage you to simply try it for yourself. It has helped me immensely and I cannot rate EFT highly enough. You have absolutely nothing to lose, but you could gain the very real possibility of absolute “Emotional Freedom at your Fingertips”.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

When to Use EFT

EFT is basically a content-free process that can be applied to any human problem that has an emotional component. This includes virtually any kind of mental problem or disturbance, and many physical problems that are neuro-somatic in nature. In many other cases of physical illness, reducing emotional stress, fear and pain can significantly aid and speed recovery. Here are some examples where typically EFT is highly effective:

• Addictive Cravings

• Allergies

• Anxiety and Panic Attacks

• Anger

• Compulsions and Obsessions

• Depression and Sadness

• Dyslexia

• Enhance Your Self Image

• Sexual Abuse Issues

• Fears and Phobias

• Grief and Loss

• Guilt

• Insomnia

• Negative Memories

• Nightmares

• Pain Management

• Peak Performance


The AMT Yearbook 2003

Who uses EFT?

EFT is used by an ever growing number of people, first of all on a very personal basis. Being able to release one's own negative emotions, as well as past and current traumas, free oneself from haunting memories and from negative beliefs and conditioning has been described many times as "a priceless gift".

Professionals who seek to help their clients are the second group of people to whom EFT has proven to be one of the most useful and most globally

applicable techniques they have learned. In many cases, EFT’s ability to rapidly release pain and suffering and the fact that client can continue to treat themselves once they have learned the simple technique, has brought

a new dimension to the effectiveness of many different forms of healing, from homeopathy to reflexology, and from hypnotherapy to NLP.

Here are some of the fields of expertise our existing members combine on

a daily basis with Meridian Therapies such as EFT:





Life & Performance

Coaching Clinical Psychology

Transactional Analysis

Holistic Counselling

Classical Homeopathy


Touch Healing


Spiritual Healing


Massage Therapy

Body Work Therapy


Programming Neuro-Semantics


Health Care

Victim Support & Trauma Treatment

The AMT Yearbook 2003

The Two Minute Release Technique

To experience the transformative power of meridian energy therapies for yourself, become aware of any sense of tension you may feel as you think about a problem area in your life or an area you want to expand into in greater depth.

life or an area you want to expand into in greater depth. Touch the beginning of

Touch the beginning of the eyebrow and take a slow, deep breath in and out. Touch the outside corner of your eye and take a slow, deep breath in and out. Touch under your eye and take a slow, deep breath in and out. Touch under your nose and take a slow, deep breath in and out. Touch under your mouth and take a slow, deep breath in and out. Touch the third eye point and take a slow, deep breath in and out. Take a moment to reflect on how much calmer you feel and how much more open you are to whatever it was you might have feared.

The 2 Minute Release Technique was designed by Silvia Hartmann. It is an abbreviated form of Touch & Breathe (TAB) by John Diepold, which is based on Gary Craig's EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is derived from Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy (TFT). It is a gentle and mindful first introduction to the concepts of the Meridian Energy Therapies for with those who find tapping too “strange”.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

The AMT Yearbook 2003 Energy Psychology: A Powerful New Paradigm for Change by Susan Courtney BA,

Energy Psychology: A Powerful New Paradigm for Change

by Susan Courtney BA, CTAMT

An abbreviated version of this article was first published in Caduceus Journal – Summer 2002

Energy psychology offers a revolutionary paradigm shift from conventional models of psychological dysfunction and therapeutic change. It is based on the understanding that every distressing memory, upsetting emotion, or limiting thought is associated with a corresponding disturbance in our subtle energy system – that invisible vibrational matrix which permeates and surrounds us and which we identify as the meridians, chakras, aura and other levels of the universal life-force. Energy psychology techniques facilitate the healthy processing of archaic beliefs, emotions and unconscious patterns which ‘drive’ us, by intervening in the subtle energy system.

Most energy psychology approaches are adjuncts rather than comprehensive schools of psychotherapy, and they are used by professionals already trained and experienced in many modalities of counselling, psychotherapy, alternative/complementary therapies and healing. Several are also used widely as self-help techniques for personal development work. Although they share important holistic and humanistic principles and goals which are at the core of much current therapeutic practice – and their results are ultimately in the same healthy direction of change and growth – they differ radically from conventional approaches in their apparent action, and in the power, speed and gentleness of their effects.

The pace of conventional therapy and personal development work can sometimes be frustratingly slow for both therapist and client, like a film seen just one frame at a time, with interruptions from daily life events and crises, flashbacks, fantasies, and shifting viewpoints sometimes contributing to and sometimes confusing the process as it unfolds over the weeks and months and, sometimes, years of work. Energy psychology

The AMT Yearbook 2003

techniques enable the therapeutic process to flow so much more quickly and smoothly that entire scenes, acts, and themes can unfold and be resolved in a single session.

Profound insights often follow, and previously distressing dysfunctional behaviour patterns change naturally in a healthy direction.

Transforming anger

‘Kelly’ experienced this for herself on a practitioner training course during which the participants were practicing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), using as their issue something that had occurred during their journey.

‘I am so angry,’ she began. ‘I just hate being late. I always have.’ Kelly had planned her journey that morning so that she would have ample time to get to the course venue, allowing something like fifty percent extra for mishaps. And the mishaps had indeed occurred, conspiring to make her arrive at the conference centre some forty minutes late. I asked her to rate the intensity of her anger as a number between zero and ten. Kelly promptly named a figure off the top of the scale. I then guided her through tapping several times on a sequence of her acupuncture points, while she stayed in touch with her anger. After one round of tapping, I asked her to rate her anger again.

She looked rather puzzled, and said, ‘Well, maybe that isn’t really the problem. The problem is actually one of embarrassment. I cannot stand going into a room and being the centre of attention.’

She had, of course, arrived some forty minutes late that morning. You can picture the scene. The door opens. Apprehensively, someone peers in. The speaker stops speaking. All eyes turn to the intruder. The unfortunate latecomer treads on a few feet, handbags and brief cases and blushingly and gratefully falls into a seat. This revised problem was also a ten on the scale of anguish. After a round of tapping on the pressure points, I asked Kelly how she felt now. Again she looked a little confused.

‘Well, that's not bothering me anymore. Now, I'm rembering how hurt I felt at being made to attend a birthday party when I was six years old, shortly after my mother had died.’

The AMT Yearbook 2003

It's easy to imagine how such an experience would have made a deep impression on a little girl, raw with grief, with everyone treating her a bit 'differently.' So, off we went again, with Kelly repeating the key word ‘hurt’ as she moved through the treatment sequence. On completion of that round, I asked her again how she felt.

‘Now, even that doesn't seem to be the problem,' she responded again.

‘Can you tell us what it is, now?’ I probed, gently. Looking a little bewildered by the revelation, Kelly replied, ‘Yes, What I'm in touch with now is how much I hate my father. It seems as if I always have.’

After another round of tapping on the hatred towards her father, Kelly’s eyes filled with tears as she connected with her grief as a six-year-old. ‘All I wanted was comfort and closeness’ she whispered. And following a further round of tapping, her face glowed with wonder and warmth as she said, ‘My poor dad. He had his own problems at the time. What a pity I’ve held that against him all these years. We both cut ourselves off from the one person we could have been closest to. Now I want to call him and see what we can do to re-connect.’

And this is exactly what she did after the close of the workshop, and, with shared tears of regret and relief, she and her father found their way back to each other.

Far-reaching effects

Such experiences of moving quickly from an apparently simple, superficial problem into a profound connection with deeper experience, and effecting rapid, gentle and powerful healing there are commonplace using energy psychology approaches.

How is it that such an apparently content-free and mechanical process can have such profound and far-reaching effects?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is a saying, ‘Where there is resistance or disruption there is pain. Where there is no resistance or disruption, there is no pain.’ In the TCM context, the resistance and disruption are located in the acupuncture meridian system and the pain is generally in the physical body.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Many who have experience in psychotherapy and personal development work have learned that this is also true at the emotional level. Tears of grief flowing freely are surprisingly less painful than those choked back and swallowed down into a lump in the throat and a headache.

There are connections as well as parallels between the dynamics of the subtle energy system and psychological processes. Bob Flaws, the prolific western writer on Traditional Chinese Medicine says that our emotions are our subjective experience of the flow of Qi in our bodies. So painful emotions are useful indicators of blocks or imbalances in the flow of energy. If this is true, and these systems are indeed interactive, then it holds out the hope that balancing the flow of Qi may also affect our emotions.

Thought Field Therapy

One Westerner in pursuit of that hope is California psychologist Dr Roger Callahan. In the early 1970’s, Dr Callahan began to integrate the knowledge and skills of clinical psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Applied and Behavioural Kinesiology, and the theoretical work of quantum physicist David Bohm and biologist Rupert Sheldrake to develop, Thought Field Therapy. Callahan discovered that the simple act of stimulating a number of acupuncture points while connecting with the unhelpful emotion, thought, impulse or memory can initiate a cascade of healthy neurological, chemical, emotional, cognitive, and physical affects.

One of Callahan’s most important contributions to this field has been the concept of psychological reversal, the energetic cause behind much of what has conventionally been seen as therapeutic resistance or self-sabotage. Callahan discovered that these apparently willful negative behaviours are often caused by reversals in the flow of energy through the meridians. He devised simple treatments, including tapping on the ‘karate chop’ side of the hand, to correct these reversals, thus allowing many clients to free themselves from the doomed struggle between their willpower and the power of reversed energy.

