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Battletech intelligence agencies

Internal Security Forces (ISF) is the Draconis Combine's official spy agency and secret police force. Though it has
existed since the Combine's founding, only recently has its internal organization come to light.
• Mononokete ("Ghost Hands"): Formerly known as the Covert Operations Division this is the "active
intelligence" branch. Agents are trained in a manner similar to DEST team members, but they typically
operate in smaller groups and in deep cover assignments. Their focus is directed at external threats, be it a
sabotage mission, assassination, or monitoring foreign visitors as a liaison officer. These agents are not
used to resolve internal matters.
• Mokonete ("Guiding Hands"): This is the branch most people think of when they think "ISF". Formerly known
as the Internal Security Division, Mokonete agents are responsible for identifying foreign intelligence agents
and eliminating them. Their other focus is finding and reeducating dissident citizens.
• Koe No Ryu ("Voice of the Dragon"): Previously called the Propaganda Division. With an agent on the board
of directors of every Combine media concern, the Voice of the Dragon is the most benign branch of the ISF.
The agents of this branch limit their activities to reporting Inner Sphere and Combine events in a manner
consistent with the wishes of the Kurita family.
• Metsuke ("All Seeing Eyes"): Previously known as Intelligence Gathering and Analysis Division. The agents of
this branch are the passive observers, infiltrators, and sleeper agents who see everything. They do not act
themselves, but provide information to the analysis section, which may activate agents of other branches, or
DEST commandos to eliminate a threat.
Department of Military Intelligence (DMI) is the AFFS (Armed Forces of the Federated Suns) main intelligence
agency, the DMI is responsible for gathering knowledge about enemies and potential enemies of the Federated Suns
any way possible and, as a secondary duty, defeat or confuse enemy intelligence operations via sabotage,
misinformation, or other means.
MI1: Command
• MI2: Analysis and Speculation
All information gathered from electronic or field operatives are collected, categorized and analyzed to see the
big picture. Teams from this department provide March and field commands with crucial information, as well
as insuring relevant data is sent to the Fox's Den. This provides the High Command with an accurate overview
of ongoing campaigns.[2]

• MI3: Electronic Information Gathering

Agents of MI3 watch the enemies of the AFFS very close with all electronic measure available. To their
inventory includes listening pots, satellite, specialized jumpships and so on. All 'conventional' HPG
communication and through the black boxes are secured, to.[3]

• MI4: Covert Operations Division (the "Stealthy Foxes")

• MI5: Counter-Insurgency

• MI6: Special Forces (the "Rabid Foxes", equivalent to LIC's Loki or the ISF's DEST teams)
• MI7: MIIO Liaison - As the activities of the Ministry of Information, Intelligence, and Operations and DMI
frequently overlap, members of this division work to prevent duplication of effort or one agency's operation
interfering with another.

Ministry of Information, Intelligence, and Operations (MIIO) is the civilian intelligence arm of the Federated Suns.
MIIO consists of five divisions:
• Information Gathering Division
• Covert Operations Division

• Military Intelligence Liaison
• Bureau of Internal Investigations
• Counterintelligence Division
• Regional Operations
Maskirovka is the Capellan Confederation's intelligence arm.
• Chancellor's Hand is responsible for intelligence gathering beyond the borders of the Confederation.
1. Chancellor's Ear is responsible for “sleeper” cells
2. Chancellor's Cunning handles the spreading of misinformation and propaganda beyond the
3. Chancellor's Sword is the Hands covert operations forces.
• Chancellor's Will is known as the special services branch.
1. Chancellor's Shield conducts counterinsurgency operations
2. Chancellor's Voice is the propaganda department of the Will.
3. Chancellor's Eyes are charged with monitoring its own people w/i the Confederation.
• The Death Commandos are the Chancellor's personal guard as well as Elite Covert Ops.

SAFE is the FWL (Free Worlds League) intelligence arm.

• Eagle Corps Ultra-elite special forces numbering only three companies.

• Dark Shadows special forces Mech battalion.

Lyran Intelligence Corps (LIC) is the intelligence arm of the Lyran Commonwealth.

• Lohengrim is the counter-terrorism division, ruthless, fanatical agents that deal with “internal threats”.

• Propaganda Their technicians were now to suppress "harmful" reports, to discredit persons who opposed
the archon and they coordinated with Loki for dirty work.

• Norns The passive department analyzes all communication in the realm and in foreign states also. The
active department owns a networks of field agents and scouts.

• DC + DG The Diplomatic Guard (DG) is charged with the protection of important individuals in thy Lyran
Alliance (bodyguard, transportation and couriers for sensitive information.
Members of the Diplomatic Corp are often part of ambassador's or noble's staff. They make contacts,
gather information and engage in negotiations. The DC uses more softer techniques than Loki/Lohengrin.

• Espionage
1. Loki essentially is a state-sponsored terrorist unit. Their task is not only to assassinate and
sabotage enemies of the state, but also to strike fear into the hearts of the foreign enemies of the
Lyran Commonwealth.
2. Bodians training, education, and deployment of operatives. Is the assignment and command
branch. Its seeks new talents and transform it for a useful tool for the Lyran Alliance.
3. Molehunters counter-espionage, their task is to protect the Lyran State against all outside agents.
Before the Civil war they discover and identify agents from House Marik, Liao and Kurita, this
changed under Archon Katherine. Their new enemies were the MIIOand the DMI

• Heimdall is an unofficial department and in some ways a internal affairs safety valve. Formed by LIC-agents
who considered themselves patriotic Lyrans. Unwilling to accept the massive collateral damage that often
resulted from Loki-operations they sabotage those that they deemed to be going to far. They are the
"watchdog" of the Lyran peoples.
Comstar ROM internal and external security force, ROM (an acronym whose meaning has been lost to time) has a
reputation as among the most elite intelligence agencies in Inner Sphere.

