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Because we are currently engaged in “Slavery by Syndication,” it is difficult for

modern man to assert his individuality. Adding to the dilemma of “socialization,” we
have a syndicated academia that strain to seduce capitalistic communism onto their
current students – which attempts to robotize young minds by creating a higher
educational power (a dogma greater than religion presently), thus stimulating extreme
imperialism by leaders that have the attitude “I know it all.” Ultimate education (a
ridiculous goal) far exceeds normal life demands! This is my current postulation of the
individual’s universe, with academia having a totally destructive dogma for mankind to
enjoy inventive contributions that are outside the sanctuary of the corporate University.
So we now have imperialistic leaders employing ruthless henchmen as ‘lackey
supervisors’ for the purpose of buffering criminal activities. Support of my suppositions
is demonstrated by the countries that have adapted the current American principles of
education for the last 20 years have an intense growth in degreed scholars, but at the cost
of a receding average IQ? Extremely detailed knowledge is now overwhelming to the
average student whose mind had not sociologically advanced yet to handle the torrents of
fresh information. Thus to graduate, cheating becomes normality; while the weak
attempts to stimulate wisdom, dissipates a mental database rapidly.
We sit upon a time bomb called a planet that has a violent history, while
concerning ourselves about menial insurance regarding societies - while sophisticatedly
searching for microscopic details of our future catastrophes through examining records
from the past; without true regard to realistic survival of our species. Instead, the
concentration is upon survival of the ruling “Leaders” of society, and their incorporated
oligarchy! This is totally contrary to the prime rules of existence i.e. the extreme
individuality of living creatures. Each life is inherently designed for complete survival on
a planet by adaptation to existing environmental fluctuations. Competition should be
focused against the environment, and not against an adversarial individual. Insects
comprehend this concept better than mankind. Society creates the illusion of unity and
thus the need for competition extols itself as warfare. Knowledge is currently utilized to
evolve mankind backward into the insect's world of “hive mind;” with a big stinger!
Freethinking tends to simplify advanced technology by viewing more options,
and can be employed to stimulate us to make better decisions.


‘Thanks’ to the Bible, and our “friendly” souls that attempt to do literal
interpretations of it; we have become the most distorted animal on the planet. The Bible
has 747 rules for human interplay that happens to be excellent philosophy. However,
when applied with zero tolerance to regulate nature, we have societal backpressures that
create exaggerations to reality that seems to stimulate insanity, jealousy, incest, and
adultery (to get “even” instead of just gratification) – everything the “good book”
supposedly attempts to quench!

The mating of humans is far more sophisticated than the mating of other species,
yet seems follow the same basic rules of pack animals. Individuality is the prime program
of the mind. When another critter invades that space, with acceptance of his/her “spirit,”
the animals becomes enjoined, and the living idealism enhances the minds of the
receptors to carry on with “his/her” messages. This emotional mating is sexless. [And is
probably a motivation for homosexual activities.] This is the mysterious love one seeks,
and yet denies because of common law limitations that interfere with normality, due to
the fact that zero tolerance regarding sex tends to stimulate erratic behavior - that is
further amplified because of our complexity.

When it comes to sex; the reality is that women date to get ‘laid’ because their
hormones are sizzling! Men (that are classical gentlemen) are losers when they don’t
respond to feminine lust! Enjoying the force of nature together, without the confusion of
love, makes the experience very comforting, and improves the resistance to wait for the
true mate that yields the more permanent bonding of minds, rather then sex organs.
Pornography displaying sexual acts is overkill stimulation, whose function, at least,
reduces the concept of evil when responding to nature. Enforcing frustration onto puberty
is the mechanism that promotes sexual crimes; and our morality concepts should be
adjusted to comprehend this situation, and provide protection to the teens that need to
experiment. Libido is not a uniform commodity, and a very high libido should be treated
as an illness when it interferes with every day ‘normal’ obligations.

Young girls, after experiencing satisfying sex, should choose their young mates
carefully for successful mind bonding prior marriage to truly generate the ‘brother sister
concept’ the New Testament discusses, for a life long joining and happy household for
the next generation. Marriage itself is a state of affairs for a physically weaker partner to
be supported, for the purpose of raising children (as a partnership) primarily. Thus adult
mentality is also needed to maintain harmony. When a family is separated by work, war,
or illness, chastity should not be a requirement, and both members of the family should
respect, and be grateful for any “lover” filling in for comfort. Because of differences in
libido, the word adultery should be banned, along with the special handling of court cases
referring to sex. Rape is criminal assault (for example) and should be dealt with under the
assault title (because the penalties are identical). Labels such as slut should be abolished,
and a woman should independently have the ability to select the fathers of her children -
without prejudice. Unmarried childbearing women should have the State becoming the
male parent, along with sterilization occurring automatically with delivery. If at a later
date a sterile female desires to have a family relationship by having a partner, she should
have access to adoption that should be simplified i.e. without privatization! Respect and
affection should be the bonding of a marriage, without concern for a sexual marry-go-
round. Brother and sister marriage should be acceptable as long as incest is protected i.e.
male sterilization occurring to sate genetic protections.
[The simplification of our massive legal system by this philosophy would be a
tremendous advantage too our overly emotional society (as a norm), who overzealously
seek excuses to support individual aberrations.]

Compassion should be a recognized commodity, with respect for those that wish
to live a different life style. If the feminine players in a community want to have the
village of peers help raise their children, through the bonds of polygamy, they should
have that right protected, along with the right to separatism - so as to not affect, or be
confused, by other belief systems. Group marriage, that include multiple sex partners
should be looked at as just “different strokes,” especially if the group is solidly
committed, and respectful of others that are not believers’ of that life style. I suspect that
as a species, we Homo Sapiens are a median (and undefined) organism inhabiting this
planet Earth, residing along with more advanced hominids (Dr. Sanderson “Invisible
Residents”), along with other remote (possibly more primitive) creatures that have no
interest in humans. Over the millennia we have had too many branches formed in our
evolutionary tree to state honestly that we are “the most superior” that several hundreds
of million years have to offer.

Being sexually intimate is primarily an ultimate natural entertainment that is not

indexed to IQ. Instead, it is a state of fulfillment and living pleasure that is best served
when selfish partners assist each other. Nature slyly fools it’s living creatures randomly
with a surprise that libido had unleashed. Chastity is a savage/barbaric prophylactic,
along with feminine circumcision, and can mentally derange humans. It is far better for
honesty (and discretion) to exist without frustration when a devoted team is raising a
family. Basically, having acceptance to basic animal needs is normality, with pride
replacing punishment to increase the human herd stability. I do believe this philosophy
was that of the famous philosopher, Christ the Christian leader, and was attempting to
promote when his life was terminated. Unfortunately we have to accept the fact that life
has term limits, and that all known living creatures have only been around for blink of
time, as concerned by Planet Earth’s existence. We have to honestly recognize our true
title of existence! And that is as FOOD!