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Vol 19 Number 31 SELAMAT PAGI 9 April 2011

President’s Message

The first quarter this year has been While Rotary is not primarily an of suspending aid to third world nations
literally earth-shaking. Three natural organization for disaster relief [unlike the to divert the funds towards rehabilitating
disasters happened in quick Red Cross, for example] this reaction is Queensland. The most stirring report
succession beginning with the completely understandable. Yet the must be the fact that Australia and New
cyclone and flooding in Queensland, former Japanese soccer superstar, Zealand have sent crack teams to
Australia, followed closely by the Nakata, appearing on television in Sendai to help in the rescue work.
earthquake that shattered the city of Singapore recently as part of the fund
Christchurch, New Zealand. Then the raising effort, said something almost Psychologists have long recognized this
undersea earthquake off Sendai, contradicting the movement. The phenomenon that hardship brings out
Japan, resulting in the tsunami that campaign is not really about money. It the best in people. It reinforces the notion
triggered the crisis with the four is more important for the Japanese to that selflessness and altruism exist and
nuclear reactors. know that the world cares. that Rotary work is worth doing. I move
that we make a contribution for the
The whole world watched the I believe and I have said so during recent victims. I hope it remind us how fortunate
Japanese victims go about retrieving meetings that Australia, New Zealand and we are. I hope it reminds us to reach
what is left of their lives with such Japan are countries that respond without out to others not as fortunate.
dignity that it has moved us to act. hesitation when fellow nations are hit by
Our District’s TRF committee has disaster. This overlooks the aid that they
appealed for donations for blankets for give on a regular basis to the needy.
these unfortunate and many clubs Admirably, PM Gillard resisted an Yours in Rotary
have responded generously. RCPJ opposition suggestion for the easy President Poay Lim
gave RM42,000.

From the Editor

The Generation changing the our friends and enjoy a movie . It may
WORLD not be a earth shartering movie like
Rocky or a hollywood buster with the
I looked at the TIME magazine
late Elizabeth Taylor in it , its still a movie
February 28th issue and somehow
we should support as our REF Education
connected the heading with our
Fund will benefit from its proceeds.
Youth Leadership Camp held
recently. It s the second leadership priorities in their lives. For their entire More fund raising are in the process to
camp and some 130 youths of the life , they will remember the Rotarians support those affected from the recent
next generation have benefitted from from Bukit Kiara Sunrise held the camp Japanese natural disasters. Those
our camps. In the process we are for them and they will share that with Rotary Clubs who have sister clubs
transforming lives and thinking . their children . So Thank You for such arrangements will find this the best
Perhaps their academic results may defining efforts. opportunity to show their friendship. Help
not be that fantastic but we are a friend in times of need. Many of us
creating ‘new ‘ characters who will Many of us seldom visit the cinema due who have Japanese friends or may have
be responsible and proactive . The to lack of interest in movies or just have visited Japan know how hospitable a
results ( we may have them now) no time to sit for some two valuable Japanese can be and can go out of the
may only show up years later when hours. But this coming wednesday 30th way to help if the situation warrants it.
they become adults and realise March, its our club s Charity Premier . Now its our turn to do a good deed in the
urgency, responsibilities and new So let us come to GSC Pavillion with hour of need. .... continue on next page
From the Editor Around the
..... continue
Rotary World
You may choose to donate direct to Rotary clubs have water on taps
District fund for Japan via PDG Jimmy
Lims office or send the funds directly Villages in four regions of Ghana are being
to the Rotary club in Japan if you know equipped with ventilated pit latrines, showers, and
them. boreholes featuring hand pumps and mechanized
pipes through the efforts of dozens of Rotary clubs
The District Assembly is just the in Latin America, North America, and Ghana.
second weekend of April and its time The effort is part of the International H2O
for incoming office bearers to go for Collaboration, an alliance between Rotary
their training and networking . And of International and USAID. Launched in 2009, it works to implement long-
course enjoy the good food there. So term, sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene projects in the developing
Happy Learning and have a good time world. The first phase of the partnership has focused on three countries:
in Penang for PE Steve and those who Ghana, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic.
are on.
“With this collaboration, Rotary is taking the commitment to clean water
As we march into April, we look forward and sanitation to the next level,” says RI Vice President Thomas M.
to better times. March has been a Thorfinnson, a member of the RI/USAID Steering Committee. “We’re not
month of numerous global issues just focused on simply providing safe drinking water and walking away.
which also affect us in some ways. We are looking at our ability to partner to make a larger impact in a bigger
Let us hope April will be better with part of the world through sustainable projects and clean sanitation
more good news and peace efforts practices.”
round the globe. Today we are so Billions of people lack access to safe drinking water and proper sanitation.
connected via the net and tv that To draw attention to the need for action, the United Nations has
knowing too much is not helping or designated 22 March as World Water Day. Each year since 1993, it has
rather may create fear to some. I am selected a different theme. This year focuses on the impact of rapid urban
those in the Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara growth and the challenges of urban water management.
Sunrise wish Everyone a Good Life and
Better Days ahead. The International H2O Collaboration is an example of Rotary’s dedication
to water and sanitation issues, an area of focus under The Rotary
Let People Feel Your Magic Foundation’s Future Vision Plan.