The AMT Yearbook 2003


The theory supporting energy psychology is constantly evolving at the leading edge of new science and subtle energies research. One framework for understanding the power of these techniques is offered by Stanford professor Dr William Tiller, following 30 years of practical research into subtle energies. Tiller posits in his book, Science and Human Transformation, that the subtle energy system operates on the special sort of physics which governs homeopathy. This implies that the more subtle the level of intervention, the more potent its results may be. Tiller also characterizes subtle energies as having essential properties of intentionality and coherence.

The issue of intention stimulates great debate in this field. Many therapists have discovered that after working with these approaches for some time, it becomes as effective to direct focused intention to the meridian points or chakras as to stimulate them directly. And focusing our intention on the issue which needs to be brought into balance is the defining difference between energy psychology and many other energy healing methods. Experienced mental health practitioners frequently express confusion, saying that their intention to help their clients to heal was just as strong and clear before introducing these methods into their practice. How, then, do these techniques make that intention so much more rapidly and powerfully effective?

Working intentionally with subtle energies enhances the effectiveness of all we do

Tiller suggests that certain practices are capable of increasing the coherence of our energy system, reducing the level of destructive interference. It is destructive interference that, for example, causes light from a normal light bulb to spread widely in all directions and fade rapidly over distance. Energy psychology practices bring our energies into phase, like the light waves of a laser, exponentially increasing both their power and focus. Because our physical and energy bodies are constantly being renewed and the pattern they take is determined by the intention-field we hold, the daily practice of working intentionally with subtle energies

The AMT Yearbook 2003

gradually and cumulatively aligns more and more of us with our intentions, increasing the coherence and congruence of our system at all levels, enhancing the effectiveness of all we do. This clarity of intention and congruence is often seen among experienced meditators, healers and martial artists, as well as among some professionals in the creative arts and others who also pursue a daily discipline of focused attention to their inner process and connection with the Source of healing and inspiration.

Capacity for greater complexity

According to Dr Richard Gerber in Vibrational Medicine, the Tiller- Einstein model (it was Einstein who coined the term ‘subtle energy’ and who also said 'The field is the only reality') indicates that subtle energies are negatively entropic in nature. This means that, in common with all living biological systems, they develop in the direction of increasing order and complexity, and with increasing ability to dissipate the entropy, or disorder which is causes the gradual and eventual breakdown of non-living systems. So, working with subtle energies also helps us to develop increasingly complex internal structures to order and store these flows of subtle energy and to allow those energies and forces which are disordered to flow through and out of our system, like the by-products of digestion. At a practical level, this ever-increasing capacity for energy fluxes means that we can handle more and more of what life offers us, increasing our range of experience.

To try an abbreviated version of one of these approaches for yourself right now, go back and follow the quick Release Process described on page 14. You will balance the flow of energy through a number of your body's main meridians by touching the points or tapping on them gently. It helps to say out loud what life issue or feeling you wish to release as you go through the sequence. The process is deceptively simple and yet, you will be able to appreciate for yourself how profound its effects are. And you can use this technique at any time, for emotional crisis management, releasing blocks, and opening yourself to embracing a greater range of experiencing.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Varied approaches

For many conventionally trained health professionals, these approaches have proved to be the bridge to a deeper, more holistic, multi-dimensional understanding of life and human nature. Medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and counsellors, many of whom would once have thought the entire concept of subtle energies was entirely too unscientific to bear consideration, have experienced the indisputable, practical results of energy psychology techniques for themselves and their clients, and are now applying their rigorous scientific skills and professional experience to developing empirical research and increasingly effective applications of these approaches to heal human suffering.

Dr Roger Callahan’s original development of Thought Field Therapy has blossomed into a rich variety of approaches now included under the umbrella term of energy psychology. Some of these, like Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Larry Nims' Be Set Free Fast (BSFF) are directly derived from Callahan’s work. Others, like TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique), Seemorg Matrix Work and EmoTrance have independent origins. Each makes a special contribution to the field, and each is highly effective with a full range of psychological work, from fears and stress to trauma and abuse, from shame and anger to addictive cravings, from depression, pain management and even some physical ailments, to performance enhancement.

Allergy Antidotes for EnergyToxins

Naturopath Sandi Radomski has translated the work of the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique into the field of energy psychology to correct the effects of energy toxins and substance sensitivities, which so often have neurological and emotional effects. Following the World Trade Center disaster last September, when much of the East Coast of the USA was affected by airborne debris and much of the country was in shock and depression, Sandi and her colleagues discovered (using muscle-testing borrowed from Applied Kinesiology) that many clients were showing a surprisingly weak response to carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen, the

The AMT Yearbook 2003

basic elements of life, as well as to the mercury, hydrocarbons, and other fumes and particles released into the atmosphere from the smoldering ruins. Sandi created vials containing the energetic signatures of these substances and distributed them widely. Clearing these sensitivities with her innovative techniques, including spraying the auricular acupuncture points with the light of a laser, resulted in instantaneous lifting of ‘brain fog,’ malaise and depression for many who were suffering from those after-effects of the terrorist attacks.

Seemorg Matrix Work

Asha Nahoma Clinton, a specialist in trauma and abuse developed Seemorg Matrix Work. It combines energy psychology, psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychoneuroimmunology, and transpersonal psychotherapy to treat psychological disorders, physical diseases, and spiritual impasses. Starting from the understanding that all upsetting events are types of trauma, Seemorg Matrix Work involves anchoring one hand on a selected chakra, and holding the other hand over the remaining chakras, one at a time, until they all test clear on the comprehensive protocols developed to treat particular issues. Then, using prescribed meditations and by actively reawakening positive beliefs and qualities, it turns the client toward a life focused not on suffering, but on growth and joy.

One client described his experience of working with Seemorg Matrix Work in this way, ‘I had worked with a number of therapists for more than a decade to rid myself of narcissistic behaviors that had plagued me all my life. While my ability to understand and analyse my behavior grew much deeper and subtler, I was still incapable of rooting it out or controlling it. When I completed the first stages of working through the Emotion and Core Belief Protocols, I felt as though a transparent wall around me – one I hardly knew existed – had suddenly vanished. I could sense the individual presence of others with a clarity and intensity I had only rarely experienced before. This new sense has stayed with me for more than a year, and has changed completely the way I relate to others.’

The AMT Yearbook 2003

BSFF - Be Set Free Fast

Along with the alphabet soup of techniques in this field, comes a plethora of acronyms, of which BSFF takes the prize. The full title, Be Set Free Fast is itself an acronym for Behavioural and Emotional Symptom Elimination Training For Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness and Trauma. BSFF was developed by another of Callahan's early students, Dr Larry Nims, a California psychologist whose enthusiasm and dedication are legendary in the field. Nims first developed a shortcut tapping treatment focused on releasing all the trauma, anger, fear and sadness associated with a problem, and treating all the emotional roots and the deepest cause.

Eager to miss no opportunity for making life better, more enjoyable, and 'free,' Dr Nims has become famous for introducing "you can treat that," as a catch phrase. I recall a lunch at which I heard that gentle reminder numerous times as I fumed over the slow, neglectful service. To make on- the-spot treatment as quick and easy as possible, Nims sought a virtually automatic technique and developed the first "instant" treatment. Practitioners and clients are amazed by the way the use of a simple "cue" word can trigger quite remarkable changes, making this approach ideal for discreet use in pressured situations in public, as well as for tracking quickly through the many layers and networked elements of problems to reach all the emotional roots and the deepest cause.

Recently, Don Elium, an American colleague and developer of integrative States therapy, was given the opportunity to be the "relationship therapist expert" on a reality television programme. He wrote, " I am SO grateful for BSFF and my instant cue word. When on camera (two to three hours at a time, and then only a few minutes are actually used for the final show), often I have found myself 'out of my body' looking down on the scene, only to sound the BSFF cue word, and pop, I am back inside myself. BSFF has helped me perform under incredible pressures as I have gone inward, sounded my cue word, and been able to bring myself back to the present. The constant changes, the constant conflicts, the constant challenges and the constant newness of the experience pressures me to shut down over and over again, but BSFF helped me do my best."

The AMT Yearbook 2003


The newest technique in this rapidly-developing field is EmoTrance, developed by UK researcher Silvia Hartmann, PhD and presented at Oxford University at the second European Energy Psychology Conference in 2002.

EmoTrance is a straight-forward healing system for both self-help and professional therapeutic interventions. It is the natural way to handle our emotions and the flow of energy in our bodies in direct response to what happens in the present moment. It is also a gentle and profound way to help ourselves and others to dissolve the oldest and hardest of hurts from the past. There’s no reliving of old trauma, just energy being set free to once again flow as it was always designed to do. And it is wonderfully re- vitalising and invigorating as we re-learn how to open ourselves up to absorb the full spectrum of energies available to every one of us.

EmoTrance also functions as a personalised teacher and guide to each person's individual energy system. The basic process teaches us about the channels through which energy flows in our personal energy system, our own energy body’s needs, and how we can start to meet those in a whole new way. And while it is doing this for us, it also extends our abilities to work with other people’s energy systems, to really understand and read them correctly.

