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Student portfolio

Björn Kristjánsson
Böðvarsgata 4. 310 Borgarnes
Iceland Tel: 354 869 2159
Introduction, lineage, credentials. Pages 4-9

The study at AUM, coursework and pictures. Pages 10-23

What is vaastu not Page 24

Building blocks of Vastu science Pages 25-31

Ancient tradition Pages 32-38

Scope of work for a vaastu consultant. Pages 39-47

Architectural drawings Pages

Word and terms list



A method of designing and building human

habitat in such a way that it creates a
nourishing, coherent and life supporting
atmosphere in the building.

This is accomplished by making use of a

precise and comprehensive ancient knowledge
of architecture where the key components are
mathematics and proportions.
Licensed builder and a master carpenter.

B.A. in business administration. B.A. M.A. in Vedic


about 15 years of experience with various building


Previous experience in researching and marketing of

ecological building materials in Iceland

A graduate of American University of Mayonic Science

and Technolgy. 55
Vastu architecture
comes from a lineage

An Indian architect named Mamuni Mayan who lived

10,500 B.C.

A contemporary architect in India named Dr. V.

Ganapati Sthapati

An american scholar, Dr. Jessie Mercay chancellor of the

American University of Mayonic Science and Technology.

Mamuni Mayan

*Mayan is the author of numerous

books on varied subjects of arts and
sciences and among them is Vaastu
* He is the first known architect in the
* He is mentioned in the Vedas as
highly enlightened and endowed
with super human intelligence and
talents 7
Dr. V. Ganapati Stapati, a
citizen of Tamil Nadu
India, comes from a long
lineage of architects,
sculptors and scholars in
the the vishwakarma
tradition. He is now the
most revered proponent of
Vastu architecture in the

Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati

Dr. Sthapati is responsible for the revival of the ancient knowledge of

Mamuni Mayan by holding numerous symposiums and seminars and
writing dozens of books where he explains the true meaning of
Mayans knowledge.

He has also built statues, temples and buildings all around the world.

As a boy he frequently got attention and guidance from the famous

saint Ramana Maharishi while visiting him with his father who made
a statue of Ramana. 88
Dr Jessie Mercay with Dr Sthapati

Dr. Jessie Mercay is an american scholar who holds several

doctorates, among others in curriculum development. She has
formulated the knowledge of Mamuni Mayan and Dr. Sthapati
into a holistic curriculum, which is now available for study at
the American University of Mayonic Science and Technology
where she is chancellor and a co-founder with Dr. Sthapati.
Completed courses

• Summer July 2006 Santa Fe

Mayonic Science & Technology 101 (1 CU)

Introduction to Mayonic Science and Technology

This basic course is an exploration of fundamental theoretical and scientific principles that form the foundation of Mayonic
Science and Technology. This course includes an introduction to the

concept of Absolute Space, Time, OM Light, OM Sound and the formation of the five elements. It also reveals the knowledge of
Vastureva vaastu – energy transforming itself into matter. While it

is an introductory course, the concepts presented are advanced and profound.

• Summer July 2006 Santa Fe

Mayonic Science & Technology 102 (3 CU)

Summer 2007 - Boulder. Mayonic Science and Technology 301 (4 CU) Practicum1: Applied Mayonic Science and
Technology. A course of study where the elements of MS&T /Vaastu Technology are applied to Vaastu design.
Practical experience includes accomplishing various drawings with floor plan and elevation and construction of small
scale Vaastu structures.

• Summer August 2006 – Las Vegas, NM

Mayonic Science and Technology 302 (5 CU)

Practicum 2: Applied Mayonic Science and Technology. A seven – 10 day course of study with

supervised field work where the elements of MS&T are applied to the construction of an actual

Vaastu building such as a shed, temple cottage, gazebo, or work on an actual house.

Fundamentals of Vaastu site supervision are included.

