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April 21, 2011


(Translation: Wednesday’s Report, April 20, 2011)

Misurata Port, in Qasr Ahmed

Early this morning, Gaddafi forces began indiscriminately bombing the Misurata Port, in Qasr Ahmed. GRAD
rockets, mortar rockets and rockets from multiple launchers were used. They also used a tank to randomly fire
shells at Qasr Ahmed, hitting homes and civilians.

In the evening, Gaddafi's forces began randomly shelled Zawiyat Al-Mahghoub with mortar rockets, killing a
number of civilians, and wounding a larger number of people.

Heavy Transport Road

Freedom fighters gained control of the heavy transport road, in the eastern Misurata after defeating Gaddafi

In Karzaz, freedom fighters clashed with Gaddafi’s forces, who were attempting to enter Misurata. Freedom
fighters killed a large number of them.

Technical College and Medical Technical College

Tripoli Street and the death of three foreigners (UK, Britain & Ukraine)

One of these shells hit the home of a Ukrainian doctor and his wife. The doctor was killed and his wife’s leg
had to be amputated. Freedom fighters continue to maintain their siege of, and assault on, the Gaddafi forces
occupying the Central Hospital.
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People’s Hall and the Post Office, on Tripoli Street
Today, freedom fighters had succeeded in entering the post office building after a heavy battle. Currently they
are trying to eliminate Gaddafi forces who are in the People’s hall, that neighbours the Post Office.

The Insurance and Ben Salah buildings

Southern Misurata
There are reports that Gaddafi's forces are massing in the southern region of Misurata, near the African market
(also known as the Tunisian Market). There is no information on their progress toward the city of Misurata.

NATO, today, stepped up their mission in Misurata, performing more flyovers than it had in previous days.

Debate about Foreign Ground Forces

There was general debate in Misurata today, on the subject of foreign ground forces, with civilians and freedom
fighters holding opposing views. It is not clear whether there a consensus on the subject will be reached.

Shortages in Misurata
Misurata still suffers from water, electricity and telecommunications cuts; as well a breakdown of the sewage
system. There also shortages of medicines, medical equipment and specialist doctors. The queue at the
bakery is ever increasing; and there is a severe shortage of fuel and fruits and vegetables.

The morale of freedom fighters is very high, and many youth continue to join their number. A freedom fighter
told us that they will quarrel over who will be the first to launch an attack on Gaddafi forces. They remain
determined to do rid Misurata of all the mercenaries and snipers, and Gaddafi’s destructive weapons. Morale
will remain high until the liberation Misurata and all of Libya. Long live Misurata and long live Free Libya.

Martyrs in Misurata, April 20, 2011

The wounded in Misurata, April 20, 2011

By Freedom Group and Wefaq Libya

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