It is based on the principle that our energy bodies have their own unique nutritional requirements, and that, as with our physical bodies, nourishing energies need to be allowed in, be processed and flow on through us and out again. When we don't allow this to happen, the equivalent of energetic constipation or malnutrition take place. We feel painful emotions, and we try to treat those, when the cause of our pain is a block somewhere in the energy system, old energies held out, held back, or held onto. We feel a hunger and try to alleviate it with chocolate or lots of attention, hard work, success, sex or many other distractions. But we can't feed the energy system with chocolate. Many people are finding that if they feed their systems on energy instead, if they allow the energies of their encounters, their environment, their lives to flow through them naturally, clearing blocks from their channels, opening them up and nourishing them, then

The AMT Yearbook 2003

other symptoms simply fade away. This is as true of apparently negative energies as it is of all others.

One of the most convincing experiments we did while developing EmoTrance involved exchanging insults. Here’s how it works. What’s the worst thing anyone could say to you? "You’re stupid! You’re ugly! You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re just an imposter." Here’s how we deal with such things using EmoTrance. I was working with one of the participants on a training course, who believed that she was pretty and intelligent, but feared most of all that she was shallow. I briefly described the process, and then guided her through it.

First, I said to her scornfully, “You are pathetically shallow! You’re nothing but a pretty face” She stepped back as if I had struck her a physical blow and then crumpled in on herself. I asked “where are you feeing that in your body? Put your hands there now, and understand that this is simply an energy, an energy that is blocked from its natural pathways. Can you let that go through so we can re-establish the even flow? We’re working just with the energy behind that sensation, not the emotions, not the memory of what your father said to you 30 years ago, just the energy, and giving that energy the support it needs to soften and move and find its natural pathways out of the body, without any argument or struggle at all – it’s just gone.”

Within a very short time, her hands had described a pathway down from the original constriction in her chest, to her solar plexus, then out to the sides of her body and around to her back, then up her spine and out the top of her head. To continue the process, I repeated again, “You are such a pathetic and shallow person,” she flinched a bit, and found more energy blocked in her chest. Again that flowed down, around and back up her spine and out the top of her head. I said it again, and this time she actually smiled a bit, and her hands moved very quickly and smoothly down, around and back up to the top of her head. And when I said it to her one more time, she was grinning as the energy moved so swiftly and smoothly through her that she could barely follow it with her hands. And she just stood there looking extremely pleased with herself, feeling happy, and positively feasting on the energy of her worst nightmare of an insult.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Many of our healing systems have their basis in a variety of maps, codified ages ago. Most of us are familiar with the detailed meridian charts from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Thai use yet a different set of energy pathways? And there are as many others as there are healing cultures: the Ayurvedic, Jin Shin Jitsu, reflexology and auricular acupuncture, the neuro-lymphatic and neuro-vascular systems and many others. Rather than select or combine these maps, with EmoTrance we rely on direct feedback to guide us through the uniquely individual energy systems of our clients.

EmoTrance uses direct kinaesthetic feedback to localise the actual position of the disturbance in the energy body which has been causing the emotional pain. It then treats this energy disturbance with the application of intention, which moves energy and restores even flow, leading to symptom alleviation and improved functioning of the energy system. It helps us to use the systems we have been given to naturally process all the energies we encounter. Every time we do EmoTrance, we are clearing the channels, restoring the even flow, opening up our energy systems to be able to accept and make use of more and more of the vital energy nutrients available to us in this Universe of abundance.

Tapas Acupressure Technique

Another method is Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), a process- oriented approach developed by acupuncturist Tapas Fleming from her work with Traditional Chinese Medicine and rooted in Taoist and Buddhist principles. Holding the hands steadily on acupuncture points and vision centres at the front and back of the head, while allowing the attention to first ‘be with’, the problem, then with its opposite, then its origins and several other aspects, TAT creates space for whatever arises during the treatment steps in a respectful and attentive way, drawing it all into the process of healing. Tapas says, ‘Every time we say ‘No’ to reality, we put ourselves into the state of separation. As we move through the TAT steps towards acceptance and healing, we are drawn back into the whole.’ As I watched one client recently work through a life-long issue with TAT, I saw tears of joy pouring down her cheeks, and her face transformed from pinched tension to glowing with inner light. In an awed voice, she

The AMT Yearbook 2003












Many people find their lives blighted by traumatic memories, from emotional and physical abuse within the family or school, accidents and attacks, or events on the global stage of terrorism and war. Dick Morrill was an Air America pilot in Vietnam, and his experience of speaks eloquently of TAT’s gentle power to heal trauma.

‘During a TAT seminar, I closed my eyes and was back in Vietnam in the back seat of a helicopter on a training flight. Several B-52’s had dropped hundreds of 500 pound bombs in the distance. I took a deep breath as I remembered the helicopter slowly tilting back as it began to skid into a simulated emergency landing with an engine failure, but this time we were VERY tilted. In one moment my knees were above my head, and the next the tail rotor blades plowed into the ground. When the helicopter finally skidded to a stop, it was upside down. The frame of my seat was pressing on the back of my helmet, forcing my face into the dirt and solidly pinning both my arms and my face into the ground. I was trapped! Everyone else was dead or unconscious. With the engines still running we were sure to burn or explode. I was going to die. Eventually, another helicopter that had seen the crash came to the rescue.

‘Whenever I remembered this, my chest would get tight, my arms would feel tingly and heavy, my palms would sweat, and, if I was telling the story, my voice would change as my throat tightened with terror. But as I

held the TAT pose and stayed with the steps of the process, all of a sudden

I was aware that I had survived that crash!

something else: there was NO HELICOPTER on top of me. Even as I had the thought, it seemed silly. Of course there wasn’t a helicopter on top of me, but I sat there amazed by my new awareness of that reality.

And I was suddenly aware of

‘For a brief moment, I saw the crash scene from above. Although it was just a flash, I noticed that it looked different. It looked lighter. I closed my eyes. It WAS lighter. It had always been kind of dark in my memory, as if there were a giant shaded Plexiglas dome covering the site.

I then became aware that as I was thinking about the crash, my chest, arms, throat and hands were relaxed. All I was having was a memory of an event that had taken place more than twenty-eight years ago. Nothing more. The

The AMT Yearbook 2003

next thought I had was that I wanted the tension back. I had lived with it for so long that it had seemed a part of me. I closed my eyes again, but it wasn’t there, and I couldn’t get it to come back, no matter how hard I focused on the memory.’

To see such rapid and deep transformation in someone’s face and posture as the burden of a past trauma or current fear is resolved, to hear their voice become steadier, firmer, more confident as they let go of the past and connect with what now becomes possible for them - this is what moves many sceptics from incredulity to amazement as they learn how energy psychology enables this to happen again and again.

In the hands of professionally-trained therapists, energy psychology approaches provide a quantum leap in psychological healing. As self-help techniques, they are always at our fingertips for emotional first aid even in our darkest hours at 4 am, when no therapist, friend or priest is available, and whenever we are ready and willing to work on our own healing and growth.

Susan Courtney practices as a holistic, healing psychotherapist in Central London and Kent and teaches Energy Psychology in professional trainings and personal development workshops. She is an Executive Director and Licensed Trainer for the Association for Meridian Energy Therapies and European Regional Co-ordinator for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She can be contacted at and on 08700 767015.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Learning Meridian Energy Therapies - A Guide for Newcomers

by Silvia Hartmann, PhD

When someone first encounters the sparkling new field of Meridian Energy Therapies, they are amazed at the variety of techniques, the many books and innovators, the huge array of articles, protocols and not to forget, the famous MET systems abbreviations – TAT, EFT, TFT, ET, and all the rest.

This article is both a welcome and a guide to give you some idea of how you can structure your learning curve and get the very best from these

fantastic new approaches which will undoubtedly change your life, just as

it has changed many others.

Let’s Get Started!

The great majority of currently active therapists, contributors and even innovators in the field have started with EFT, Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques. I am among them and even after having gained experience with the other techniques and systems, I highly recommend EFT as the first step in the journey – and this is regardless of whether this journey is primarily for self help, or if it includes others in a healing or teaching capacity.

The reason for this is that EFT really does not require any previous knowledge of anything at all – neither of psychology or counselling on the one hand, nor of meridian systems and the energy body on the other.

EFT is very easy to learn and simple to do, with the protocol mapped out in

a few easy steps; it is entirely content-free and allows the user to put their own problems into the treatment as easily as it is to name them but for all of that, EFT combines the most important principles of all MET systems, namely:

Working with the energy system directly; and

Combining this at the same time with the focus of attention.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

You will find a full EFT protocol in the “Techniques & Protocols” section; this is quite enough to get you started, to try it out for yourself and to get a sense of the power of this seemingly simple technique.

To learn EFT properly and to understand the principles behind its use as well as to learn how to apply EFT for many particular situations, the Association for Meridian Energy Therapies recommends “Adventures In EFT” by Silvia Hartmann, PhD, which provides a solid foundation for self- help as well as for practitioners beginning to use EFT with clients.

The AMT also recommends Gary Craig’s DVD/video series (available from which is full of practical examples and live sessions.

A good grounding in EFT is the best springboard to begin to explore the

other major MET systems.

In practise, MET therapists and healers rarely use only one MET approach

but indeed, have a range of techniques at their disposal to suit individual

client preferences.