• January 2007 India

Mayonic Science and Technology 351 (6 CU)

Advanced intensive studies that include 2 week on site evaluation of Temples and homes built using principles of Mayonic
• Summer 2008 – Distance learning. Mayonic Science & Technology 307 (3 CU )Advanced studies in MS&T: Scientific
and Spiritual Architecture

The focus of this course will be to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of fundamental texts related to MS & T. The
theme explored is the effulgent Space itself is the store-house of energy, and the originating source of objects of the
universe...Space – substance itself turns into two streams of material form – aural forms and visual forms – this is the
statement on the secret of space science. We use this secret in mathematical form to build temples, homes, villages, towns,
music, poetry, dance and sculpture and a myriad of other forms. This course will include a study and analysis of three
advanced texts by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati: Temples of

Space Science, The Scientific Edifice of Brihadeeswarara Temple, and Significance of Vimanam and Gopuram and other
assigned text.

• Summer 2008 – Distance learning

Mayonic Science & Technology 308 (2 CU)

Advanced studies in MS&T: The Mandala of Building Architecture

The focus of this course will be to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for fundamental texts related to MS&T. This
course explores the concept that the embodied energy in all material

objects is called Vastu Purusha and it is invoked through using principles of MS&T. When its nature is understood and is
incorporated into living spaces, this is the zenithal achievement of

architecture. The foundational basis of this spiritual science will be discussed in depth. This course will include a study and
analysis of the advanced texts Quintessence of Sthapatya Veda

Mayonic Science and Technology 477 / 677 (4 CU)
Advanced Cornerstone: The Parts and the Whole (Teleconference) This course provides an advanced exploration of the nuts
and bolts of this body of knowledge. The fundamentals of Vaastu Technology that arise from Vaastu Science are deepened
including the significance of Vaastu Purusha Mandala, measuring systems, design principles, site evaluation and other
principles specific to building architecture and Mayonic Science and Technology. The advanced student taking this course will
have already internalized fundamental knowledge of this Science. With that internalization, the information presented will take
on deeper and more profound meaning. The culmination of this course is the creation of a Vaastu Field Guide that will serve
you as a Vaastu Consultant Level 1 or Vaastu Architect Level 1.

Mayonic Science and Technology 480 / 680 (4 CU)

Vaastu Consultant/Architect Professional Development (Teleconference)
This course is designed to provide information and create resources for the professional Vaastu Consultant or Vaastu Architect.
Through discussions and assignments, the student will develop tools and skills to work in a professional capacity. Coursework
includes a 30 min – 1 hr introductory public lecture on Mayonic Science and Technology and Vaastu Science and Technology.
In addition, the student will produce a Professional Portfolio that will serve to demonstrate to prospective clients the principles
of the Vaastu Shastras used in Vaastu Architecture and the depth and breadth of an authentic certified consultants training.
Mayonic Science and Technology 484 / 684 (4 CU)
Advanced Student Portfolio Development (Independent Study)This course is a review and compilation of the body of work
accomplished during this Certification Program. The student is asked to revisit their work and produce a complete Student

woo woo is a
What is no no for
Vastu seekers
architecture ofauthentic
not? knowledge.
With respect for all branches of knowledge we place it in
categories according to its usefulness to human life. Some
are simply fraud, some are amusing in its naive approach,
others have limited value. Authentic Vastu architecture is
not Indian Feng Shui, not new age woo woo anything, not
mixed up or incomplete knowledge of Vastu.

Authentic Vastu architecture is not trying to fix anything

by moving objects around in the building such as mirrors,
chairs, tables or selling devices such as pyramids or
objects of supernatural powers to correct or enhance some
kind of energy.
The perfect
mathematics of
nature Nature does not create at random

Unmanifest energy is made manifest through a process of mathematics

and proportions. An exaple: Human body or any organism.

Nature knows how to manifest in the perfect way. The key to the
perfection is orderliness and specificity according to mathematical
laws. The outcome is beauty and functionality. Nothing is at random.

Mamuny Mayan knew how nature manifests and used the same
formula, thus revealing how to create perfect buildings, that is,
buildings that resonate coherence and maximum well being for the

Nature manifests from within, from wholeness
to parts. Energy manifests as form from within
space itself through quantifiable steps of
frequency. Mayonic science names this process
vastureeva vaastu.

