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Nivea Body


To: Martha Stewart

From: Meg Wiseman

Meg Wiseman 1
Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

1. S.W.O.T Analysis. 4

1.1 Strengths and Weaknesses. 4

1.2 Opportunities in Rebranding. 4

1.3 Examples of Rebranding. 5

2. Opinions for Rebranding Nivea Logo. 6

3. My Idea’s. 6

4. What it Comes Down too? 6

5. References. 7

Meg Wiseman 2
Need a Change?

Times are changing and we must change with them. I am proposing Nivea
Body spruce up its current appeal by rebranding the Nivea Body logo. I
would like to give Nivea a hip new modernized look, like no other. With so
much competition and so much to gain, I urge you to take my proposal into
consideration. I will list a S.W.O.T analysis and go into detail about the
possibilities, the opportunities and the weaknesses of rebranding your logo.

1. S.W.O.T Analysis

Meg Wiseman 3
Strengths Weaknesses
 Well known logo  Focuses purely on women
 Simple effective design  Old fashioned looking logo

Opportunities Threats
 Increase sales  Rebranding may not increase
 Reach out to other buyers sales
 Have a new modern look  People may prefer the
traditional look

1.1 Strengths and Weaknesses of Current Logo

Nivea Body has a well-known traditional looking logo. Simple in colour and
style it has proven effective to its targeted audience. The weakness held
upon this though is looking too simple and plain for this day and age. The
words that come to mind to me are old fashioned and out of date.

1.2 Opportunities in Rebranding

Think of the possibility to expand revenue, increase sales, and boost profit
margins. To give Nivea a sophisticated new look. To reach out to other
buyers. Nivea largely targets its products towards woman. Why not target
men as well. Like I said before times are changing and we must change with
them. Men nowadays care about their attire just as much if not more so as
woman do. Nivea needs to be swarve and stylish for the men. Caring and
nurturing for the woman. To be bold yet simple at the same time.

1.3 Examples

Meg Wiseman 4
Here some examples of companies that have rebranded their company logo
which has proven to be successful.

(1) Kentucky Fried Chicken

(2) Pepsi

(3) Channel Seven

2. Opinions for Rebranding Nivea Logo

Meg Wiseman 5
I have given my proposal to various people in order to find out their
thoughts on rebranding the Nivea logo. They agreed it would be a good idea
to target Nivea towards men as well as woman. They also liked the simplicity
of the current logo but thought it needed a slight change with colour and
“Nivea definitely needs a new look, Maybe a change in colour” Ben Culling
(Advertising Plus.)
“I didn’t even know Nivea made products for men. Targeting men would
increase sales for sure.” Michael Syntax (The Face.)

3. My Idea’s

I think we should change the colour slightly to a blackish colour for the male
products .A completely different colour for the women’s products i.e. pink or
yellow. I think an image should be added to the logo. The overall design
should be a lot bolder and have a stronger crisper looking font style.

3. What it Comes Down too.

Think of the opportunity in what rebranding can do for Nivea. I believe Nivea
needs a change, a new look. To be able to portray a new message to
potential buyers. The results in are crystal clear the opinions rock solid.
Make your company look like the company of today. I would like to start on
the design for the new Nivea as soon as possible.

5. References

Meg Wiseman 6



Meg Wiseman 7