It is also recognised that treating clients in a professional setting with

METs requires very different approaches and mind set from traditional counselling and psychotherapy; so for healing practitioners who wish to use METs with clients, the next step is to seek out a practitioner certification training.

The AMT Practitioner Certification Training

All the meridian energy therapies systems have in common that they can produce profound changes very rapidly; they can uncover unconscious materials, bring about insights and cognition and very strongly impact clients' emotional states and behaviour.

The techniques and systems, even though they are diverse, are grouped in this field because they are all working with the underlying principle that disturbances result from problems in the energy system, and all the systems treat the energy system to heal and/or remove these disturbances.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Although the means by which this healing is delivered are different – for example, EFT and TFT tap on the points; TAB and TAT hold certain points; ET uses purely intention and BSFF utilises the power of the unconscious mind to make changes in the energy system – the underlying principles are the same and it is these underlying principles and how to work with clients in a whole new way to resolve their issues with these new techniques that the AMT practitioner trainings concentrate on.

Using EFT as the example, the AMT practitioner training prepares a professional to be able to add all and any of the other energy therapies to their repertoire. You could think of these trainings as the framework into which all the many systems fit in a perfectly modular fashion.

The Advanced Practitioner certification trainings do just that and add the modules of TAT, BSFF, and ET to be integrated into a rich and extremely powerful set of healing systems at the practitioner's fingertips.

More Information about the AMT Meridian Therapies Practitioner training can be found on page 91.

Learning The Systems

It is important to remember that mastery in Meridian Energy Therapies systems does not derive from knowing which points to tap, but from how to go about solving problems in the context of each individual’s psychological ecology and in the right context, order and sequence for each person who uses them.

The main systems are as different as their creators and it is largely a matter of personal preference which you are drawn to explore and in which order.

Normally, after the initial contact with your “first meridian energy therapy” which was the doorway to this entirely new and truly exciting domain of mind-body healing possibilities, each person finds their own path which eventually tends to lead to have experience of and knowledge about all the systems. For anyone interested in healing, psychology, personal development or human potential, this field is a veritable buffet of wonderful variety, waiting to be explored.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

An excellent way of getting a very personal idea of the systems, the innovators and the field overall is to attend one of the three annual international Energy Therapies & Energy Psychology conferences.

For three whole days, you have the opportunity to learn from leading innovators in the field, ask questions, attend introduction workshops and hear about the latest discoveries; but more importantly even, you can exchange information and insights with other people on a friendly peer basis - others who are also excited about the many, many possibilities for healing and growth that simply were not available before these systems were developed.

For those seeking professional qualification trainings, a range of pre- and post conference full length certification trainings are also offered in conjunction with these conferences; please see “Trainings & Events” for further details.

Now, an overview, introduction and trial protocol for each of the six main Meridian Energy Therapies/Energy Psychology systems featured in this yearbook:

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques (Next Page)

TAT – Tapas Acupressure Technique (Page 43)

ET – EmoTrance (Page 49)

BSFF – Be Set Free Fast (Page 59)

TFT – Thought Field Therapy (Page 70)

Allergy Antidotes (Page 74)

The AMT Yearbook 2003

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques

Gary Craig

Gary Craig, Developer Of EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Born April 13, 1940 in the US, Gary Craig is a Stanford University trained engineer, successful businessman and professional coach, ordained minister and NLP Master Practitioner.

He was a student of Roger Callahan's TFT and devised EFT as a "one size fits all protocol" that would cover a multitude of problems by virtue of the concept of total redundancy - tapping every point for every problem, rather than to match an order and sequence of some of the points to specific problems.

Please visit the award winning EFT site

visit the award winning EFT site What is EFT? by Gary Craig In simplest terms,

What is EFT?

by Gary Craig

In simplest terms, EFT is an emotional form of acupuncture except that we don't use needles. Instead, we tap with the fingertips to stimulate certain meridian points while the client is "tuned in" to the problem. We are still learning why EFT (and its many cousins) works so well. The existing theory is that "the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

The subtle energies that circulate throughout the body have been largely ignored (until recently) by western scientists. As a result, our use of them for physical, emotional and spiritual healing has been sparse at best. With EFT, however, we consider these subtle energies to be the front running cause of emotional upsets. As a result, we generate results that are FAR

The AMT Yearbook 2003

beyond those of conventional methods. Even a cursory review of the case histories on the web site will reveal that.

Further, EFT often provides relief for a very wide range of physical symptoms. This, too, is abundantly clear in our case histories, which provide unmistakable evidence of the link between our physical ailments and our emotional issues.

EFT is a Doorway to the new Healing High-Rise. It is where a growing number of newcomers to this exciting field get their start. We now have thousands of practitioners using EFT throughout the world.

I hope this doesn't sound too grandiose, but I've been doing energy healing work since 1991 and my jaw still drops at the results. I've lost count of the number of phobias, traumatic memories, guilt, grief and physical ailments that have been elegantly relieved (often in minutes) by this procedure. Even though EFT violates just about every conventional belief out there, the results remain remarkable. EFT isn't perfect, of course. We don't get 100%. But it usually works well and the results are sometimes spectacular. It often works where nothing else will.

Compared to other techniques, EFT is usually quite gentle and substantial relief is often achieved with little or no pain. This is not true for everyone, however. Some people's issue are so intense that the mere mention of them causes emotional or physical pain. Although truly serious instances of this (sometimes called abreactions) is most likely to occur in seriously emotionally damaged people (best estimate is less than 1% of the population), newcomers to EFT are advised to exercise common sense in this regard and not go where they aren't qualified.

Please know that I am neither a psychologist nor a licensed therapist. Rather, I am a Stanford engineering graduate and an ordained minister and, although we don't pound the table for God here, I do come at this procedure from a decidedly spiritual perspective.

My ordained ministry is with the Universal Church of God in Southern California which is non-denominational and embraces all religions. I am an avid student of A Course In Miracles but at no time is any EFT'er asked to follow any specific spiritual teaching.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

I was born April 13, 1940 and have been intensely interested in personal improvement via psychology since age 13. That was when I recognized that the quality of my thoughts was mirrored in the quality of my life. Since then I have been self-taught in this field, seeking only those procedures that, in my opinion, produced results.

EFT is my latest finding, the core of which I learned from Dr. Roger Callahan. I also have high regard for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in which I am a Certified Master Practitioner.

Hugs & Blessings,


Gary Craig

The AMT Yearbook 2003

The Complete EFT Protocol

The EFT Treatment Points

2003 The Complete EFT Protocol The EFT Treatment Points 0 = The Sore Spot - On

0 = The Sore Spot - On your

chest where you would pin a medal or a brooch. Gently push with your fingertips to find an area that feels tender, rather than sore.

1 = Start Of The Eyebrow -

Where the bone behind your eyebrow turns into the bridge of your nose.

2 = Corner Of The Eye - On

the bone in the corner of your


3 = Under The Eye - On the

bone just below your eye, in line with your pupil if you look straight ahead.












upper lip


5 = Under The Mouth - In the

indentation between your chin and your lower lip

6 = Collarbone - In the angle

formed by your collarbone and the breastbone

7 = Under Arm - in line with a man's nipples on the side of the body

8 = Thumb - all finger points are on the side of the finger, in line with the nail bed.

9 = Index Finger, 10 = Middle Finger, 11 = Little Finger

12 = Karate Chop Point - on the side of your hand, roughly in line with your life line.

13 = Gamut Point - just behind and between the knuckles of your ring and little finger.

Take a moment now to find and touch each point in turn.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

You may notice that some feel slightly different from others, or you may not. When you get to work on various issues, you will feel that some of the points "feel" different when you tap them, and you will notice that the shift or release will occur with one or more points, depending on the reason for using the technique at the time.

Tapping the Points

In EFT, these points are stimulated by tapping on them. Try now tapping the point under your eye, with your index or index and middle fingers, quite rapidly* about seven to nine times or as many times as it takes for you to take a normal breath in and out. The strength of tapping should be comfortable, but you should be able to feel a resonance from the tapping spreading out across a reasonable part of that side of your face.

* I have noticed that different people have different speeds of tapping. We generally show a tapping speed in line with the rhythm of "Jingle Bells".

In spite of this, some people develop a kind of woodpecker action after a while, and others tap quite slowly. I would suggest that what feels right to you probably is right for you.

For practise, tap all the points from the Eyebrow to the Karate Chop point now, just to get the feel of doing it.

Contacting The Problem

To direct the releasing effects of the tapping to the required area, we focus the mind on the problem by using a statement of the problem: "I am afraid of heights."

Preferably, this is spoken out loud to engage as much of the neurology as possible and to contact the problem as directly as possible.

In a moment, take a little time to think about a problem that you have, a pain, a fear, an illness or perhaps a phobia, something that always makes you depressed when you think about it, just generally any negative emotion you are happy to release now and forever. Choose a statement that rings true to you, choosing words that make sense to you and you alone.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

The more concrete, direct and truthful you can be, the more profound a change you will experience.

The Set Up

Now that we've named the problem, we can start with the Set Up.

For the opening statement, we use the following routine:

Find the sore spot on either side of your chest; rub it round gently and say:

"Even though I (insert problem statement),

I deeply and completely accept myself."

