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This survey addresses your perceptions about your current job and your
company culture. The survey is completely anonymous and confidential.


1. Gender ○Male ○Female

2. What is your age?

○Less than 30 ○30-39 ○40-49 ○50 or older

3. What is your highest level of education completed?

○ Schooling ○Under graduate ○Post graduate

Others specify

4. Your department?

○Marketing ○Production ○Human resource ○Finance

○Quality control
5. What is your Job Title?

○Executive ○Staff ○Supervisor ○Workers

6. How long have you worked with this company?

○Fewer than 2 years ○2-5 years ○6-10 years ○11-15 years ○More than 15

7. What is your salary level?

○Less than 5000 ○5000 – 8000 ○8000 – 10,000 ○10,000 – 15,000

○More than 15,000

To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the statements below. Please
indicate your response in the appropriate space.





Work motivation
1. The organization provides opportunity to use a
variety of my own skills

2. The organization provides me enough freedom to

perform my to perform my job in the manner I see
3. The organization provides opportunities to use
variety of my skills.
4. I can decide on my own how to go about doing my
Training and development
5. Employees are encouraged to accept education and
training within the company
6. Resources are available for employees’ education
and training within the company
7. Specific work-skills training are given to all
Reward and Recognition
8. The company’s compensation system encourages
employee’s contribution
9. The company rewards task accomplishment based
on work quality.
10. All suggestions are appropriately rewarded in cash
and kind.
11. Employee’s rewards and penalties are clearly
Organizational communication
12. Management regularly provides customer/supplier
feedback and sets up opportunities for direct, face-
to-face meetings between team members and
customers/suppliers. These communication
linkages are regularly used to identify process and
product improvement.
13. Continuously improve communications
between management and staff is stated as
an important company objective and is
being practiced.
14. The company employees’ communication
is effective in communicating things that
are relevant to them.
Satisfaction with supervision
15. I believe that my supervisors care deeply for me
and for our clients.
16. I receive adequate support from my supervisors
17. The relationship with my supervisor enables me to
be open when discussing work problems and
18. My boss keeps me informed about what is going
Satisfaction with Pay and Benefits
19. I am satisfied with my income
20. For the work I do, the pay is good.
21. I am satisfied with the benefits offered to me
through this job.
Satisfaction with co workers
21. Working relationships in my team are good.
22. My fellow co workers are very friendly and
Industrial Relations
23. Employee health and safety induction training is
24. Management consults employees regarding their
health and safety concerns.
25. First aid kits are adequately stocked.
Affective commitment
26. I would be very happy to spend the rest of my
career with this organization
27. I enjoy discussing my organization with people
outside it
28. I really feel as if this organization's problems are
my own
29. I do feel like 'part of the family' at my organization
30. I do feel 'emotionally attached' to this organization
31. This organization has a great deal of personal
meaning for me
32. I do feel a strong sense of belonging to my
Continuance commitment
33. It would be very hard for me to leave my
organization right now, even if I wanted to
34. Too much in my life would be disrupted if I
decided I wanted to leave my organization now
35. Right now, staying with my organization is a
matter of necessity as much as desire
36. It wouldn't be too costly for me to leave my
organization now
37. One of the major reasons I continue to work for
this organization is that leaving would require
considerable personal sacrifice — another
organization may not match the overall benefits I
have here
Normative commitment
38. Jumping from organization to organization does
not seem at all unethical to me
39. One of the major reasons I continue to work for
this organization is that I believe that loyalty is
important and therefore feel a sense of moral
obligation to remain
40. If l got another offer for a better job elsewhere I
would not feel it was right to leave my
41. Things were better in the days when people stayed
with one organization for most of their careers