Best In Ghana, Rotarians are working with committees in about 100

communities to change sanitation behaviors and provide training on
Kong Voon Sin maintaining the new equipment. The committees are responsible for
establishing fees for water use and using the money collected to operate
and maintain the pumps.

Purpose and benefits of hugs Rotarians in the Philippines have been working with the country’s Solid
Waste Management Association to keep garbage out of a wastewater
• A greeting when we meet to say treatment plant that serves one of Manila’s large public markets. They
hello or goodbye have made several site visits and assisted in training and surveying
• It can hold us up when life gets market vendors. As a result, the vendors have developed a plan to
us down compost up to 60 percent of biodegradable waste and use it to fertilize
• Make us smile instead of frown newly planted trees.
• Hugging brings us closer to each
other Thorfinnson says that almost all Rotary funds in the Dominican Republic
• A hug can be given for no reason are going toward bio-sand filters, while USAID funds are helping to improve
at all and construct water supply and sanitation systems and provide hygiene
• It is one of life’s most pleasant education.
• It provides comfort and protection Rotarians are engaged in many water and sanitation projects year-round.
• It helps in promoting self-esteem
• It opens up new avenues of · A $64,566 contribution from the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund is
thought supporting a project of RC Mirebalais, Centre, Haiti, to construct 80
• Hugging is a nice way to start rainwater collection tanks with built-in filters, each with a 2,500-gallon
the day capacity. The tanks will provide clean water for about 3,000 people.
• It is free and cost nothing and it · Rotarians in District 5420 (Utah, USA) are working with Rotarians in
means so much to both parties Colombia and Ecuador on a series of global grant projects to build
bathrooms for schools, provide clean drinking water, and teach students
better hygiene practices. They also have reached out to the general public
through billboard, radio, and television public service announcements.
· Rotarians in District 2230 (Belarus; Poland; Ukraine) are helping to build
Hug someone today... a modern septic treatment system and renovate toilets and showers in an
orphanage in Krasne, Chernihivs’ka, Ukraine.
Today's Programme NEXT CHANGE
PP Lim Fang Keong 16 April (Sat) 7.30am
'Community Project in Siam Reap' Speaker: RYLArians

23 April(Sat)
Club NEWS Tree Planting Project @ Raja Muda
Forest Reserve

All of us should have been at the Gala Premiere of the movie DiLarang 30 April (Sat) 7.30am
Masuk last night. We handed out mock cheques for RM15,000 each to the Business meeting
Malaysian Society of Transplantation and the REF. The atmosphere was a
buzz. A noisy lively crowd was there to support the screening.

We thank Fundraising Chair Fang Keong ably assisted by Sanjay and CALENDER of EVENTS
Karen in organizing the function with Cineworks and MST for the good
work. Also Ghaurry, Angie, Susan, Yoke Leong, Elsie and Sherman, 3rd Mentor Group Support Mtg
Jeremy, Alvin and Graham who brought a whole contingent! Date: 27 April 2011
Venue : IPP Office @ 7pm
We had a hand from old friends Bala, Gina and Mohan and Soma who was
MC. Our volunteer Steven Lim chipped in by bringing two of our awardees. It Study Technique for REF Awardees
was a pleasure to have your help and company. Date: 14 May 2011
Venue: IPP Office @1.30pm
I say ‘Good Job’ to all who helped to sell tickets. Paul and Grant must
know how we appreciate their support from abroad! RCBKS 20th Installation
Date: 25 June 2011
DG KB Lim who represented Rotary on stage conveys his greetings and Venue: Putrajaya Lakeview
RC Bugis Junction's Installation
Kapitans of Karate Kid, Scorpion King, Titanic, Rush Hour and Entrapment Date: 8 July 2011
for batting well and meeting the targets. We demonstrated the kind of spirit
that makes RCBKS so special!
April Celebrations
Happy Birthday
Sunny 18 April
Happy Anniversary
moments Kong & Kim 21 April