• Counterintelligence (Mu/Delta) The foundation upon which ROM was built, counterintelligence is
charged with locating and eliminating infiltrators from Successor States and, after the Schism,
agents from the opposing faction.

• Diplomatic Operations (Rho/Gamma) Representing the Order's public face, the Diplomatic
Operations Branch is devoted to public relations and selling the party line of its faction, pre-
Reformation it was the Blessed Order's neutrality, after-wards the good intentions of each faction.

• Covert Operations (Rho/Rho) Originally intended to offer advance warning of Great House efforts to
infiltrate the Order, under the aegis of Primus Karpov Covert Operations swelled into a brutal
suppression of Great House technology.

• Information and Analysis (Mu/Mu) With operatives stationed at every HPG facility, Information and
Analysis screens all messages transferred on the HPG network for political, technical and military
info of benefit to each respective faction, giving ROM an unrivaled advantage over every other
intelligence agency across the Inner Sphere.

• Clan Overwatch (Rho/Chi) this branch maintains and supports ROM's intelligence and sabotage
operations in the Clan-occupied territories.

• Blake's Wrath (Delta/Epsilon) represent each ROM's elite ground-based special forces. Made up of
the Com Guards elite and trained in conventional and Battlemech combat, every member is also
highly adept at covert operations.

• Valkyrie (Delta/Xi) ROM's elite aerospace special forces, Valkyrie is manned by the top three
percent ranked kill ratio of Com Guard pilots and receive the best anti-Warship and WarShip
defense training in the Inner Sphere.

• ComStar Security (Mu/Iota) This defensive branch is charged with protecting both each respective
organizations high ranking officials and the HPG stations under their control.

Clan Watch is the intelligence agency of the Clans.

Magistracy Intelligence Ministry (abbreviated to MIM) operates as an independent intelligence agency, directly
under the control of the Magistracy of Canopus' Magestrix herself, though it is officially a part of the (MAF).

• Central Analysis Corps Is responsible for data gathering and information analyze.

• Domestic Operations Corps This branches is charged with internal security. Its passive roll on
information gathering is no obstacle to use lethal force (sabotage, assassination) if necessary. The
agents acts as shadow police force among the canopian elite, monitoring hot spots of civil unrest
and perform counterintelligence work.

• Foreign Affairs Corps The field operatives infiltrate and gather data on foreign states and make
"interdiction" (capture or execution of threats to the Canopian State).

• Royal Operations Corps It is the internal security force for the Canopian royalty.

• Homeland Defense Corps Is a secret service task with the defense of high ranking officials (of the
government bureaucracy and nobility). It works close with the Royal Guards. They function as
escort, but can also do law enforcement duties and surveillance.

• Active Response Corps This are the guys for the dirty work.

• The Ebon Magistrate The Ebon Magistrate is shadowy sub-department of the Magistracy
Intelligence Ministry. It been described as a ultra-elite covert unit consisting of military and civilian
personnel that have no close family or friends. They are highly trained in every manner of lethal
neutralizing their targets from martial arts to operating a BattleMech in combat. The Ebon
Magistrate answers only to Magestrix, these agents are noted for being personally "modified" for
their respective assignments.

Taurian Ministry of Intelligence (or TMI) is the intelligence agency of the Taurian Concordat.

• Bureau of Analysis it handles passive surveillance (monitoring new media and communications in
foreign realms) and has few field operatives.

• Diplomatic Corps The agency is a combination of bodyguard and government liaison. They watch
dignitaries and are tasked with gathering harmful information in an unguarded moment.

• Concordat Constabulary The best equipped and funded department, the Concordat Constabulary is
charged with locating, identifying and eliminating (if necessary) infiltrators in Taurian society. While
the society is "free and open", this division has internal watchers (internal affairs).

• Propaganda Division the Propaganda Division serves to maintain good morale and counter rumors
from enemy agents.

• Special Task Groups the commando operatives of this division infiltrate, report and undertake
missions from espionage to counter-terrorism. Their operational guidelines restrict them to prevent
the violation of human rights, but under special circumstances they can act as state sponsored
Outworlds Alliance Intelligence is the intelligence service of the Outworlds Alliance.

• Observation Division: they operate under cover as crew of independent traders, which allows them
to cover large territory with little or no attention from other intelligence services.

• Liaison Division: One member of this division is attached at the regimental level. These operatives
collect information from all sources, including gun camera footage, sensor logs and after missions

• Analysis Division: Analysis agents filter every bit of information gathered by the Observation,
Liaison, and Infiltration Divisions to understand the "bigger picture".

• Infiltration Division: This division is an update to the whole agency. The purpose is the
modernization of the Alliance military. Operatives were called when normal information gathering is
impossible or more direct action is necessary. Personnel are recruited from outside the military, in
most cases from planetary law enforcement agencies, because they have an established cover.
Federal Intelligence Command is the Circinus Federations intelligence service.

• Analysis Division Used to identify targets for raids by the Black Warriors It also screens information
for possible threats both within the Federation's borders and without.

• External Operations This branch is charged with the recruitment of spies and scouting potential raid

• Internal Security This branch was created to maintain the government's total control over all
aspects of Circinian society.