For example, if you decided your problem was "My back is killing me", you would say as your Set Up Statement:

"Even though my back is killing me,

I deeply and completely accept myself."

Repeat this three times, rubbing the Sore Spot continuously as you do so, and please do endeavour to put some meaning and energy into the "I deeply and profoundly accept myself" part.

The Sequence

Following the Set Up, we now tap all the points, starting from the top (Eyebrow) and ending up with the Karate Chop Point on the hand.

As you tap each point, repeat

a shortened version of the Set Up

Statement which is called the reminder phrase; so if your set up

statement was,

"Even though I hate and despise my boss,

I deeply and profoundly accept myself",

… you say the reminder (shortened version) phrase:

"I hate and despise my boss"

on each point at the same time as you tap.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

The 9 Gamut

This is the middle part in what is sometimes called the EFT sandwich:

After tapping all the points about 5-10 times from the top, at the eyebrow

to the karate chop point, tap continuously on the Gamut point, while doing

the following:

close your eyes

open your eyes and look straight ahead

look hard down to one corner

look hard down to the other corner

move your eyes in a big circle in one direction, and then back again

hum - Happy Birthday To You (or another tune or just a scale) for about one bar;

count - one two three four five

hum again

Take a deep breath in and out.

The eye movements are linked to various brain functions and the reason for the humming-counting-humming manoeuvre is to switch between hemispheres quite quickly. Both are designed to "wake up" your neurology so the tapping can go to work on the problem in every part of the brain.

Then, repeat the Sequence one more time, tapping all the points from the eyebrow to the karate chop point, while repeating the Reminder Phrase once at each point. Take a deep breath and allow yourself a moment to reflect on how you feel now. This completes one full round of tapping.

Testing Your Changes

A great way to ascertain from yourself or others just how you feel is to put

a number on it. The technical term is taking a SUD Level or SUDs scale

reading, which stands for Subjective Units of Disturbance.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

What that means is you ask yourself:

On a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being the worst imaginable pain/freak out/fear/sadness/discomfort, and 0 being completely calm, pain free, tranquil, relaxed and happy, how would you rate what you are experiencing at this moment?

This works for emotions as well as for physical sensations and even for beliefs which might be a problem:

On a scale of zero to ten:

how depressed are you right now?

how painful is your leg?

how bad is your fear of heights?

how distressing is this memory?

how much do you hate this person?

Before you begin tapping for any subject or problem, take the time to take a SUDs rating and make a mental note of it. Then, when you have completed a round of treatment, ask the question again to find how much has changed. It's a good way to be able to assess how well the treatment has worked and if you need to repeat the treatment.

Sometimes, the problem can go from as high as 10 to as low as 0 in a single Sandwich treatment.

More often though, you start with 8 or 9, and after a round of tapping, the severity is reduced to a 4 or a 5.

This means that the treatment is beginning to work but there's more to be done.

Subsequent Treatment Rounds

If the original set up statement was something along the lines of, "Even though I have this problem" and you have tapped a first round on "this problem", and upon checking with yourself, this problem is not as severe anymore but still noticeable, change the start up affirmation to:

The AMT Yearbook 2003

"Even though there is still some of this problem remaining”, or

"Even though I still have some of this problem".

When you're down to a rating of "Oh its a tiny little bit now" which would be a 2, 1 or a half on the subjective rating scale, a third round can be done with the opening statement of,

"I want to completely overcome this problem

and I deeply and completely accept myself".

And that's it!

It's as simple as that. There's no need for you to worry about getting it wrong, or getting the wrong statement.


Any tapping you do stimulates the meridians, relaxes you, calms you and makes you feel a little better, even if you get totally the wrong opening affirmation and the original problem has not yet shifted.

Just try again with a different start up phrase, or think about what the truth about the problem might be.

EFT Protocol Courteously donated by Silvia Hartmann, PhD Excerpt from “Adventures In EFT” (see page 119)

* EFT Introduction Workshops & EFT+ Practitioner Trainings

In Conjunction with The 3 rd European Energy Therapies Energy Psychology Conference, Brighton, August 8-10, 2003 See Trainings & Events for further details.

* Related Manual: Adventures in EFT

See Training Manuals & Training Materials for further details.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

TAT- Tapas Acupressure Technique

Tapas Fleming

Tapas Fleming, L Ac began her search for Truth at age 15. For many years her focus was on enlightenment and emotional release. After losing premature twins and nearly dying herself, she learned acupuncture and focused on her own healing. In 1994, Tapas created Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT). Tapas now has a private practice and travels worldwide to give TAT trainings.

TAT is an elegant, process-oriented energy psychology treatment. While simple to use, it is as thorough and comprehensive as it is gentle and powerful. Based on Taoist principles of balance and wholeness, using TAT brings a sense of integration, connectedness and oneness. It heals our relationship with Reality at deep and profound levels. The TAT process creates space for whatever arises during the treatment steps in a respectful and attentive way, drawing it all into the process of healing. TAT resolves inner conflict, frees limiting beliefs, unblocks stuckness, heals trauma and treats allergies. It links the acupuncture meridians with the vision centres to change our point of view about the problems in our lives, transforming both our vision and our position, and bringing us into a harmonious and balanced relationship with all aspects of our experiencing.

Contact: TAT International, P.O. Box 488, Lake Elsinore CA

92531-0488, (909) 609-1288, fax (909) 609-0677,



92531-0488, (909) 609-1288, fax (909) 609-0677, email website 43

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)™ is a welcome to the embrace of Divine inner peace. With one simple pose and a few short steps, you cross the bridge that leads from mental and emotional turmoil to the calm repose of your true Self.

Developed in 1993, TAT has lifted the spirits and brought emotional ease and empowerment to people suffering around the world. TAT-trained professionals and lay people alike have delivered health and happiness to people in diverse situations including:

healing migraines and traumatic stress after auto accidents

the loss of a loved one - including pets

the loss of home, family and work after natural disasters

fear of going to the dentist

multiple sclerosis (MS)

allergies of all types - even those suffering with seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

genetic and inherited weaknesses including life-threatening allergies and fears of going in the water to swim

making peace with God

The basic pose and steps of TAT are easy to learn and simple to teach. Based on the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga, TAT is easy to assimilate by diverse cultures because of its basis in natural healing. It can be taught to hundreds of people at a time, imparting its grace and healing like a Divine Mother. It leaves people empowered.

Children regain strength and steadiness very quickly with TAT. Animals have been soothed in lightning and thunderstorms.

One simple pose is done touching points at the front and back of the head.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

How to do TAT: The TAT Pose

The AMT Yearbook 2003 How to do TAT: The TAT Pose With one hand, lightly touch
The AMT Yearbook 2003 How to do TAT: The TAT Pose With one hand, lightly touch
The AMT Yearbook 2003 How to do TAT: The TAT Pose With one hand, lightly touch
The AMT Yearbook 2003 How to do TAT: The TAT Pose With one hand, lightly touch

With one hand, lightly touch the tip of the thumb to the area I/8 inch above the inner corner of your eye

With fourth finger (ring finger of the same hand, lightly touch the tip of the finger to the area I/8 inch above the inner corner of your other eye.

Both finger tips are now on either side of the bridge of your nose.

Place the tip of the middle finger at the point midway between, and about I/2 inch above eyebrow level.

You now have all three finger lips lightly touching the three points.

Now place your other hand on the back of your head, with the palm touching the head so that the thumb is resting at the base of the skull just above the hairline. The palm cradles the occipital rone. If you are holding your hands in the TAT pose on someone else, the same area at the base of the skull is covered; however, your little finger will be just above the hairline.

Both hands should be resting gently. No pressure is necessary.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Once you are in the TAT pose, you put your attention on a short set of seven steps which have been proven to be highly effective in eliminating the negatively empowering aspects of a trouble. A trouble can be a negative limiting belief, a stuck emotion, an allergic reaction and sometimes even a physical pain. After being in the TAT pose and doing the steps, you are delivered to a place of inner freedom, relaxation and peace. This process usually takes about 15 minutes.

The underlying understanding explaining how TAT works is easy to recognize based on each of our life experiences. In the situation of trauma, we often say "Oh no This can’t be happening?" The moment we do that, a point of view springs into existence along with a projected reality of "how life is" based upon that particular point of view.

For example, if a child loses their parent in a car crash they lived through, some of the points of view that might spring up at their "Oh, no!" moment could include:

"I don’t deserve to live."

"I can’t count on support from anyone, anywhere."

"My nearest and dearest will be suddenly taken from me."

"I’m alone in the world now."

"No one can understand how devastating this is."

"My heart is broken."

Once all of the points of view are born, they become like glasses this child views the world through. What they see as real in life corresponds with their points of view. They would have difficulty connecting with people. They would want to care and connect, but fear that the person would suddenly be taken away from them. They would naturally draw people who fit that view into their life. They would have an underlying lack of ease and the thought "I don’t deserve to live" would silently haunt them.

Over time, this child would probably also develop chronic pain related to the accident. Healing would be difficult throughout their life.

How does TAT help this person?

The AMT Yearbook 2003

By simply being in the TAT pose, the Divine healing energy of life appears, embodied within as intelligent, attentive, fast-as-light healing energy. When our child is in the presence of that loving energy, all resistance naturally melts away. The energy reigns supreme. The resistance and stress, the points of view and corresponding projected "that’s the way life is" reality cannot stand in the effulgent light of the Divine energy. All that remains is the inner pleasure of contact with that love and the relief of everything else having melted into love.