Duty Roster
9 April (New Generation)
Mock cheque presentation
Sargeant-at-arms Graham
Desk Duty Karen
Rotarians with DG KB Lim Introducer Jeremy
Thank Speaker Elsie
Fines Ghaurry
RCBKS Tree Planting Project
16 April (Membership)
Rehabilitation of the Raja Musa Forest Reserve on 23rd April 2011 ( a
project coordinated by Global Environmental Centre ( GEC ) & funded by Sargeant-at-arms Sunny
HSBC ) This program consists of an environmental education and tree Desk Duty Karen
planting programme Introducer -
Thank Speaker -
7.45 am Depart from Bukit Kiarra Club Fines James
9.00 am Arrive at Parit 6 - Raja Musa Forest Reserve
9.30 am Briefing on Raja Musa Forest Reserve by GEC representative
10.00 am Tree planting program commences
12.00 noon Program end and freshen up Visit our website @
www. my
1.30 pm Depart for Bukit Kiarra Club
Board of Directors 2010/11 District NEWS

Tan Poay Lim District Rotarian Adviser to Interact Clubs Seminar
Date: Saturday 7 May 2011
President Elect Venue: Holiday Villa, Jalan Ampang
Steve Robinson Cost; Free
9.00am Registration
Immediate Past President 9.30am Welcome Address by DG Lim Kok Beng
Frances Po 9.50am The Interact Club – PP Veiven Goon
10.20am What it means to sponsor an Interact Club-PP Dato Kevin Yong
Vice President 11.00am Role and Responsibilities of the Rotarian Advisers- PP Gary Lim
Alvin Tan 11.30am Challenges facing the Rotarian Advisers – PP Kirenjit Kaur
12.00pm Panel Discussion
Honorary Secretary 1.00pm Lunch
23003757(O) Short-Term IYE to Sabah -Underprivileged students
from Children’s Homes
Honorary Treasurer
PP Sunny Khoo Does your Rotary Club support any Children’s Home? If it does, would the
Rotary Club like to sponsor one of these Underprivileged children for a
Club Administration Short-Term Youth Exchange to Sabah?
PP Karen Chong
The D3300 Youth Exchange Committee is planning to send a Short-Term
Service Projects Youth Exchange team, comprising 10 underprivileged students aged 15-19
PP Graham Bennett years from Childrens’ Homes, to Sabah for 1 week during the school
holidays in May-June 2011. During their trip to Sabah, they will homestay
The Rotary Foundation with Rotarians and will be taken to visit various places of interest in Sabah.
PP Jeremy Ng
The IYE Committee will sponsor the cost of the flight tickets to Sabah and
Membership Development we have managed to obtain a sponsor for the T-shirts for the students.
James Cheong Hence, the financial implications for the sponsoring Rotary Club will only be
about RM100/student.
REF Chairman
PP Dr Yee Yoke Leong
District 3300 Sister Clubs
PP CY Fong District Governor K B Lim RC Bugis Junction [D 3310]
03-21630292(O) Saturday, 08:00 am
Bulletin Editor Hotel Inter-Continental
PP Dr Kong Voon Sin 80 Middle Road, Singapore
New Gen Chair - Ghaurry Assistant Governor Mani Raja
Community Service Chair - Angie 019-211 5977 RC ChiangmaiThinthaingam[D 3360]
Vocational Service Chair - Yau Thursday, 12.00 noon
International Service Chair-Thomas International Center
Rotary Clubs in Group 7 Chiangmai University, Thailand
Bandar Sunway
Bulletin Committee Bernam Valley RC Chungli Chung Shing [D 3500]
Bukit Kiara Sunrise Thursday, 12.00 noon
Kong (Editor) Karen (Production) Danau Desa No 4, Ln 10, Gwo-Ti Street
Kong (Speakers Programme) Petaling Jaya Chungli, Taiwan