Likewise, vaastu architecture locates the source

of energy in unmanifest space-time and
making use of the mathematics of the
manifestation process knows BEFOREHAND
what quality comes out of specific size and

That quality should resonate with the

inhabitant of the structure. The source of the
individual is his heart and the source of the
building is the silent middle point of the
structure, it´s heart. From heart to heart is the
resonance manifested through mathematics of
frequency just like two tuning forks vibrating
in harmony.


Since nothing is at random, it is the size of the

motherwall that tunes the quality, that is, the
frequency, of the building. Think of the motherwall
as a musical instrument. We tune a string looking for
a specific note. The note has a quality and that
quality is it´s frequency. When we have the
frequency, the note, we build a scale that is the
proportions of the music
Just like that we define size
of the motherwall and then
use specific method to build
the scale, the proportions of
the building. All organisms
have an internal harmony of
proportions. The beauty and
functionality of the structure
we build is absolutely based
on the internal harmony of
proportions as well as

Nothing is at random. The
heart of the individual is
located at the perfect place.
No other place is possible.
Just like that is the every
thing in the building
located at the right spot.
The silent middle space of
the building is the source of
the more manifest qualities,
the building blocks of all
life on earth, air, fire, water
and earth. 35
Specific quality of energy, made manifest
by mathematical laws of nature, creating
resonance, harmony, with the inhabitant,
thus empowering all positive qualities of
life. The basis of Vaastu architecture is
optimal well being of the inhabitant on all
levels of life.

Vastu arhchitecture is an ancient
tradition all over the world

Vastu consultant
What does she do?
She or he:

Makes assessment of the owners needs and desires

Finds the most suitable spot for the building

Finds the most suitable motherwall for the inhabitants, the

basis for the design

Supervises and coordinates the process of design

Orients the building in the most suitable way

Supervises every step in the building process

Assessment of needs

The owner has desires and needs to me met

and consolidated against financial, building
regulation and other limitations there may be.

Proper assessment of needs of the owner(s) is

the basis for successful building project.

Site selection

It is very important to select a building site

that emanates positive qualities such as
beauty, fertility, peace, cleanliness et.c. from
the earth and surrounding area. The quality
of the site is examined by investigation of
numerous factors such as soil quality,
vegetation, slope of site, flow of
underground water, ambience of site et.c.


Finding the most suitable motherwall involves

calculation that is the basis for the forthcoming
design of the house that involves, proportions,
main entrance, facing of the building towards a
cardinal direction et.c.

The building should be oriented right
on the cardinal directions to be in
harmony with the energy grid of the
earth aligned to true north.
This, as all other aspects of Vaastu
architecture, requires high degree of
Once she or he has:

found the optimal building spot, designed the

building with a team of engeeners and architects and
that design has passed quality control assessment by
the AUM, coordinating this whole process of design.

Then it is the job of the Vastu consultant to supervise

the building process, making sure that the building is

The process of design involves:

Drawings of architecture and engineering that

involves structural calculations, electricity,
plumbing, heating and ventilation.

The process of building involves:

coordination of and supervision of all tradesmen

and builders that partake in the building process.

Architectural drawings
Residence USA by Bjorn Kristjansson

Residence USA by Bjorn Kristjansson

Guesthouse USA by Bjorn Kristjansson

Residence USA by Kristjan Sigurdsson architect

Layout of plot by Kristjan Sigurdsson architect

Residence USA by Kristjan Sigurdsson architect

Residence USA by Kristjan Sigurdsson architect

Residence USA by Gail MacKensie

Residence USA by Gretchen Leary

Any form of art, be it music, dance, poetry,
sculpture or architecture, that has the power to
uplift us comes from the same source of life.
We can call it simplicity, harmony and beauty
and it affects us because it resonates with our
source, our heart.

You may want to manifest from that source

and resonate with that manisfestation and
enjoy spiritual bliss.

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