The life manifestation of this transformation is that the person can instantly connect with others without fear, feeling happy to be alive at their deepest core and full-hearted living. The correspondent physical pain associated with the crash also begins to spontaneously heal.

This type of profound healing is typical with TAT. Practitioners often cry for joy along with their clients at the beauty and grace of the experience.

As a person does the TAT process, they usually experience greater peace with each of the seven steps. Occasionally, a person experiences an intensifying of stress. This usually lasts up to 15 seconds and then breaks into peace like a rainstorm suddenly ending just as the sunshine bursts through the clouds. The person does not have to repeat the work they have done. It is usual to see increased light emanating from a person’s face upon completion of TAT.

Teaching TAT is an extraordinary pleasure. To empower people with a simple technique that gives so much is wonderfully fulfilling. You will be able to learn TAT in a two-day workshop. In the workshop you will:

· Learn all the basic information you need in order to successfully do TAT by the end of the workshop. You'll learn how to do TAT for traumas, allergies, healing your relationship with money, helping an attached being move on, and how to work with children, animals and groups of people. You'll learn how to do several types of energy field testing (muscle testing), surrogate work and the key to developing your intuition to become a better healer.

· Receive an introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (the basis of acupuncture and the meridian system) and find out how it explains the energy of emotional trauma and physical pain.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

· Identify when not to use TAT. You'll watch demos and do practicums, which will give you the experience with TAT you need in order to successfully, bring TAT into your life and your practice.

· Enjoy opportunities for personal healing and rejuvenation.

· Learn a new way to discover and heal the trauma that is causing a person the most trouble.

· Experience the personal peace that TAT can bring.

· Have fun and know you have a simple new tool that delivers greater health, vitality and happiness.

It is my pleasure to share TAT with you.

With love,

Tapas Fleming

* Introductory workshop on TAT

in conjunction with The 3 rd European Energy Therapies & Energy Psychology Conference, Brighton, August 8-10, 2003 See Trainings & Events for further details.

* Related Manual – You Can Heal Now

The Tapas Acupressure Technique Manual See Training Manuals & Training Materials for details.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

ET – EmoTrance Energy Healing

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann, PhD is a highly qualified and experienced trainer of Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Energy Therapies and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, author, international lecturer and motivational speaker.

She is the Co-Founder and Trainings Director of The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies, the acting Moderator of the oldest established MET newsgroup, Meridiantherapy, Contributing Editor to Gary Craig's EmoFree List, author of numerous highly acclaimed original works in the field, including Project Sanctuary and Guiding Stars 2002.

including Project Sanctuary and Guiding Stars 2002 . Dr. Hartmann's best-selling EFT training manual

Dr. Hartmann's best-selling EFT training manual Adventures in EFT has to date been translated into four languages and is universally acknowledged to be "the best book on EFT". The in-depth Advanced Patterns of EFT for experienced MET practitioners and researchers has been hailed as “a major contribution to the field”.

After studying and researching Energy Psychology and Meridian Energy Therapies approaches in-depth for four years, Dr. Hartmann created EmoTrance™ in 2002, a groundbreaking and entirely innovative approach to working with the human energy system for mental and physical health.

Contact and Further Information: - Full catalogue of manuals & training materials - Articles, patterns & protocols - The EmoTrance community portal – practitioner listings, trainings & events, related materials, newsgroup & more.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Introduction To EmoTrance

by Silvia Hartmann PhD

After having worked for four years intensively with EFT and having observed, experienced and facilitated the very real miracles Meridian Energy Therapies can produce especially in the treatment of all things which have a basis in emotional "disturbances", I had developed a healthy respect for METs. I had also come to learn many things about the human energy system and the energy body along the way - and all of these things I learned entirely by watching and observing, making changes and testing the responses but NOT by studying acupuncture charts or ancient texts.

The original METs relied on a limited number of points to produce change in the energy system which by extension, leads to change in how a person feels, acts, behaves and experiences their lives after the treatments. EFT uses a "total redundancy" approach to clear all the major channels during a session which is extremely successful, especially if repeat treatments are used to catch aspects that were missed or to address further energy blockages. I'm not sure why it took me so long but in 2002 I had an instant insight into the relationship between the energy body, emotions and the physical body - namely, that all emotions are nothing more (and of course, nothing less!) than simply feedback devices to alert us to the existing conditions in the energy body, just the same as physical pain is nothing more (and certainly nothing less!) than a feedback device to alert us to existing conditions in the physical body.

It is well known that repeatedly experiencing the same strong emotions has

a very direct correlation to the onset of physiological symptoms and this

was the bridge I used in the system I called EmoTrance in order to show and demonstrate clearly to everyone concerned just exactly where in a

person's body the disturbances occur at the energetic level.

Back To Physicality

When conditions change in the energy body, subtle feedback exists immediately which we generally are not aware of at all as we are too busy

The AMT Yearbook 2003

with our attention elsewhere all through the day. It is only when these subtle sensations turn into strong feelings that we are made to take notice. We really only become aware of the strongest emotions as they turn into absolute physiological sensations.

A simple example would be like this. Someone gets told unexpectedly,

"You are FIRED!" and they will report that "it felt as though they had been punched in the stomach".

That is not some kind of metaphor or a psychosomatic aberration, but a complete and correct recognition and diagnosis of a real and severe

disturbance in this person's energy body. The physical sensation tells us exactly where this disturbance lies - in EmoTrance, the one who is working

on their problem or disturbance will be asked to "show me with your hands

where that is" - "that" being the problem, the bereavement, the anger, the pain, or whatever label of emotion is causing the problem.

It is crucial to EmoTrance to know that we work from the assumption that people's energy bodies are NATURALLY DESIGNED to handle just about any kind of existing energy in this world. That there are channels and pathways which, if they are clear and functioning properly, can and will channel even the most powerful of energies we can imagine into us, through us and out in an Even Flow movement.

Re-Establishing the Even Flow

EmoTrance works to re-establishing a full and functioning flow of a very wide range of energy types in, through and out of a person's body in three ways:

1. Firstly, by teaching and learning the basic EmoTrance™ technique to

find the pathways for energies that need to flow rather than be stuck, held


to or deflected out;


Secondly, by softening and releasing old energy blockages (which show

up directly and uncontrovertibly through the medium of sensations in a person's body);

The AMT Yearbook 2003

3. Thirdly, by repairing channels, networks and areas of the energy body to enable these areas to once again allow a smooth flowing of incoming energies into, through and out of the system.

Repercussions & Energy Nutrition

When EmoTrance was originally being developed, the intention was to reduce firstly the physiological sensations related to high stress emotions, secondly and as a direct effect of this, to entirely release the emotional experience and finally, to basically re-teach the energy body to begin flowing energy again in, through and out as it was always designed to be doing and to do so automatically and in reflexive response to the environmental conditions which we may expect to be challenging often and constantly as we live our lives.

But very early on it became apparent that there were unexpected "side effects" to working with the underlying energies in the energy body in this way.

Rather than simply "not feeling the negative emotion and pain anymore" from incoming or self-generated energies, it turned out that when these energies were being taken into the system and "tranced through" their correct and requisite channels, it produced a huge increase in a person's actual energy levels - expressed through laughter, delight, pro-active ideas and thoughts; in other words, through the movement of energy from intake, through the systems and release, something very important was being gained in the process.

As people were learning to once again, open themselves to energies from people for example, such as can be found in expression of admiration, gratitude, praise and so forth ("You are beautiful." "You are intelligent." etc), they finally were able to derive what can only be described as long needed "nutrition" for their energy bodies which expressed itself in very different mental states, body postures and thoughts after an EmoTrance treatment.

But this extended much, much further than just "positive" energies. Allowing negative forms of incoming energies into the energy body too, to be moved through the requisite channels and systems, in, through and out

The AMT Yearbook 2003

produced even more profound state changes and shifts in return. Being able to handle an incoming (or self generated) thought form energy such as, "You are ugly." and to simply trance it through and out directly causes people to feel stronger, much more balanced, much less afraid of criticism and of failure, more determined and more resourceful.

Playing in "The Oceans Of Energy"

Doing EmoTrance to release easily and without much ado (because we are working directly with the energy/physical body and NOT in the head with thoughts, metaphors or other logical contortions) old burdens, blockages, shards, hurts and pain, does a number of very beneficial things for a person.

Firstly, users and practitioners of EmoTrance report that they become far more attuned to what is happening in their bodies and how their emotional states are actually expressed in their body. This is a very grounding and healing change of attention and for many, a first re-connection to how much their bodies have been crying out to them for help and release at last. Further, in the act of learning or re-learning to move these energies and to let them flow, every person who practises EmoTrance begins to learn about the actual realities of their own energy body - where the main channels are in their body, main centres and entry and exit points for energies and much, much more besides.

Secondly, and once we start moving beyond immediate trauma and emotional drama reduction, it becomes very clear just how much energy there is around us for us to use to heal, grow, have, be and do.

Opening oneself and "drinking in a sunrise" fully and completely, for example, is an extraordinary experience and physiological sensation. Opening oneself fully to energies from plant life, from animals, from the sun and the sky, from the Earth and indeed, from every little thing around us makes every day quite extraordinary and provides literally ENDLESS and totally abundant sources of energy for life, work and play.

Learning to "take the energy from a thing" rather than trying to possess or ingest or own the thing itself is a wonderful gift in and of itself - it can satisfy needs and wants that were previously totally out of reach and even

The AMT Yearbook 2003

out of possibility and has inordinate applications for addictions of all kinds, and even radically reduces food and shopping bills into the bargain!

There is also the magical aspect of deliberately raising energies such as, "I am a healer" and being able to trace and track any blockages, smooth them out and have this - and basically, ANY - form of energy flow powerfully and very intentionally through our systems.

Endless Possibilities, Endless Applications

EmoTrance is at its most basic level, an incredibly simple and intuitive method because it relies upon naturally existing systems of the human totality - the intention of the conscious mind, the feedback devices of emotion and sensation from the physical and energy bodies and the co- operation of the unconscious systems and the body mind. Simply put, bodies love EmoTrance. Because it is entirely natural and following the direct evidence of physiological feedback, EmoTrance is amazingly easy to learn and easy to do.

As EmoTrance is entirely and strictly focussed on the movement of energy in, through and out the energy body, it is "content free" in the best sense of the word and can be applied to just about anything that humans can think, worry or feel pain about - this includes past resolution, forgiveness, bereavement, relationship issues, old wounds, burdens and pains, current instabilities, feelings "in the moment", and all things future related, including goal setting, planning, self identity and so much more besides.

For psychologists and psychotherapists, EmoTrance can be the bridge into energy psychology and healing as it does not require touching, tapping, or muscle testing and although it is in effect, a pure energy healing modality it is also close enough to a "talking therapy" to be easily accepted and accessible.

For healers of any kind, EmoTrance offers a new doorway to exploring energy healing with direct feedback rather than to have to guess or rely on intuition. It does not demand any special talents or abilities from either the healer or their partner in healing, and represents a beautiful, experientially based system for a healer to develop their natural healing skills which everyone is blessed with simply by having been born to be human.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

The EmoTrance systems and techniques are not at all an end product but rather, a starting point and learning tool to how much more we can all do, be, have, achieve and experience right here, right now - simply by re- learning to use the systems we already have and once again, stepping back into a true appreciation of the Even Flow.

To learn more about EmoTrance, please visit

A Simple EmoTrance Trial for You

First, can you accept the idea that any feeling or sensation that does not have an actual physical reason for being there in the now (for example, something really pushing you, or your heart beating strongly because you are really running) is the result of an underlying disturbance in your energy body that gets transmitted straight to your awareness through the “feelings” system of the physical body?

If the answer is yes, then we can proceed.

The basic idea of EmoTrance is that all energy needs to flow, and that we have specific channels in our body to take the energies of the Universe in, through and out.

When this energy flow gets blocked or disturbed badly enough, we feel pain – normally emotional pain as we think of it but there are always corresponding body sensations, such as a pressure in the head, butterflies in the stomach, a weight on the chest, a tension in the back of the neck and so on.

As intention works beautifully and very effectively with energy flow, we can simply encourage the flow of any incoming energy through its rightful channels. Now, most people who see an EmoTrance demonstration for the first time are quite amazed and say, “But isn’t it really difficult to move energy like that? How do you know which way it wanted to go? How do you learn to do that?”

The truly wonderful and surprising thing about doing this is that it is completely natural and easy – apart from a very few highly disassociated individuals who also cannot make any of the other energy therapies work (such as EFT, TFT, TAT and so forth), the vast majority of the population can just do this, without any training, any meditation, anything at all really.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Even and especially small children simply respond to the suggestion or idea that this stuck thing could be softened and allowed to go where it

needed to will simply nod and say, “Ok, yes, it’s beginning to move

EmoTrance Self Help Protocol

I would now invite you to try the following exercise for yourself.

Get a piece of paper, and on that paper write down something you really don’t like to hear about yourself or that people have said to you in the past and which has caused you pain, if not agony. Good candidates are comments such as, “You are useless.” – “You are ugly.” – “You are worthless.” – “You are stupid.” – “I don’t love you anymore.” or any suchlike energy messages that you would experience as being very painful to you and best prevented from ever coming your way again.

This piece of paper will broadcast the energetic message to you in the absence of a helpful other who can shout the words at you with meaning. Write out the statement in the “you” form as suggested above, turn the paper face down and take a deep breath.

Now, turn it right side up, allow the energy of the statement to come to you and take note as to where you feel this in your body.

If you feel nothing at all as you are reading such a statement, you will need to back up and find something really hurtful to you personally. Perhaps you have body image issues that could be used with this such as believing you have a big nose, your hips are too wide or your arms too puny. Perhaps your parents, caretakers or teachers had a particularly nasty phrase with which to hurt you on a regular basis; use that for this exercise.

The important first step is to feel the response to the incoming energy in your body.

With EmoTrance beginners, we use these negatives because many people are used to not paying attention to body signals of this nature or have trained themselves to block them out or ignore them completely; a heavy shot across the bows provides a clear cut experience for a first trial and that is always very useful in order to give you both the confidence and the experience to start working with more subtle forms of energies later on.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Now that we have located the place where you feel these sensations in your body we turn our attention to this erea. You might like to place your hands on that place to help you keep your focus and now, consider that these sensations are simply caused by a disturbance or blockage in your energy body and that the channels absolutely exist to move this energy in, through and out very successfully.

Pay attention and ask yourself, “Where would this energy like to go?”

Most people get an immediate idea – it might want to go up or down, left or right, it matters not. If you do not get such an indication, read your statement again to bring the sensations right back to full strength and this time, be ready to soften the energy which is causing these physical sensations (when there is actually nothing physically visible at all touching you in physicality) around the edges, just a little bit, like a little steam would come off a block of ice and as it rises, it will show you the channels that were supposed to take this energy if it was in flow (but cannot take or transport this energy in the form of a big blocked up ice cube, if you will).

Then, you let it soften more and flow out entirely. It is helpful to support the movement of the energy by moving your hands with it, and to describe aloud what you feel happening and where it is as it moves.

Repeat this process until you can look at the statement on the paper, and the energy flows freely and readily into you, through the requisite channels and out, leaving you feeling energised and entirely undisturbed by this particular form of energy.

If you have a friend to try this with, so much the better – they can say the statement repeatedly to you and also help you move the energy with their intention too.

Have a play – EmoTrance is easy, natural and amazingly versatile. Best of all, you cannot do it wrong and it becomes a habit so that emotions that used to disturb you will simply flow away without even having to pay much attention with a bit of practise.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

You can also draw in energy from just about anything around you, and don’t forget to play with positive statements. Try it in the mirror with affirmations and make them really flow through your system. The possibilities of healing and growth are really quite endless.

Delighted to share this simple but very, very useful system with you,

All the best,

Silvia Hartmann, PhD

* EmoTrance™ Practitioner Training & Trainers Training

in conjunction with The 3 rd European Energy Therapies & Psychology Conference, Brighton, August 8-10, 2003

See Trainings & Events for further details.

* Related Manual – Oceans Of Energy

The Patterns & Techniques of EmoTrance, Vol. 1

See Training Manuals & Training Materials for details.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

BSFF – Be Set Free Fast

Larry Nims

Dr Larry Nims, PhD. is a clinical psychologist who developed the BSFF system over a period of time, noting that the unconscious mind can make the adjustments that physical tapping on the points achieves, if it is so instructed.

BE SET FREE FAST™ (BSFF™) is a highly focused Energy Therapy method for eliminating the negative emotional roots and self-limiting belief systems which are embedded in the subconscious mind, and which are "locked" together by specific energy circuits. These unresolved negative emotions and beliefs create and maintain psychological and physical symptoms which can result in life adjustment, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual problems, including medical, and health problems.

BE SET FREE FAST is a descriptive acronym for "Behavioral & Emotional Symptom Elimination Training for Resolving Excess Emotion:

Fear, Anger, Sadness & Trauma."

BSFF readily eliminates the same emotionally-based problems as all of the Energy Therapies. It is believed that BSFF works at deeper psychological levels than other Energy Therapies by specifically and purposefully treating the unresolved emotional roots and the belief systems which are operating automatically in the person's subconscious mind.

Please visit the BSFF website for further information:

in the person's subconscious mind. Please visit the BSFF website for further information: 59

The AMT Yearbook 2003

BSFF Theory

Problems are caused by unresolved negative emotions and beliefs


subconscious programming.

Beliefs determine the purpose, timing, duration, and frequency of psychological symptoms and behaviours.

Dysfunctional belief systems and emotional roots must be eliminated in order to achieve psychological freedom.


subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is our obedient "faithful servant."

Subconscious information can be accurately accessed through skilful use of muscle-testing and clinical insights.

Conscious identification of a problem is not necessary for effective treatment. Notice it - treat it!

Every specific problem, including psychological reversals, can be eliminated instantly with a single treatment.

BSFF can effectively treat every psychological, physical, or spiritual problem that has emotional roots.

In BSFF, a “problem” is defined as a set of unresolved negative feelings that arise from a long series of traumatic and emotionally painful experiences. An “issue” is a set of problems, which occur together. These experiences begin in the early months of life, even before we can verbalize them.

I refer to these experiences and to the associated accumulated negative feelings simply as “emotional roots,” which eventually have gotten locked together with a belief system.

The belief system then makes the “problem” occur at a specific time, for a specific duration, with a specific intensity, for a very specific purpose, and to assure a precise and specific outcome. It makes no difference that you



















The AMT Yearbook 2003

consciously and logically might prefer a different outcome. Your subconscious mind does this on “automatic pilot.”

That is, the belief system essentially says to your subconscious mind: “Do this, at this time, and make this happen in my experience. That is, in my mind (or in my body/emotions/spirit/work/finances/success/skill development/athletic performance/achievement/relationships, etc.)”

Whenever the triggering situation occurs in your experience, your subconscious mind, as your neutral “faithful servant,” immediately recreates the unpleasant problem or personal limitation.

There can be many layers or levels of secondary, tertiary, and even deeper sets of problems that accompany any problem that we consciously notice. These hidden problems indirectly help to set up or feed into the consciously detected or identified problem.

With just one use of your cue word all levels of roots and beliefs involved with each treated problem are eliminated simultaneously, along with the identified problem that you intend to treat. No matter how many emotional roots are involved, your “faithful servant” (your subconscious, psychological mind) will eliminate all of the roots and the belief system at all levels for each individual problem that you treat.

Amazingly, this constitutes the entire BSFF treatment. Notice that your subconscious mind does all of the actual treatment work. You just cue it to do so by using your word(s) and by your intention to eliminate the problem.”

Now, choose a word or short phrase that you want to use for your cue to your subconscious mind.

Choosing a cue word:

Now choose a single word, or a very short phrase that you want to use as a cue to your subconscious mind. It can be any word, from any language, or you can make one up. You can then add any other cues you wish at any time by just telling your subconscious, “I am adding these words as another treatment cue.”

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Use your cues inter-changeably as your mood dictates. You cannot have too many cues for your subconscious mind to handle. You just use any one of your cues for each problem you treat. Your subconscious mind will fully accept this instruction and implement the BSFF procedure every time you use any of your cues for any specific problem.

You can use as many words as you wish in your cue. But, I recommend keeping it concise so that you can do it quickly. Just one word will be fine.

It may be humorous, serious, whimsical, spiritual or whatever. Or, you can

have a variety of cues. It can be in any language.

The following are some examples of cues that my clients are using:

Freedom Release it. Praise. Now. Horse. Ocean View Get outta' here!

Baruch Ha Shem (which is Hebrew for Bless the Name).

Any cue word or phrase that is meaningful to you will do the job instantly, right on the spot, without anyone even knowing that you are doing it, and without having to wait to BE SET FREE FAST.

If you think or say any cue word in your normal activities without noticing

some problem to treat, or when not consciously wanting to treat a problem,

a treatment won’t automatically be initiated. So, no treatment will occur. You will simply be using the word as part of your normal language.

Each person must become accustomed to doing BSFF in all types of circumstances, whether alone or with others. That simply means a little practice, plus using it to eliminate any subconscious blocks to doing it alertly and readily. Many of my clients and people around the world are using it with excellent results. You can, too.

I have found that I can easily do BSFF while talking or listening, and I can still stay in touch with people and my surroundings. If someone, or something, is bugging me or causing me some stress, or if I brought some of my own “emotional junk” into the counselling situation, I can simply






Safety Emmanuel. God is/God you are

Eliminate. Love. Michael and Patricia (this mother’s children).

The AMT Yearbook 2003

treat as much as necessary until I am back in balance and fully in the present situation.

This instant treatment can be done so quickly that it is actually much less disruptive to my ability to be fully present with someone than if I did not treat myself immediately. Not treating it would allow the distress or the distraction to impair my attention to the client and my clinical judgment.

This treatment process is usually so fast that it hardly interrupts anything. Of course, it may not be as easy to take the time to forgive yourself or someone else when you are interacting with someone. But, you can treat for any anger, at least, and do the unforgiveness later.

The BSFF Instructions to your Subconscious Mind

Give this instruction only one time (ever) to your subconscious mind. It will always agree to do everything that you have told it to do for you from then on. You will never need to give these instructions again. They will continue to be operative for years, unless you tell your “faithful servant” not to do this for you anymore. (But I can’t imagine why anyone would cancel it.) Now, here is the entire set of instructions to give to your subconscious mind.

“These instructions are to my subconscious mind. Whenever I consciously notice any problem that I intend for you to eliminate and I just think or speak my chosen cue/trigger word/phrase you will do the entire BSFF treatment for me for that problem. The cue that I choose to use is

“This means that you, my subconscious mind, will eliminate all of the negative emotional roots and all beliefs involved in each problem that I choose and intend for you to treat. You will also, simultaneously, eliminate every Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) factor that is associated with and has been triggered in each emotional root experience involved in every problem that I treat.

You will thoroughly resolve these PTS effects so that they no longer cause me any sort of discomfort. The PTS factors that you will eliminate include all seven of the following negative effects on my entire human system and being.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Shock to my system Trauma to my system Stress to my system Distress to my system Upset to my system Disturbance to my system Bother to my system

“You will do all this for me whether or not I consciously know what the problem is, and even when I cannot identify, describe or label the problem with words. I need only consciously notice the problem that you will treat.

“You will simultaneously treat and eliminate any and all other problems, at all levels of my entire life, experience and being, and at all levels of my mind, which may directly or indirectly in any way contribute to, feed into, help cause, or in any way maintain this problem that I have noticed and intend for you to treat.

You will do all of this for me no matter what combination of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual experiences that I may have been having at the time each of these related problems were being established or re- experienced.

“You will completely and permanently eliminate each and every problem that I treat-- whether or not I have been programmed subconsciously to keep them, to take them back, to allow them to come back, to permit them to return, or, to passively accept or receive them back in any way, shape or form.

You will simultaneously also eliminate each and every problem that would make me vulnerable to any treated problem returning in any way or at any time in the future.

“You will do all of this for me from now on, for any problem that I ever consciously notice and intend to treat, whenever I initiate the treatment with any one of my cues. You will do this for me with any and all cues that I ever tell you that I want to use. I simply need only to notice a problem and initiate the treatment with my thought or with my voice by using any one of my cues.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

“You will include, in every treatment, the very first to the last time that I ever experienced any and all parts of whatever problem that I am signalling you to eliminate.

“Whenever I treat for any anger, judgment, criticism and unforgiveness or any other negative attitudes that I may have toward myself you will include in each of these treatments every anger and unforgiveness toward myself that I may not have treated in previous treatment sessions. You will do this update treatment work no matter how long ago I did the previous treatments.

“Subconscious mind, you will always do all of these things for me from now on, no matter what condition, circumstance or situation that I am in or what problem I may be imagining or remembering. And I thank you for being my faithful servant.”

This is the entire instruction to your subconscious mind. Yes, it is a long statement, and it is meant to be thoroughly comprehensive. It is crucial to eliminate everything that is in any way contributing to each problem, and leave nothing to be triggered that might signal the subconscious mind to rebuild the problem or issue.

The important point is to be thorough in treating every related problem involved in the issue that you have noticed. Many situations are often a mixture of many different issues and/or individual problems.

Be alert for this possibility and treat everything! Don’t leave any problems untreated that may be involved in whatever situation you are in.

If any problem in an issue is left untreated, it can be a “hook” for the whole issue to be reconstructed. This has been a major limitation of all conventional psychotherapies for the past fifty years. We did not have the tools for totally and permanently eliminating all the problems involved in the person’s life. Now we do.

These treatments always eliminate each problem. And they do so instantly. While it is possible for a problem to return, it is not very likely because of the thoroughness of this work. Of course, any problem can be readily treated again, as needed.

The AMT Yearbook 2003

Much muscle testing and individual subjective experience has confirmed that everyone's "faithful servant" will always instantly do this entire treatment for every individual problem.

Do recognize that some "issues" may be comprised of many problems. Each separate problem will need to be eliminated as well.

Sometimes muscle testing will indicate that multiple problems in some issue can be eliminated simultaneously in only one Instant BSFF treatment. The important thing here is to be thorough in treating every related problem involved in the "presenting problem" that is noticed and reported by the person. "Presenting problems" often are a mixture of several different individual problems.

BE SET FREE FAST Treatment Steps

Here is the exact process of doing BSFF work.

this sequential order to get the fully effective results that are possible with BSFF. If you still have questions about the procedure, please contact me.

I do want you to learn to use BSFF skilfully so that you, too will get the wonderful results and freedom that it gives.

1) Notice the problem with your conscious mind. You do not have to describe, identify, or label the problem. If you have words or labels for the problem, fine, but it is not necessary for totally effective treatment. You only need consciously to notice that you have a problem. Just notice and treat. And, remember - treat everything!

2) Treat each problem. that is, think, whisper, speak, visualise, write, etc your cure word to treat that problem. Your subconscious mind does the actual treatment work - immediately and instantly - for you. It thoroughly eliminates each specific problem with just one use of your cue.

Remember, your subconscious mind is always monitoring everything that you experience, including what your conscious mind is noticing and doing. It knows the entire history and purpose of each problem you are noticing, and it will faithfully respond to your intention to treat each problem when you signal your 'faithful servant' by using your cue word.

3) Treat all angers and unforgiveness that you may have toward another person at the time that you are working on problems with that relationship.

Please do all ten steps in

The AMT Yearbook 2003